Sunday, 31 January 2021

There are no black farms, there are no white farms , there are just farms

The NYT is pushing a story about the fate of black farmers

well let me tell you the world who eats has exploiter farmers

for so long I am sure we will all starve in the future 

Here I am near the end of my life

Okay I am only 63 and I feel 14 but

still time will take my feelings

and give me such a hard time

I will need a doctor

for the time crimes

I think I have got ten years

left of being me the same

person who came from the womb

and became whole at 16

I dont care to be 90 in a home with 

a tube in my arm and a camera

on me saying how happy I am to

keep breathig and eating and

sometime understanding video

but I am sure I will always

remember music and 

where it took me 

in my short

life even

betoveen centuries before

will make me rock

until it all breaks down

physicals mental the whole

damm yard will just'

slip away like a huge

personal unavailable


Saturday, 30 January 2021

Take out the luggage and no one can pack


We are living in a real world

with facts like gravity

and rare metals

and the cost of everything

but the price of nothing

except what the witch

doctors of wall street

tell us to be true

thats its not so huge

Ponzi scheme backed up

by the fire power that

could create the biggest flop ever

and just continue because the excees

is alyways to much

but always welcomed

by the bunch

of people who

decide which 

weapon system will 

live or die

and the band played

on and we got

the F35

the princess of  planes

in the hanger and

the turkey of planes

in the air

its like a daytona car going against

a Porsche in confronting ablity

no sieve no hurt doing 220

on the auto bahn in a Porsche

but try that will a Gremlin

the firepower

to make the devil

go home


I am the EGG, man!




My old clip 3  with the stupid USM micro connection for charging stopped charging because the pins got to bent after about a year of hard hard use. I looked for something better but there was no speaker of this size that had the two key upgrades I wanted, USB-C and Bluetooth 5.1.  (as a practical matter for a speaker APTx has little benefit now) 

So I just got a new clip 3 yesterday at a nice price of $59 from Best Buy free delivery and I  could have gone AMAZON for $49 plus delivery. I paid $70 with delivery for my first one. The sound of the CLIP 3 is amazing, yet on the video you can clearly hear the refinement of the CLIP 4.

Today I see the CLIP 4 has been released for sale on Feb 1. Not only does it hit my numbers it has 5 watt power output as compared to 3.5 watts on the Clip 3. Of course it will cost a full $89. Come summer I am going to upgrade, but no way I am creating a holder in this colder time.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Push Pull Design

 For a prop plane it is the best design. There are legitimate claims about prop efficiency, but the bottom line is the total package is superior. All the fastest prop planes are push pull. 

The Dornier 

  • Maximum speed: 763 km/h (474 mph, 412 kn) at 6,500 m (21,300 ft)
  •  P-51(708 km/h, 383 kn)

The father of Seawing pictured below. BTW made in the same factory

State of the art

The best actor in the Miami Vice Movie

Fastest production prop plane 927.4 km/h 
There can be some discussion about modern modified P 51 but if the same resources were applied to a push pull aircraft it would win.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

If you liked the Ga,,,,me pf thron3s read on, because i am going to invoke the third rule


Yeah we are fucked

so how caN WE


tremendous resources applied

right now to make us live

like native pepples 

off th3 land

with modern standards

of wif fi and pee


an movies

like little

big man

or Dances with Wolves

whjic are not

I just came to report


Yes its Mary and she looks fabulous

We all must report to someone

is this not true

who does the guy with

55 wives he loves

report to God

Well the cycles alignment

is killing me the competition

for time in my bed

is god like

Everyer scientist or even

a geek knows

three is no three flow

cards you can manipulate

like you have for thousands

of years in the recent recovery

but Jesus, this is the best the last six

told you to go with

DID he Jerk of in the dessert

or bore holes in catus and fuck them?

All you need is a Beatles Turntable


Well its early January so to say its the coolest thing I have seen this year is an understatement. It is so cool it could keep the COVID 19 vaccine from spoiling.

Is this the future of urban mobility?

It could be for some, however the standard e bike seems like a better bet. With the right gear only deep snow can stop a e ebiker

I give you your Defender


Its a mild hybrid, all aluminum with killer stereo and zombie wasteland capablities. I would break my rule of never purchasing a new car especially in its first year of production for this beauty.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Trump Daily Diary hopefully last entree: storming the capital edition


As far as I know, I am the only one who has figured out the War for Independence was actually a MI 6 triumph. The mad King forced the hand of the illuminati and they escaped to America. I could go on in depth, but when you consider the deal the new country got from the British Empire, its as unprecedented as my claim.

 The Trump ignition of democracy is serving the same invisible hand. America has 7 trillion dollars in debt that must be rolled over in 2021. Connect the dots.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Sunday, 3 January 2021

New Economic Paridiagm


If you control the ponzzie scheme with legal authority

you can run it a long long long time and

no one will ever mind

expects the big witchdoctor

that brings all economist to there knees

he is called common sense

and every few centuries he

makes us wish for 

mother nature

Its 2021 and the future is still a still birth,


The future is everywhere and nowhere

it can save the planet

or destroy it

the choice it seems

is up to the finance people

the bean counter

will rule or destroy the world

how much do you hate the idea

that the people who choose money over

color are now ruling the world