Saturday, 30 January 2021



My old clip 3  with the stupid USM micro connection for charging stopped charging because the pins got to bent after about a year of hard hard use. I looked for something better but there was no speaker of this size that had the two key upgrades I wanted, USB-C and Bluetooth 5.1.  (as a practical matter for a speaker APTx has little benefit now) 

So I just got a new clip 3 yesterday at a nice price of $59 from Best Buy free delivery and I  could have gone AMAZON for $49 plus delivery. I paid $70 with delivery for my first one. The sound of the CLIP 3 is amazing, yet on the video you can clearly hear the refinement of the CLIP 4.

Today I see the CLIP 4 has been released for sale on Feb 1. Not only does it hit my numbers it has 5 watt power output as compared to 3.5 watts on the Clip 3. Of course it will cost a full $89. Come summer I am going to upgrade, but no way I am creating a holder in this colder time.

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