Saturday, 28 December 2019

Andrew for senate

Generation Anxiety

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well named IMHO
because they face
and property
that will steal
their sole
to live

The earth globe
is totally fucked
and the oceans
which have been 
picing up the slack
for decades
are starting to boil
and killing all the fish
and things which depended
upon oxygen in the water
to live
so tell me hot water cant
contain enough oxygen
and then tell me about
global warming being fake
We  are living the lie
and dying from the dust
of our creations

Thursday, 26 December 2019

The decade top 10 - the 2010's the Mehs

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1) Top newstory Fuckashima, we are fucked by Fuckashima

2)Top political story Donald Trump- the mule rules and whats important is what comes after.

3) Top car company Tesla- electric cars are chariots of peace

4) Top Business story- Boeing bean counters school engineers and the market driven company crashes.

5) Top Science story- exoplanet discoveries, we are not alone

6) Top Culture Story- toxic behavior has no price point. In a giant step forward the world lashes out at assholes, no matter how they roll.

7) Top music story- Rap music overtakes Rock music as the top genre, and musicians everywhere think of the day the music died.

8)Top tv Series- Game of Thrones, Tolkien and House of Cards combined in epic form.

9) Top applied Technology- electric bikes, will change the world in a practical achievable fun way

10) Overwhelming sports story- Montreal Canadians spend a decade of absolute mediocrity.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Merry Christmas you Mule fuckers

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I gotta say
I am always
looking on the 
bright side
Monty python
but this year
is all foggy
because of the mule
he has moved the needle
to  a place we cant
self inject
its like a place
from an acid
dream with 
a demon
and tattoos
that come
alive and the dolphin
people are slaughtered
to keep the oxygen

God dammit
we need Jesus
so bad but
he only wants
the best Rolex
and that is not
giving us enough
time to survive

Merry Christmas you
bastards like me
and all the people
who make up history
we are walking along
when an SUV 
plows us all down
and the cops say
as a matter of a fact
when mass and interia
meet you got
blood in the street.

So love to love you
But love you long
is off the table
Love is dead
in DicK Cheneys

I thinkaboot myself and know I am a God again

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I have cheated the grim reaper
so many time in so
many ways
about half were
all self choose
to be dead
about consequence
and right
now I am back
at the head of
the pack
nothing can kill me
everything makes
me stronger
and as my limbs
grow back
I gotta say
I will be a 
God someday

As your God
and Master
I will ban carbon
and violence
and we will all
live with mushroom
level intelligence
of math
and find my father
out in the universe
and the journey
will be a party

Friday, 13 December 2019

Brexit Election

Never have I been so wrong
or felt so distance from reality
the voters are never wrong
and they sang out
Steve Fuck off

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Labour wins a minority in the UK> Anarchy in the UK

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For the English speaking peoples Mother England
has been a constant source of radical thought
on Thursday it will be political.

Man in the High Castle: Gulliver's Travels 2019

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Impact of words and visions
on a society is what every
author hopes for
Philip K Dick
has had so many
kicks at the can
with no movement

Perhaps the Amazon
adaption of Man in the High
Castle will resonate
through society like
Gulliver s travel did
centuries ago
and the masters of the
Universe will realize
they have lost the
human narrative
in maximum extraction of wealth
from every circumstance

I know two things
we are animals and will
always follow a strong leader
even if he is going over a cliff
The Chinese have a civilization
and system the west can not match
and in the past they have used
castration to keep purity

If you fear the CIA
its should be for being
incompetent and greedy
not for threatening
every male penis
with a scalpel

Little things that add up

Dry cliffs are seen following a prolonged drought at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
Potato Shortage, Victoria Falls running dry, how much can we ignore before declaring a code red?

Now thats a smart speaker!

HUAWEI Sound X Symmetric Woofer

The Huawie.  French tech costing thousands delivered in a Chinese box costing a few hundred.

The Huawei Sound X smart speaker is jointly created by Huawei and Divale. It uses a cylindrical shape, similar to Apple’s HomePod. Its design concept comes from the dome of the Vienna Music Hall.

Huawei Sound X’s dual woofer uses high magnetic NdFeB rare earth material, and is equipped with the Diwalai patented Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design and SAM bass enhancement technology, which can realize the bass effect on the two double woofer.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Fossil Fuels are the undisputed enemy

Elon Musk\
Here we have a flawed hero who has moved the needle far farther than any human has done before, and he is far from finished..

Time to move forward

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. - Henry Ford
Henry Ford like Walt Disney and many others were close to NAZI
This civilization is at a crisis point
we have so much knowledge
and so little deployment
the reason being
is that the MAN
is holding us
back because
he can reap more
than they can sow

Lets assume we are
in a crisis
of planatery change
and ingore
the fact that
so many
live like animals

Lets join
those two thoughts
and if we fix
the first we will\
achieve the second