Thursday, 26 December 2019

The decade top 10 - the 2010's the Mehs

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1) Top newstory Fuckashima, we are fucked by Fuckashima

2)Top political story Donald Trump- the mule rules and whats important is what comes after.

3) Top car company Tesla- electric cars are chariots of peace

4) Top Business story- Boeing bean counters school engineers and the market driven company crashes.

5) Top Science story- exoplanet discoveries, we are not alone

6) Top Culture Story- toxic behavior has no price point. In a giant step forward the world lashes out at assholes, no matter how they roll.

7) Top music story- Rap music overtakes Rock music as the top genre, and musicians everywhere think of the day the music died.

8)Top tv Series- Game of Thrones, Tolkien and House of Cards combined in epic form.

9) Top applied Technology- electric bikes, will change the world in a practical achievable fun way

10) Overwhelming sports story- Montreal Canadians spend a decade of absolute mediocrity.

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