Saturday, 28 August 2021

Definitive best decade for music ever, period


Image Columbia Records

Below is a list,  just 1971. Surf through this search and the truth is inescapable. Blood on the tracks,  The Cars,  Psycho Killer talking heads, Rumours, Born to Run,  Blondie, Sex Pistols and the list goes on and on, imagine. Special mentions to Crime of the Century, The Pretenders, Waren Zevon, Steve Miller, Dark Side of the Moon, Slowhand

‘Master of Reality’ - Black Sabbath
‘Untitled’ - Led Zeppelin
‘What’s Going On’ - Marvin Gaye
‘Blue’ - Joni Mitchell
‘Songs Of Love And Hate’ - Leonard Cohen
‘L.A. Woman’ - The Doors
‘Fireball’ - Deep Purple
‘Sticky Fingers’ - The Rolling Stones
‘Meddle’ - Pink Floyd
‘Who’s Next’ - The Who
‘Just As I Am’ - Bill Withers
‘Pearl’ - Janis Joplin
‘Maggot Brain’ - Funkadelic
‘Hunky Dory’ - David Bowie
‘ZZ Top’s First Album’ - ZZ Top
‘Carly Simon’ - Carly Simon
‘Tapestry’ - Carole King
‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ - Earth, Wind & Fire
‘Jack Johnson’ - Miles Davis
‘Aqualung’ - Jethro Tull
‘Rory Gallagher’ - Rory Gallagher
‘At Fillmore East’ - The Allman Brothers Band
‘Gets Next To You’ - Al Green
‘Cahoots’ - The Band
‘Electic Warrior’ - T. Rex
‘Santana III’ - Santana
‘American Pie’ - Don McLean
‘Roots’ - Curtis Mayfield
‘Tupelo Honey’ - Van Morrison
‘The Yes Album’ - Yes
‘Fragile’ - Yes
‘Love It To Death’ - Alice Cooper
‘Killer’ - Alice Cooper

Thursday, 26 August 2021

thinkingaboot the drive

 The drive is a mass conspiracy part

and parcel of humanity today

defined manipulated and sculpted

to perfection 

by the MAN

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

long run to a little rock


How many people can stand

on this rock its not something

I ever considered

but the future mean

I gotta have a protocol

to stand on my childhood


Who is going to police

this sacred rock

Monday, 23 August 2021

I was thinginking aboot lego for a long time and Ikea

 why cant we like in a brick v concrete

build things simply

out hose and well

dont matter

if its affordable

and survivable

Karma as an econik weapon


I just used it and made a

profit slightly over one dollar

but it does non matter

Jeff could a do a billon dollar

karma deal and never notice

he did a great thing

in the financial sense

not the everveense

of everything

that now


know witchdoctors

are real and

mabye controlling our


if you got


smoke on today

we are animals in spirt

and that is why we should

look twice at the native

people who would never let

a coyote come to power

Today is much differant

than when I grew up

everythig was getting

bigger and a house

cost you a bit more than rent

why do we want to work like vampieres

to pay for a condo we hate?

Saturday, 21 August 2021

I have lost the telley and now the frozen works are vulnerable


Thats what we call a power outrage

in the land where its normal

for the power to go


and I cant remeber

the last time a person who

worked to bring us power

was taken down by

a power outage

Just saying if you

have a monopoly and

I have a power outage

there is a certian disconect

when the eggs of my wife

who has caNCER die

because you 

becausse you

you people

did not recongize we

singed up for power

not some third world

it comes when

it comes

and the person

before me

left and actual alot


diahrea its

like they wanted

to blow some circuts

to make the whole

thing look


and scare everyone into

doing someone


we are h an hanging by

so many hours and days

and a power interubtin

is like a bow and arrow

but it could bring th 

whole network down 

if it lasted to

long and I have beeen\

through 7 days local

ant it was a real horror


bub worse

yp u u uuuuuu gpot  gpot got got to

ask the goverment who

will turn the lights back


Tuesday, 17 August 2021

This takes the cake

First we take Kabul then Taipei


Well well well we are living in a future narrative fiction novel where every non fiction assumption must be suspect. ( god that was a powerful statement_👽😮👽😮😈👿
Hubris, the fall of Afghanistan was like hubris on Acid. It was like no one in the entire thought leadership of the USA had ever heard of the movie world war Z. The goddamned twelfth man was absent obviously or it was something deeper in the deep state that we can only reflect upon after watching all the appropriate movies starting with Resident Evil.
The trick is to see what card falls next.
First thing to think about is anytime the USA gets it teeth kicked in it attacks Grenada.
Second thing to thinkaboot is Tiawan. China must be itchy to pull that trigger finger. My simple explanation is that I visited the Ming Tombs  close to the great wall of China. I being a person who values their time more than money, was disappointed to see it was like looking at the unfinished basement of any house in Canada. Everything that was in the Ming tombs I eventually saw
in Tiawan. Its like someone took all your hockey cards and was charging admission to see them.
I think China will make a move on Taiwan, they just folded in Hong Kong without bloodshed or real struggle.
In summary Chiang Kia Shek you where a real asshole for not accepting Mao Tse Sungs offer of independence.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Afganistian 2001 to Present


I never wanted to write this post

because I believed when the two towers

fell there was a belief

to make things right in Afganistian

and today

I am as usual seeking some wisdom

from Bob Dlyan

and all he has

got is knocking on hevans


Like lets go the horrifying video

of refugees sitting on the flaps of the landing gear

where they sucicidal or ignroant

or both

but as everyone knows when the close

the flaps the airplane becomes aerodynamic

and anything thinking the flaps

where freedom is going to 


real quick

But lets go back to the beginning

of this cluster fuck event

of proportions so monumental

it could  seen from Mars

if they had just use the money\

to build a monument

Day one was Sept 11

and out of that

still very questionable event

for example the best rebuttal

to all the arguments is still

sited and a Popular Science article written

by nepotism.

There are so many things questionable about the 911

narrative it makes Kennedy assassination's conspiracy theorists envy

there are so many facts there we did not have access to in 64

but lets move forward.

The USA fingered the group they had raised from a puppy to be global

terrorisms force worthy of a Bond movie.

Bonfield was OSAMA BIN LADEN.

His layer was a cave in Afghanistan

and then the Talibian heard

that death was comming from the skies

in a big way

What the one eyed Mullah abdual knew and when

is an open question

even Rummy Rumsfeld said what are we going to do

make rocks bounce, he was more inclined to invade IRaq


But still the narrative took him to Afghanistan

and there is a famous movie about

how a small contingent of CIA captured the entire

country on horseback.

So it became like a gang war

the police station was

 under fire but never nothing

a few more million dollars

set on fire could not continue

until the powers that be realize

this is hopeless and that was year


so for ten more years the war

continued OSAMA was supposedly

killed in the good ALLy

Pakistan suburb of there version of Annapolis

and for ten more years the horror show

for America went on.

Today the horror of failure is on every

screen, people so desperate or clueless they 

sit on the flap of landing gear thinking its

a ticket to freedom

For sure they

dont hate freedom

they found love

on the landing gear flap

of a C-17

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Lamborghini's new Countach


The new one will be a hybrid V 12 availbae to only 113 people at a cost of $2.5 US. It will be like buying Google at IPO levels.

I would buy one of the originals for half a million and make it a pure electric.

Nancy Griffith


Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

I only knew her as a John Prine collaborator but she was unique.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

JT and the fourth wave election


I dont know about a fourth

wave I was already dead

when the third hit


so why not move

on the tourist

who want to ransak

the country with cheap


Go Justin Go

now he is not his father

not even a Jean Chretien

but men like this

no longer exist

and he is the boy

wonder to lead

us to the next generation

and to decide

will will do inficited

or social investment


Sunday, 8 August 2021

Making Plans For NIgel


Look XTC you should listen to New Zealand

XTC they came from New Zealand

and if you dont know about

the Kardashians

they are the Klye Jeener

choice of the hot spots

to survive the nuclear houlocst

that kills all not just Jews

and that is what they 

dont teach in history

because it would give

so many people

wrong ideas

and if you are not worried

just watch the movie

called the Grey Zone

after watching that movie

you will get your first or second


and you will plege for the rest of

your life and what you teach your


that there is no sacrifice when

the choice in oxygen or death

chosse oxegen most of the time

How far can I move the goalposts until the future cant catch up loobyist


Yeah I been there

done that driven on the

407 and all the other

disasters not quite

as bold but

certianly significant come

to my mind

for example when

I grew up in the great

close to north woods

we had many hearty

hydro men pulling

the strings when

the snow got to high

or the wind got to strong

or the trees that could survive

a thousd year storm buckled

and you are wondering

what kind of tree last 100

years and how should I consider

carefully my purCHase of lumber

now that you are an insider

and trees grow like 100 year

dandiliion, and I swear to you

any tree over 30 years old is fair

game to keep my house warm

in a zero carbon way

You see we are wasting our time

trying to join a tribe

because I am not going to listen

to anyone not elected trying to tell

me about live

like the Jeoh Witness

and the law of 144 thousand

yep that all tha God is going

to allow in heavan and I thought

about how hard it would be to join

that bunch and exactly what God

was looking for

because those Jehvah Witnees

ard so dedicatied

I wonder if its a trick

Friday, 6 August 2021

Monday, 2 August 2021







bUT IT is loud enough to be disoncertin to the people who have

never really mostly heard a loud noise

Sunday, 1 August 2021

I worry about North Korea like I worried about the Sandaistias attacking Miami

 North Korea

is the perfect bogyman

you can not say one

word beeyter

they are perfect

they exisit

and god bless


Its the wicther as the best outcome I can image

As you know I always seek the outer reaches of reason
with witch to make an decision
and if the future of mankind was
included in that mission
you know I could
make it
God only knows who survives
excuse me I slipped
and I am now  God
making all the decisions
about who lives
and dies
and I commit
because I do 
not trust myself enough
to make the right

hOCKEY AS A oPRA in three acts

 The first period is mostly music and in the second they add in video to keep us going mono when stereo is available but you know the diehards they invested so much in mono.

Second period and I see flashes of greatness like UFO all over the ice, but no one scores

Third period and we are living on the knife edge, next goal wins because despite history we are currently riding on non goal scoring support pins. Look its no dumpster fire DGMG has put everything
he has ever known into this team and that just mystifies me his Empty and the person down on the ranCH
lasting so long.
I dont care if he picks up a facebook pervet. I want to win the cup and I am not saying we need barebreasted CHeer leaders handing out discounts to CHE Pare, but I bet something that CHE like Bob DLYAN and Paul simon sought some comfort there. You can see hundreds of FREench girls all AT ONE PLACE

What if the man who invented gas warfare geocide and the concentration camp was a hero?


I can not say what

horse soldier

what hero of south afriand


and pink flyiod


could be described

with a bust

that sits on a desk


the time where MI% os alive

and handoff sitrap

sitrap I learned from

Dexter along with Nato

call signs

Whiskey Tango Delta

Romeo out

jesus and a baby

and its a go

into the unkowen

but the wrost ablouste thing that

can happen from any one of these

unicororn missiions is the wrong

people die

and I dont have the stats

but I like

sports and what a good shooting percentage

would apply to a persn

a complete unkonw

wh has signed up

to fight

fithg t and fight for

what is right

because the USA
has so many enemies we

got to fight

every day for our


and that is absolutely

and so full of dread

and King Kunute


that I can not

contemplate what


if the clay