Sunday, 27 March 2022

The six day war and the Invasion of Ukraine

 The six day war was a unicorn

and I think history will prove the 

Russian invasion of Ukraine

as a purely military act

is far more significant.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

How do slaves know they are free

 There are no free people in the digital age

you have to believe your shingle and the law will protect you

both sides dont believe in this

yes we are all slaves

of a different colour

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Two wars one country


The war in Ukraine is a total disaster for Russia

or Russia is about to force terms of surrender

one of these statements is correct unequicikly

So place your bets and read between the lines

two weeks from now.

Then you will know if you have been fooled.

Sunday, 20 March 2022


 I know only that I am listening to Steve Miller and he says that time keeps on slipping into the future. well the Leaf just took another step into a horrible one. They had a franchise palyer in Narco , they had a good asset in Billy , they had a rover on D. Okay boys this is lego 1.1 build around this.

But they never had kids and they never built lego and now they are megablocks.

New Post Last Post Who knowes. What I know is some funnky things that are no coccidence are going on. So heree is what I wish to say about that.

 What if they could divide the GDP of the world to every citizen?

what is wrong with that. The big ego will still fight but their victoriees

will no b our midnight.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Xerox and the military's industrial complex a case study.

 There was a day when Xerox realized the Japanese where selling copiers that ran laps around theirs for less then cost of manufacturing for Xerox. The USA has just had a Xerox momenent. They dont even have a hypersonic missle and the Russians have just made the spectacular display of new technology science Hiroshima.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

The end of war in Ukranie

 So the stupid Russians who could not

fuel their tanks enough to complete a 60 mile journey

are now about to say

gas costs 6 dollars a gallon

and I fucked you up the ass

Ukraine destroyed Russia on social media

and in the bond market

but in reality

it dont matter if your enemy goal

is to kill you

A rich man can fall to 

a homeless man in less than a second

despite amour all around.

This war is thankfully almost over

and Ukraine lost a lot of ground

pray they do not live to fight another day

or it will be Gaza strip all over again

de ju vu.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

My cottage on the fringe got demolished once again

 I see some free land 

with trees and I set up a 

hidey hoe and then the machines

destroy it and I move

picking up what was not broken

but I have move two

times and you no number three

is fatal

Friday, 11 March 2022

The people who designed the game to always favour them get gamed


This is what is happening now

Ukraine sanctions hurt the west more than

they hurt Russia

and they help China

winner of the squid game

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Future of Western Civilization


Yeah we are on about a battle a few hundred years before on player makes it to Alpha Centoria.

USA and Venezuela team up over Putin


The USA has been trying to over though the goverment of Venezuela for 40 years.

So today they are going to turn their back on the one goverment that did not let the American Empire succeed.

Do not eat that its shizzza

The Spanish Civil war


If you want a view of history as it applies to todays stereovison  look at this conflict.

The bad guys won. Hemingway wrote a great book.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

My own 1000 mile stare at Ukraine


Many innocents die daily because

Vlad the Impaler was impetuous

so death is on his head

more times than can be counted

This deviel this deviel

this evil man

like a bond villainy

he toys with reality

because he can

and thats true

power in a nutshell

So how did Vad go

into Ukraine a free and

democratic country

with his eviel eyes

and machines that

terrify and kill

with certainty

I first heard of the Ukraine

in a song about the USSR

the Beatles thought it was

a great place ironically

Ukraine was mostly a formation

of Peter the Great a Russian

in 1694 a settlement of village idots

in a shithole called Kiev

Now I apologize for my offensive language in advance

but its true

Peter would never give away anthing

to something he thought

would 100 years later light up the Spidey

sense of a grandson so great you cant count

it on one hand.

Fast fast fast fast fast no faster faster forward

in the river of time that we all have to make

some ground upon which the river of time

can be charted.

What has always had the anglo saxons bee

in a bonnet not only at

rieley dog show

with ponies in the afternoon

is the fact the Russkies killed a king

and placed upon a world they ruled

a virulient software called communism

and they made it work

imperfect but reliable

just like a Russian

full Marks and Engle

to Lenien

who made the modern Ukraine

in 1917 during the Russian revolutioin

if was easy to grant favours because there

was no certianty they could ever be fullified

but Lenion granted a big one to Ukraine

land land land and the freedom to be communist

Yes that was the deal, land for communism

dont like it, well some did not

and we can not be more alleged

than to say they where Nazi

but I skip an essential chapter

in the bigger story

it is Crimea which Putin

annexed like a porch bandit

taking a tablet

from a San Francisco

cock sucker

Hey Ukraine I just took away

your Gutaomo Bay

try to look away

Turns out Crimea which was

like the West Point of Russia

was ? given? to Russia by a Russian PM

who was born in Ukranie

it was like the Montreal Canadians being \

given first pick at any French player

it made no sense

except to heart of

a partisan who

would fight and die

for that euphamanism

So when the see eye aye

took liberty away without

even the pretext of a color

movement in 2014

the Russkies got very


a coup du grace

committed in full glare

of TV

and everyone says


not waiting for an election

is the high point of democracy

because elections

really dont matter

history dont matte

as GWB said

and its true

in history we are all dead

Of course he never heard of Zuckerberg

we can live in the meta verse for ever

believe me this is the blade

that will carve us 

So the russkies held a referendum

in Crimea and against all odds the people

voted to join Russia

what a campaign manager

its tough enough to get people to switch parties

but to switch countries by vote

tremendous achievement/

So for 8 years there has been a soft and gentle hard

war between Ukraine  and Russian and an even

hotter one between Russia an Nato G7 countries

Russia has been saying stop

and the SEE EYE AYE have been

pushing go

and when they have a fat button

they never fail to launch.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Ukraine is a great tradedy

 I hope when it ends 

we will have a close examination

of why it happened

unlike WW1