Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So sad for the CH

I think coaches are highly overated. If a player has CHaracter he needs to coach to let him play hockey. To many x and o's. I am not Bilingual but I admire Quebec. Quebec is an alternative to the man. Sure it may have flaws and have the MOb running things. But here is Ontario maybe we have rose colored glasses and just expalain away things that everyone in Quebec knows was corruption. We live on a fragile planet run on lies and superstition. I had a Ski doo my Dad bought me for my 12th birthday, it was named an ELAN. This is what it means to play hockey in Montreal. You may not be French but you better have fucking ELAN. Politicaly correct does not cut the grass. I want my Canadiens to be flying frenchman no matter what it says on the passport. FFS speaking another language is not the manhattan project. One cute girl could teach the whole team until one member married her. The ends do not justify the means, never. I do not want to win the cup and lose my soul, thats Buttman. I know we can do both. It starts at the draft. If you are property of the CH you start leaning french. We could start with kissing.

I feel like a Harperite on Trudeau morning. The cognitive dissonance letdown is hitting me like
Ruby Ridge or the wave that gave us FUKUSHIMA. Are we truly just fucked, just another data base of favorites for the corporation to mine until we have run out of polyester to buy? Cause thanks to free trade who can afford actual tickets anymore?

I have to admit the election of JT made me happy. This was I guy I put all my dreams into his holster. I know he cant draw down on everything. But on base principles he conviced me he wants Canada back. For me the TPP is the silver bullet. If he pulls the trigger on that, I will abandon all hope and go back to doing all the self destructive behaviors that characaterise my life. Its what in the olden days we called fun.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The siege of Salingrad

Can anyone image
gettting a pistoal
with one shot
as the evealuazaion
of dear leader

Yet it happened
thats desperation
and its not a lost
human love song
it goes on everyday
because everyone
if you do not succed
at the top
its the pistal
at the end of the
So all you masters of the universive
who face the same fate
are you really that
into russion rouletet\\\\
or could a decade pass
without you being the top
without taking the chance
your brain
would be the latest wallpaper

Stay Positive cause the alternative is not going anywhere

So much good going down in the world
but it seems its all micro scale
the marco numbers
are terrifying

I am not scared
cause my time has passed
it was my people
that said
the past cant last

So we turned on the reality distoriton machine
big time
if the sucker believe Jesus walked on water
well we could make you believe anything
and now PT baily is the next President
and what will he do
not going to be good
for a man who
knows he is nothing
like me and you

In history have we seen
any culture with all the levers
set to insantiy mode
miss that cliff
we are going faster
accelerating in fact
because we are
as Eistien would say

Monday, 25 January 2016

Happy Child Happy Human

Never needed a clown
to make me smile
I was always happy
driven from inside

Of couse that cant be true
someone programmed
me to ignore what was
not true
so I could laugh
and play
while the world I knew
was sold away
before I got a chance
to bid
on clean water
and do not start on the liberation
of clean air

So now I got a frown
and its not in my DNA
its as any proffeser
will testify
experice based

I had a bad expericnce
and that was it for
my humanity
the time
I tried again
and again
and finally found
what a blessi

I cant think anymore

History has become so straight forward
there is nothing left to speculate aboout
man wants to rule
and nothing will pervent
this if he has the power to previl
and so the planet burns
while the saviouir
may be alive
but no one in power
is checking for vital

No matter what they bring to bear on my TEPEE

I will fight to my last breath
for freedom
for the chance to have children
and give them a chance
cause I grew up thinking
that was what life 
was about

up and down

they used to pnuamtic
but now its just
a one way valve
keep down

Past expryy

taking in a lifetime
I would normally
give you small measue
and really thats all
you deserve

But life fortunatly does not work
on a linare scale
for some bumbing into
things yeilds fortunes
that can not be imagined
by the average person

thats what happened to me
when I bmped itno yhou
I dropped everything I gots
just to channel you

there is no human that I met
more compelling
but I always wondered
if this feeling was mutual
and while I saw good
signs I was rewareded
by logic
beauty has an expiry date
and I long passed
that horror.

The parts will never fit together

Thats the first thing you gotta say as a true leader
there will always be misfits
and we apprciate their dream
but right now we are
going in a differant diredtin
just to keep eating
from a living thing

White man thinking so Black

Hey spear me
it would be a noble death
spearchucker of culture
not grey poupon

Negativity never made a letter you could post

As many may know
I have a degree in History
some will laff
others will
but in reality
it means something

I know something about
how humans organized
killed each other
and did it again
better than the
no educated

Today it seems everyone
is taking the shortcut
just kill
without speak
because the noise
in their
heads has no translation
no sympathy
no chance for reclozation
and that is going to bring
sooner or later
a big nuclear
response on
a stupid ass

then the protal is open
and everone with a nuke
is a world leader
and no one will have a plan
bring it on

So the future of humanity
on this globe
will be in the hand
of someone
of the worst kind
and is that  not the nightmare
that exists today
so intead of building missle defence
try working orn a team
to reach strange heads

The world is now dependetnt on
the last indivdual feeling comfortable
and thats a high standard
but given  human resouse

nopuy mpo mpou ytsmy

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Why not nuke everything and start over?

As craxy as that sounds
I firmley believe I have had
the oppportiuyyty to reaac ccc h
so far they woirop  wooooorld
could find a bette cocccccm,k\
after all who is doing there semem

noot top be stickey

my credibity is creamed
and running down m,y face
and it means nothing
I woulld such oiff harper
to save th plenaet

but thesese human festivals
do not no nothing
yhou fot  got

I am am wwaving
betewone fwth
ang fogfgfg fg
who cares
It make nok diff
what the fk I say
and nothing will every
cc hange
and muy lle
has been so good badc

Governing with Faraboichi Rules

We all know the problems
with free will
and animal instincts
so why not just
take natural law
to the eclipse point
and make Pareots proven law
the rule

Intstead of teaching kids
about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny
tell them the truth
people are evil
and have bad breath
but we want you to
be a Jedi master
are you willing to serve
a dark lord?

We are not all equal
no way far from it
our place in the world
has always been determind
by competition
and the willingness to take
the hits and do the time
to get a black belt

Martial Arts is the study of the ancients
you call them Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Native American
The Japanse and other rejected the gun because they knew
its was not the product that could be inveneted under a farbouchi sun
no it was a disrupter that would give the power
of a millions of years of evolvion into the hands
of humans who cant read

So if you hand dynomite to Wille e Coyote
excpect the world to blow up
in his mindless chase of the roadrunner
and that is exaclty where the world know lies
the roadrunner endlessly trying to keep
and release the coyote
even thought the roadrunner knows
down deep if this project fails
they will have a the least a major flat

To reform the world we need a box
it should be called goverment in a box
and it will not be perfect no it will upset
eveyone of every disection
but the fact that be
is that we now all live
in a box that is getting smaLLER
and sure I have children and care about them
probably thats the only reason I give
a fuck otherwise I would be dancing around the shithous
naked high on some many drugs legal and others that
I would not feel the pain when the whole human shithouse
this time went down in flames

I really feel that sentiment dispite its nihilism
because thats not really how I should fee;
humanituy has done some very good things
especially in understanding the GOD thing.

Maybe perhaps we could push that message and
tell people compared to Farabouchi. Mohammad reeallyu
was the Massage.

No one with an IQ above the draw of an LED
will not recognize we are DERP
Giving up is not a solution what we need
is captian planet.
I would say hey baby what do you need?

It turns out we can live on not very much and
be totally satisfied.
Ever been to vacation at an exotic spot?
Did you drive your car our keep a huge
house refrigrated?
Did the people that serverd you smile
or jerked off to make your toast

So its so easy to be alive
so hard to be dead
but if you cross wires
between the two
you get mass extiction
and right now as far as I can
see that is the train track
for our limited existance eternity

So we need to abandon every other thought
of what is and just go math full thought
case its never proven to let
us find the wrong answer

We are so close to paridise
and living on a golden globe
why do we shit the bed
and for me that is a death offence
just like taking away my oxygen
on a space ship

we got to start sending offenders
into zero atmosphere until they understand
believe in math
or just get spaced

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

its not going to work

Digital Tech will make all men women. Thats the way it goes
we will be living in a future all lesbos and no children
because no women can stand a man they understand

You cant do nothing any more with a digital trail, could it be worse than skynet

Everybody has feeling thay want to
hide some time
mostly stragtic
but could any relationship
stand the test of
total truth

I love so much
I am alive
and when my
gives me that smile
I go into overdrive
on life

Those smile will not
exist with constant monitring'
and human insecurities
we can not be on camera
24 /seve and be human

There are no absoutes
the black and white world
is a fanatssy of meglomaica
who are phyusocit

Intelligeicne is more than smarts

why do I not spell check anymore
cause the world is comming to an end its
the leaset of your problesm and I have only
some many keystrokes till the end
so why waste them

Spike Lee get off my lawn

There is a kind of slow mo civil war going on and I am afraid
it will take no prisoners
and for Spike Lee
to diss the academy
is like a cow
dissing grass

Monday, 18 January 2016

fighting for the circle

If you look at history and the modern age it seems the circle is not unbroken

In our new eviroment evey desion must be meant with sustanaiblty

Every time I pee
I must meausure
how much was
me and how much
DNA you
got into my poooh

words are stupid and they mean nothig

What words can we possibly say to explain the world today
its like the power of the Internet made everyone mutant

Hurtinign because the planet I love no longer resemblses you

grew up dipped in green
not from ideolgyu
juist because that was
the only way to
stay alive

Jet fumes stinking up the kiwis
I love
make my feel unfaithful
and ask the question
does my love
of what I want
cause I can buy it
lead to the extection of
the human race?

Cause for some reason
we can no longer buy
we can not conncect
even though the chemicals
say this is the one
social media says
no good enough

We first noticed this problem in Singapeor
where they got most things write
but telling everyong to expect more
made the boyfriends seem like
something that needed to be developed
instead of love at first sight

So MR perfect in on TV and
facebook and they are just waiting
for me in a fantasy
that has no farts
or zits
or irrational moments
because the love they have
is all real

Good luck with all that superhuman
its going to go down historicly
the only  question that remians
if science defines love
will the world end
with a broken heart?

Casual Remarks

Do they have deeper meaning or just toss offs?

its common konwlege

She deseved me and I deseved her.  Thank you the powers that be
for making that so

Most people who fear Muslims have never met one

How many Muslims have you had living in the apartment below you? How many Muslims have you partied with? There is a bit of a void between ISIS like anti Muslim videos and reality. We are all the same. People who use religion to create a wedge are all evil. People who use a wedge to justify the economic distribution on this planet are evil. We could all live fat and happy if common sense was a religion.

We need cheap carbon fuels like a junkie needs free Herion

Can no one make the connection? Its economics at its best. Give me your watch and I will tell you accurately what time it is.

Computer control will drive us insane

A cashless society is a control mechanism. Auto driving cars the same. Only the people who make the rules will be allowed to stray outside the code.

28 people killed in Africa

Not bad for a split second

Creating a sustainalbe society

This is the role of goverment. Nothing else matters. Business creates wealth and inevitable revolutions.

Harvesting Ignorance leads to a crop of destruction

This it the fundamental problem with the good old USA. I now fully expect Trump will be the next US president. Squaring his reality distortion field with the expectations of the voters will be catastrophic.

The only bright spot is that Trump might be insane and ego driven enough to tell the truth.

Friday, 15 January 2016

That feeling did not go away with a simple expanation

Thats what makes me Steve

pushing the evolpe g boynd the stars

Seeing the auro bourlois for the fist
time mad me ralaize
I was not high
there is some matter
in this world
hitting the planet
that humans can
no describe

So comet
I had no tail
and when I foud
a lead
it was me
and anal was
the only choid
in prinson
if I wanted to

and contute to exaista
as an asshole

Love and the connections

Love you cant start it like a automobile
and you cant kill it with a suicide vest
pure Warren Zevon rip off
but why is it illegally
under threat by the FBI
to take ideas and push 
them forward
that as a matter of fact
is why we are so fucked up
the copyright holders
are holding us back

I am so fortunate in my life
I have only loved one
women and coincidentally
she is my wife
so I do not know the turmoil
of heartbreak
and the tsunami of human 
that happen
when one side or the other
declares war
and says 
not you

Never had my heart ripped out
and stomped on
because to my love
I have always been true

Love at first sight does
not work for everyone
but it has sustained me for
four decades and I never
think about moving on
cause she is the light of 
my life
somewhat older 
but still a staggering beauty

Good connections make 
every device work
and they need to be maintained
if you want to avoid
a divorce

Raised by Wolves to be Wild and Free: thats why I howel at the moon not the sun

I grew up in the hard lands
bisected by the 45 th parallel
where men are men
and sheep are nervous
because there where
not a lot of women choices

I would run through
the bush and fuck the trees
carefully bored out
with a brace and bit
and lined with moist moss
no splinters

My Uncle had a sheep farm
deep in a basin of depravity
we slept under the stars
with canvas coverings
that leaked if you touched
them in the rain

One day this 12 year old
sheepherder asked
Uncle Herbert
why the bell rang
at midnight
what made all the men
tear off into the dark
naked with torchlights?

My uncle for all his faults
and they were many
believe me
told me in the best
way possible that
the men where fucking
the sheep

As a twelve year old
I did not think I was old
enough to make a move
from a tree to a ewe
but I was certainly intrigued

The only thing that really
pulzzed me 
was what was with the bell

Herbert gave me a great life 
lesson that day
you see life is a competition
and everyone wants the 
best prize
they rang the bell
to keep all things
to ensure no man got
off early 
cause no one
would want to
get that ugly sheep

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Life Fucking

He screwed the pooch
because the maid was
on vacation
and she was not reall
French anyway

So in an empty house
no longer clean
he sat down 
and ate kraft dinner
for the first time
and was not

Taking into account
his life time deficet
ran into the billion
and he was not finished

Into this hopeless situation
he was watching star wars
when his
wife came home
and the deathstar
never seemed serious

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Convince me and I will Convince You

Convince me and I will Convince you
thats all I see as true
in the fantasyland
we live in wher
we worhisp some
birth that no one
really knows how
it happened or when
it died

The only thing I know
is what resides
inside my brain
and how it connects
to my heart
and thats more important
than the best math
or newest gadget
because to live a loved
life  if even for a millisecond
is far more important than
any kind of vitrual
reality that capitalism
offers as a substiteu
for reality
when they live like
the reality kings
and empours of old
just soaking up pussy
while the world
is their paper towel

The Final Bowie message written on every tin can

Its not enough to ackowlgele 
every freak should
have liberty its
that we are all freaks

We are all freaks
so never let
anyone or anything
use your freakdom
as a control tool
because no mater
what mastery they 
seem to bring
they are a freak
just like you

I am done lying I do not care what the threat

Born in this green and blue world
a beautiful planet
it seems to anyone
human such a great thing
like diseyland
it has ever fantasy
of a young boy

But now the truth
I must tell
and its going
to make you want
to kill yourself
for the crimes
humanity has created

I know all and have
seen that I cant
do it
I expect no one else
but the weakest will
we have made an mess
and the strongest have
to tell the turth
to begin the cleanup

Every headline is a lie
every study
is paid for
we are living
in hell

We have roughly 6000 years
of human history upon 
which we can depend
or pee urine over
scientific fact

God would not have picke the Jews
for they are small
and inconsiqueal
and not suited for surrvia;
at all
yet they presreved
and as far as I know
have made as a tribe something
beyond human imagination\
for example
Bob Dylan

So if the pen is mightery than the sword
I play the Bob Dylan Card Jew
and your dead
facist pig

That was the world 
 before I was born
when Gullibvers Traveles
could change civilization
and it did
because thinking 
people had a lock 
on the hood.

Nowdays its Chaos\
and no one understands
as simple as how to 
make a profit
or what it means
to be human
if suicide is the 
of choice

When people commit suicde for a cause
its maddnes
but do not dismiss
it as maddness for a cause
cause we all are human
and our wiring has not 
changed over a billion years
and if someone is willinf.
to off oneself for the cause
its time to pay attention
this is more than a simple 

Sure we should not have
surrended to the Kamazaki
but why they did and
what they hoped to gain
needs examination beyond
the devending the homeland game

War what it is good for
War is death and death
and false prophets risking it 
all on a big play

and will the winners go to heaven
I think in no way so

So do not bring me problems 
bring me solutions is the 
worse leaders fault
and I say
lets all be hippies
and love a lot
and let our
smart friends play
and the dumb 
work with love
taking care of the old
or picking up the garbage
or other useful things
that keep the promise of
mankind moving forward
when everybody is on
the same team

Monday, 11 January 2016

Last Change for Ziggy Stardust

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth, you pull on a finger, then another finger then cigarette. (Rock and Roll Suicide)

Baby just you shut your mouth ( China Girl)

Two lyrics that are almost part of my daily vocabulary. I saw Bowie  in Montreal standing centre stage arms on the boards my mind already primed to go to another dimension, and he took me there.

RIP Ziggy Stardust. you will stand tall amongst Giants for eternity.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The most dangerous Man on the Planet

Muammad Bin Suluman? Has any country in the world been more destructive in the past 30 years than Saudi Arabia? The question is where they leading or being led?  All the good guys are were they best allies and enablers.

Killer Headline From CES Las Vegas

ISIS launches driverless car bomb!

Monday, 4 January 2016

End of History Funk

I am finding it hard to write about anything because nothing is new, and the future seems to be in the train tracks headed to a cliff. Maybe I will shake off this funk but lately my head is in creamy clouds of love.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Cruel Twist of Fate Soulmate

The actual soulmates
collied one time
in a parking lot
where cars where
parked and no
one went to shop
only to  complain
which is the only
growth industry
we can make
because we have
no give and take

She was a beauty
only just minted
he was a beast
his face
still distiguised

Like an Apple device
when they got to close
some directive they never
made them connectetd

Against this trend
they both defended
and found it
kinda useless
but it gave
them both hope
that this was some
kind of cosmic joke

Job never got this
kind of test
or had the chance
to enjoy
all the magic
of such a pretense

So party A and party B
are so far apart
that you must fold
the envolpe and
it seems this has
and niether party
has a clue
as to if what when

Humans no matter how great
wonderful and powerful
fade with time
even the greateest monuments
like the pymamids are turning to

On a comsmic scale their connection
was not contact
As a measure of love decibles
they ineffectualty
callibrate ineffiently love
they beat the drums
attacking with WA spritt
 time has no comprise
and that is where
fate made a mistake
and launched a thousand
ships that
could never partake
in a reality regatta