Sunday, 13 November 2022

I can not shut up so long, baby love me long time in silence

 Looks like some kind of deal

going down in Ukraine

but its a bitcoin transaction

and the computer  can not recognize

19 percent or less for big Joe

that is Pillsbury dough sised


its at least 3 Bond villains of wealth

who could make MI 6 or five

or whatever digit you

want sealed awat

for 75 years its yours

Now the crazy starts

war without civilian casuaty

like the cvil war and WW1

then the crypot traders

saw some arbigrite

kill a bunch of civilians

and see how much they

support the war

g9od number nine

or ten

they will ansere

in the same way

it was worth the sacrfice

I say bullshit

no child should die

in war,

Hard to implemtn, bu tin thtr  USSR

Zemeca kkgod dammed shitstorm

of profiet and shrapnel we

have the knife edge of human


Hey dont listen to me

b8t  but both sides

do no want the end of


Friday, 28 October 2022

Stop the senseless slaughter in Ukraine

 I am optimistic that given the

facts on the ground

a peace treaty is coming soon.

The war in Ukraine is really a civil war.

Brothers are killing brothers and Mothers

have dead sons on both sides


Sunday, 23 October 2022

Ruskies are playing chess, the only problem is the US military is very trained in checkers with lots of exposives and GI JOE

 When the hard rain fails

even the senators son

can be held

so dont dispear

most Senators

do not seek a Nuclear wasteland

America has a lot of valuable stuff


in Russia you have two cities/

Monday, 10 October 2022

Last chance to comment before Nuclear war

 Who is going to have thier face ripped off

in Uknw

Just assume it its a snowcrash universe

where every dollar spent by the gov

is a source of extrodainly faith full revenue

Ukraine is a menber of the family that got

captured by the cult of Gobbels and

all the others that teach you

you only need to fight to get\

what you want

thats what I love about our time

we have Ophrah with an alternate

view and to be honest

millions of more likes than

the war in Ukraine

so what does that mean?

Russia has dick  yes swallow my dick

dicktated to Ukraine how this war will

be fought.




Sunday, 25 September 2022

Fighting the Sandal Soldiers

 America has lost 20 years

of battles with the sandals

and now in Ukraine

they fight actual boots

on the ground

Its not pretty but 

you have to admire

the groupthink

all around.

So much detail and so much blue sky

 I think Russia is about to force Ukraine to surrender

I hope so , its better than Nuclear war

and its better for the people acutally

fighting fore

some kind of Nato world

with rides on missiles

and piggybacks on warriors.

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Telling the truth, telling MY STORY

 Rap is not music, its a direct link to the lizard brain

and those that do not fear blowblack

will be left with no music

the same is happening

to movies and TV

the message is more important

than the medium

well the medium is the message

so square that!

Ever Play Fallout?

 The pouges song my little town

which is deliberately the rwroog

name, that from the art Garfunkel


This Old Town

we all grew up in some version of


no matter how massive the city

we all had boundaries

we considered home town.

In my home town everyone was white

and we allowed Gays as like

its personal choice.

There was no crime

to speak of

maybe poaching deer

or driving drunk

but violence of one townie

to another was not happening.

No one lock their doors

and a lesser amount left the keys in the car

why bother.

Was this Utopia, for me it was

and it remains so,

For every fault you could find in this community

you could not say silicone it up with the LGBTY45 5779o community

and it would have been better,

I dont post much anymore because I have already said my piece

and the world know it and they don't care.

Especially now with the war in Ukraine

I am not going to open my big mouth 

to let a HIMARS come in.

Yet my finger trembles on the trigger

as I face the day afraid to comment.

So lets just say the rabbit hole

has been opened and I have fallen all

the way.

Were can we start

well maybe Monsanto who bought up  a lot

of land

and in the heart of Europe wanted GMO

Europe if you dont know it is against the franken foods

There are all kinds of crooked deals made everywhere accorss the planet

but I imagine if you saw a heatmap of Ukraine, it would be glowing hot and getting hotter.

As the late great Kurt Von Gut Jr who survied the completely unessary fire bombing of Dresden would say " so it goes, so it goes"

We have information from before Jesus, and the same thing happens over and over again. As the ants in this farm we can only hope this is the last time.

So my read on Ukraine is that she is on the ropes. Russia is a great power, a superpower. In Ukraine America has tugged on supermans cape.

The Americans know this, why are they so desperate, or so cunning.

In the end there are many scenarios that do not end in Nuclear War. Most of them go that way.

Who wins, China. Its very clear that a war between Nato and Russia leaves only one power standing, China. The American and British think because they have ruled the world for a couple of thousand years they are smarter then everyone.

Ask China

Friday, 16 September 2022

History look at the Spanish Civil War


For Gods Sake

Hemingway in real time

and not faking anything

about war

In Ukraine

there is a disagreement

but when the Internaial

Stop us from Dying

organization comes

out with and official

report that says

Russian should give back

the reactors to Ukraine

and makes no mention that

they are all truned ouff

and why would the Russians

destroy their own nuclear reactor

you gotta be scared.

Why lie


Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Failed adiou visual options

 I got everthing 


with liqued cooled video

cards to there is no problem

with the quality of what

I receive,

It is so exception I think

it will prevent most

humans from seeking

mind expansion

from LSD or Mushroom

the reason

being they dont

need that view\

to understand the world

So lets say I am some

kind of genius of watching

everything I want 

well still obeying the


cause if you cross those

laws you can die.

Ok my daughter is getting married, and to tell you everything I am overjoyed about that

 Moments you cant escape I flee them, However being human they are always around and even at this late date I have been fortunate. My only daughter is to be wed in this Month on Saturday.

Life does not get any better.

I cant stop thinkingaboot the finish line in thermonuclar was was done on my watCGH

 Hardware banging

endlessly who has the most

hardware at the harware store wins

He who has ballistic missels mostly

never counts on winning

unless you

believe in th S499

The russians are not more interested

than anyone in thermonuclear war.

Lets just go down to the bar


is there anyone on this planet

thinking, option one negoatee or option two

thermonuclear war,.\

As I sit here today

with my cell phone bill

and my cable bill, and my streaming bill

all at 200% of my income

I have a revelatins

nuclear war would wipe out

my credit record/

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

after careful condiration


Look we are going to domish anything

that does not ring correctly

to a dog whistle


Diamonds dance on my sitrap as I try to absorb what the fuck in actually going on


As you know anything you believe the more you believe it

the less likely it is to be trune

lets look at gravity

in school they will talk endlessly about  nine point eight meters per sec that i some kind of barrier that must be overcome to deafeat gravity

but it works both ways

comminng back is harder

because gravity hates a beat down

Russia and Ukranine reamain in 

a very brutal ballet

where the script could

be abannoded at any minute

and that would bring the whole

stage down

Putin does not have door 3 

he has victory or death

and I hope

I and none of of our readers

die in a thermonuclear war

but it seems

that aside from the war games

in the Ukraine

both sides have not

yet decided when to blink

That blink time is comming fast

and I hope the NHL season can

start before that

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Russia lost Krahov

 Its like they lost burger king

believe me its not the end 

just the beginning of total domination

and western surrender




Monday, 5 September 2022

It is why I studied history and I never imaged the underground.

 Lou Reed and the Velet underground

and the reason boy bads

cancel out lou reed bands

Rock and Roll Animial

if you have the inclanation

to hear a great sensation

from the history of ROCK

ane Roll

you will appreciate how fresh

it was

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

and so on

Sunday, 4 September 2022

I am running out of steam provided by my Sterling Engine

 No worms,  Roxanne

no worms can change

the future because it was

written a century late'

Jevves asl ty dide wow trapezze and the rope broak.

 Trying to be silent

while I navigate the white

water that I conquered

more before now

Da Russkies

DA supertar RUsskie

Bobby Clarke discontued

probanly swung the balance

in our favour

and at the time

eveyone in Kanada 

was hoping the person with

the funny nAME

    would ever walk again

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Coyote ugly where the rip the joint

 Its not to late

to adapt

to to google

We have no chance 

what google wants

google will get

I hope

its a rental

I can afford

Friday, 26 August 2022

Search my blog for Trump and you will see what I mean


I am Zero fan of Trump for long long time. Decades before he became Pres.

However what has happened to him since and just shortly before he became prez is very instructive of the destructive nature of the deep state.

He has been alledged in political terms to have doubled park.

The USA is on fire for no reason but greed.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Sounds original

 I just want to say

that we have heard

so much copy

we no longer

can say

singer or

Karoke lounge lizard

Cant be paid enough to stay salient as the last zero was zero as in you are zero

 Talking about exile on main street


Yes Yes Yes can I  not translate

it into 2022 talk

like well its I dont have no pronouns

I am what a someone with the pronoun

female she would want to to stop her

from being a lesbiean

I done that so many times

withouth a single touch

Not a touch just a jedi mind

trick called common sense


So If you want to rule the world

you gotta sing a a good


and I am a Karoke


and I dont even rule

one day into the future

I take what I can gety

and hope to move

forward in a position

at least as good

as the current statue

but you know

as Bruce said

and you are thinking a provdo

Bruce Springteen quote is comming

lke thunder ro=ad

but I am talkikng  about

the talking head

and the Bruece Cockburn

and what he said

many times in so many

creative wayys

to knokw that the future

was a time

when normal gets worse

every day

So I live here now

and I gotta tell you 

Bruce was right

the daily grind

is not makeing  a


I want to invest into

the future

when I can get

some syth something

in a cup 

Yeach fill my loving cup 

with my desire and I will

keep shopping

till I die

I was looking on the web today

for artic boots 

something that will take my 

feet to minus 40 and keep walking 

away from the world that

lives like that everywhere

not just Hallibiurton

or the places I grew up

that where so cold

I wanted to move soputh

but when I got there

I discovered I had

a cold cold heatrt

and all the calistcichans

that kept people warme

in the soluth did not work

for mee

 because I grew up frozen

in a land that made

people love something


in  a real wayt

not just what they steream

today and tell

yuou your special

your a something

we never imaged when

Napooleen fired a cannon

or when Rebranmatn

looked for guard at the night

watch or

beforee Van Gopuh lost

his ears

listiengi tot the voices

from the starry starry skuy\

Friday, 19 August 2022

Bitcoin and the meta universe

 I donna know about bitcoin, but I always thought it was worth nothing. The meta universe. I don want to spend one second there. Gamers have been there for decades and its only good for killing.

I love Germany

 Germany was the most perfect country in an imperfect world. They have sacrificed everything for Ukraine. Such Madness.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Time to make sandbags

 In the last six days it is like the six day war all over again. But this time the good guys are losing on every front.

I think the shelling of the ZAP NUKE plant is a metaphor for everything wrong about  the situation in Ukraine.
The fucking Rhine river is drying up. They are recovering enough dead bodies in cement from lake Mead to build a highway.
The universal health care system is falling apart because we have a bunch of premier who want an American one, because hey cash flows.
THe last and most important point I want to make is earth and even mars shattering. I am so fucking bored with the streaming content comming at me like a fire hose, I think I know why people self immoulate. They want some heat in their minds for their lives. Only the top 1% can self generate completely. I think I could do like 75% and if I could only get to 80 I would be an influencer. I think 80% of the population does not want to be firemen or doctors or astronauts. They want to be influencers. Why do they not teach this in school?/

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Wow what is going on

 In the terms of Hockey its so entertianng but in the real world no consequens'

I think sometimes more than often people confuse sport with real life

Real life is now in Ukraine every day and there are no good guys

but if I had to vote i would be Russkie.

Saturday, 16 July 2022

zerj you yo, time in the end

 Development was a concept that NHL pros pooh poohed. Its like the we dont need no stinking badges scene in Blazing Saddles. Now we have people who recognize that kids who skate bad and cant accelerate can do something else than playing at a higher level until they fail. The best example of this is Le Brow. Now we are teaching great skaters to skate better and teaching guys who one day wil be in a Red Bull Commercial filmed in Quebec city.

So now like every knows to turn a sows ear into a feather bed takes some time. I walk and talk at the same time. My gate would be considered a little eccentric by some.
Point is I learned how to walk better, I got a bicycle.

Hello my dear freinds, like the Miltiary Summary CHannel

 I watch the map

and the extravagze

and conclue

that the win

will not be for the dude

Sunday, 3 July 2022

 In retrorospect, and that is by far the best spect.

I live in DC and I went to get a burger from Adam kYAKE GUY. I never heard a single Celione son there/
So I talk  to Tom the Chief of Staff or something.  I give him full props he was a beast, with people like this on our side we will never loose in the long run.
I axe Tom about the high price of gas and what he is going to do about it. I break into his pattern talk to Adam and lets set up an interview. Tom you do not know anything about the NEP. TOm do you know where Norway is, and what they have in the bank. He says I am not well versed in Boomer logic but if you talk to Adam he will answer these stupid historical question like he paddeld a kayak, never going to tip over and if he does he will do that flip; thing efforstlyu and imerge from the drink with water flowining from his face like Neptune.
There is some sense to my history. First is the the Liberals should be saying we had the NEP, Norway has cashed in and the onlyl reason Canada is not only the best place to live but not the richest place is Conservative Thought. Privatize
and let the scum fleece us all because we are really close to sheep, we are between German Sheparsd and Labrador retrievers
in a war with Pit Bulls. It should not be like this, but colour revolution has come to CaNADA. Labradors have no currency there.

Lets lie down in a civil war and wonder at the end what we fought for

 Ukanie is a civil war

based upon language

and connections

and the RF forces

are not there to bring


they want those diamond minds

and beautiful women

who will love a farmer

because he produces grain 

So now we in June Know

that free Ukraine was as a project

way more levels above


and Iraq

so many white people

and time to find the the aim

yeat in retrospecet

it a greater failure

because its white people fighing

and they fight well

enough in one way or another

to fix the world

but THEN came Deng

and China made many

EUoucs with cash

if you want money

more than your penis

we have a place you

can sign up

for unlimied riches

if you have the skills

we need

Ukr aine is now 404

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition


I have no real dog in this hunt. I would not want to live in Russia.

I would not want to have Putin as my lord

but I am conviced its better than than alternative for Ukraniel

NATO built up Ukraine to make Putin take his doggy poo

in the face.

They were totally convinced the USA USA USA

with Ukraine bodies could bloody Russia 

into a retreat if not surrender.

This has been proven wrong

Sunday, 26 June 2022

We will never know if Paul Mcartny was in the bad Kaatu

 What we do know

is they made a magnificent plea

to the universe

they called to occupants of 

interplanetary craft

to come in their advanced


and push humanity over the hump

of faster than light speed.

Paul Mcartney just turned 80

and he is still a Beatle

Ukraine I been thinkgingaboot a long while and I have not changed my mind, in fact the facts on the ground vindicate the idea this was a war that did not need to happen.

 So we fall and fall

and tthe shell destroy

us with the shriek

of speration

and the death 

on the other



just like



is there anything so important

yes it seem

its called Ukraine

and its outcome

is a threat to this world

that makes Global

warming seem trehant

because a nuclear

war finsshes the planet

far before even the most


climate change models

Saturday, 18 June 2022

CHockey is not something I obsess about, and when I comment you know its going to be heavy like a Weber slap shot

  may not have revealed this before that I am a history major. However had I taken one more

bird Economics class I would have not only a Masters from the U of A but also a degree in Economics. This would have
lead me down a pathway that I would not want to travel. Dont call me Marks. Dont call me Engles. Dont hate me because my mind is beautiful. A beautiful mind thats what I have and its a better than not having a mind. Of course its easy for me to say I am beauty
did not Trump become president the same way?

Peace Habs fans enjoy summer until the draft comes. I get swept away every year and alway end up on the rock by shore of the ghost of Eddie Shore who made his goalies stand up with a lariat and his D men stay at home by strapping them to a chair. The crazy thing is he won a whole bunch.

We got the whole Marvel and DC unaversive picking from the containers
full of UTES that come our way. How many containers full of utes does it take
to win the Stanley Cup. I would say many thousands until you get a team
that can fit in a 20 footer. The whole team plays 200 feet and thats
all it takes because everyone can skate and check but the place where Eeagles soar in the playoffs is the abilty for the jouney men, the sad sack of the regulare season to score. To sorcr and scopre score elevator score like the fourth round is an exprees to you make noise when  wehn weeeee n we say you play 80 games withoug
Finish and your are Finsished

I am Legend


This was a very very well done remake of the Charaton remake

and it makes you wonder if Heston had the same

forces working for him

what a classic he would have made

Damm Dirty Apes

and Fools

on the beach

but still if you get hung

up by a Zombie

caging your video


you cant be that much

big on  sitrap

its lazy for you to get

rabbit trapped

by Zombies

 time time to hear about time, so do not distract

me beause the present and the past and the future

combine in ways no one can understand

but the one constant

is bad practices in the past

lead to a future of the same

Steve Miller Steve Miller he is like a solo Supertramp

 That is Steve Miller speaking about his truth circa 1975.

That what whatever happed I have to say in no longer true
there is no big jetliner, its been taken out of service like
the Aribus 380 which must have been outfitted with engines
by the bosses son. It was as big a failure as the 747 was a success. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in the cockpit of a 747 and some vagbonds came looking for the Captain and I sacrificed myself and all they wanted was a tour. I hate to sse what I did myself over a silly tour on a jumbo jet. I think had there been less passengers at stake, the out come would have been mitigated. As in you stupid, dont be more stupid or I will Jean ClaUDE VAN Dam you with my feet and bitch slap you with my Steven Segal hands.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

To much information


I hate to see a civil war in Ukraine. but

that is what I see in this war.\\\

Everybody should be ashamed

but how to fix humpty when

he has been shot of the wall by

an alligator and run over

by a terminator/

The Blue crushed the Grey

and the Russians will

Crush the Ukraine's

with regret

Friday, 10 June 2022

Tossing around the existential threat

 Everyone is always saying

something about the extestieal

threat because its a five dollar

word in a five cent universe

Russia really faced down an extesntial 

threat so many times

there was Napoleon

and then the Germans

and then Yelstin

and now NATO

moving in 

the threat to Russia

is not military

Russia has proven

over centruries

you cant beat us in our home

the threat is the promise of a better

life and the simple path of surrender

to become a European or an American

Hard to resist that temptation

but the fact is 

if you are a third world state

membership in any number of organizations

is not going to make you first

Russia has brains and more brains

and natural resoures more than the whole world


do they really want to trade with Warren Buffet?

So the war in Ukranie is veiwed from this prisim

and the SEEE EYEE AAA ramped up the opostiton

who may have been NAZI from the get go

and Russia

had to respond

and they have beat the crap out of

the NATO proxie

and now the future

will be resolved


Monday, 6 June 2022

June Six will always be D day to me


saving private ryan

the movie it spoke

to this day

it was a very important day

in the history of our 

current civilization

because we made a trip

that was impossible

and we brought

with us


luggage to 

defeat the evil in front of us

True history would say that the Russians

where the sharp end of the spear

and the other allies

cleaned up.

It dont matter who scored the goals and who got assists

as long as the team won.

Today in Ukraine there is a type of D day action

in Severdonsk. Ukraine has made a statement

with actions that the Russians shall not pass

I  think its a mistake

but i called it before

the battle was done

is that not brave of me?

Saturday, 28 May 2022

So long so few and dont forget its a new century

  Ukraine the blue sky

and the See Eye A

which is just a front

for the City

The City that

has run the world

for decades

and centur ties

with zero opposition

thats brilliant

against even

the folksy military

wisdom that has

not changed

in several thousad


when it comes to

killing everthing

defined by the misson

with love

Rare in the 2----ex[ressomg a opompm tjat would last longer than a small take out coffe


Playing CHICKEN 


and it tastes

so gooof

it is like

one of my faviorte


I eat it often

as I can

I can reccomm4ed

M&M  feel your frezzer

like it the machine thatsis keeping

you feed

feed well

in a wheat shortage

and you 

I am back like a lawyer I had on a divoice 5 wives ago. He keeps getting Cherries and you know what I respect his smarts


So lets go to the video game of

real time

called Ukranie

the Russieks are fighting

thier brothers because

we want a  busineess jet

In Ukraine the leader who

played panio with his penis

to establish his gravitates

with the people who

give in billions

with few strings attached

no matter how riske

Sam Whiskey

Sam Whiskey

was played by Burt Renoylds

long before the hairy chest

was iisane, like Janes Addic6inm

now I am off the the thread

and cant find the needle

and even if I did

I could not detrime

the exact djimemson s

of the thread

to hit artilliary

that had been grown

with the same softwar

as if your cell phone

would be targetting

the terrorist

who walk amongst us

and the millions

of people overseas

who hate America

and you got to wonder


because until JFK lost

his head there

was a fealing

we could just do the right

thing instead

of giving money

to stupid people

with a lot of 


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Need to go pee

 Every day we get the news

and we are glad its not

about us but

it is as a collective

and when do we provide

for any of our policies

or wars or proxy stuff

the need to go pee

no matter what sex you

are somwhere down

the road you need

to pee

and is that 

a weak po8tnt

why we fight


It seems to me its mostly

aboot money

the easiest way to make

money is to have a funnel

that can handle all that cash


The Leaf lose again

 I have to be honest

I am a habs fan for more decades

than most poeple have had a telephone

land line or handy

Last year I can coast on

that for at least ten years

before I start saying

we gotta win the cup now

the leaf

its sorry bell rodgers center world

cracking because of the clowns you hired

and I will say that is unfair

Toronto and Dubass built a very good team

the management team should not suffer

the coach should not suffetr

the players should not


the zamboni driver

will not be happy.

I am going to blow your mind here, so just backup yourself

 What I said 6 years ago.

Blows my mind, I want someone to give me a million dollars right now for writing that.

True Dat

 Well that sums up the world

a call sign that captures

the chaos of what we have


we made our best

and if you dig down real

hard it could be a lot lot better

especially when it comes to land

no more sell govemernt lease

this stops dysansty at the bud

bud nipping is always


than dealing with the rooot

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Its Saturday Night and we all know aboot the fighting


Its 2022 and for me thats

living way into the future

and we still dont have

a decent flying car

and I am dissappointed

and then there is war

and the rumours of war

and conflict

and people screaming to 

be heard about

every point of human

life and emotions

and facts

and the space

they occupy

when the money

train rolls


rolls pie

like a pie in the ske

pays off

but not for you

its traveling down

that train track you adore

the go line that gos

from zero to to five an dime

and never is faster than

a car in a horserace

and this is horsehshit

from Oakville to Union

should be 15 min flight

on a modern train

and the fastest car

going on all open

lanes would still

win if piloted

by the future


king Kid KLda King 

no more

no more

will we

take the lack

of housing

as a natural


Singapore Housing

Singapore Housing

we could do it ten times better

simply because

Singapore is like bitcoin

mostly occupier

and I will always

have a deep admiration

for Lee Kwan Yew

I hope I spelled his name right


tonight in Ukraine

the lights are shaken

and nations are going

to be forsaken

and we all wonder why

and its not just Ukraine

indeed there are so many 

places and so many


its like

what is it about living

we can not decide

that we are willing

to fight to the death

for something

we call home

Friday, 13 May 2022

Monday, 9 May 2022

Whose Future Whose Downfall

 Well I predict the Russkies will clean up

Donbass real good in a few weeks

and take out in cauldrons dead or alive

100,000 poor souls who were not civilianx

and yes many civilians will die

because Ukranies fight like ISIS

put firing position in hospitals schools

and kindergarten

hold civilians as human sheilds

its is disgusting

and I hope its not true

but a great recokongin

is comming for the west/

Saturday, 7 May 2022

The future

 The future is here right now

and it is terrfiing and satisfying

and it one bow

which will break

god only knows

The war in Ukraine is

a battle for the future

which no one needed

the Russian system

VS the West

it was dead

but if you want

kinetic energy

it may turn out


Sunday, 1 May 2022

Nuclear war and the alternatives not considered


We are in full combat with Russia in Ukraine

and it looks to me the Russkies are

winning big time

so what happens

when two great powers

fight and one is losing

they pull the knife

out of the sleeve and

slash without remorse

the knife that will fall

if Russia does

not conquer Ukrnien

will be made

of many tons

of Ukranium

and taken centeries

of human knowledge to 

create and only one or two

people deciding we should

go back a hundred thousand years

or maybe never recover

and the earth would be a giant

Zoo and teh elephants wood

do what they want.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

The man in the High Castle

 History is no longer what we where, its what

we can push today, and forget yesterday

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Saturday, 16 April 2022

Mr Bojangles that you do not see no more

 I first heard my first step when

I was just about stepping about
and I like the sounds
so much I chased them all
my life
and for fucking sure
I could dance

Maybe not like 
a Kung Fu master
like Mr Ip
flying around
and making
us belive
their is more
to fighting
than mass
and speed

Its all right Administer. I am not bleeding I am unfolding

 When you have been in a manouver war for a thosand

years you learn somthing

in the world of real warefare a thousand years

is a relitavly minnor skrmish

what is going on today in Ukraine

is for sure a groteqe war


the only question

the only one

that can be


by only one


who won

and that will never

be decided in

a thoushand years

But I sift throug

the plowed feilds of lies

like we are going to have

nuclear war to protect

the world from 

unretouched photos

of the kardasians

So see how soft my first

thurst at truth was

I took on the Kardasions

and demolished

them like they were

strawwomen and men

and gloved

that dont fit

and reality TV

and Lenord Cohn

saying the rich have

their televisons

in the bedroom of the poor

where they distrubt the sleep

and advance the illussion

they are living in

paridse pariside

they call it paradise

I call it it war zone

whithout people in flak


they seem to think

they are protectetd


and no one will

hit the twin towers

and leave passports


and just

a joyride on the

roller coaster of the east india company

as they made Ghengis Chan look

like a a little dick from

the hmylaiamas

Today I got to say something

because I really dont know

how far the conflift in Uranie can go

Its IMHO my alleged crazy wonderful

and ill infomred opiin

that the SEE EYE AYE

have been placing war in the uKraiine

on the billiard table

thy call home

for at least two generations

and they have always said

this is a cluster fuck from

either side

but if you want to to do 

it you know one thing about\

human nature

a Nazi is easy

to program

and hard to kill

like Steven Seagal

the russian citizen

and action ster

that would bitch slap

the world into a new

orbit if it was needed

he was that kind of


Okay today in Ukraine

are there any good


Well what war is moral

if we used kilometers to judge that

between the poles you

have a fear

when the neighbours

start with a greeting

that say

Hey I blow you up

real good

then I let you 


So war is hell 

and people die

like firecrackers

in a war of atterllery shells

and its the same for every


and if you look back

to the great victories

of whatever land

that happened in the long

before time

you know we seemed to

have lost a lot

of bloodlust

and we can think this

is a good thing

except in the day

they would not show 

dead bodies on the news

because the sight of a dead

body drives everyone of a right

mind inti stage two

of hysteria

which is what the news

in war was intened for

because there are almost no

wars justified from the point

of living just free from harm

but if you want to talk about

another Nation just holding down 

your throat, just when you felt

you had invented something

so green it would not

even make the oil giants

the children metphoricly of'

the oli kind from before

they called out his

name once on the Flintstones

It was Rockerfeller, can yoou

imagine in the dinisoura age

cosnidering stone was curranty

and they had no bit coin

or NFT of the first Rocckerfella encased in the stone

comming forwar a thousand years later

int the middle of an impeachment trail about

infuneces from the past

like Ulga from private school was KGB

and she collected your DNA

and it made yuou smile.

I got a direction

and its the most important one

it to make the tribe thrive

and maybe make the stars some day

maybe I played a lost of civlization in my day

or my VHS got stuck on star trek

and I belive the prime directive in in the contituiot

like what if this was Code from Perrie Elloit Trudeau

to his Son Justin, it said just buy the damm


BM the PM sold the county for pennies and

we are stupid enough to belive getting nickels

is a 5 hundred percent raise,

ho ho infaltion not in my bitcoin

Russia will crush the fuck out of Ukrainie

and I hate to see those people die

yet I allegedge my judgmnent

of all the facts is that

people who speak wit two tonques

are at war

and the nedium that captures that speak

best if a friend to the speaker

and so I say

big fucking lies all the way

First in my therorietal houmbl 

reatared viwe

is that the USA deep state 

which wanted for some crazy

reason to stop the Nordstreem 

pipeline at all costs

now I dont know how much put

they pu on their gamble

Puty Put

but they put a bunble

enogh to consider thermo nuclear war

and for those of you who have fought

many a war

and for those of you who have

doged bullets and lived

a thermonuclear war is not

a war that anyone can win

so if it is a sucidie

why, what was so horrible we had to kell the plante to live

CHanges if as it on the Ziggy Stardust instructuail


I am not a Toronto Tonto

just a Patio Lanteerns Joke

dont know maybe it was a songabout druck driving

and the laterns lit for the dead

I dont know




no one left to testify

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Racoon City is real

 How did that Ukranian born actress

know what was 30 meters below the steel works

and make 7 movies about it.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Like George Micheals playing during a bench clearing brawl

 That is exactly where

we sit today because

its like a history book

written by a 3rd tier

bearcat who has

an amazing


Russia and Ukraine

in my lens is some kind of

Fuedel civil war

I think anyone

with an eye to history

would agree

its not a good idea

to poke the bears

if the guy who gave you

the stike can run faster

no matter how

the green

screen refects 

what happened

and how many aliesn walk

amogst us like James T Kirk

stealing your girlfiend with the promise

of unlimited zero G

NATO has been poking the bear

real hard since 2014

and one could argue

broke the promise of no NATO

on the borders of Russia

Today we have death

death and more death

and Russia will prevail

whatever kind of phyric victory

it will be for generations

Sunday, 27 March 2022

The six day war and the Invasion of Ukraine

 The six day war was a unicorn

and I think history will prove the 

Russian invasion of Ukraine

as a purely military act

is far more significant.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

How do slaves know they are free

 There are no free people in the digital age

you have to believe your shingle and the law will protect you

both sides dont believe in this

yes we are all slaves

of a different colour

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Two wars one country


The war in Ukraine is a total disaster for Russia

or Russia is about to force terms of surrender

one of these statements is correct unequicikly

So place your bets and read between the lines

two weeks from now.

Then you will know if you have been fooled.

Sunday, 20 March 2022


 I know only that I am listening to Steve Miller and he says that time keeps on slipping into the future. well the Leaf just took another step into a horrible one. They had a franchise palyer in Narco , they had a good asset in Billy , they had a rover on D. Okay boys this is lego 1.1 build around this.

But they never had kids and they never built lego and now they are megablocks.

New Post Last Post Who knowes. What I know is some funnky things that are no coccidence are going on. So heree is what I wish to say about that.

 What if they could divide the GDP of the world to every citizen?

what is wrong with that. The big ego will still fight but their victoriees

will no b our midnight.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Xerox and the military's industrial complex a case study.

 There was a day when Xerox realized the Japanese where selling copiers that ran laps around theirs for less then cost of manufacturing for Xerox. The USA has just had a Xerox momenent. They dont even have a hypersonic missle and the Russians have just made the spectacular display of new technology science Hiroshima.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

The end of war in Ukranie

 So the stupid Russians who could not

fuel their tanks enough to complete a 60 mile journey

are now about to say

gas costs 6 dollars a gallon

and I fucked you up the ass

Ukraine destroyed Russia on social media

and in the bond market

but in reality

it dont matter if your enemy goal

is to kill you

A rich man can fall to 

a homeless man in less than a second

despite amour all around.

This war is thankfully almost over

and Ukraine lost a lot of ground

pray they do not live to fight another day

or it will be Gaza strip all over again

de ju vu.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

My cottage on the fringe got demolished once again

 I see some free land 

with trees and I set up a 

hidey hoe and then the machines

destroy it and I move

picking up what was not broken

but I have move two

times and you no number three

is fatal

Friday, 11 March 2022

The people who designed the game to always favour them get gamed


This is what is happening now

Ukraine sanctions hurt the west more than

they hurt Russia

and they help China

winner of the squid game

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Future of Western Civilization


Yeah we are on about a battle a few hundred years before on player makes it to Alpha Centoria.

USA and Venezuela team up over Putin


The USA has been trying to over though the goverment of Venezuela for 40 years.

So today they are going to turn their back on the one goverment that did not let the American Empire succeed.

Do not eat that its shizzza

The Spanish Civil war


If you want a view of history as it applies to todays stereovison  look at this conflict.

The bad guys won. Hemingway wrote a great book.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

My own 1000 mile stare at Ukraine


Many innocents die daily because

Vlad the Impaler was impetuous

so death is on his head

more times than can be counted

This deviel this deviel

this evil man

like a bond villainy

he toys with reality

because he can

and thats true

power in a nutshell

So how did Vad go

into Ukraine a free and

democratic country

with his eviel eyes

and machines that

terrify and kill

with certainty

I first heard of the Ukraine

in a song about the USSR

the Beatles thought it was

a great place ironically

Ukraine was mostly a formation

of Peter the Great a Russian

in 1694 a settlement of village idots

in a shithole called Kiev

Now I apologize for my offensive language in advance

but its true

Peter would never give away anthing

to something he thought

would 100 years later light up the Spidey

sense of a grandson so great you cant count

it on one hand.

Fast fast fast fast fast no faster faster forward

in the river of time that we all have to make

some ground upon which the river of time

can be charted.

What has always had the anglo saxons bee

in a bonnet not only at

rieley dog show

with ponies in the afternoon

is the fact the Russkies killed a king

and placed upon a world they ruled

a virulient software called communism

and they made it work

imperfect but reliable

just like a Russian

full Marks and Engle

to Lenien

who made the modern Ukraine

in 1917 during the Russian revolutioin

if was easy to grant favours because there

was no certianty they could ever be fullified

but Lenion granted a big one to Ukraine

land land land and the freedom to be communist

Yes that was the deal, land for communism

dont like it, well some did not

and we can not be more alleged

than to say they where Nazi

but I skip an essential chapter

in the bigger story

it is Crimea which Putin

annexed like a porch bandit

taking a tablet

from a San Francisco

cock sucker

Hey Ukraine I just took away

your Gutaomo Bay

try to look away

Turns out Crimea which was

like the West Point of Russia

was ? given? to Russia by a Russian PM

who was born in Ukranie

it was like the Montreal Canadians being \

given first pick at any French player

it made no sense

except to heart of

a partisan who

would fight and die

for that euphamanism

So when the see eye aye

took liberty away without

even the pretext of a color

movement in 2014

the Russkies got very


a coup du grace

committed in full glare

of TV

and everyone says


not waiting for an election

is the high point of democracy

because elections

really dont matter

history dont matte

as GWB said

and its true

in history we are all dead

Of course he never heard of Zuckerberg

we can live in the meta verse for ever

believe me this is the blade

that will carve us 

So the russkies held a referendum

in Crimea and against all odds the people

voted to join Russia

what a campaign manager

its tough enough to get people to switch parties

but to switch countries by vote

tremendous achievement/

So for 8 years there has been a soft and gentle hard

war between Ukraine  and Russian and an even

hotter one between Russia an Nato G7 countries

Russia has been saying stop

and the SEE EYE AYE have been

pushing go

and when they have a fat button

they never fail to launch.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Ukraine is a great tradedy

 I hope when it ends 

we will have a close examination

of why it happened

unlike WW1

Monday, 28 February 2022

Speak freely you have nothing beside social media to be afraid of

 Permission to speak freely

that is something we dont know about

lots of things beyond explanation

get investigated and found

to be human error

can I just say

stupid humans

are making us

more likely

to be batteries

for the AI

Tired of fighting crazy people why is no one sane?

Every person we

fight as a global western birthhood

full of tans and colored warriors

is crazy \

like Stalin and Hiteler

and Mao Tse Sung

and the list goes on an on

about leaders who

did not sit on

the poppycock deck

and direct cannon fire

In the war with Ukranie I have to reluctently

side with the Russian because through disinfomation

or my own hope there was a genocide against Russinans

and and the free press that would make us puke

under normal circustance/


Sunday, 27 February 2022

War War War not JAW JAW JAW

 Winstion CHurCHhill was the PM

for the fire boming of Dresden

where a young Kurt Vonnegut Jr

slept thinking he was living in a

purely cultural city full

of latte pros

who would not allow

anything to be built within

eyesight of the city limits

and then came the firestorm

that killed an estimated 200,000 people

can you imagine that short of an A Bomb

and how many if not most were just

culture people.

So why are we at war

whose jaw was appolctic

Worlds largest aircraft destroyed?


We all hate war

we hate to see humans dying

mostly for no good reason 

when the smoke clears

pawns in someplace else game

Prosopopeia and Anthropomorphis

for the AN-225
Alive or Dead
I always have a special cringe 
when I watch a movie and they kill a doctor
a dentist or even a veterinarian
people who heal people should 
have a special place that 
can not be harmed
Reddit has a site you
I have read that Google Maps is
warning Ukraine's there are tanks ahead
Tom Terrific who has a guilty pleasure in Saudi Arabia
coined the World War Wired for this conflict.
Maybe that is why the Russian have chosen to leave
the web intact and let the data speak for itself

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Down today

 You should not worry about the internet anymore, its solid. The metaverse and NFT, Warren Buffet said he would never buy anything he did not understand. Does anyone aside from the deep devious minds that invented both understand crypto virtual living.

Like if you buy some boss crypto pad on the beach only a mile from Drake, and the crypto fee is only half a bit coin a year  it sounds like a deal. For sure lots of 32 bit 36 DD NFT walking in your neighborhood.

Zelendky the Jew in a land with a lot of what you might call NAZI.
I am down on NATO for letting this happen. The ANGLO SAXON strikes again and brings more disorder to the world. Russia and China are both  way worse masters than the ANGLO SAXONS, but could they not do something else.

I been afraid so long I dont know what to say about today

 Blitzkeig on alleged Nazi

in Ukranie

and the world wonders

if PUTIn is Insane

because he knows

from the start

at least 5000 people

will die at his hand

and what is worth that

maybe what he calls


so I call out NATO for being a bully

and when your little friend who you pushed

to fight is assailed you say

not a hill I wanted

to die on 

sorry sucker

meet Georgia she is

a peach and maybe if you

marry you will trust us

next time

we ring your bells

like Pavlov's dong

If you know the movie

and I know it well

for a long time my 

all time favorite

until its slow pace

put me off

there is a critical scence

where Butch is challenged

by a mutant for leadership 

it will be decided by a knife


Cassidy walks up to him

like a man off peace and asks

the gorrilla what are the rules

this overloads the apes

senory system and Butch

kick him in the balls

thus regaining leadership

without seperating himself

for the people on the apes side.

This is tribal management

and this is exaclty what Putin is doing.

ITs exactly the same as Dubass 

having 4 players make up 80 percent of the cap

its looking outside the box

for the drifting of exellecene

and how much higher a wolf

can jump than a sheep

up the food chain

Saturday, 19 February 2022

How I feel, like my feeling , what my story is today about the Montreal Canadiens

I am ubexpectantly more likely to be emotional watCHing a Habs game and I say because I grew up at the CHurCH of the virgin stalillite I am skeptical about great things from small packages or even big sallilte dishes. The minister in CHarge of the saltilte was ordained quickly, and had very little legitimacy amongst his neighours that he grew up wtih.
So if they win the game tonight, and for reasons beyond my control I miss the live version, when I watCH the condensed version i might cry. Johnny Cashs or Hank Williams were at one time, or so they say while singing , so lonesome they might die, well the is not what I am talking about.

Private Idaho is like the Sargant in Officer and a Gentleman. Only two things come from Quebec, separatists and hockey players, which one are you?
Like Rod the Bod, Private Idaho will take patato sacks and make sikly shirted hockey players.
I am tottaly drinking his koolaid. BTW I thought the first ep of the NEw Dune sucked pucks.

SugarPlum farie she hit the feozen streets of freedom

 Like it was a ice cream truck on a hot summer

day when the goverment said stay away

a lot of people dont care is the ice creem

makes them sick

they just want the freedom 

to lick

freedom to lick

cause you got a great mouth

and down to your tonsils

you are incredilbly resout

and if you lick

the wrong mushroom

and die

you will still be a hero

to the big lickers

Thursday, 10 February 2022

No Colour in the Trucker revolution

 I am not going to wax poetic

with my suspicions

just a color revolution

is at the heart of the truckers

institution for change

The goal of unobtainable demands

and now shutting the borders

is all from the playbook

destabise the country 

and let a puppet in

and then reap the rewards

but did they not already do that

with Brian Muronly/

Sunday, 6 February 2022

Been Bigfooted with my URL

 Yep if you search for me

you will find something else

way less relevant

And so it goes

until the Royal Air Force

bomb your location

with incendiary

but it was war man

and there are no

regrets in war

Dresden and Kurt

do you savey what

I am all on about

its about

indesrimate use of force

in an objective that is

not on any kind

of herringbone diagram

or venn graphic

or even the latest bit of

software from

capitalize today

So I snowboard in Benigni

and I am an American

do I authorize the war

to begin

Saturday, 5 February 2022

well the fence blew over in the wind and then the snow the snow pined it down

 I have been going through

gates forever and I hated

the ones I had as a Baby

spring loaded and ready to

give me some reality

if I question their


Gates are like bottlenecks

that were planned

for some reason

but why would

you build back better

with bottlenecks

elimated them

all with extremes prejudice

the bottleneck has no dog

in the hunt

its just a planning error

gone to groud

in a world with more inputs

than outputs and rapidly

dissenting into lord of

the flies.

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Champions must live in mud and worst to be reborn


I am telling you live we are not going to the playoffs, I am calling it.
We are not going to the playoffs next year either
so who do we keep in the deep freeze of losing?
Is it fair to ask a palyer to give up two years
of heroics
to have a CHance in three years to win
it sounds a lot like Poypie
and Wimpy and the hamburger
But we have all eaten the hamburger today
and last year is was a world beater
today it tastes like the lower
threshould of Mcdonalds

Lets do Zen buy Peletons
with the Habs program where
ex habs yell at you to go into
the corner and in front of the net

Like I solved a puzzle but maybe did it with no facts

 Black people do not do well in Northern CLimes

even if they get war the twilight makes

them less than optimum

Find a solution

Crushed by the Elephant


Bombardier was a threat to Boeing and got crushed by the empire.  Now the plane know then as the C series is being made in America under Airbus. It is a huge huge success. Thank the Canadian Taxpayer. ( I cant believe I am using this as a resource)

Is the Elephant trumpling Ukraine with one tusk aimed at Germany?

Saturday, 29 January 2022

War War War and the Rumpus of WaR

 America loves war

they have been at war for 20 years

and its like the weather

Now they want war with Russia

a Nucluar power with

a James Bond type leader

what is going on?

As the Fergni would say

no profit in blowing up

the planet.

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Analytics to solve daily problems

 Like traffic jams

and high rent

and killing 

Crime is everywhere on the rainbow, but it seems the only color not on the rainbow is the pot of gold.

Hydrogen Infrastuture too easy lets go Liquid

 So many liquid hydrogen solutions like five year vaporware

are trying to kill the hydrogen revolution which is inevitable.


 No one knows what the fight was for.  The archduke was killed and all hell broke lose, the world must have loved him for such a war to occur.

Today in Ukraine we have even more nonsense.

I hope WW3 does not break out because someone wanted to sell gas and someone else wanted to sell weapons.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Kent Clark Superman Hughes

 very few Habs should have a villian nomenclature.

Since Sam Pollack left we have had a assortment of players, some villain's some hero's none victorious in any significant way.

Jeff Molson is a corporate person from a very very very rich family. I give him total credit for recognizing the problem. Old boy, not the Korean movie which was remade, no its not terminal incest that has kept us fans in prison. Its something less Insidious that has trapped us in a bad horror movie. We have been kissing our cousins.

Lets compare the French word provenance with the timeline of this organization from the last cup win. God Dam the cousins needed a lot of lip balm to get the team through constant tough spots.

DBMB has certain skills like Bryan Mills. He will hunt you down and kill you. He has guns no other GM in the NHL has even considered. He exercised everything in his powers and brought off a brilliant cup run. This is not something to be discounted. The man has skills. The NHL old boy network has skills.

The problem is the Julian Brisson's etc in this league are lapping the biceps with white brain matter pumped up by years of education, reflection and sometimes yoga.

For the first time since the Sam Pollack era we are tackling brawn with brains.

So, come on ye childhood heroes!
Won't you rise up from the pages
Of your comic-books, your super crooks
And show us all the way
Well! Make your will and testament
Won't you join your local government?
We'll have Superman for president
Let Robin save the day
- Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Have you ever been an agent, an operator, not a tourist


In the listening stations

acroos the world

the booze is flowing

for perperation

of the dead

if all the stupicity

comes to a head

and if you want a lesson

in whats to come

without serious consequenes looking

back a hundred years

you have the Great War. England against Germany basically

because France fell like a flower from the tree of democracy

and so did many nations because it was like picking an all star

team, who do you want o go into battle with. The british said

we got an infinte number of young man

home and lots of away

and when they

run out

watch out for our cousins

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Cooling your CPU and GPU


EKWB  is the leader. I would add a solid state cooler and have the liquid running around 10 degrees C. You sawred it here first.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

There is a beaker on the speaker

 There is a lab that

is absoulity Fab and its

in Africa and no one

can say where exept the 

climate is warm

and the food 


they never burned

much coal

they created


but where to

high to write

it down

and the beaker

on the speaker

could have



instead they 

got high

Its dancing dragons and traffic jams for the future

 Dancing Queen

rules with so many

likes there is no opposition

to her opioon

and I donit 

even know for

sure about the

gender which I would

want to classify


to be sure

that it was politically correct\

and that is a high standard

we should all meet

if the guy running for election

did x would you vote for thej

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

HG Wells War of the Worlds

 Except the germ is killing us

or is it, who knows

the corrupt Miltary Industrial complex

came up with the perfect enemy to take

all your spare nickels

and has big Pharma

come up with one better?

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Why I dont post with pictures anymore

 It takes time and

I am worried about copyright

silences the tiger roar

Oyaaa Fuck YOU tantor


This is a once in a lifetime event

where the life of planet

earth ends

and I say

no matter what I lost

the masters of the universe

lost the whole universe

so maybe they should

be more careful

what they torch.

Cig Butts kill the world peace out we never saw depleted Nic on the Horizon

 I know with the passing of Betty White you are worried about you mother, God Bless Her.

That is the science of dont look up. If your 99 years old
your living on sweet sweet time.

Global warming is a thing to big for humanity to wrap its head around.
I say its to late for those low lying paradise
come to may cottage in February and I will
make you pay
Thats all we have to do,
is make people pay for destroying the world
tampons and cigarette butts
they are all in play

ice fishing in a digital world

  Thats the two solitudes dude, it not communicating in French or English, its about communication in human.

I prefer face to face
dont give me a fish face with makeup
I want to know the person I am making
some kind of human conicctions with
for important reasons
is human
that is all I ask
and if your human
I will smell out your small trout
and give you back to the lake
before we communicate/

the best of 2021 was nothing

 there is no go to 

no want to be there

no clever movie 

excpet dont look up

which was hated

more then the

invovable truth

I just jot  to say

2022 will be more sci fi

than reality

and thats the

dystopian kind