Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What do the dooplk think

of cousrse the first thing to to do]
is satisty asll th r e  doolphins
I might interacat with
because we share
the sea

Monday, 24 April 2017

Sports Metaphor

The people that made Democracy
an idea
also dealt in sports
we now call that
the Olympics
after a myth
about a secret society
of Gods that rule
and they they just disappeared
thousands of years
and we are left
to deal
the IOC

Yes it was the Greeks
full bonus points
for you
living large
on reality tv

Some people know
with authority
that the Roman Empire
was a organization
that defied
the last four
of PI

If the people today
where not so dependent
upon sky gods
for there history
they would realize
that we are the sheep
and the same kind
shepherds behead
us at the slightest ripple
to their rule
and in sports
as it is in life
the newspapers
only celebrate the
team that won
no matter what
the cost

I am a Canadian
and who knows
what that means
because like America
our birth was terminally
two irresolute
in the case of America
in the case of Canada

The only thing binding
us both to gether
is the Anglo
feed with Queen
or King or some
other piss-ant
we should
let rule our
of the DNA
of long dead
ancestors that
actually weld
a sword
to take
what they
truly believed
was foretold
of God
and killing mortal
men in war
and I did not
I must be one
of Gods
and the myth
goes on every
time you
get a taxi
in a desperate

In a roundabout way
I got to say
about what I feel today
because I buy in to every
myth emotionally
and seem cold
to humanity
when I cant process
the dichotomy

I was born in 58
last century
half a child from Hungary
due to the revolution
and half a Child
from Finland
due to the Soviet

If I was born today
I would be in an institution
just another autistic
locked away
but in the fifties
they had more
can I say
just give our
kids more time
to play
and do not
over diagnose
you have no
giving drugs
to kids should
be a hanging
change the environment
change the kid
are just making sure
when there is no
room left for cemeteries
this kid
will be poured
as part of the cement
and the powers that be
will thank him for
his contribution
and every one will
cheer about
a great guy
who deserve to live
but will be a welcome
to the society
of those who walk above
and have found through
may committees
that concrete human casts
are better than asphalt
and as a special bonus if
the contractor is corrupt
concrete pours last
for a number of years
and asphalt ones
in general
only six months

So the people cry
why is my street not
concrete instead of asphalt
well its simple
if your going to win
a con its got to be
finished before the
mark realizes
there money is

Paving street is only
a sport as far as I know
monogamist the people
who watch the
and I got
to admit
the graft
there was
more in cutting
and just in general
cutting the grass
without permission

When the levee of civilization
breaks in the civilized man
its always sports
they made me
work with other
ethnic people
I had to change
ten thousand times
the way
I looked at people
and now your team
fucked me I
and I am no longer
my tribe failed
in the rigged
game called sports
and I will be on
anti depressants
for a while
and given the fact
there are then thousand
there are a fuck of alot
of people who need
the sport they played
as kids
and where not good
at has
a more than healthy
portion of their life

And why is that
a fellow physiologist
asks Pavlova dog
and the reply is that
when the bell
we are all animals
and will doooo
to get the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me I am immune
nothing effects or
affects me
like being
lance amstrong
I am a wristband
using human
sweat to create
a better humanity

Now is the time
to drop the dime
if you thinkaboot
anything I say
as being more
than Shirley
because sometimes
the only way the
clown can get past
the palace gates
is with a great big
red nose
but I think for the
most part
Jihadi Motherfuckers
have killed'
any easy
get past

I am so Zen
here at my blog
because I understand
despite the propaganda
things change at
a glacial pace and my
contribution to the warming
would not start Zippo lighter
but its one more micro
push to a full situp
for everyone
that has ever been
and asks
the question
why dont
I have
a new G6 or
even a used one
at fifty two million

Say something about
slavery but no one
shroud be able to afford
a G6 its absurd,

Can you buy a whole
socitey with sports
out comes
dont believe
its possible
look at the orgingal
six and today\
what wallet empty'
apps give us
a dead team
with no CHance
and make us pay
for past myths
that tell us
it was party time
when the mob
ruled hockey
its way worse
when the mob
accounts rule

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I blog without circumstance or penalty

This is a very dangerous
if you care
about liberty
and who
knows the truth
when Jesus
is a virgin
risen from the
and the powers that
be have this
stamped on their

John Moore should win an award for directing Pee Wees

I come from Halliburton which I pronounce to
everyone I dont know as Toronto
cause telling someone something
that they cant  find on thier
compass is just wasting

I travel the world
and people insist upon
asking to make
some obsure reference
and to be polite
you have to ask
is that in Mesopotamia
or Michigan

I worry about the CHildren
because like every parent
we worry
this is the neurotic
prescription to most
gateway drugs
I worry so I  dont sleep
I worry so I show up
at my kids university interview
I worry so I contact my
kid new employer
I am a helicopter
the Taliban could
not shoot down

If my kids are so wonderful
why do i worry so much
well its because of all the things
they dont know

like are they fully detached
from Santa Clause
because all the intelligence
I receive
the generation
that is no way in the greatest
who would die fast
in any war
believes in nothing

Make my brain explode
there is something
like my credit card
saying approved
your God
my Card
for every party
cause even if they  
dont call the cops
no one can afford
to party unless
they are 
a Muppet
or a Flop\
or just

Thats harsh
but you got to be
a collaborator
to milk some
wealth out of
a dead

Yeah I am a sports 
these people come from
all walks of life
this is a true diversity
team building story
where 20%  of fans
would let there worse
enemy have unlimited
sex with their wife
if there was a significant
a team win.

I stream
not like I am fishing
for trout
I stream content
in a grey area
and the moment
it ends 
I forget what I did

So I am streaming free
Rodgers and the players
are all moving like two
people playing table
top hockey
and I say to myself
what the fuck

Before every thousand attempt
I give Rodgers before I abandon
them as hopelessly corrupt
I hear a commercial from the voice of
and because I have heard it 
a thousand times
I am pretty sure it is
John Moore
the guy who paved
the way for Justin Trudeau
by being a success
with in formative education.

John Moore ductility voice telling
12 year old kids they are in a competition
not to play hockey
but to be 
better than
kleingbeger kids
the chosen
go to Africa
first class
live in 
zero footprint
land rovers

When I was a kid
I had no responsibility
who thought it was a good
Idea to make children
responsible for the

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Snow Mexicant Mexican standoff in Korea Edition

Watch MASH if you want to know
how this is going to end
Henry dies
and so will
a lot of Koreans
but this is a festering
wound in the
heart of humanity
that has to be healed
no matter what the cost
because the price tag
latter is incomphrensible

The Chinese have alway
given protection to the Korean
crazy side
but today they
have said

Expect bombs
to fall
and South Korea
to be back\
with the IMF
and look how well
it turned out the
last time
and I wish both
Koreas well
because I have
spent a lot of time
in the south
and that is one
great people

Habs Playoffs

Montreal has everything going
against it when it comes to 
winning the cup
taxes, refs
but still 
we want to produce
without pure wool

Last night was
fire on ice
and the rouge
blanc and blau
Sometimes time can betray you. I thought that was the most exciting game I had seen forever. Maybe it was the HD maybe is the fact the the whole season and given the window the whole franCHise was on the line. But that game moved me a stone cold killer into wanting red blood. It was in the history of this franchise the finest momements of the 21st century no matter what the ulitimate outcome. We live in a very diversived world and ethnic victorys are history. This was the last great
gasp of those who wear t
urtlenecks and love strippers as much as their wives.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Rainbow people unite against a unicolour manipulation

Divide and conquer
it works in a bar fight
and in human history
that has been the model
for economic development
most directed at ripping
out resouces
but at the head
involving lots
of broken
pool quees

All people
are suffering
under the multipolar
alliance joined at the 
hip with green
not the energy
the currency
and its
all me

Turn that me
into we
and we
would all 
be way poorer
in economic
but richer
in survival
and giving 
global war-riming
if you breath
your wanting to 
give up your
piagiat watch now
before 12 months
later its
too late

Snow Mexicant Mother Of All Bombs blown away edition

Trump has adopted all of Hillary's positions, he has done an intellectual Lewinsky. You have to admire how his charm has North Korea isolated.
It may be he more clever and nimble than jack be quick, but the American Public is confused by the fact they need to plug in a wireless router, after all it was advertised as wireless.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

sing a song that we know is true

factchecking dept
gettint kik
I Oswald

I haave seen all the faults and not thr listening

blast me anti christ]
thats my vie
dont hear

Walking Dead Terrorism

Its totally clear
like purity control
when a 
goes postal
in the purist
of a great
in heaven

like going postal
is not a human
to being
an ant

wake up Zombies
make a 
new start
the ant

Japan is dead

posting this picture is a war crime

Japan is dead
and do not blame
its radioactive
presence guarantees
the human
will never be

When robots
rule humans
dont reproduce
and love
a grape
in a climate
will never
and its
and its
and its 
just more
that idots
and I have
seen them
and read about
them furiously
in big books
and my conclusion
is that only PET
should have been allowed
to rule and I would give
props to 
Lee Quan Yu
but he was dangerously
with the

When the music can not be loud enough

This is a scientific
that your old
no volume
is going
to make
anyone hear
what your shouting
get off my lawn
it may die
cause they did
not take yur
any decisions
like that if you
had made
them now
are long
past prime

I admit it

If only Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and GWG would admit the same.
Not to talk about today
but there is a lot
of drunken
still being

When the pheasants no longer have broken arrows

The Peasants have guns
that makes
tax collection
more responsive 
for sure

The second amendment
might save us after
if they
knock at my
I aways wonder
how I am going
to cum
with my hands
over head
or on the trigger
of my gun

when the wind blowed

Time was
spent under
taking life
in  the end
it was a 
carbon neutral
big winds
come for
not just 

The future is not written in the past

Thats why
we need
to stay positive
but we need
to make decisions
based on math
not myth

I wanna say something aboot, but the world says shut up

How hard is
its like
math it
very hard
for most citizens
execpt for those
that have supercomputers
to control the yeild
so human thought
is fucked
I will never surrender
but today
feel beat

The Big LIe

The big lie
is under attack
and the big
lie people
are on
panic act

The big lie
is that there
was a Jesus
and we all
live under
his controll
this ruled the
world for a
short while
and now
its koas
as all the people
who have the evidence
make a sterling case
for their own lies
in what they think
is a completion
for human lives
the great flying
spagetti monster
will save
us all
today they
have gluten
free pasta
so everyone
has no exuse
not to come
to Church

adopting impossible causes

Yeah its great
but at the end
of the day
not only to
just a misfire
in the laws
of thermodynamics
is something
is going to
work it has
to preserve 
and this missile
is aimed
at the Kegelburgers

Bill Gates
spent billions
trying to save
Africa and just
gave up
in math
there is

Snowmexicant loving the beauty of your weapons editon

Thank you Brian Williams 
for illuminating us with that
as hell fire
on Syria

I may be wrong
or I may be wright
like Orville
and his brother
and make this
duct tape

just went
all bad guy
but to the 
civilized press
he is a hero
for spending
$200 million
to make the 
rocks bounce

I believe its
all a false
because it has
always happens
before and not 
just on the American 
Gulf of Tolkien
and WMD
in Iraq 

I spent a lot of time in China. The penalty for prostitution there was death. The western hotels were called 10,000 doors of whores. Nobody ever died. Natural law is always in effect,
he who has the gold makes and manipulates the law. The law is not there to protect you, it is like security theater at the airport. They would not have gone to all this effort if it was really meaningless would they?

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Propaganda Curse

Telling lies for profit
is as old as humanity
whats changed
is that the lies
are no longer
they now
take place
in real time
and of course
its a massive
people who never
believed before
are getting rich
and the world
is being
but the question is
will it be more
feudal than

The future of the sail boat

Women did not go down to the river
to use a washboard because
it was romantic

So sailor should embrace
power boat com
and forget

been afraid and slow to respond extra domestic combat sitrap

when time slows down
the soldier always wins
and now we have drugs
that do that
is epidemic
case study

Great Victory is all inclusive with drinks for free

is never a solution
it is a last resort'
a negotiation
way way way
of course

Be ahead
there is a golden
we just
need enough
surviors of
the slave age
to harness

Gullivers travels and HK Mecken series

I think it would make great TV
going as usual to sail on this
before it
does not
come to

Monday, 3 April 2017

Cap and Trade

Cap and trade 
is just the long
form of corruption
cause if the goal
was to win
a tax would
have been playing
not some adminstration

Threat Threat Threat Triple Threat

I grew up in a time
when threats
where not online
and parents
did not tell there
children about
because it would
not be prudent
to their
human development

Going in reverse
and back wards
towards total ignorance
we have the totally
aware situation
in which we
live today

Did you know
that something
you believed
that was centrel
to you soul
was proven
thats cognitive
and its
comming for

I went to school in India
and they have a historical
tiger problem
the tiger eating the
students makes
them less inclined
to study
because if
I will just be eaten
by a Tiger
I will be

So the Indian goverment
selected the best
of the best
with no co pri ment
drum beaters
to keep the tigers
away from the elementary
and the program
worked so well
they expanded
it to high school
and in some
no questioning

So now centuries
years later
when in India
evert tiger is

this drum beats
and no one can
cancel that signal
because it means
your weak on

Do not be weak
is the the default
position of people
who clammor
for power
at the end of the
like the bee
pollinze the fruit
we need pollitians
to keep
us from drawing
in the streets
just because
ran out of
on a Friday

I am an anarchist lite

All the people 
hating civilisation
have never
lived through the middle ages

The US Marines may
know best when
they burn down the
village to save it
after all they have
footballs full of
cash that will
make a touchdown
on every 500 

government is we
just holding hands
knowing we are
all human
no matter what
the password
to the top flight
you fly so high
and you can crash
and thats great
for you
but I never got
a pilots lice
and that is the 
same for the majority
of the 8 billion humans
who you above

Know one thing lightwing
even if it takes 6000 
years like the last
Knowhow empire
your going to fail
and all the people
who lived life extra
large for a time
anyone can even 
are not 
going to 
be happy 
with you

Folk Rock Rap Trance

This is where I sleep in denial of robotics

Sleep is the enemy
of any true warrior
cause its such an advantage
to work an extra hour or two
when the shit is about to all
come down
and you have a plan
and you need to explain
it to a committee
or whose aim is always

I will sleep when I am dead
is a popular refrain
for everyone
you can tell 
those who
took it seriously
they did
not live 
past fifty two

Just like understanding
the earth is all about
the oceans
understanding sleep is
all about
solving human

Sleep is the enemy
against which I must
fight if I want to do
in this life

Canada hand sown Mexicant goods for sale

(graphic option here)

People who don't believe in God
still believe in money
and both are a question
of faith

This old man and the sea

Sailing, Sailing
has great attraction
because after all the enormous
load of cash has been
on the front
you can take
the ballast
and go anywhere
as close in this world
as there is to be free

To be seriously safe
and pampered when the big
blue ones are all around
and your alone on deck
you need a half a mill
or so to keep you

At low tide there are Bavaria and others
just like Hanse
mass produced and giving good
value that way.
Stepping up to baby
super yacht 
you have to start with Oyster
the mother and Gunfleet
the orphan of an father
who sold at exactly the
right time
and has had an 
enormous plan
to see the world
for anyone 
with salt in their
veins and a wanderlust
that tv
can not stare

Right now right here
if I won the lottery
I would buy 
an Adventure 55
cause its made of 
aluminum and 
lighting strikes
are best amoroled
by a big ground
and thats aluminum
Next aluminum is lighter
than glass fiber and stronger
by the pound
and the third strike
in Aluminum favour
is you can just let it oxidize
and it dont need the every two
year $25,000 paint job

I look upon a berth as 
a place to sleep
so if I am going to 
design the perfect
space which is exactly
what a sail boat is
I am not going to 
make the bedroom
a luxury hotel room
I would be fine with 
a queen sized carbon
fiber framed

Take a Oyster
make it with 
an aluminum
From Garcia
add in as much
doomsday surviavablilty
as reasonable
and in bespoke
Adventure 55
this old man
would sail
blue water