Friday 27 February 2015

Spock is dead in this Universe!

RIP Leonard Nimoy
Pathfinder, hero logic icon.

Who reads my shise?

This was the question the Empower of China asked for six thousand years.
No satisfactory answer every came from the bowels of the bureaucracy that fronted him. As a result he fell to a better idea.

That's a heartwarming tale.

In factory updates

I am sitting in my chair
not quite blown away
gripping the arm grips
wishing all the 
cognitive dissionce would 
just go away
because as the sayer say
it means nothing to your
gas mileage
and wher
you WASP 
and you prey

So now we are all bob dylan in
our outrage
and we sit together
on desolation row
just waiting
for some chance to contribute
to a faux foe
when we listen 
closely and realise
the depths of our
despair are
all preventable.

You got an ugly Viagaina

those are words we will never hear. Thinkaboot the suroundring tissue and tell me how much I say is true?

Histrory has its merries

the world we live in 
has some weakness
in the stupid wya
the dominate specs
keeps fucking up
the HVAC filter
and worse than that
the stupid monkees
demand beyond belief
less oxygen

Imagine a mob hit
the thug has a silver
plated gun at your head
telling you to admit
there is no climate change

What can you do in this
situation expect die
It makes no difference
do I have to explain
its like stopping 
some one settting 
your tent on fire/

I am fighting with Dr Bethune

Of all the freedom fighters in Canadian History
none is more famous or has greater 
modern acknowledgement
than Norman Bethune

He went to China
to help the communist
overcome the 
Kum in tong

His side won
and his place in 
history was
by many factors
to permanent greatness

Fast forward to today
Steve Harper 
would have 
taken his 
passport away
and stripped him 
of any medical licence
long before he 
even thought of getting

If they rounded up all his friends
it would shut down the U of T
and still if would be called
and action of democracy

Today we have two classes
of Hemingway fighters
those who fit the template
we admire and fund
those who do not
are Muslim or Russian Scum

Now I am old enough to appreciate
that humans do 
thing inappropriate
but to think that 
one side in a conflict is
morally correct and the
other is vacuum deficient
will not bring victory to either side

For sure the ISIS forces are
the worst of the worst
but are they in the employ 
of the CIA?

You want to read somethings unredacted
that will send a chill up your unicorn spine
look at the dispatches from Vietnam
if this is not enough
how about Abu Greve
or Gitmo
the point is that 
when it comes to war
there is no high ground
just two warriors 
in full armour
trading broadswords
hoping to rebound
on the high ground

Do those bad ass mutherfuckers
fight for me?
Thats the reality
bad ass motherfuckers
what would they do 
if we did not have 
prisons to contain them
or wars to entertain them?
They might come to your 
neighbourhood and declare
that now they were the 
local warlord!

herding cats is hard
herding humans is impossible
but still at university we
study ways to understand

Civilisation is like a decaying sun
its going to burn off  20% every day
until it burns down
The only import fact in that 
equation for human kind
is the timeline
is billions of years

Now back to Bethune 
who made an impact
on a billion people
of that we should
not be suspect
he did it without
modern propaganda
or agenda
he was
he wa
was was he
do it right
and the people will remember
and no one so far
can plan that from above
its just in history
he was

Where is the Spanish Civil war
when we need some kind of line 
in the sand between wrong and right

Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are all rolled
up to me in some kind of magical
CIA game

We fight in Syria with Iraina allies
and we want to take the Sunni city
of Mosul
with our Shia allies
who hate our guts fundamentally
and why are we here
because of oil 
but at the end of
the day why not just
hire EXXON to  produce
a better result in the 
same way
harming one hair
on an child?

The price of gas goes up
while the price of oil tanks
that is the mind
of the people we 
should employ to make a 
civilization mastermind
becauase aside
from eatint and drinking
and expelling
its all imagination

CHockey Tin Tin

Jarred Tinorti is like favorite Westminster pup. Did Montreal draft him because of his great bloodlines or his superhuman girth?  My math may be off but at 26 Ottawa traded away Chara. Now there was some question about his worth but it was no were near what Montreal must consider about Tin Tin. On the other hand there is Nickolas Lindstrom who never switched on till his thirties.

Fact is that players of mass and wingspan are the rarest of elements in the game today. Some people say being a genius is only a matter of spending 10,000 hours at it. In hockey this may be more true than false.

My only question about Tin Tin today is why does he fight like a punk on a team having Brandon Prust

Thursday 26 February 2015

Do it yourself electric car comparison

       2002 Insight          2015 Smart
Cost $5,000 $27,000
Curb weight 838KG 900KG
HP 150KW 55KW
0-60 5 sec 11.5 sec
Drivetrain $20,000
Batteries $8,000
Interior $4,000
Suspension $2,000
A/C $1,000
new paint $5,000

As a practical matter it really makes little sense. In Ontario Canada and many other places you get a government rebate. In Ontario is $8,500. Therefore you could get a fully loaded convertible SMART for under $30,000. 

However buying an electric car today in Canada has nothing to do with practicability. The  $50,000 Insight would be one of, if not the most impractical cars on the planet, but I would feel fully charged driving it around. Just image all the people you could freak out at the lights. The Insight was built on an all aluminium version of the Fit. So unlike the SMART which handles like a fork truck, you are going to have the fastest and most fun to drive car on the planet. And the world will love you for caring.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

why the Oscars now suck

Its because the small movies have gotten bigger and the big movies have got so small. With notable exceptions. American Sniper was a big movie with big thoughts about killing people. Hollywood liberals and myself hated the message but it was the truth.  Clint Eastwood just told people the truth. I hate that truth but America loved it. The Lego Movie was an undisputed triumph. That it was not even nominated strikes me as some kind of conspiracy.

We all got feelings, we all work through pain, but we have a lifetime of movies dealing with that, I say no new ones need be made. Twelve years a slave needed to be made, Selma not. Another person losing their mind to Alzheimer's oh please.
Gay movies we have seen enough, your admitted to the club now shut the fuck up. Six million Jews died in the holocust but I do not need to see every story especially when I have the Grey Zone.

We need more movies about Wall Street and K street and how they distort the world in a cinimatophirc way. We need more movies about politicians cheating not on their spouse but you and me.

We need more movies in Sci fi letting us know that someday due to technology we will all liven in Singapore with the beatify Lee Quan Yew looking down and directing the current action from above.

Look enough dsystopia at every advance screening. I think the CIA control most the message we get. This is bad or good depending upon which event. You see even the CIA will run out of fascists some day.

That's why Intersellar which was not even nominated should have won best picture.(Kubric moves in his grave) It presents something to chew on more than junk food, and junk journalism.

Culture Culture Culture defines us. Who are us? That's the question
and knowing the culture makes it easy to define the problems
with the merge on the left lane when the right lane says no way ever.
I would rather kill myself and my own family than live like a leftist.
Dear Mr Right wing. I have lived your life for centuries and without much compliant. Your way is wrong and modern societies like Germany have prove this so. Please surrender without further bloodshed.

The biggest problem the systems face is total cynism and total awareness and total dedication to the real.

CHockey Trade

I thought Jiri Sekec had a huge upside. He had all the skills and some of the grit.
But it was not working for him in Montreal. If he is lucky he will be another Micheal Nylander. I do not understand why these amazing hockey players do not stick (with a team) in the NHL. Igor Larinov has a pretty good idea why. Its probably just a fact in todays NHL creativity does not cut the grass.

Devante Smith-Pelly has more grit than skill. I have to go with the flow and expect this was a good trade for the team. With Tinordi, Prust, Wiese and now Devante Montreal has become one of the toughest teams in the league. Montreal has a fistful of small skilled players who may be better than Sekec, if they have their tiny backs covered. Montreal has traded an east west artist for a north south painter. I think it was Bobby Clarke who said "hockey is played by men." In this contex Montreal has added half a man. In a game of inches and milliseconds this could be a great addition.

Advanced Cool

They are doing it in Paris why not Toronto? For those keeping score another Socialist goal.

Monday 23 February 2015

Never mind the bollacks we got terrorism

Fifty thousand people die in car accidents,and the same amount are shot by gunshot every day to amount to a year,
Yet when some guy with a cellphone makes a video
in a cave
we go to extremes.

Forget the gun 
forget the bad transit
a guy with a cellphone
in a cave
what is most improtant
about us
the shopping mall.

The worst case the West Edmonton mall faces
is the continuted ownership of Oliers discrace.

I have no idea and I am shooting from the hip
if crazy Katz is in west edmonton
but it makes 
things rhym.

Everyone Knows

revolts are started in a garage
or some more radical storefront
and its come to the attention
of the ancient powers
the next generation o
willl have to be
the lemonade
and the children shall 

Sharme on the past!

I have have done many things
with diminishing returns
and most if not all  of these
collectibles could be called

A human life need adventure
like a break dancer needs
a broken life
we need no more stimulation
than to live well

Somehow living normal
has become a liability if not a disgrace
and we should all aim for the 
stars despite the fact that in most case
the Koch brothers own them
and getting into their Galaxy means
you are not first

We live in very troubled times
but we are way better than our
ancestors who faced way worse
lets just take a moment and think
about how privileged we are in 2015 
and how it has nothing to do 
with superstition from above

If the human race could lose superstition
as a political base
then maybe we could
harness the sun
and evolve into
the chosen one

I see the world today
as more aware
of every bogyman
but they were always there
what we have today
is the analytics to 
keep them away.

Damascus Steel

Is it just a legend our does
it exist
I do not know
because this world
has given me
a weak steel heart

the thought that before
burtal bloodsthirsty Godss
exist as an panancia
makes me weak

We are way better than that now
yes democracy feild and fients
and mostly dissappears 
before our eyes
but when something 
so full of air
is submerged
its going to surface
with force
and we know that
great men will be ther
at the rescue
otherwise was living pointless

My picture will never be  on a stamp
and the medal of Canada will not
be attaced to my stump
of Canada

But believe me now
and I will prove it later
in my heart when I die
all those around the casket
will say
he died a great Canadian
and the nation should 
continue on that way

Why is Canada the new Thug on the Block?

Plainly its the application of Conservative values to foreign policy. In the 18th Century a thuggish foreign policy was the norm. The most enlightened empire was the Austria Hungarian Hapsburg affair. Affair is the way it was managed. Some Emperors sent armies, the Austrians sent daughters.

When the dust of the 20th century settled only one Empire remained. The thuggish aspects of American foreign policy are not in dispute. Operation TP-AJAX which thwarted for most of a century and counting democracy in the most probable country to adopt. Pinochet, Vietnam and so many other where all bullied under some nebulous master plan.

Just when peace seemed to be breaking out in the 21st century the bully time became more personal and even more random.  911 gave America a licences to kill everywhere, and that is what they have done in a never ending groundhog day. Making out with the third world like a game farm calling the ducks to fly over the blind, where the drunk hunters blast away and count the fowl as markers
of a good time.

History will record so many things wrong with the present scenario it will be a reckoned set on shrill. But the problem is, the people do not give a crap about history, tell me about today and tommorw because that is where I live. 

If you control the past you control the future. At one time there where forces that modulated this fact. Today with social media everyone is a historian with anecdotal facts. So the holi poli make fake history and everyone in the know
loves it so much they push upon the holi poli another filter more constrictive
and no one notices they think a faster speed of entertainment is just swell.

In this world there are two forces of real evil but they are mostly twinned  that is the Anglo Saxon pusule ring. The British ruled the planet for a few hundred years. This is history that is not redacted. Study what happened and ask yourself how differant is this from the Romans who also had a stab at making humans
serve the Gods as described from the people who wrote the scribes.

So in 2015 why would Canada want to throw its hat heart and soul
into this meta dystopian ring?

The fact is all humans are smart. The fact is that a team will always beat an individual. The fact is if you build a team on malice and self interest, a team of patriots will defeat it eventually. With bloody uneccessay events.

Practically if you walk the streets of the Canada created by Liberals
and championed by PET you will find a positive resonance.
Canada is a country like no other
people joined together by hope
and good circumstance
not worried about the
neighbours funny dance
on days that are 
not Christmas

I gotta say the Nijab
or full face covering
offends me in a fundamental way
the reason being 
is I have both a daughter and a son
and why should the female
not see the world the 
same way?

But I understand our religious beliefs
are artificially important to 
our well being
and we can not move forward
with out looking back
even if this means 
our females must
be clad head
to toe
including the face
in black

If you walk in those shoes
you will fill your boots
with hypocrisy
and depict
and if you truly
mental illness's

Canada used to be
a place the religiously ill
could come to for
some recompense
let the cold and fire
that is this country
put you in a fishut
where you live on 
frozen water and
what swims below
and maybe getting high
on both

Thats my case against 
Steve Harper
he has changed our
stance in this world
from one of growth
to death
He is the biggest fucking
Canadian asshole of all.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Montreals A-Team

If you wanted to start a franchise from scratch that could win the cup in five years who else would you pick? Some might say Mike Babcock would be a better coach and a handful of D men might be better than Subban. However this group under the masterful command of Marc Bergevin is a true contender that epitomises team.

My hat is off to the enigmatic coach Therrien. In war or sport Defence wins. The reason is very clear. It is much harder to make something than to prevent something. A great two million a year player can totally frustrate a superstar making four of five times that. Finding, developing and holding on to superstars is very difficult, great defensive checkers about five times as easy. The key to making a team work like a Champion is the coach.

If you look around the NHL its clear that a fish rots at the head.  How many really good GM are there?  Those who have taken their team from the out house to the penthouse in a sustainable way are very rare.  Case in point the Toronto Maple Leaf. The richest team in hockey with a ten cent brain trust. It will take five years just to shake off the bad contracts to start the rebuild.

In the case of Montreal there are two more huge icebergs to navigate. First the French issue must be satisfied. It makes for a good debate if this is really a burden. The Montreal Canadiens are Quebecois culture. At the very least in hockey its a winner. Forceful confinement within ones culture is not always a negative. Secondly Montreal is the worst market for accountability on the ice. The province and fans punish failure and reward excellence like no other franchise in sport can imagine. When Bergevin wins the cup he will have joined a rare breed of hockey men.

Finally we must appreciate what a  wise owner Geoff Molson has been. Sure he had great advice from the Senator and Le Gross Bill, but the loonie stops with him and he has been a brilliant owner so far.

Montreal is back where it belongs at the top of the NHL. Not only that there is a strong foundation that ensures its going to be a long run.

Plan and bookmark the parade route!

Thursday 19 February 2015

Its Sci Fi Cold

Its Sci Fi cold
and the tempurature
does not change
if i turn off the TV

Sci Fi living
the new

I a fredoom liberalist am on the Russian Side

Big goverment politics
are on display in Ukranie
who can win the day?

Well for sure its not the people
no matter what
they will not be 
trading in their Yugos
for Lambraginos

We live so well
its true
and thats what make
deocracy free
for me and you

Beneath the suface
its all realpoiiik
that has not changes
won bit since
the King signed Magma Carter

Collective Security in a collective prosperity context

Which came first the chicken or the egg
is not longer the question
today its can a GMO
healthy civilisations

Today we are being sold
by big corporations
and big donations
to believe
in a GMO future
when history tells us
this is just the new

Communism failed because 
it was too scientific for human nature
Collective security succeeds
be cause it is the bonnet 
on the lizard brain
collective security is buried
deep within human DNA
and the world today
is run by miners
who plumb those
with an acrobats skill

There comes a time when
a strong leader is needed
when all the lesser lizard brains
around us go Watership down

Comes a time this state
is artificial 
and the strong leader
creates a feedback
loop upon which
his strength is magnified
like  great performer
with stage fright
released in full force
upon the world
by the strength 
of the crowd.

In this time the world
has never been better
and relatively fraught 
with small peril

Evil empire have been reduced
more or less to warlord status
Nuclear War is on the clock
no where near as close to midnight
as the brilliant sunlight of 64

Human potential is breaking
the potential meter every day
in every way

If your from New Zea land 
and you axe me
where is my hood
I say Taranna Eh!

If your on the local rags
you would think it was
a city somewhere in Afghanistan
a putrid pit of failed government
such a failure compared to Hong Kong
a place where the free market or whats
left of the Dutch India company runs
the town

I live Toronto
but have given Hong Kong
more life seconds
more of my boots
on that bustling
seemingly free market ground
is that not profound?

Its not a perfect contrast
because the Chinese
factor in very big
in both societies

If you believe in evolution
and also ET
take a look at the perp picture
of both
every sketch looks
distinctly Chinese

The choir is not singing
because as most people in Toronto knows
they may be piloting the ultimate driving machine
but they can not drive to save
a turbo charger
who is suicidal
from being in their employ
but has never been engaged

In this world of stereotypes
which make billions for those
that can identify popular culture
using an American Sniper scope
that only degrades the bad guys
and keeps the hard working family
safe an malleable.

Political correctness proclaims
that genetic weakness  is not true
That Conan the barbarian would 
have been brought down early
by his low emotional IQ.

if humans where like dogs
and certain traits where prized
despite the fact the dogs
vehemently disagreed
how pissed off would the dogs 
maybe that why they chew
the furniture all to hell
despite having
chatterer Brion
every night.

Some time ago in this one sided discussion
I mentioned Hong Kong and the Economist
both are linked at the hip to the City.

Fox news is to the Economist
as the City is to a lemonade stand
The City is to fiance as the Vatican
is to religion

I want a piece of that action
but sorry its not for sale
you got to earn it the old 
fashioned way
have the inherited DNA

The City knows little pissants
come and go
Did Steve Jobs
get cancer like Popashenko?

Listen to me now 
and believe me later
the City has been making
history since the 14th century
or maybe later
but who cares today
its real and its printing 
the agenda on paper
while the world has 
gone digital

Why is that MI6
because every thing
you create electronically
no matter how you think
it safe is an open menu
to those that want to 
know it all

I did not done nothing
so I got no nothing 
to fear
I believe in liberty

Well good for you citizen
thats what we all expect
but if you fear hydrophones
and demonstrate this belief
with any effect
we have and eye on you
and if your part of a movement
that might succeed
we have a licence to kill
its built into the national
security will to succeed.

I disagree with climate change
I disagree with pumping sludge
to make oil ten  thousand miles away
I disagree when people say
Nuclear Energy is the best way

Life is all about accounting
and thats why finance is the biggest danger
to the world today

Because fiance has become some kind 
of priest hood of theory and romance
where one plus one equals two
is a forgotten romance
with numbers.

I am not going to rail on depreciation
expected or not detected but the principles
that move us forward being moved
by magi called accounts
who create a script that
makes the King James Bible
seem free of transparency.

We live today in a twin bubble of deception
the financial system
and the religious indoctrination

Religion for kids is like Dr Suess
something every kid should have
but true belief in the sky god
are we not Starbucks?

We are very close to the end
in every religion and every
record of great cililizatastions
there is the Apocalypse
the wiping out of historical record
that has been translated at least six
times to Gods anger

People of India believe 
in reincarnation
People of China
believe in ancestor consulting
Neither one has never heard
of Jesus Christ
or would ever believe such bullshit

What those ancient cultures 
and others in the middle east
is that at some time in the millium
all hell broke loose
and the people that survived
it brokered a deal with their sanity
this must be Gods worker
because I fucked a goat 
on  my way to work.

All the legend are a part of history
they just need to be examined 
without prejudice under the light 
of our every present master
the Sun.

The sun is in our gravity
we live exactly in orbit
the sun powers all the green stuff
that lets us breathe
Never undercut the Sun

Tuesday 17 February 2015

CHockey Speculation

Marc Bergevin needs to know is this the year. Last year was not the year but picking up Thomas Vanek for a second round pick and losing (so far in 2015 dissapointing) Sebastian Colberg was an offer no one could refuse. If Vanek had not been a bust and if Price had not got hurt the finals were a strong possiblity.

I do not see Montreal going for another rental. The price for Keith Yandle is not likely  to be paid.  This would be at least Lars Eller, a top prospect like Tinordi and maybe a first round pick. Montreal can wait another year. There are going to be some good free agents that can fill in while Nathan Belideau and Tinordi reveal themselves.

Chris Stewart for a second is possible, but there are many other teams who will make the playoffs and draft higher that would make that deal.

I predict Manny Malothra will return to Vancouver, with a prospect who has played in the NHL this year, and a second. In return Zack Kassiden.

Carey Price has hit near perfection. Montreal should expect him to stay there for at least three or four years, if not a decade. The team may not be scoing, but they are winning those one nothing games. So standing pat this year is the smart move. Also consider Alexi Galynychuck has not quite bloomed, but next year could be a breakout star.

The curious case of Jiri Sekac. My speculation is that coach is showcasing MM, JDLR, CT. I think its possible they could be part of a trade for a legitimate scorer like Ryan O Rielly. Further two that as Jiri is a rookie, he may be gassed. So let him rest up for the playoffs.

In the leaf meltdown I see both Kessel and Phuaf in LA. For sure Mike Richards is comming back with a bundle of picks and prospects. The leafs are going to have to take bad contracts to get rid of bad contracts.

Good Bets to be Automotive Investments

2008 - 2010 BMW 535i E60 Wagon $15,000 to $30,000

Its relatively rare like most wagons.  This is a $70,000 car that was state of the art five years ago. Its like a video card that was made to be overclocked, but even out of the box its a superior performer.

The body was created by Chris Bangle and two thousand years of German Engineering. The front half is mostly aluminium and other exotic alloys. Why only half? To get 50/50 balance on the tires, all of which are driven.  BMW has a fantastic paint system that starts with a full e-coating of the frame. Looking at cars ten year old its pretty clear the European luxury brands have conquered rust. This boost value incredibly because its unlikely the car will ever need a full tear down paint job.

Next the N54 twin turbo engine is one of the finest power plants every conceived let alone created. Unfortunately it had some huge nagging problems. First the high pressure fuel pump that fed fuel directly into the cylinder was prone to failure. This is good news bad news, the good news is it has accelerated the depreciation. The better news is the aftermarket loves the N54 engine. Replace the turbos, add a better inter cooler, exhaust and air filter and you may have Honda like reliability. A few upgrades and your 300hp luxury sportwagen is now a 350 Hp beast without even tweaking the boost or fiddling with the chip. There are lots of options to pump the N54 up to a stable 500Hp.

Most direct injection gasoline engines have  problem with gunky valves. There may be a solution for the N54. Nevertheless its another issue that has increased the depreciation of this near perfect car.

Lastly the 2010 535ix had most of the latest tech available, lane departure and infra red vision included.

In summary this is a collectible car you can use as a daily driver, that can haul like both an SUV and a race car.

Toyota MR2 1984 -2005  $1000- $15,000
There are  3 body styles available the last was available in North America between 2000 and 2005.  I like this version because its a convertible. What makes it collectible is its mid engined. One option I would investigate is putting a Pirus or pure electric drivetrain in.  This is another summer daily driver that I predict will always be desirable.

Jaguar XJ(R) and Super V8 2007-2009  $15,000 to $30,000
Both of these cars are rare. New they both cost over $100,000. Al aluminium construction makes rusting out a distant problem. Due to their extreme light weight all models of the XJ are great candidates to be converted to pure electrics. Although the first al XJ came out in 2004, the later models look better and have most the legendary Jaguar gremlins tamed.

Standard equipment was a 500Hp 4.2 liter supercharged V8.

Justified Season Six

Justified will end near the top of tier two cable shows.  Season five and now season six do not have the oomph to push it up with Breaking Bad and its peers.

Has Raylon even shot anybody? The central plot seems very weak. It would have been a better conclusion had Raylon and Boyd been forced to team up again. Maybe take down a corrupt Governor or senator.

Its a show that has now reached its expiry date. Thus I have to refresh my list. (Drama/Action is the reason no Trailer Park Boys)

My Top Shelf
1)The Wire
2)The Sopranos
4)Breaking Bad
5)Game of Thrones
7)Walking Dead
8) Battle star Galacticia
10) Rockford Files

Second Shelf
3)Burn Notice
4)Black Sails
5)Boardwalk Empire
6)Serenity (Handicapped by short run)
8) Z Nation
9)The X Files
10)The 100