Sunday, 21 February 2021

You used to make leaky buildings that looked like art, why did you not pay attention to the hard part


You used to make leaky buildings that looked like art, why did you not pay attention to the hard part

because you did not know that climate change might make a cavas roor lack the load needed for a big snow, or Dallas might need someone to wrap a pipe becase in 2011 some regulation went to heaven because it predicted yesterday but the ones that struck the drum of fictory owe nothing for the position.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Ultimate Bug Out Boots


I just bought a pair and they are fabulous. I have been looking for these winter boots since the 1970's. I love hi tech materials and every thread of these is state of the art. I have tried Merrells, (which are great just not warm enough for hours in the cold) and Mountain Warehouse (which fit me a little tight in the toe box for winter, but I have this pair a couple of years and for fall and spring unbeatable)and even Marks.

Firearms of America has a  video review of the Columbia that blows mine away.

Look its cold in a global warmings world

but you did not have to be Esistinen to predict


no a plain old aruther C clack wrote his wonderfully reed

tri9olgy RAMA

and we got down with the HVAC system

on an invalided ship

and here on earth

we are seeing the same 

stupidity and ignorance

and guile

to make a buck\

to be in fashion for

a while

but starving make

make a model

more money

but humanity

we like more and more and more

with proteins and some kind of super sauce

on top of gravy

food that hits your mouth like a sweet

top of the food triangle of healthy

like you are eating your way

to victory

a sound mind

at age 100

is that not why we eat>>Lfgasdj;lfad;jlkl;'jfdsajkol;pfgadsjl;'kfads ;'jklfgdsa 

Friday, 12 February 2021

Very mostly alledgedlly in Leauge since 1775

 Yes MI5 and the CIA 

did not even exist

yet in their DNA

is a brotherhood, or transhood

Changing the Deck Chairs on the Titanic


Yes to change the deck seating plan

is the best way to move forward

and so many MBA are

doing it daily

But no matter how many

combinations and permetaions

of well thought out seating plans

the crew of the titanic


the ICE berg still won

Monday, 8 February 2021

So much content wasted


I have so much to watch

and no time to watch it

but when I have


I move forward

and maybe miss

so much

like Ozarks

and the last

season of west world

even Aquaman

but I cant get my 

rewind on