Saturday, 28 December 2019

Andrew for senate

Generation Anxiety

Image result for images of generation anxiety
well named IMHO
because they face
and property
that will steal
their sole
to live

The earth globe
is totally fucked
and the oceans
which have been 
picing up the slack
for decades
are starting to boil
and killing all the fish
and things which depended
upon oxygen in the water
to live
so tell me hot water cant
contain enough oxygen
and then tell me about
global warming being fake
We  are living the lie
and dying from the dust
of our creations

Thursday, 26 December 2019

The decade top 10 - the 2010's the Mehs

Image result for image of top ten list
1) Top newstory Fuckashima, we are fucked by Fuckashima

2)Top political story Donald Trump- the mule rules and whats important is what comes after.

3) Top car company Tesla- electric cars are chariots of peace

4) Top Business story- Boeing bean counters school engineers and the market driven company crashes.

5) Top Science story- exoplanet discoveries, we are not alone

6) Top Culture Story- toxic behavior has no price point. In a giant step forward the world lashes out at assholes, no matter how they roll.

7) Top music story- Rap music overtakes Rock music as the top genre, and musicians everywhere think of the day the music died.

8)Top tv Series- Game of Thrones, Tolkien and House of Cards combined in epic form.

9) Top applied Technology- electric bikes, will change the world in a practical achievable fun way

10) Overwhelming sports story- Montreal Canadians spend a decade of absolute mediocrity.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Merry Christmas you Mule fuckers

Image result for images of mules at christmas
I gotta say
I am always
looking on the 
bright side
Monty python
but this year
is all foggy
because of the mule
he has moved the needle
to  a place we cant
self inject
its like a place
from an acid
dream with 
a demon
and tattoos
that come
alive and the dolphin
people are slaughtered
to keep the oxygen

God dammit
we need Jesus
so bad but
he only wants
the best Rolex
and that is not
giving us enough
time to survive

Merry Christmas you
bastards like me
and all the people
who make up history
we are walking along
when an SUV 
plows us all down
and the cops say
as a matter of a fact
when mass and interia
meet you got
blood in the street.

So love to love you
But love you long
is off the table
Love is dead
in DicK Cheneys

I thinkaboot myself and know I am a God again

Image result for images of spaceship jesus

I have cheated the grim reaper
so many time in so
many ways
about half were
all self choose
to be dead
about consequence
and right
now I am back
at the head of
the pack
nothing can kill me
everything makes
me stronger
and as my limbs
grow back
I gotta say
I will be a 
God someday

As your God
and Master
I will ban carbon
and violence
and we will all
live with mushroom
level intelligence
of math
and find my father
out in the universe
and the journey
will be a party

Friday, 13 December 2019

Brexit Election

Never have I been so wrong
or felt so distance from reality
the voters are never wrong
and they sang out
Steve Fuck off

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Labour wins a minority in the UK> Anarchy in the UK

Image result for anarchy in the uk images

For the English speaking peoples Mother England
has been a constant source of radical thought
on Thursday it will be political.

Man in the High Castle: Gulliver's Travels 2019

Image result for images of man in the high castle
Impact of words and visions
on a society is what every
author hopes for
Philip K Dick
has had so many
kicks at the can
with no movement

Perhaps the Amazon
adaption of Man in the High
Castle will resonate
through society like
Gulliver s travel did
centuries ago
and the masters of the
Universe will realize
they have lost the
human narrative
in maximum extraction of wealth
from every circumstance

I know two things
we are animals and will
always follow a strong leader
even if he is going over a cliff
The Chinese have a civilization
and system the west can not match
and in the past they have used
castration to keep purity

If you fear the CIA
its should be for being
incompetent and greedy
not for threatening
every male penis
with a scalpel

Little things that add up

Dry cliffs are seen following a prolonged drought at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
Potato Shortage, Victoria Falls running dry, how much can we ignore before declaring a code red?

Now thats a smart speaker!

HUAWEI Sound X Symmetric Woofer

The Huawie.  French tech costing thousands delivered in a Chinese box costing a few hundred.

The Huawei Sound X smart speaker is jointly created by Huawei and Divale. It uses a cylindrical shape, similar to Apple’s HomePod. Its design concept comes from the dome of the Vienna Music Hall.

Huawei Sound X’s dual woofer uses high magnetic NdFeB rare earth material, and is equipped with the Diwalai patented Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design and SAM bass enhancement technology, which can realize the bass effect on the two double woofer.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Fossil Fuels are the undisputed enemy

Elon Musk\
Here we have a flawed hero who has moved the needle far farther than any human has done before, and he is far from finished..

Time to move forward

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. - Henry Ford
Henry Ford like Walt Disney and many others were close to NAZI
This civilization is at a crisis point
we have so much knowledge
and so little deployment
the reason being
is that the MAN
is holding us
back because
he can reap more
than they can sow

Lets assume we are
in a crisis
of planatery change
and ingore
the fact that
so many
live like animals

Lets join
those two thoughts
and if we fix
the first we will\
achieve the second

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Do windshield cowboys dream of electric trucks?

Yeah Tesla has revealed its killer of the pick up truck market.
I say its a big winner. People who drive pickups think they
are bullet proof and this truck is. Its a Zombie apocolse resistant vehicle.
Perhaps the first ZARP personal transport ever.

The style is breaking bad and a little Accra ZDx but overall 
Bauhaus. Does it break wind better than everything on the road?\

I like it but dont love it, but would buy yes would by.

Pay close attention to the supposedly failed roll out. Ever notice this has happened to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, its done on purpose to get more eyeballs.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Snowmexician, I come to praise Trump not bury him edition

Kabuki, Kabuki Kabul Cabal
captures the holi poli in its
headlights as the secret world
turns on more important
lies and misdemeanors
the machine trying to
repair the cracks in the
reality distortion field
that Trump Tweeks

Trump is the mule
Trump is the mule
Image result for Foundation and Empire
You cant kill the mule
You cant ride the mule
you can just watch the load
it carries with amazement

Is it Ukraine, where there has
always been one place

or Venezuela 
or even Israel he 
seeks to free
Trump is not 
a man like
you or me

When Trump has
destroyed everything
will anything grow
Or will we sink down
a new dark age 
ruled by the power
of social credits
and AI

Like a Crack head stealing a bike for the scrap metal

The cracker will get less than 1% of the value, but they dont care.  Same deal for the military industrial complex.

'War On Terror' Has Killed Over 801,000 People & Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Study

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Hey Bro how about you just dont track me

Social credits,
this is Soviet style with
software and no lieutenants
stop it now
before we all
solyent green

Sunday, 3 November 2019

NOHA knows what I mean: Explain Below

Image result for images of 2012 movie
Noah had a bigger better boat

Its the year 30000 AD
and the fuse
went and everything
clever extincty
so do not be
so high and mighty
when you hear the
greatest story I ever
heard told
and I am the record
as being willin
shown enough reds
whites blues
and sign
cause I have traveled
most everyback
except those ones
with two lane
and a Camero
SS for
Shit Shooter
and a Ford Mustang
as in I am Steve
McQueen are fracking off
and it never ends
because its like quantum
both cars would be
in the same place at the same time
and that aint no diamond mine

I got to tell you pilgrims
John Wayne style
with some free advice
prepare for the worst
do not pretend
this has never
ever happened
like its happened
at least twice before

The last time
every good Jew
and Christian know
by heart
now if you tell
a story like Noahs
ARK in your filo
you got to belivo
that the three law
of thermodynamic
do not apply
or more simply
an arc of that
dimension could not
even saw enough
to prevent
five days Ziggy

NOAH  was
an acronym
for the last
saving force
It is almost
certain that
NOAH lived
and his
ARC was
full of

lets no longer pretend
we know the truth
because a million
people or more
studied history
and tried to guide
the future like
Hari Seldon
and we have come
amazingly close
to his vision
of the Mule
with Trump

The unexpected force
that makes all the
Math an infinite number
of Barbie dolls filled with
intelligent plastic could
explain quantum physics
and their number one demand was
that math is hard is removed
from their AI.

Read above twice because
it too me four times to say
and I still dont understand
it. The voice of God in my
head I will go with
and god is telling
me really direct
to love everyone
and be fruitful
in tens of thousands
of years in the future
these promises will
make sense
as I take the Star Ship
Pedo to another Galaxy
You will know I am coming
back when mothers sell their
daughters for food 
This type of behavior
is mankind's greatest
failure of civilization
and then there
are a couple of
hundred lesser ones
if we  could sort those
out we could reach the stars
and join the Jones Spaceman, Spacewomen and even a trans
everyone is welcome on the journey to presever this version
of humanity

The Draco will rise again

One of the most amazing airplanes ever created.


Trump impeachment theater, global warming, Canada election, worldwide civil unrest, thats all.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Closing the OZONEE HOLE

Image result for images of closing ozone hole
GOD did not care
but humans did
and we did it
Kudos to humans
lets see what other
end of civilization
challenges we can

Saturday, 26 October 2019


Image result for images of andrew scheer

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Live in Israel pack your bags

I am all in as a supporter of Israel
and Jews
I only speak what I see is
the future
One little nation surrounded
by blood enemies has no
Trump did the Kurds
a non solid
A future president
will do the same
to Israel

Campaign Karma

Image result for images of andrew scheer lying
Image Montreal Simon
Andrew Scheer has had a disastrous campaign. First being on the wrong side of climate change history. Next we find he is an American, then on the last weekend he captures headlines for making up tax hikes and for allegedly using a sleazebag to destroy an opponent. When caught he does an epic deer in the headlights presser. I would be ashamed to vote for this party.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Now thats a Patent

The USA Navy has been patenting what could only be described as extra terrestrial products. First a room temperature superconductor, and next a mini me fusion reactor using the first patent to create a chamber capable of holding a small sun.

Holy commercializing area 51.

RIP: Aleksei Leonov

The first person of our current civilization to walk in space. His artwork is amazing.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

You Just Dont Know

You just dont know
You just dont know
you can have all
the knowlege in the
but you just dont know

The tesla battery can blow\
a nuck can melt down
the telecom can go
and the street
will not calm down
you just dont know
you just dont know

The Muffs

Friday, 27 September 2019

SnowMexiaccan and Epic Rant edition

Image result for image of trump and Greta

Trump the mule has
been whipped by the FBI
with the Steele Doucment
when he fended that off
the CIA has made
a new foray by
exposing a tape
they will hope
ends with the mission
impossible tape scenario

Still Trump
goes on
they are going
to have to kill
because every
attack makes him

It will take people like Greta
in mass numbers
to defeat Trump
and the Trump world

The 2019 NOBEL prize winner of Something

Image result for images of greta

You can say anything you want and it will get pulverized by the 6 million plus people who believe she is telling truth to power. Count me in.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Why not buy one for Inuvik?

Russia's Floating Nuclear Power Plant Starts Shift In Global Energy Industry

The Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant is the lead project for a series of low-power mobile transportable power units. It is designed to operate as part of a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) in the Far North and the Far East and is a new class of energy sources based on Russian nuclear shipbuilding technologies. The FNPP is designed with a large margin of safety to counter external threats. The station is equipped with two KLT-40S icebreaker-type reactors that are capable of generating up to 70 MW of electricity and 50 Gcal/h of thermal energy in the nominal operating mode, which is enough to ensure energy consumption in a city with a population of about 100 000 people.

The population of Inuvik is only 4,000 so maybe start with just one reactor. Imagine another couple of these in Hudson and James Bay, this would bring our Native peoples standard of living up to where it should be. Its the least we can do. Cost is estimated at $500 USD for two reactors.

Trans-formative Space



The ORI pocket closet is a brilliant design for modern living. I want one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen (pantry ecstasy) and maybe one in the theater room.  At  $8,000 price point, I would build my own with the moving section on slick rollers.

Clever like a Fox?

As the Syrian army captures former ISIS territory its clear they are uncovering an incredible amount of Western made weapons. Someone introduced a new protocol using TOW missiles like a rifle. Who could it be now?  Never fear blowback. In inevitably many of these weapons will be in the hands of Hezbollah. Lets leave the trees and look at the forest.

If the plan was to put kill 100,000 of Islamic terrorist, to concentrate them in constantly shrinking safe places, the plan is working fantastically.

Just the facts Ma'm

To be fair lets compare the Taycan to the Models S. IMHO the Taycan looks better than the Model S. However Tesla trumps it with 25% better efficiency/range, apps that Porsche does not offer, and the Supercharging network. Its a slam dunk for Tesla and adds to a growing body of evidence that Tesla is set to dominate the luxury car market.
Porsche Taycan Turbo S 4

If Volkswagen Group wants to stay competitive, it needs to start caring about efficiency. High-voltage systems and sophisticated charge profiles are workarounds that not only result in more expensive cars but also higher emissions. Is there any hope? Yes. It is believed that the upcoming VW ID.3 might actually be a very efficient car. Will the Porsche Taycan be Volkswagen’s final misstep toward a cleaner future? 

Monday, 2 September 2019

Build a better mousetrap

I have come to the conclusion that the e bike will replace a lot of cars, or will supplement a lot of miles on the cheap. The Radwagon is a nice mix of good enough tech, to achieve a result that no one will complain about.

Bicycle Theft

Its a silent crime wave that needs to be stopped.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

I like shiny. China, Russia, Hong Kong.

I cant put it in nice economic paragraphs but I have always felt the China has been selling us worthless paper and buying things of real value. Marvel at the economic witchdoctors mastery of wealth creation.

Which economies are actually real? Anything written about Russia since the Communist Revolution is fake news.

Mayhem in Tung Chung near Hong Kong airport as protesters shut down train lines and smash control room

Live as I write. Hong Kong is the Ayn Rand wet dream. People are drowning in Capitalism, this is what the protests are about. Freedoms just another word for nothing left to loose,  and this is the sentiment in Hong Kong. The people are angry and dont give a fuck. Expect tanks.

Friday, 23 August 2019

No one could imagine

Image result for images of operation paperclip

The light from the monitor
was blinding because
I saw the truth at 1080 P
and it blew me apart

Do you want to know
the truth?
Can you handle the truth?
The answer to that question
is in the news everyday
hundreds of thousand dead
every day
while you pay extra
to get premium gas

I was raised by wolves
and that is how I understand
human behavior
and why
Trump is President
no matter how much
the fart catchers wine
the leader of the pack
will be re elected unless
there is enough weakness
to make a contest
that is what Trump does
everyday really weel
he make his opponents
look weak
and believe me now
and I will tell you latter
conviction is far stronger
than truth

Have you ever heard
Jethro Tell Thick as a Brick
flutes never heard from
well you should
its a 1 hour story
but one of the key
lines from this 70
is we will have
superman for

So I will tell
you what I sorta believe
I am always open
to new evidence
but the body of my life
living on OCams razor
tells me to tell
you to go to the store
not Amazon because
they will track your purchase
pay cash and buy
as much tin foil as you
can carry
because in the future
it will be more valuable
than gold
because it is actually useful

Just to set the stage
I was born in the last
century  the same year
as Michael Jackson
and I am sure just like
my family the Jackson
went to K Mart every
time boys underwear
where on sale
half off

So I saw every
important event
in human history
first hand

The wheel
the spoken language
steel and agriculture\
all take a huge
back seat to the
the question is
where did it come

Did a trans sister sister
imagine a printed circuit
would make math
work in the real
world every

That is where my
voyage of discovery begins
it begins in 1936
Bavaria where life
has been good forever
except for now
the unfortunate
World War

Lets go aside
for a moment
to tribes
and look at
the Germans
Two world wars
Lost, killed 6 million
of there own most  productive
yet today
they are close
to back on top
no that is good management

Back to the His Story
in the world of Michael
Jackson he only faced
consequences after death
and  is there not a pattern
in our own world where
we have one dollar one
vote, its so much more
effienct than dictatorship

Operation PaperClip
is a still classified
operation that happened
close to a hundred years
It is alleged by crazy people
that UFO crashed in 1936
and the Nazi got all this tech
and thats why they
went so crazy
because there is
no word in
for Hubris
jus joking
minie frunde

So the allies
the good people
like Winston Churchill
who invented concentration camps
in South Africa
and was the first to use
weapons of mass destruction
against the Kurds
got the saucer
and all the German Scientist
who the Russian had not captured
where given instant pardons
and citizenship
like the man who put man on the moon
Walter Van Braun
and for those of you confused
what Van means
it means Baron

The transistor became
and is still king
yet the road to the throne
was rocky and many a fortune won
and very few lost

President Eisenhower
was the General generally give
credit for winning WW2
and as he was in charge
and we won
hard to disagree
when he retired
as President he
gave a very public
speech that penatres
all tinfoil
he said
there is a military industrial complex
and it scares the shit out of me
So to translate succinctly
what Ike was spouting off
about was the fact
that Nazi had captured the CIA
from the inside
because no one can out
spook a Nazi

JFK becomes president
and though he carries
a lot of baggage he
embodies the post war
Beautiful people in

JFK had gangster jeans
and they informed
his gut
which said
can barely say
we are staying home
and Cuba not
going to dig
for that bone

So he was offed
by who?
The flames of confiscation have
never burned hotter than for JFK
the reason being that the USA
had more thinking people
than ever before
and they just could not
believe in a magic
bullet even if they
did believe in Jesus

The same group
would allegedly
do Iran Contra, Gulf War 1
911 and still more