Sunday, 3 November 2019

NOHA knows what I mean: Explain Below

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Noah had a bigger better boat

Its the year 30000 AD
and the fuse
went and everything
clever extincty
so do not be
so high and mighty
when you hear the
greatest story I ever
heard told
and I am the record
as being willin
shown enough reds
whites blues
and sign
cause I have traveled
most everyback
except those ones
with two lane
and a Camero
SS for
Shit Shooter
and a Ford Mustang
as in I am Steve
McQueen are fracking off
and it never ends
because its like quantum
both cars would be
in the same place at the same time
and that aint no diamond mine

I got to tell you pilgrims
John Wayne style
with some free advice
prepare for the worst
do not pretend
this has never
ever happened
like its happened
at least twice before

The last time
every good Jew
and Christian know
by heart
now if you tell
a story like Noahs
ARK in your filo
you got to belivo
that the three law
of thermodynamic
do not apply
or more simply
an arc of that
dimension could not
even saw enough
to prevent
five days Ziggy

NOAH  was
an acronym
for the last
saving force
It is almost
certain that
NOAH lived
and his
ARC was
full of

lets no longer pretend
we know the truth
because a million
people or more
studied history
and tried to guide
the future like
Hari Seldon
and we have come
amazingly close
to his vision
of the Mule
with Trump

The unexpected force
that makes all the
Math an infinite number
of Barbie dolls filled with
intelligent plastic could
explain quantum physics
and their number one demand was
that math is hard is removed
from their AI.

Read above twice because
it too me four times to say
and I still dont understand
it. The voice of God in my
head I will go with
and god is telling
me really direct
to love everyone
and be fruitful
in tens of thousands
of years in the future
these promises will
make sense
as I take the Star Ship
Pedo to another Galaxy
You will know I am coming
back when mothers sell their
daughters for food 
This type of behavior
is mankind's greatest
failure of civilization
and then there
are a couple of
hundred lesser ones
if we  could sort those
out we could reach the stars
and join the Jones Spaceman, Spacewomen and even a trans
everyone is welcome on the journey to presever this version
of humanity

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