Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Of all the unelected Presidents

Can you name one
covered in glory
or even though
they failed
you would double
down on?

I am just about lost
and I can feel
a thing
running in my ears
like water after
a shower
or something
else I am exposed
to everyday day
that is like mud
where there used to
be clay and bricks
and some foundation
and an prospectus
of which I was enthused
but reality has brought
me down to voting 
against someone
then I cant lose

Just wondering about the true failure of democracy

Thats the big picture
but as the world trns
its all on the US
where in 2016
they will be a face
off between a Clinton
and a Bush
and the world will be told
its democracy

So thats why they grab and
because written in the hanging
is a story told
and its not democratic
and the world
has reacted to 
that as a matter of

The failures of goverment

The failures of goverment 
have no chapter 11
its war famine and

so when a company loses three
billion please
do not vote for
a team made up 
of failed management
to decide the fate of a nation
with stock options

I dont have a Van Gough thing

I do not even operate in the same theatre
let alone the unviverse
of talent in which
persons like them swim

I have no canvas, no paint
no vision nothing
that an artist needs
to make one feel
a starry night
on a cloudy day

Working overtime reading the MAN's mind

Believe me its not exhausting
its so obvious
its everywhere
oh I guess that make
my point

the MAN
invented drugs
to keep out
the true believers
if you can not get high
on power
than what is there
about life in which
you believe?

A threat or a promise

When the world is defined by that divide
your both fucked
just saying

Why I tend toward poetry

Its not because I cant make a 5000 word argument
I have done that a million times
with no effect
because no one 
including me reads
that does not change
our mind in one
that's a big challenge
for today
and that why'
I write poetry
or as I hope someday
that will hit your soul
just like the great musicians
of my time
defined everything

So many talented people
will attempt to change your
I can in no way 
with no resources 
attempt to compete
all I can say is what 
I feel and for this device
it has been pr oven 
throughout history
poetry works 
best if you want
to attack
the word 
written in concrete
and willing to take on
any logical commerce
without the same resources
because even though
you might think its
says your and idiot
the people making
millions to feed you
opinions can argue
the earth is flat or round
and you will buy
at the end of the day'
the effect
to your internal dismay

I just had to add at the
end one of my rabbit
fucking themes
making a thousand 
irrational human suicide
diaper bomb babies
cognitive dissonance

Why I hate Kim and why that is her selling point

(image of a big ass you are inclined to follow)
We are sometimes
no most often stupid masters
with our visions
damaged irreparably 
by bling

This is the Kardasinans
and as hater
I celebrate
because theses
will go to the well
of existence so hard
they will dis ingrate
and the world
will have to admit
they served no real 

I forggot to say it in caps

Are you a prick? Or maybe just a gentleman with persuasion. Look I understand if you do not want subversive radical graffiti when Harper pretends to blog
that's why I quit the armoury
 Just be honest and I suspect as I know you so well on the Internet you are that. Its a very strange world that even Alvin Toffler could not think about when you questing your virtual friend about
things that in the big scheme of things are meaningless. When the far east bandits hack my account and want me to give you up I will say like every other citizens of the Internet, here is all I know do not hurt me. I will never know if the bandits are wet workers on contract but given history that is the most likely scenario.  Scary thoughts and its not even Sunday, the day upon which the masters of the universe have chosen to prey.

Mystery man some times I do get to the subject. Like your other blog
I have posted multiple times and not been given
the freedom of having everyone see
just what I said aboot

No matter no capa 
like we learn ed in true blood
amongst other things
is there is no big
serious in our human lives
they are so transparent
and fragile
no good Nazi
would use our
skins for anything

I know one thing about
I am fucking paranoid
for good reason 
in my own mind
if your not
I give you the comfort
on non sleepless nights
but still I am on guard
for the Niger terrorist
from every side
busting my  perfect bubble
just because
little me 
did not get
the message

I am a fuck up by Van Gough standards

(This is a chance for your to influence me in the final draft)
No shit I have twelve unexplored ideas ready for publication
and this is the last. Its far from my most brilliant but like honey
its a trap.

The biggest thing today
is that no one gives a fuck
about art
they are just to busy
willing to survive
the Holocaust
of modularity
that is not DNA
like the Jew Harvest

Dynastic Perpetuation Scheme

Stargate was not science fiction only the details where wrong

Dynastic Perpetuation Scheme
if you say this instead
of presenting your opponent
as a Nazi you can stay free
of being entrapped inside
Godwins Law
Where all good arguments
go to die

But what the good folks
over at the Godwin Institute
can not stifle is that
fascism exists in it own atmosphere
free of Hitler or Musillini
fascism is not like global warming
There is no facist thought gas bag concentration
that is going to kill the earth

To quote the late great Warren Zevon
who like John Prine 
were premies in a past
where they would have
died without the incubator
called Robert Zimerman
you know him as Bob Dylan
What Warren had to say is so
profound, it should be taught in school
as the first rule
"Love you cant start it like a car
and you cant kill it with a gun"

or a belief
or really a system
at all
it is just a manifestation of natural law
Darwin's government
applied by those who won
and came to observe a pattern
that worked to control 
the lizard brains
of humans

So lets be clear
the Mayans where fascists
not a single leftist glyph in
all the remains
of their empire

The Ming and all the Dynasty
that begot them back to the beginning
of recorded time
where fascist
ask any Eunuch
about their political persuasion

Henry the Eighty was a curious fascist
he really thought about the Church
and how to burn it
and today we have Anglicans
who despise his antics
Never the less this oft married
and then off with their heads
ruler was a fascist

Looking back through history
it is easy to see our current civilisation
was sold, built and delivered on a decidedly
fascist twist
Not to mention the name
that should never be spoke

One might say if we 
have a government gene
in our DNA
its going to test positive
for fascism even today

Of course this is all old
the latest group of Dynastic
have done the document dump
upon the heads of the innocents
and to say the least they are
really confused
because the one thing
lacking in education
is critical thinking.

Our educational institutes have
prostituted them self to be part
of march madness
and the thinking 
aboot that that
becomes belief
cause we tapped
your human emotion
while you thought
you where only watching
a big screen

If you are not a fascist sympathiser
no one would attempt to explain
why a big ten top coach makes
tens times the income 
than the best Physics professor
and do not get me started
about economics
a science that is more
religion and has the 
same predicable
and only the scientific
economist like Krugman
predict real outcomes

Like a slow moving season
of the Walking dead
I build my argument
because if you want
to know the truth
and have been raised
in a fascist empire
you got to take it
slow like an addict
kicking Heroin
not to little dose
and for sure not
to much
because facing
the truth
cold turkey
turns catatonic
the waves of cognitive dissonance
wash over everyone at some point
in their lives
but to be hit by a tsunami
few can bear it
and then 
your the human
equivalent of 2015

Nihon, Nikkon and the black Swan
its so true
I know Japan
because I spent 
multiple decades there
as a Spy

Read further if you want my full report
about how the most functioning fascist institute
of our time
at least in public
keeps getting a chance
for one more bat
despite failing fundamentally
all of the time

Japanolics rejoice
I am not going to slam 
you for loving Japan
Because I do as well
there is something special
for humans going on
in this deep well

A very sophisticated person
who was well connected and
saw Japan from above
as much as Japanese citizen
who had historical blood
could say
told me in confidence
and Saki
do not believe the hype 
about Japan
now keep in mind
this was in the time
when the world feared
the Japanese would
take over the world
do not believe me
just goole all the covers
the magazine not the


What my tomidachi
told me is hardly a
at the heart of Japan
is a farmer who wants
to feed his family
he looks at the world
in circles with 
the person in charge
of drawing them
being number one
after that comes
then the village
and then the province
following that the state
of collective villages
and then finally 
the artificial nation
which seeks to bind
the village to the centre mass
Other nations as far 
as my Sensi was concerned
we do not give a shit
All we need is pipeline of
resources to make
sure the rice farmer
have enough
of what they need
to ensure that Japan

Just remember before you
are taken in
that Japan attacked 
Pearl Harbour
and they did all 
kinds of war crimes
and in my estimation
the Americans took 
into account the demands
of a justice system to 
set a society right
despite the millions
of miscreants

The same goes for any war
its like a big sporting event
where Gary Buttman presides
and decides
did you stab him once
or twice?

Do not conclude you
can read my mind
unless your CISIS
and they already
have determined
I am like Douglas Adams
mostly harmless
and not to tell secrets
out of school
I know this for a fact
cause I am just a Canadian
having a blast

I may hop around
like a modern show on acid
trying to keep a broad spectrum
just enough entertained
as proven by science
to keep them from changing the channel
or so it goes or so it goes
yes that is a Kurt Vonnegut Jr reference

Now I am back to Japan and fascism
and China, and other fascist states.
Unfortunately as no politicking 
will conclude there are no 
black hats or white hats in which
we can cheer for anymore

Sunshine and the Internet has
made UV fascism transparent
and just like the sun
is used in sewage treatment
to stamp out disease
fascism will die
what is left behind
for the bacteria of humanity
to build
is unknown
but if you look at history
its a proud movement.
Facsist doctrine never 
admits the need for
a bowl movement.
Yet I HAVE never
seen a facist explode
only hanged
as is that just and
humane? Not if we want
to teach our children wrong
from right!
Do not kill
apply that 

rule like we mean it
and we will
have frustraded peace
without dead
and maybe the rating
for dystopia will
go down

Do not worry sports fans
I have many more keystokes
and a wealth of information
to further comment on the 

This will outrage every patriotic hockey loving Canadian!

The Daily Show which I used to think espoused Canadian values should be deeply ashamed. What Trevor you think Womens hockey is not equal to mens hockey, you hate that women are in the hockey hall of fame dont you? Do you think womens hockey is a pastime like darts and not a sport?
Your done!

What the Graduate would be told today

The future belongs to the makers
with solar panels, batteries
and a decent septic system
you can create your own
independent existence
with only one worry
the lonely MAN

Walking Dead Season Five

It was a season just slightly less static
than season two
the overwhelming theme
is something about
developing the survival gene
establishing a new normal morality
where Rick is the King
So how to explain that some motherfucker
that Glen should have killed twice
to ensure long term survival is still alive
and why does no one ever wear body armour
and dirt bike gear
is that also against the code?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Make me more Habby Hockey Gods!

Forty three wins for Carey Price
because after this season
he deserves a record.
Same for Max Patches
forty three goals please.
And it never hurts to ask
that we do not face
Tampa in the playoffs

Dreamcar Connector

This 2011 SAAB is a fine looking car and if you read the description you cant help but want one. WTF GM how could you kill both SAAB and the Electric car?

If your a car nut who wants to take a crack a spending a fortune or in some cases less than ten thousand, do some searches and drool.

Interstellar Lincoln Continental

Matthew McConaughey is banging the bongos somewhere tonite. To be fair to Ford I find the style of most cars has been lost. This is the only Ford car I like the look of. That Grill should be on all Lincolns as a start.

Social Media now the prefered weapon of Kabuki Warfare

Who wants to fold the planet like
a black swan
of fascist origami?

The people who comment
on facebook
seem like prime candidates
addicted to high school
it makes them malleable
when the MAN
is the teacher.

Thinking Aboot Translation


The translation of ISIS into English is SAS. Into American CIA. Into Canadian our only hope of being relected.

Someone is a conspiracy theorist.
Which begs the question
should someone not clip their
pilot wings
I do not want to fly
with no tinfoil
either on the fusalage
or in the pilots head

Two Suicides in Missouri

Hey I dont know what to think
the police have investigated
and everybody is clean
people who write otherwise
are just mean or
wearing the crazy

Its all just coincidence
the Auditors office
just hit the negative lottery.

I mean if you believe that
these deaths were a political assasination
then logicaly
the same conclusion
would come to 911
and despite
15 years of dogged
not one I
has been found
without the correct dot
and no T
was not crossed
Thats the truth.

When leaders defeat pander bears everyone wins!

Forty years ago today

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

passed into law

a best practise

that was not only scientific

it also took great political courage

Cold turkey Canadian would

now be forced to take their temperature in Celsius

thus exiting the club of measurement stupidity

whose members explain the shame

no longer would Canada be measured by

the feckless approach to civilisation

practised by

United States, Liberia, Brunei, Yemen, Burma.

Fourteen years later the great betrayer lying Brain Mulroney

who many suspect was a CIA mole surrendered to the wedge and the pander bear.

Metricfication became voluntary for who knows best about

how to measure than the measured.

The pander and wedge politics practised by

Mulroney and perfected by Harper

have left Canada much poorer

in recklessly spent opportunity costs

where due diligence did

not even require a Napkin

Trudeau was right on the NEP

the proof is in Norway

Trudeau was right on NAFTA

the proof is in Mexico

Trudeau was right

about the government being in the

bedrooms of the nation

the proof is in Indiana.

Where if you do not know

they just passed a Christian version

of Shaira Law

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Strip Mining the Stock Market

The problem with capitalism is the human
creative destruction
when you see a big merger
you know a master of the 
universe has just legally stolen
a billion souled
they will bust out both
firms like the Sopranos
bribe the banks like
Good fellas
and leave the consumer
holding the bag
after the fees have been 
taken and the lawyers
all paid
while the firms themselves
plan for chapter 11

A merger as defined by the MAN
is the competitive benefit realised by 
consumers when
competition is reduced

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Comercial Pilots time has mostly flown

Its pretty clear there is no way
to safeguard agaist the event
the pilot is suicidal
its happened eight times now
in the last seven years

So now its the time safety staticalicy wise
to clip the human pilots wings
and have them on the ground like
drone pilots.
Eliminate the threat of
suicide crash

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jeus Chist Supertrakp

You know nothing, winter is cumming, and the crime of the century will no5
be relevant you stupid fucks who just in the last moment's of their lives]
realised they could have done something collectively better.

Coaching works until it runs out of talent

Do not coach me muther fucker. I may depend upon you for my medicare but that does not mean I was never a bad ass motherfucker to be feared.  When I try that stich at the home they isolate me.

Kill the devil (spirit being only)

Just who wears that name?
I  think a outstanding choirs
of humans would
give Steve Harper that name
deservedly so
the devil is the evil
that invades peoples souls
so I merely wish to suggest
the demons so the body politic
must exposed to sunlight
and Lucifers Hammer
to deuterium if they are
angels in disguise

What about Canada today
would make me feel so,
I leave it to the data miners
and the CTV to
condemn me
to a media
thats a right wing barrage

same situation in Australia and the UK
New Zealand for sure where the bars
are brightly lit and the Bobby's mingle with the
crowds regularly as if on some kind of official inspection
like the Queen herself was going to walk into the bar
to use the rest room
when you have to go
you have to go
when you have to go go go go
go go go
Whiskey a Go Go
thats the vibe from
the past that rock and roll kept
just like Motown
keeps Pop music sane
using the same old
invented in Detroit formula
over and over
suguar pie honey pup
and the meeting at
fairy school with
the sugar plumb
celebrated by
the influential memorable personalities
of the past
that really did something
in art
which is the ultimate Media
for human communication
a thing I came to understand
from studying Japanese
and finding the glyph
that was Ganja
held many treasure
the biggest overall
was the improved
band with
if a  picture is worth a thousand
word a single Chinese character can
not be measured so easily
it depends upon the number of strokes
and what the ink from the pen
said about the author

People who live and learn characters have to perform daily at a higher level than simple alaphebit readers and the panel strongly recommends if we want to keep up the schoolchildren must be readimg and writing in Chines by 2027. The government acknowledges it seems near impossible to teach Anglos French but we are far more hopeful about the Chinese
the left should celebrate us
pushing the Commies.

Near as I  can figure mate
Rupert Murdouche
may have fallen under
the Devils Spell
thing about it really
how could one man
amass such a fortune
if he had not made
a pact with the devil?

When does the membrane of the birth of humanity be a breach birtg?

There is no placenta
int the consevative world
because it yuky
and no one can 
deny it exists

Stupid people cone 
full formed to the
consevative claue
but I would love
to do DNA testing
to prove the people 
running our country
are hiding the fact
the only sex they had
was with thier mother like
alledelly cabinet minsters
from every age
or thier sister like all 
the rest of the conservative
nest of
of inteletucal neglect

What the Harpies of everthiing mostly forget!

In the fast lane of civiliazation 
is accomplishement
and to that end
protest is just an

We can complaine about the weather'
but so far on one has brought
Do not know if HAARP is relevant
I hope all the power put that
way is ineffectual
because I do not under
any circmstance
want to have climate change
denier Repuplicans
manipulating on a small time
scale the weather
On a long tine scale it would
be expobtentaly worse

And all you republicat
voters do not be fooled
they care only about one
thing. There is no refecition
no intelligence, its all no matter what 
the cost being re elected.
We all know this and we walk
to our death thinking this
is just politics.

I aimed for the stars and so far only have a sniff of stard8st

A meritocracy needs a funnel
and we can watch it work every
In pro sports only the best
come to play
all the millions that never made
the grade
are forgotten an un compensated
as the competition
or cannon fodder
of the ones
that make TV
eyes glow

The exponential lives of losers
that never made the grade
are not victims
they rooked the dice
and got Andrew Dice Clay

The Occidental question for humankind
no matter how it be sorted out
is this the way 
we want to live today
so many winners
and many many more losers
all dependent upon the
resources on a finite planet

In my experience humans are really
social animals
more so than parrots
or any other species
on this planet
we are the only species
to kill 
for affection

To be rich today 
has a big social element
but the net effect
is to isolator ones self
to make qualification
for for
and to fear everyone else
because thats the way
it works in the end

No perfect system for living
exists today
everything is a comprise
but to the tea party 
I say if you do not want 
revolution bloody and long
like Aganinstin
start with smart practises
and build trust that way.

Intellectual Betrayl by Goverment

This is the nome du plume for the Tea Party
not only do they take apart respected
Noble prize winning Economist 
like Paul Krugram
they want to naw on Stephen Hawking,
Einstein and Charles Darwin
in their quest to create a stupid
empire for them to rule over

Society is socialist at it base number
which is any number greater than one
is greater than the previous sum
We all know blah blah blah
that the human world exits
through human inputs
and exits and
the balance that be
in our history
is fragile
for success
for anyone

In every text of every so called 
foundation religion
you will find a thing
a lucid
God would never have 
cause science has found
its fundamentally wrong
and its a tell 
in the gamble of human ambition
that humankind
should exploit to take
that pot and invest it wisely
in ourselves
our mountain ape
Neanderthal ancestry
and all we have pro0f
that can be done

Canada extends its mission propoganda

(has anyone else noticed he has the same deer in the headlights look as Dion Phenuf)

Just when peace was breaking out
and the end of history was in sight
we had 911
how convenient 
for the military industrial complex

A perfect foil was Al quads
they could sting but
never bite
it was an air tight
to increase military might
the Flintstones
in those cave
might make a suitcase nuke
and travel to the USA

We now know this is all all false
as the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction
but now we are going into round three
with ISIS
the perfect opponent 
created some where
by a super brain
who was a Bob Dylan fan.

Seriously we lost Afghanistan
We lost Iraq
and now the powers
that be can use the same old
Gobbles story
to take on a new paper tiger
that is stagecraft on the 
world stage indeed

Fighting ISIS so we cant be contradicted
there is no real objective
no victory in sight
just degrade
and degrade
there will never no be
a victory over ISIS parade
or even a Libyan victory
no just terrified citizens
voting in droves
to keep the Islamic bogeyman
from their door.

Thinkaboot it you brain
trained Zombies
is there any message
that will reach your lizard brain
activated can

All I can say is I am doing the best
I can to save the walking dead
from true death
the kind the anxiety
and apprehension
the government and media
are whipping up
to make us live
in a state of fear
and with that
life expectancy goes
down like
a JDAM bomb
exploding on target
and all the pols
that pulled that trigger
do not care
for them yesterday is tomorrow
and the electoral fight
is day to day 
rhetorical combat
where victory is
just being in the moment