Sunday, 26 September 2021

Beaton like a baby seal in a country that respects human rights

 Lets go Chinese

who wrote the song I am turning Japaneze when they leveraged that little  island

into a takover of American.

Now the Chinese who are the masters of our universe. They ruled the planet

as they saw fit for6---- years, yes six centuries. that is a lot of dicks in a bottle

So we have to fight with these commie masterminds of the capitalist system

they buy they never sell, because what may be a swamp in this century could

be the filtration system for a good sized city

and to keep the shit from pileing

up people will pay good money

Saturday, 25 September 2021

It was insantiy to hold the Wa Wie princess hostage

 FULL disclosure I have a Wai Wie phone

I still worry about becoming a eunech

I used to believe in a better society


Justin Trudeau won again he is my man

We lost the better scouts

to the big singing Chin

with Irish eyes smiling

as the country

lost billions in side


with justice for all

or as PET the PM

put it

a just society

and he was rich and

privledged and white

and he refused to accept

that as a limitation of his

dreams for Canada

His dreams of Canada

are most revling not what will

happen but who will do it

Canada would be a polygot

natinos full of people

doing there best to be good


PET was not naïve he

knew that 28% of society would

be a problem

ironically from both the bottom

of the top 

so when he set up the field

of play he knew that

it was gaining a majority

of the 60 percent left

of actual actual actual people

who just lived and had

not time for politics

and could not understand

or worrie for one second

why the USA invaded Iraq


Today I live in the most wonderful diverseve GTPBQ

world the history that we know

would say is number one

and thats a good thing

and it may be the reason'

our civilization will survived

because we dont care about

your DNA

we care about

where we are going to go

and thats the most important

thing we need to internalize\

if we are going to survive

Has anyone seen the movie

the Tinatanic

welll more than hubris

there was a deep state

item to this disaster

that history has never


and I would tell

you but

its undercover

and I dont want a worse than SKIPROL

Canada has the two Micheals back

and I dont appreciate

the tweet from CISIS

thinking what: dinks fire them

I have been to PRC a hundred times

and Tiawan about half

and Singapre more

and I say

why fight for a perfect way

just be smart 

and share

and eat rice

and beans

with some conagc type of


and you will  live

like its 6666

because the Chinese have a history

recorded in porcelin that goes back

6000 years. That is not a typo

it is 3 times the white male belief

about Jesus,

So you dont want to confront

this discrepancy in civilization belieg

I say to you and

I dont want to bring you any special

grief for being ignorant

becuase ingnorant means

something no one considers

it means not knowing

it does not mean stupid'

but unforntalty

being ignorant and stupid

are dance partners

in the virsus that

keeps us from making 

Utopia as a place where

we can all take all the tech and big

screen we can take

but it will soon be soon abandoed

for laughing with your neighbor live

at  fart joke

Do not be disappointed in yourself\

being more than 2 years

old and laughing

at a fart joke

The reason you laugh is  because its mechanism is totally understood

and we have all laid some SBD down that where heavier than air

and created a distraction in the area of infulence

SITRAP fart, hard to activate on point due to the tight sphincter, better used in a sporting event with a goalie. I can blind that goalie with my fart, but I cant skate or shoot the puck, but somehow I am in the bumper position on the power play

with the whole team saying fart fart fart

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Please a Liberal Majortyu

 It will drive all the nuts off the cliff

and we can go on cliff diving

without worry about the experts

who had never dove off

a cliff

but bragged about i6

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Canadian Election so far

 First the gutter politics of the Conservatives 

attacking Justin Trudeau as a person

low low blows that seem a waste of time

Second the rise of Mad Max

due to the anti vax movement

and third

the law of unintended consequence

of the Moderator of the English debate

accidently setting Quebec on fire

to the benefit of the PQ.

Fire Her today for being 

an insensitive right wing person

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Luxury of reading Frank Hebert, Phip K Dick, Robert Hielinen and so many others I can not remember like Ray Bradury

 So here we are in 2021

and the science fiction is

mostly face exec[t

fkor the gavity we;;;;;l

that means we can not put

a survial pod full of supermodels

and Dr of STEM

on this ice

to reproduce

and some day

a few thousand

years late they will know

what deafeted our perfect world

and why it took thousands of years

to get to zero

and it seems they all want to do it again

because of the great ap

( I did not learn to learn noth8ing


I am at dinner in a Japanese Wo Ko Tami Dekyo restaurant

where the paddles lift the ingredients off a grill

a thousand years old and the method

of capture delivery and preparation has

not changed in Kanzawa

its not  Tokyo, its not Nagano

Its not Kobe its not OSAKA

its a place in Japan where\

there are no strip malls

and the streets are safe

from winter because

they a washed from snow

washed from snow

nothing for the people of Toronto

to see move along

Friday, 10 September 2021

911 post with sadness for the event and the aftermath

I wonder, wonder wonder and wonder about 911

some questions

beyond the obvious Building 10 or 11

tapes of the planes before impact the FAA cant find

no black boxes but the passport of one of the terrorists

survive, I would assume the person that alledgley planted

that also framed OJ

The whole building collapse by kerosene

the dancing Mossad

the steel shipped to China on express freighter

Cell towers reached the Lets Roll bunch

and why two depris fields

OH yes it was explaned by the nephew of somebody

in his worldwide debut

that the wind blew all that junk

in a perfect way some 20 k away

with nothing inbetween

compare Peral Harbour

to 911 at least someone

walked the plank

but later pardoned

no one walked the plank

for 911


Saturday, 4 September 2021

Bluetooth 5 is not all its cracked up to bee as far as sound quality

 I recently discovered a long last music player that was Blue tooth 4 and my phone is 5 and I played my JBL clip 4 the exact same track back to back and lo and behold the

Texas chip in the music player beat the Chinese replacement. Now this was not a fair battle but what would it cost to make our phones music players><?MM<

A few practical things to consider. First the battery life is only about 3 hours with my JBL Clip 4. Second the device will not connect to my CX3 any more. Third the connection in a static environment is great. When I ride my bike even though its less than 10 inches away it skips. If I put it in my back pack and the signal goes through my body its worse.

The sound is better, but is it $125 better, I would spend more to get a better solution.