Sunday, 30 October 2016

Women drive me crazy

Yep its all about
my Mother
who I never
so my experiace]
may not tunnel you
but its my pathway

Taking into that
I am grown up
and my parents
have all

So mother
and wife
and sister
and brother
do you
want to
change me
in any way
for humans
are like little
cherry trees
once the roots
take roots
you cant get
more blossoms
and you can
at will
but the tree
will be
the same

I DONT KNOW. But its frighting

Hang on baby
its not going
to be alright
but our
love will
the Kardashion
that makes
in a Zombie

It makes no differance

Who is elected who rules. It used to be important but now the internet rules. So we are all equal in cyberspace and if you dont code, your program is terminated.
So harsh the ones and zeros. The world today is falling apart and that is a good thing as long as we have enought lego to put it all together.

The corrupt system must collapse and we need to embrace a new brotherhood. A place where taking is as bad as a sexual crime.  Hands off the ladies lads, just use natural charms.  Same for goverment which is the organiazation fighting Nhilism. Today I wonder if we would not have been better off Nihilism which is what native amrica was before the white man civilized it. If I am going to die someday and lets for the case of argument say 80 years. In this time what can I do. I want to do everything, build castles in the sky. In reality only 1% or less of the human population will have this brush.  So for the rest the majority what happens, short burtal and death. Yeah that fact changes a population.  I do not know the solution but it is massive goverment effect. The private sector is all silo
we need a harvest of silos and green fields.

Why we drink and drug so much

We drink and drug so
much because
we have time
to Thinkaboot
the human condition
cause if your an 
you have no horizen
your trapped in
your DNA
opposable thumb
and a CPU
to make
it move

So here we are
nomilally not
and full of love
do you ever
wonder how 
an animal 
falls in love
like say a Lion
and his pride
do the girls
giggle when
made brides?

No one said it better
than the Boss
all men want to be
and rich men want
to be king

I just wonder 
what woeman
would want?

A society based
upon nuture
instead of conquest
as a man
I would want
what my mother
told me 
should be

The world is 
a fuckface
we can do
and you
can vote
cause its 
your future
I will live forever
in what I thought
was some kind 
of horrshow
but now has
been proven 
to be
a beautiful
a beautifal past\
a beautifal past
a beautifal past
a beautifal past

Woody Guthrie we hardly knew you

Ever heard of
Bob Dlyan
while he
built his
house with
Woody bricks
and there is
with taking
your own

Thinkaboot this
while you are
getting higher
than the
Empire State
I got no problem
with the flight
but when
you come down
Jesus Crish
do something.

Real Real Gone

I got Van Morrison
as the sharp tip
of the arrow
and he is telling
life is a struggle
does not
this today
because they
come from
or the
education system
where everything
is brony
and unicorns
and candy flos
half the students
did not eat
before comming
to school
and we can
not try

Prepper Fever

Fever fits and some heat
and knowing what to do
its all about being
a man 
or women
or death

Yeah Zombie
Apocalypse or
most people
would survive
for ten minutes
because of the structure
we have surmised

In WW2 80%
of the population 
was more or less
self surfactant
and the footprint
was such that
the hundred presenters
could easy share
and keep life
alive for
those who never
thought for one
second in their
was a
to think
to survive

Today baby
that's all you
should be 
if you believe in math

The earth is just a great
water fountain
and somehow
with our stupidity
and greed
we have gone
with killin
the golden 
in the end 
no one will 
but humans
have proved
over and over
if they cant have
it their way
lets try

Dry Wells Everywhere

No matter how aful Trump is, and I agree he is awful to the ultimate degree, a grifter born wealthy. It appears to me that the Clinton machine is responsible for making the world worse and the email from Wikileaks if true prove she will make the situation worse. So when you have to choose between children who should live, we have this kind of election. The media is the biggest loser in this, and maybe the people are the biggest winners. We have had the Randolph Hearsts and Murdochs using the power of the word to direct us forever. In this election they have found the ink well does go dry.

Ignoring the leed

Suddenly the nothing to see
folks are faced with a supernova
radiating troubled truths
jamming the gears
of the reality distortion field

The FBI has taken its gun
out of the holster just
when the superhuman
crew guaranteed just like
there would never be 
a nuclear accident the duck
tape would hold

Pravda in English
has become the
New York Times
not as clumsy as 
Baghdad Bob
but just as
spinning Clinton Dirt
like a Meile washing
machine in an impeccable
liberal New York loft

Framing the story
as technical 
gobble gook
emails here
and personal servers
there and really
whats the big
have we all not
made a mistake
when hitting the
send button

The story is not
what technical violation
of national security
Mrs Clinton
may have surmised
no its the ATM
machine for
which she
programmed the code
and America became
a Jedi master
to the dollars that

Fish rot at the head
and now Obama
has a stinky association
and we have to wonder
if the green made
his black flounder

History is what we
leave behind
when we are
long long dead
and for President
the question becomes
was he 

Pinky or the Brain?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The greatest timewaster of all time V6

Twenty five years ago I  played the first Civilization  I still have the user guide. Version six is more of the same and by all reviews just as hypnotic. Not sure I will play it, its a horrible addiction.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Follow your heart but make sure its written in Thinkingaboot paper

The modern world has
no room for love
its bank accounts
and cars
and forclosures
and divorce
based upon lies

There was a time
I grew up then
when people fell
in love and it was
and money ment
nothing cause the
most important
thing in life
was being beside
that person
that you really 

Today its all
something differant
the old 80
20 rule
and its not
on the love
of the old
slide rule

Most ancient civilatioss
and rich people in genereal
dont believe in love
they match you up
in an idustrial ways
to produce good

Is this not really what
this election is all about
you got Trump who
will feel your crotch
and Hillary who
never had one

Love is bold
Love dont care
about anything
its the the the the
thing that 
makes us human
and it cant be programmed
or predictied
and its not
carved in stone
but while its in effect
a true welcome with
open arms
alien effect

Evil grows with purity lies

Absolute truth is pretty much all
scientific and the closest
political arrangement we
have to that is communism
and I predict a comeback

Libertarian communism will
save the day
we all live off the grid
with green house appliance
no larger than a dishwasher
and printed food
giving us nutrition
our body wastes
are processed for 
their heavy metals
and phosphates
and its all a big 
cycle of life

We could do this all today
we got enough money
and the know how
but the power players
say no
to life 
so power adverse
that somehow
there is no master
and not salute
nobody dresses
up to meet
you and everyone
is not interested
whats beneath your skirt

Today in the USA 
we have the creepy clown
facing off with the corporitus Harpie
and the voters 
are facing the ticking time bomb
no good decision
someone is going to die
big parts of the collective
are going to be destroyed
no matter who comes down
first on the ballot side

Ye shall know them by 
their associates
Trump has none
Hillary has everyone
and thats why I say
vote Trump
because it will 
take evil a few 
years to get back
in play.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Law of the jungle

Its never been repealed
just disguised with politics
and players
and the lion
king still
kills willy nilly
and the pride
takes it all
in stride

Someone saved a life tontie

Wow should the stars
come crashing down
because the starshield
can only handle
so much penatration
before the sheilds
and everybody dies
no dylthim crystals
in the world
can amp up to \
over amp and not
its thermodymanics
on the human field

so provide enought
energy for everyone
or condem them all
to death
you choose

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Living Near Death

I Do it every day without
and I know
you humans
all of you feel
exactly the same
so not why go
against the
staus Quo
they have built
a human fortress
and I can not imagine
the creation of of human
being that can bring
all those bricks down

Overthink this

Overthink planet zero
yeah thats the mob
way we want to enjoy
everything today and as for
tomorrow we could be
in jail

we could be in jail
yet have a plan to
this is the Minuteman;
failure of incarceration

Overthink on everything

I will say this is a male
gentic trate
and the females
allways protected
do no ackowlege
as femmists
how we kept them
the conssesions
to our manly ways'

I have met women
who could beat my
ass hands down
and I do not know
if they would accet
a partner not has
hard as them
but I gotta hope
the internet
has not messed
up what was the
greatest missunderstanding
the relationship betwe
women and men

I could go on an on
how being equal
is going to win
in divorce
and both side
but for humans
to procreate
I am sorry there
has to be
a bad gorrillia
a man

Montreal Smoked Meat its not all the same

Speaking of falling down little fuck faces there in Rona Ambrose, and we have DDD, for sure he is a good guy not comparing him to a total whack job at the trough of pigs. We all know given all the mistakes little DDD could be replaced on the third line with a Swatz sandwich and we would all go there just for the taste of victory that comes with mustard. This is a team of mystery and we have eMTY at the throne free of the constriaints of PFK at the building of Louisberg. Do not panic, that is the thing that seperates the non players from the SWAT men. I panic everytime so I know its true. If you dont panic you can win in combat, and that is a little slice of what the NHL player is in. Most players at this elite level panic all the time, its because the coaches have programeed them to fear failure instead of embrace it. Those players that ingore the coach win
stanley cups

Bob Dylan and the Nobel legacy

Nobel was looking for atonement
when he created his gift
this measurement
for humanity and
its been pretty good
but not perfect
I believe both
Yasser Arafat
and Barrack Obama
won one for peace
and that's a travesty

The Swedes are complaisant
in the persecution of
Julian Assuage
for maybe 
Mr Dylan is going
to say to the world
you cant pull me 
down into the hole 
your in
I will not legitimise
the censorship
the hypocrosy
that comes
with kissing 
your ring
I am beyond that
I am 
not saint
sure a sinner
but overall
one of the best
ever coveredall
living things

Every institution on the
planet has crashed
and the Nobel Institute
just realised 
is responsible
at the top
to many banquets
and tee totalling
the world
was in full

Throw your hands in the air the goverment has gone Commando, no underwear

We surrender the future
to the past
because the economic warlords
need one more nickel
when they already
own everything
and who will 
say enough?

The idea that the utes of 
today have no chance
at stability
is destabilising
in the worst way
breeding ground
tell me I have no
and I will
die for it 

So throw up your
do not try and interfere
the invisible hand
wants to choke off
the future
that is clear
but our
is not even

Make temporary employement illegal for those over 18

Timeout for civilization

Its a timeout for civilization
because the most
important nation
is going to vote
and its looking
like a tie
between blowhard
and slick
second story
and the natives
are restless
but cant get
momentum going
to save a dime

So we wait while
mosul burns
and ISIS moves
to Syria
with the US
providing cover
because its all
about Assads
and the Russians
say so
between hacks
and wikileaks
with truth and lies
and the torrent of
realitiy that is no longer
real yet you can walk
on its streets everyday
now that the main
street has gone away
replaCEO By
Amazon and third
world Walmarts
with polyester and plastic
restructuring the steel foundation
with processed sand

Slowing the planet is
ready to burst into boil
and we have nothing to
see hear
and 6th extinction 
to fix the world
real good
creative destruction 
the invisible hand
and Marx works

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Just What I needed

A ancient hockey player with the passion to carry the CH high. I took a risk and chose him as my avatar and 3 games into the season, I see red
is well.

I don't mind you coming here
And wasting all my time
Cause when you're standing oh so near
I kinda lose my mind
It's not the perfume that you wear
It's not the ribbons in your hair
And I don't mind you coming here
And wasting all my time
I don't mind you hanging out
And talking in your sleep
It doesn't matter where you've been
As long as it was deep, Yeah
You always knew to wear it well
And, You look so fancy I can tell
And I don't mind you hanging out
And talking in your sleep
I guess you're just what I needed
(Just what I needed)
I needed someone to feed
I guess you're just what I needed
(Just what I needed)
I needed someone to bleed
I don't mind you coming here
And wasting all my time, time
Cause when you're standing oh so near
I kinda lose my mind, Yeah

Important Car

Honda now in hatchback!

Talking and dreaming

I am alive 24 seven
and not working
a shift
that makes me
a genius

talkling and dreaming
talking and dreaming
like I was alive
not just
a sixth sense

Its over

I gave the command to listen better on the Ipod and the stats indicate I was a poor leader. I may face criminal justice for saying I love Van Morrison.
This is the world today where millions of lawyers have nothing to do. 

baby I love you

it dont matter
agist anti matter
an time travel
even if all that
where true
you remaind
a particualar
and no
I have seen
is a spectaulor
as you
and thats
a big
thing to me
as I dont
know what to do
when I see a
beauty fawing
directley at you
if time exists

I am so tired

so tired of eveything being
presented as the right wy
we do not know enought'
to give a fuck' and
a thousand years of
the same way

Car lies Boat truth

There is no speed limit on the ocean


Freedom is an illusion
and if your rich
your trapped
in rings of security
and the people
on the wors
are living
a human
life better than

Its lonely at the top
and humans
are social animals
so being the
grey monster
is not

Thousand mile stare at Trump

Exculisve unobtainable Canada Eh Tee

This is my response to a post on a neat new blog I enjoy. It has lawyers guns and money. The author does a hands up dont shoot takedown of the Donald. I am all Donald lives matter.

Years before Trump applied to be President I derided him as a symbol of the worst of American grifters. That was before the Clintons made him look like a three tent carnival barker.
The Arab spring has proven there is no democratic heart beating in middle east revolutions. There is no non radical Syrian opposition. Its Sharia law or death. Cynics would say Alleppo is important only as the terminus of a pipeline for gas from Qtar. (Termius from the Walking dead proves Hillary is a cannibal)Following this line Trump’s gut instincts are the peoples choice.
Where is wikileaks getting the emails? I doubt its the Russians. They dont fit the profile. Putin is too smart to pick sides in a US election.
The US has spent 3 trillion dollars pounding sand in Iraq and Afghanistan, again Trump raging against NATO has teeth. Why should America bleed out for the world, it needs blood donors or maybe thinkaboot why give blood?

Hawkings thinkingaboot AI

He thinks it could be humanities biggest disaster, worse than thermonuclear war. The race between technology and common sense was lost centuries ago.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Keeping up with the Jones

Fawlty for S7 Walking Dead

Robot Face Tee

What can possibly go wrong? Robots!

Dubia patrolled by Robo Cops by 2017

Authoritarian regimes with tireless empathy free inhuman enforcers. A future even Aldus Huxley and George Orwell would fear.

The Big Losers

Maybe its about time. The media has never been an unbiased voice. People own the papers and humans always have an agenda. The biggest loser in the Presidential election 2016 is the press.  

Say what you will about Wikileaks, no one knows if they are fake or real. The only indication we have is not even a non denial denial from above. Collectivly these paint a picture of a nasty, corrupt piece of work if true. In fiction a real life House of CardsCNN has reviewed them to date and without bias found, nothing to see here folks.

Now thats an Apartment

Magical cities most I have been to. Venice is suri geneis. Mozart lived here, its Venice. If I were a rich man there would be no hesitation.

Campaign Buses say the darnest things

Anthramorphism at its best.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Wikileaks under attack

Freedom democracy ethics transparency all good until they happen to you. The saddest part of Wikileaks is that the truth seems to have very little impact on the reality distortion field. The Deep State ignores it and the sheeple move along undisturbed by the goings on in the palace far above their pay grade.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Total Bullshit

turn it off
there is
no there there
join me
in my hopeles
blg spt

the face of anarchy

Its en geniune
we most move forward
or face my face
which means nothing
expect I give 
good lip

Naked works

Hey baby
we got many births
and its about
time to begin
or not

so I travel 
its one location
and the 
central planner
make strip malls
to keep it that 

In the sameness
of everyday
I see you
naked and
I know
I was not
born to pray
to Gods
no I was
made for

I dont care no more

Yeah its nuclear war
but it may be refreshing
considering the alternative
which is wage slavery
being alive
and thats not
and no one
seems to care
and thats why
this world will
end in a bright light
and humanity
will pack up its bags
and begin again
short brutal and not
like a time travel
where its all repeat'
and try over
and maybe the
7th time we try civilisation
a millon years from now
we will get it right
we should leave 
a monument to this
but the the pyramids
are not fact

The Choas differance equalizer

Hillary and Donald
like Jack and Diane
share the ablity
to float over the
boiling lava
that threatens to 
and they have been
both doing it
for a long long time

Today the pot is on full
who will be the frog
and who
will be the Prince?

Why Trump will win

Its the science telling us GMO foods are infallible
and nuclear reactors will never go bad
a plane needs only one engine
because it will never fail
ISIS terrorists we support
because its a constant

Trump is a man pig
there is no doubt
I would never
stick my tongue
in a girls mouth
but I don't think its
a crime
or even something
for every women
who considers it assault
you will find a thousand
that got married

Do men do things woman hate
but that is the human race
so if you want to put up stop signs
go biologic

New King in Thialand

Patong Beach Phuket

Best of luck in the land of smiles.
If I could live a comic book existance
it would be in Thialand

Thursday, 13 October 2016

First time assian

yeah kifd greek
and tottal denail]
uy3 a gig SYE
says go donw
like no  shelCASEW


There is no pain your reciving

message not delivered despite pink flyod fame

The Ballad of Donald Trump

Yes he was born rich
rich like the rain
that will always
fall to earth
and grow green
and I should
commit suicide
because I cant
like that pasture
because thats
the way it was
and the way it
will always

Unlike his peers
he did not go
to upstream
he just remained
a 60's asshole
which in the hole
war on the world
is a guy you would
want in a foxhole
in a Zombie apoclylsre
but otherwise
easy to despise

Man and woeman
are never equal
thats bioloic;
and if you want
to bring lawsuits
to prove your
a bitch
go forward
to scratch that itch

I have never done
anything naughty
but thinkingaboot
everything there
is a chance a could

this is not a crime
it not national new
its humam  interatction
since time stood still
and I will tell my
daugher slujg
and the bad
man will go away
unless its something
more pistal
then shoot
to death
that bad clown

My Mother

My Mother
no wonder why
if you know me
that is complicated
and perfect
because I
have two mothers
and two fathers
so that is why
I can not
just take one
side in any discussion
I want more

God bless my mother
and my father
cause they really
made me
suri genis
and all that
well it had it reward
but still waiting
for the big
that all that cross breeding
to most half and quarter
and more divide

Calling Me a Trump trumpet is Rich

I want to see
Trump as president
like I want to
see an abortion
but its that kind
of choice

If not the Jews the Irish

Yeah the Pouges should get a Noble prize as well

Working the Democratic lie

Well its more like the truth
because if you play the game
and are smart
and dark enough
you will win

But it you are a fuckup
and shit disterber
you better
be good enough
or no body
will know
your name

Greatest Jew since Jesus

This is a personal challage
I am not going to google anything
because like navigation in a car
using google as a backstop for
native intelligence
is going to make
you a shepple
faster than
slavery circumstance

Great Jews I know personally
these are pretty few
my college roomate
a privileged child
named Howie
and a internet lawyer

So the gold standard is Jesus
what a mother fucking
imaculate jew.
The only way possible
due to human bioligy
that God could bring
him to us without sex
was pre cognative
in the womb

Great Jews I have enjoyed
now this is not a German
upscale menu
that was a fucking cheap
shot at the nation and the people
that fried millions of people
and it gave them
centuries of blowback

I lived 7 years in Austria
the birthplace of Hitler
so no matter how
hard the Austrains
when he was in Austria
he was more than
a mahler (painter)

Hilter was a Trump
and he had something
to hang on
So the guilty should
be hung
but in post WW2
the Jews where
all Kardashian

All Kardashian in a good
like Singapore today
and the people
who did not
where all Jennifer Aliston
with reapating rifles
but I got to say
the whole Germans
are evil and Jews died
narritive escapes the nuance
that Germans are the worlds
greatest people

Killing six million Jews
aside from the fact it
was very expensive
is a horror story
that every human
shoud be shown
on birth and taught
to understand
we humans are
capable of
outstanding acts
on both side
but to kill
the most
is insanity
and even if your
side wins
for a while
we live on a sailboat
and you have just
hit us with a big wave