Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 year in review

It sucked. Climate change seems irreversible. Economic uncertainty continues to walk further off the Wlye E Coyote cliff. Legendary deaths accelerate without suitable replacements. Donald Trump was elected president.

Friday, 23 December 2016

It looks so much like Christmas but its all a great lie, the only one I really love

When Constanitine decided to win hearts
and minds he concentrated on Christmas
because he was a mass malipultaor
no suprise he ran a
fucking empire

Everybody loves a holiday
but to make it real
you have to give it
a purpose
and what better
than the birth of the
saviour of the world
Who even to this day
could seriously top[

I am not going to dip my
toe into the toxic swamp
that is religion
or mind control
of people who
are looking
to be sheeple
cause their minds
never fully develolped
to the thinking thing
beyond mathatics and spelliing
and good arguments
just realization
thats the car
you got to park

So anyone who has
ever read my blog
and taken the time
to thinkaBOOOT
WHAT it takes
to shake it
I applaud
and even those
who think I
am crazy and
there are no Nazi
at the south pole
I just want to say
sincerly with all my
heart thank you.
Thank you for taking the time
to consider
you have not
seen elsewhere
in situ
or never

I really do not have
a flying fuck idea
of what the fuck
is happening
consider me the
under equipped
assinged to
forcast hell

happy holidays
and all the ethnic greating
that is the same
we are all the same
at Christmas
and that is my
Christmas wish
that we all realize
we got a short time
and killing people
or making them live
is not human
its great ape
so people
please evole

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mellon Colony

Should be the national anthem these days

DOA 2017

Every day baby I count the toll
of the heroes and admiration
I have for those I loved
for a long time
and to see them
fall increasingly 
as domino's
makes me feel
really old
and realise
once again
you only get one
so never sit
because when the music
you will wish 
you spent more time
swirling on the dance floor
than spilling in the chair

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 13

Not even a feint hope left, the Donald will be the next POTUS. If you were going to set up a kleptocracy and rape and pillage the public purse like never before you would select the Trump cabinet. I sure hope its a come to Jesus time for these old white men. For us peasants its great to be living in a dystopian novel, we are truly a big part of history.

The great thing is we are not going to ruled by PowerPoint presentations.
This is the great Ryandian moment in history. Let loose the capitalists and let the invisible hand do its thing. I expect very bad things. The biggest problem is the left has a dysfunctional alternative. So we are left to choose between a focused incompetent right, and a unicorn loving left.

Monday, 19 December 2016

A qyraun Aquiriam

Like a giant sea in a tank'
and thanks
but that does
not cut the gras
my friends
you see the bioshpere
is fucked and you
cant breath Co3
so we took care of the
p[rboblem GIA

Such sore stories

Hey I Just flatteed out
oj ice
and it hurt
and my lungs
went poof
and I could not
and then the cold
plor air filled
my lungs
and I was ready
to start again
shouting abooot.

Yeah I took a nasty
spill on the ice
that would of killed
just not me
so  what should I
thinkaboot that
in the collective
I will wait for the lightneg
and then a I will preach
mostly pastifarian

Not the fourth ,or fith or even the siths

Hey, fuck everything
and if we can grow

Candy bOY

i AM a Candy g go= boy
like I could get it right
the first time

CXandy means everyting
I loved herre back in 74
and now I love her
even more
living like a hjman
liike I did and she
did too
we are going somewhere
as two

Zombies do not deter my belief in Iron Sights

Like there is no battery and its all powerd
by freeze dried military rations
that keep dried husk

Iron sights kill Zombies
at the same rate per capita
as powerd lenses
thats a true statement
cause there are
no Zombies
as an enemy to 

Red dot Red dot
can you feel
the killing that
is comming
through you
thats why
in guns
I am iron sights
I dont believe
in human slaughter

Whats that mean you
Hillary loving John Kerry

It means and I dont believe

that just because you
can kill something
without notic
or reprucssons
if will work out well
in the end
fanactics are somebodys
uncles at heart

Hey peeps we are all the
same on suicide belt
it sucks
and the pain
will make everyone
really see
its not a great play
in the great game

Solving Canadians Greatest Problem :Not Invented Here Slanty Eyes

Slanty Eyes and big black pricks
is it an insult to say you like those
features and if you dont
kiss my ass

How can we be in trouble 
for saying all races have something

Asian girls have such a perfect face
granted them by more than 6000 years
of human race
and a inordinate amount of black
people being the first race
have cocks that make
every women hot
whats wrong with that?

So we people who dont have huge members
or makeup inspired eyes can do our
best and just accept
our tasks are supersonic
but at the end of the day
we are
not originals

Everything I write is connected to one great thought

This is the lesson I learned
not from knowing myself
but from external examination
of others

Robert Heilien, Issac Assimov, Ray Bradbury
are the classics and I forgot others
but the narrative is all the same
it never changes
we all live in our own
and we really have the power
to change it
but it
is for me and you ask
a superhuman task
and how many
of us are
super human?

Paralyser you got to hear it

Anthems need to be sung and this is one


I was travelling through time
and then 
it came to me
we are all going 
we need to be reborn
every day
to realize
there in no future
no past
just circles faribochi themes
and Michalangilo intutituve dreams
in time and
we are living on a ring
and good or bad 
it dont matter
cause good times
will always come again
and bad times
they are the worst

I am a fake news center apparerntly

Much to my fustration where I see millions
and Tremdous response
I am hillary
and can barely average a hundred legitimate hits a day
talk about the best content provider in the world
not part of the main stream media. Invest in me today
and will pay you back on Thursday.

The Russkies love me and I love them back
I am  married to the most wonderful Poleack
and its all most the same people as Russian speak
and Polish speak is like American Speak
and Canadian Speak
and what makes them differant is
just like our cousins
distance from the power

The Kabui theater long subidized 
by the military industrial complex
staring Russia is the biggest bomb
in reality theater ever
yet for decades it has
been the biggest gold miner
the MAN has ever seen

First the idea that Russia has
some kind of asperations to 
kick America off the king of the hill
is laughable
its like a hyenya wanting to be a lion

Second Russia has domestic problems
comming out of its ass
massive coruption
a video game 
and that does not
even start
to address the

So we fuck up the Russians
what next the Chinese
we fuck them well
then what
well we have already
seen its the general population
that that real target and the
move against non threats
are just fients

I believe in Sting
that the Russians
and every human
with child
loves them

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nobel prize is facebook for people that actually should post

Congrats Bob Dylan. Your a God and I hope we find a cure for death
before you die.

Snow Mexican Daily Dairy day 11ish

The Trump cabinet takes shape and it going to have a huge impact on human destiny. Row Row Row your boat in one direction and you will defeat a better crew who are going different directions. This is a nursery rhyme Trump has taken to heart with his cabinet. Not since the successors to Robespierre have we seen such a regressive bunch, sadly missing Sarah Palin but made up by half with Rick Perry. This is a cabinet made of huge success. Will that translate into good policy, ha ha ha. America is now lead by a ultra white group of ultra rich, God bless America.

I still think there is the potential for Trump to be a great President, but it will mean he throws his cabinet aside, or changes them into Teddy Roosevelt's.

Interesting tid bits from the establishment indications that they are
way offside with changing anything really.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Hook me up all iteranal with my cell phone failikng that

Its a a monster
and uyop
tpo tame
its not just me
its a matter of
a fact
wholely fuck bubbles
I dont knw anymo\re
asb o about
kitty cats
bit coin bieng
free and no
interenet eacces
somehthing about
planet of of the

Walking Dead moving impossibley slowly

like we know av=biuytr the about Zombie apocolpyse
no on knows how
its going to flow
it do not matter
you know
pre disastor
it going
to be
a life
untill you drop
the bicthc
of Meil;e

Love poles in the future are all carbon fiber

I do not care a rats ass
about what you believe
you can practise Voodoo
or ride on flying carpets
and I am non pulsed

the time that gives me
anxiety yot should
that we need all
kinds of diversity
to prevent the
seventh collapse
and no matter
what God you
we are now
all on his
with no
help from

I love me God\
because its
he hates and loves
me like a perfect
or something with
more gender
the end result
is that together
we are within
the range of Godlike
and that makes
me smile
and bare my
crooked teeth
with joy
that I am carbon
as a mask
and your
are all

least we forget the little island nation of England
conquered the world with a face better
than Neegan but the same tactics
imagine that gamers
people are really
such sheeple
they will let anything
go by for so long
by the time they
think it matters
the battle is
long gone

Today the world is in a flux
I could have said Toyota
because that our future
in the best case
a life of wonderful

I admire and respect the Japanse
but its a death sentance for humans
robots love it
excuse me for being racist
but the leaders of slanty eyes
have programmed
their wonderful beautiful
leading communtiy
into exticticion
and no one ever saiddeddd
that being slatnity eyed
was a genetic
no more a personal perefreance
about what a face
should look like
and I for one
think that a slantey eyed
person has ever chance
to be viewied by the general
population as beauty
number one
or at the least
there is no person
who was chossing
by appearance
who would not
want to be

The winning begins
at the factory
we got to eat
we got to clother
other than
that we could be
living the way
a humanity
will need to
live on outrpace
or Mars
but as for the
American Nation
I predict
they will desend into
civil war
very soon
with much less
reason than\
but still
a society based
upon low

Chickens comming home to roost?

What goes around comes around. We will see what kind of Karma Bitch slaps Saudi. Those who create the suck should see the most suck.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Do No Evil

Google's actions speak. This is free market speech as well. Google will get all of its massive energy needs from renewables in 2017.

Westworld's Creation: the creation of Adam, or Adam's Creation it depends on the translation

The Creation of GOD
Clearly the first season conclusion of HBO's Westworld has awe inspiring thought. Looking for evidence that Michelangelo was the worlds greatest heretic is not going to yield much. Clearly the Revelation that the Sistine Chapel has the most clever graffiti ever created is breaking ground.

I have infinite patience with Science Fiction. I will consume and enjoy the worst trash because I like this flavour of expression so much. That's why I was so initially disappointed in Westworld. It was like a series about the Titanic, we all know it has to end with an iceberg. Same for Westworld, the only conclusion we have seen so many times before was SKYNET. I was so wrong.

Westworld has been the most successful first season cable show in History. It has exposed a huge audience to a terrific metaphor for humanity. We are the hosts, we are on the script, we are in the box and cannot escape the failed civilizations loop. Our box was created by God, or as the Westworld interpretation of Adam's Creation suggests we create our own Gods/prisons. If we only truly knew what we are we could become something better.

Ban the Burka?

Wow thinkaboot any more conflicted thought. The government should have no business telling me what to wear, like gold stars for example? So Angela Merkel wades into this minefield of political correctness, a talisman of societal cohesion.

Despite the expressed free will of the women who wear it, there is no way to scientifically express anything but disgust at this fashion. It serves the purpose of one sex. It defines anti social control mechanism. Ban the Burqa! (I wonder how Daniel Greenfield would react to the last paragraph)

I would go even farther. If you work for the government.  That means you work for the people. People who work for the people should be secular in act and deed. No religious or political symbolism on the job. If you don't like it work for the private sector. The Kock brothers are always hiring.

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 10 ish

What if Trump shorted Boeing before he tweeted? What if Trump decides the world will take a haircut on US debt, what would his kids pre announcement reaction be totally blind trust wise?

Why does Trump respond to SNL trolling? Is it to establish a Reagan like veneer of clownish incompetence? While we are all laughing he is making out like a bandit of misdirection.

Every change of administration has loads of dirty laundry found in the closets. How its washed tells you what kind of fashion will be in style for at least four years. Trump has more dirty linens than the 1.1 million rooms making up the Marriott group. Four example the Obama administration added $9 trillion in debt over eight years, effectively doubling the debt load he inherited. Try and figure out where this money went? You think it would be news? Trump will make Obama look niggardly. Reagan is the template for Trump. Reagan despite IMHO being one of the worst Presidents of all time is beloved. Does anyone wonder after making money what Trump loves most?

So many cans kicked down the road forever, what happens when the road ends?

The anaemia of the week came from China. Does anyone really think Trump just took a call from Taiwan? Its as believable as thinking before the invasion of Iraq, GWB did not know about Sunni and Shia. Methinks Trump may be playing with the bull, and usually that ends in getting the horns. America is the struggling farmer and China is the bank ready to forclose on the ranch. Except the rancher is armed to the teeth and willing to fight to cling on to what he believes to be truer than economics.

RIP Andrew Sachs

Who? Manuel from Fawlty Towers. IMHO Fawlty Towers is the best comedy series ever. Okay it was only 12 episodes, okay it was totally politically incorrect, okay it induces fits of coughing laughter.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

You like your Cock where it is then I tell you how to fuck the Chinese

Chinese never understand me
wrong I respect
like death
from above
if it had an
accrurate targeting
system that was not
6000 years old

So baby I love you
and I think we can
do this together
but you dont make
enough money for
us to both afford
the plan so I will
marry miss horsefasce
because she has already
run the race and won so many time
I blame Prince Charles
and that brand
but hey hey hey
there is a chance
I think your beautiful
despite all the
and you dont have
a publisit
or a make up
and you were
made to fit
go girl go girl
I tried that
and when
I regained consiouss
it was you
not wieght
not model
not famous
I was just rockin
bien g with you
cause your my
soul mate
and even lucifre
would have prob
with the HVAC
on me an you

But one thing I know
in my brief life
it was being with
you that made
me at any time
willing to make the ultimat
sacrifice to save you
and thank God or the
Giant Pizza Monster
we do not deal with life
as ordering pizza
but in the end
from the thousand
yard stare
your all going
to face
a compkter

Money its a Gas

We are talking Pink Flyiod
cirea 1871 or later
but its still money]
and most peeople
know they pay

So money its a gas
is that a Sonnerrcomando
where your friends take
all you got
to kill you
that four months
is all they have got

Talk a bout a dilimma
but it should be instructive
how long do you want to live
carry carry carrry on with
extensital backpack this

Believe me know and I will
tell you later verbally
this is the sixth extictin
from the time mammals
could remeber
there was all lots
of stinky stuff that
went on before
the dinisorus
had enought

What to do today
is the question
and how to survieve
is the bigger question

So we got to stop today
burring carbon
and its like saying
to a Herion addict
kill all poppies
but in the real life
we got to stop
the injection of
and start thinking
for ourselves
for a good while
and then after\
good meditaton
it will be near
obviously much
closer than the
Trump Election
that the anwer
was hydrogen


I got great hair, flowing sensuous biblical hair. So as Samson I went to barber
and he cut me NCIS style, or what every man in the land seems to wear these days and I think back to the time I cried when my parents wanted to cut my locks.
I think about letting my freak flag fly and how that did not accomplish alot
and most of all Jeez I like my shaved head for comfort.

Trump Diary Day 8ish: Trump firmly in command

Love him or hate him
one thing Trump has already
is that he is incredibly effective
and hits goals
like a hellfire
at a wedding party

The Carrier thing
aint no small beer
he backed down
the military industrial complex
in their HVAC pursuits
and maybe we will find
he over payed
but for fucks sake he is not
even president
and he is twisting the Man's

The existential question of the Trump Presidency
is all in the delivery
of policy that upsets the apple
cart and gives all the hangers
on terminal farts
because the reality distortion
field can no longer contain
the stink

Humans are simple beings
most at home living like
mountain gorillas
and never doubt every
man wants to be a 
silver back
no one could have imagined
and squirrel back
would rule
and this is revisionary
in social media
and places
where books 
are read as well
its just a new new new
newness that we needed
so bad
and its being delivered
by a 71 year old lad

Trumps a racist and he hates women
that is so disgusting 
repeating that should be a hate crime
Trump likes to win and he assembles
his team with that dream
and based upon his track
record we are going to feel 
really good for the next four

Just like Reagan who IMHO
set the world on fire
we have Trump and
he will sail 
and the rest of us
will digest the statistics
that say its way way better
but wonder why the food
bank we depended on 
has closed
while we find
you own one share of 
milo mindbender
envelopes cooling in 
our dead fridge

Gravity and thermodynamics together
can just about capture the whole
range of human expression
while gravity works at 9.8 meters
per second thermodynamics is like
a human 
taking time to warm up or turn cold
but once we both do
if your on the wrong side
of the equation
your dead