Monday, 19 December 2016

I am a fake news center apparerntly

Much to my fustration where I see millions
and Tremdous response
I am hillary
and can barely average a hundred legitimate hits a day
talk about the best content provider in the world
not part of the main stream media. Invest in me today
and will pay you back on Thursday.

The Russkies love me and I love them back
I am  married to the most wonderful Poleack
and its all most the same people as Russian speak
and Polish speak is like American Speak
and Canadian Speak
and what makes them differant is
just like our cousins
distance from the power

The Kabui theater long subidized 
by the military industrial complex
staring Russia is the biggest bomb
in reality theater ever
yet for decades it has
been the biggest gold miner
the MAN has ever seen

First the idea that Russia has
some kind of asperations to 
kick America off the king of the hill
is laughable
its like a hyenya wanting to be a lion

Second Russia has domestic problems
comming out of its ass
massive coruption
a video game 
and that does not
even start
to address the

So we fuck up the Russians
what next the Chinese
we fuck them well
then what
well we have already
seen its the general population
that that real target and the
move against non threats
are just fients

I believe in Sting
that the Russians
and every human
with child
loves them

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