Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Snow Mexican Daily Dairy day 11ish

The Trump cabinet takes shape and it going to have a huge impact on human destiny. Row Row Row your boat in one direction and you will defeat a better crew who are going different directions. This is a nursery rhyme Trump has taken to heart with his cabinet. Not since the successors to Robespierre have we seen such a regressive bunch, sadly missing Sarah Palin but made up by half with Rick Perry. This is a cabinet made of huge success. Will that translate into good policy, ha ha ha. America is now lead by a ultra white group of ultra rich, God bless America.

I still think there is the potential for Trump to be a great President, but it will mean he throws his cabinet aside, or changes them into Teddy Roosevelt's.

Interesting tid bits from the establishment indications that they are
way offside with changing anything really.

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