Monday, 19 December 2016

Zombies do not deter my belief in Iron Sights

Like there is no battery and its all powerd
by freeze dried military rations
that keep dried husk

Iron sights kill Zombies
at the same rate per capita
as powerd lenses
thats a true statement
cause there are
no Zombies
as an enemy to 

Red dot Red dot
can you feel
the killing that
is comming
through you
thats why
in guns
I am iron sights
I dont believe
in human slaughter

Whats that mean you
Hillary loving John Kerry

It means and I dont believe

that just because you
can kill something
without notic
or reprucssons
if will work out well
in the end
fanactics are somebodys
uncles at heart

Hey peeps we are all the
same on suicide belt
it sucks
and the pain
will make everyone
really see
its not a great play
in the great game

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