Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary Kaos week

Trump must choose between real Americans and Big Meat. It will be tremendous. Always bet on big.

All the noise about banning Muslims is a sideshow. Its a great issue like abortion or gun control, lots of sound and fury for both sides with no real  consequence or hope of victory. It works for Trump because its exactly what he wants, people watching the circus while the real work of looting the country goes on unobserved.

I lean towards thinking this is a very stupid move. However the tears and fears of the refuge rights above all hypocrites are way over the top. Obama did almost the same thing to the same countries with different rhetoric. Trump has not banned the Muslims from the countries that have supplied the most actual and arrested terrorists on American soil. Bottom line belief in Sharia law is anti democratic and not compatible with a modern society. Catholics and Hassadic Jews have been able to operate within the limits. Most Muslims do as well, however the radical fringe is above the level of tolerance.

This season of Homeland is like a real public affairs program. It tackles terrorism, constitutional rights, Israel's influence and other hot button topics from surprising angles.

As unpopular and unsuccessful as nation building has been, it is the only way to solve the problem. Everyone in the world can not live in the Western world.

Which brings us to Trumps next big low hanging fruit. The UN. The UN needs a major enema. If it can not even start to meet its mandate, it should just become the security council.

Netanyahoo has been emboldened by Trump. In many ways he was the pre Trump. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will be upsetting the biggest applecart in the world. I think its time. This two thousand year old feud has to be ended. The Palestinians played a great hand badly. They totally lost their stake over and over through idiotic moves and with no hope of change now, deserve to lose.

The show goes on, but we see and hear less and less about what is really happening behind the curtain.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary first post reality

The Donald is a piece of work
and thats a good thing
no one is going to
tell him a single

we need this kind of attutude
so bad its worth a few retreats
like the envioroment
well its a big boy
and daily pronouncents
or even decaCdes are not
lethal descents
just wait until they bring
the dust masks out
in Washington and then
we will know we are
in denial full time
untill that relax
cause we are
already dead

The matesrer sof the universe
have punched the numbers
in cyberspace
with very supercooled
filters and found
that carbon dixoicde
is worse than crab grass
or chylimida in  otherwise
succulant flowers
is over rover

There is no turning back
and no need to tack
if your living in the modern
we can do no more harm
in even the short or medium
so lets let those future
people breath with filters
and monpopoized air
cause we said
no problem
Mr Trump

I know a million people

I know a millon people
and thats conservative
adivice that woould
want to be with me
for the rest of my life
but I only know
one that
I would say
the same on

Sailing Survival News

There is no economic sense when it comes to sailboats. You can buy foot for foot
a much prettier and suave power boat at much less cost. The difference engine is the range at full power. Power yachts might do 500 miles in most domestic cases but a good sail boat can travel the world using less fuel and still have you raving on the decks and  hatches.

I used to snow mobile we called it skidoo. I travel ed every Sunday until my skidoo suit was stained with oil and I had a carburetor exhaust moustache. We travelled far and had fun, but I gave it up for skiing cause thats a blast that works
one on one with thermodynamics and even if you have to manually climb the hill
your going to have an exceptional thrill.

What got me into sailing was Jack London and his South Seas tails. Oh course there was a lot of horror between the scurvy sodomy rum and the lash. Today
ever thing is optional and you can travel at a fair clip, think of it as a jet vs a train.

Because I read it in the Economist I alway thought Oysters where the best. Thats before Trump and realising free trade was a lie and how much other bullshit
have a bought in trying to plot the courses that is my short life.

Nothing wrong with Oysters if you want to travel the plane probably the best
plastic boats in which you can exist. One thing that always bothered me about
sailing was lighting. If common sense is any indication a sailboat is going to get hit on the open sea. As much as I can muster there is no good info about lighting strikes on sailboats. They happen like going to a ATM in the south side of Chicago and getting knifed. Lots of people do it and not everyone dies.

So I spent some mental frustration running simulation of  a lighting strike
on my craft. On a plastic or carbon fiber boat the best case scenario is dead in the water and some survival electronics cribbed away in a Faraday cage, you call it a microwave ever day. So if I venture out on the water I must pray Thor does not want me to exceed my insurance deductible, and no matter what I can call someone to rescue me.

Thats not good enough for me. I dont want to be a statistic from a lighting strike and abandon my dream on the high seas grateful to be alive while the plastic floats more dead than me inside.

Mad scientests have all kinds of cures form my fear alimant. Of cousre much worse than climate science no one can agree. A lucky rabbits foot seems to be the greatest faith upon witch
I could go to sea
and retour

Most yachts are made of plastic Fiberglas's ex poxy and formed in fine molds
with kevlar and carbon fiber somewhat inbound. One thing I know for sure
if you want civil war insist your materials adopt diversity. Maybe you can control the thermal expansion, conductivity, modulus and a thousand other sects of materials and make one block that rules. Just like nuclear reactors are perfect I trust this science. An engineer can make anything work for a demostration and maybe in the case of a sailboat this exceeds the owners lifetime
but never ever forget
elements are not like
they hate to mingle

I was Economist trained in sailboat manufacturing diversity and until
recently just felt that if I got hit by lighting at sea
it was Gods will
and my multi million dollar investment
in having fun
was going down
as punishment
for flying to close
to the sun

Then one day
on the internet
something interesting came my way
it was the adventure 55
a aluminium hulled yacht
advertised and low
that immediately got my eyeballs
as they are high Martians
and what the story revealed
is that naked aluminium
can Sally almost eternally on 
high seas
let alone it looks
like you made something
shiny in your garage
to fight the empire

For the very insecure me
I instantly realised the 
bolt of lighting that hit
this Swedish boat
from Thor's Hammer
would go to the sea
and leave me 
and mine
still online

I may never buy
a yacht because
I am living in a 
material world
but I salute
Adventure Yachts
and our concurrent
dream of making a
house that can travel the
world in safety
while their are
many Zombies

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

I feel so old having witnessed the history that makes it necessary
to work on all these obitutatrius
and I dont know if they people 
were really all that important in the 
big scheme of things
but they shaped the world I lived
in and brought
or civilisation
beautiful things

Mary Tyler Moore by my estimation
was the 100%  if you are looking 
for the perfect women
Beautiful by any measure
and when you hit that point 
on the tape measure
who is the ultimate treasure
is no longer math

What she had was ever thing 
my generation looked for in a women
spunky, smart, independent
and capable of lighting up a life

Now I go old fogey
but she was a real person
Mary Richards
and in to days world
we have nothing
her equivalent is
Tyler Swift or Kim Cartesian
tramps trolls and dollar cuts

As we watch in horror 
modern civilisation and
decency being flushed
down the toilet
we should celebrate
Mary Tyler Moore
because by today's
she had a 
perfect life
and will remain
in the 20th century
the perfect wife

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Patent Pending Mastless Sailboat

Instead of a mast a tripod. Two forward angled shafts, and one backward replacing the traditional rigging. The mainsail is a furling just like any furling sail. The traveller has a post that goes up to traditional boom height with a bracket on the top that supports poles either left or right. This allows huge mainsails almost like spinnakers with the point of attachment a couple of meters outside the beam.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

America Today is not going to be a gloy hole of yesterday no matter who has the pole

Like the end of the communistic revolution
Americans are demanding better bathrooms
and sick to death to toilets that back up
for the first thing
aboot potty training
is to observe that
the poop went away
and it was not really
part of you anyway
what a concept
for a young 
mind to 

So if you raise
the rent
to pay for
its going to be a
can you realise
that most of America
does not have 
pooring over thier
jewelry in order
to finace
a takeover
of Vancoover
its like I bought this 
ring with a little sparkle
and I should have spent
that money on zircon
and a honeymoon
in Haaawi

The first bar is not always obvious

If you ever here one
and can not decide
if its John Prine
or Pink Flyod
your one
to be made
as some kind
of museem piece

Everyone gets losts
I wonder how an animal 
but humans ever with the best
are mostly forever
stranded in
cause the purity
is closed
for repair

So we wander the streets
seeking drinks
and a carpet
for our animial home
to keep the spirits 
and from these castles
come high miles
and journeys
no one whats to discover
over and over
like a broken down
Range Rover
in Africa where
they can use
some aluminuim
and still reject
a lucas
as worse than
at least one 

Dont Care for Rap, house or Hip Hop

Calling Dr Kissinger

Dr Strangelove returns to Washington to advise our BANE
Dear Henry and his ilk see the world as a chess board where
they are always two moves ahead
and we dont have Utopia 
cause God gave them all these
useless pawns
and no matter how many they kill
they are always in his grill.
What is your purpose Dear Henry
where are you taking us and why?

Time Travel Movies Ranked

Not on the list is Planet of the Apes probably the best time travel movie ever. Have you ever noticed most time travel movies move backward, but there is always Millinium another excellent flick, not on this list. This list is a mess but I discovered I have never seen sounds of thunder but I am sure I read the book. Take a look for yourself if you think you could handle a Philidphia experiment.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Snow Mexicant Premier Post of the New Mandate

Lets make everybody first and see
what the seconds do
America First
cant wait to hear
that chant
replace the tired
and not so great

Often I have speculated
that popular culture
is a giant psych ops
just wierd enough
that no one would 
notice it was mainstream

So when BANE appeared
without a mask
on the ingaural stage
and did his stump 
speech I for one
was not totally
I have seen that
comic book movies
and TV
are now the situation
that rules

Trump broke every linguistic
word doctor rule
ever given
by the master
who tells you never
say pee urinate
the hookers urinated in sympathy
like the Olymic sychronized swimmers
when the coach does a bag skate

Golden Showers of rage and hate
are raining down on the world
from Banes throne
and I got to give him credit
for idenifying
there is carnage in the streets
there are toomstones of industrial 
disease marking America like
some kind of economic plague
and it been going on for decades
and no one except BANE
took time to mention it

USA spends it heart out
just ask Jack Ma
probably the cleverest guy on the
if starting with less than nothing
and becoming an important one
was the measure

So into the malstream of
manufactured forces
we inject the Trumpster
its like the F35
a plane that could never
fly unless it inherited magic
from every congressional
district with enthusicastic
to ride the next in an endless
but always more funding
streamlined unicorns

The F35 is a brick that
wants to fly and that is
like John Scott being MVP
at the NHL all star game
its possible 

I just wonder
how many times
can Trump
shout and tell
the truth
before the 
deep state
says die
for your lies

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Thinkingaboot disasters where you die

lignthing stikes
are nothimg

in the statidtdal;
stadicical world
its all about]
life choices
and dna
fuck i hope
I dont love
one of

Why I dont have a decent job

Its mostly me
but I could walk some of
those slow pitches out the park
that global Campinas dont
and i see them die
and I think I could have done
better as a CEO
but in most cases
so could your sister
the ballarinea\
at least she
could dance

I am old
58 and still
with a good
prostrate and
Viagra is the least
of my problems
like my dad
told me on my
wedding nite
the problem with
your bone is
not that your always
going to have it
its just the chances
to bury it

So I am like that at employment
a sniper that picks off opportunity
but with that skill
and head count
come the prophecy
your going to hire
your replacement
so get out of his

actually I am at pee ace
man and an I do not
ever want to do trud rotation
but if a real job
in a future world
was available
you would find
my for sale
hanging from the
highest tree

We all love sex on that we can agree

May I be so bold to speak
about supostitions (Byingtoon)
about native culture
I have the impression 
they work through
group orgies
and no one is
worried about
what holes are drilled
and at the end of the 
day the partners
are all Zen
and if they are
not its a mismatch
talk about adavaced living
at a tribal scale

Native peoples having orgies
is that what made Custer
so hard to ride

I dont know if anything
is true and I have never
done more sex\
than what I image Mom
and Pop  would have
please no vibrators
we are a decent commuity

Rambling warbleling Get off my lawn from the near retirement lawn keeper

I grew up in an age
where discrimation
was part of public policy
and for that my forebares
should be deeply ashamed
but its got to stop at that
we as a society made
huge mistakes
no money is ever
going to correct
so stop bleeding
me dry with
new ways to
help people
50 years at the mimimum
and even centurites later

Are the only
people on the planet
who have to deal
with the economic
and climate horrorshow
going on without any
designated plan for surviaval

White people created this world
we live in today
its a mess blame us
but no one else
stepped up
and if you look
at great empires
there was no free
no elections
no way to move forward
and it was white people
who created systems 
maybe imperfect
that have made in the 
respect of human rights
and the undenibable
that all humans are equal

I abhore the cops shooting inocnet black people
but I got to add a cavet
all the people shot were
alledegly criminals
1000% more whites are
shot by cops than blacks
so if we put the handcuffs on the police
are you going to walk down streets/

Black lives matter is a dead end
hitting a frieght train of black panthers
the way forward
is to eliminate poverty
and for black people this seems to 
be a cultural enemy
cure this and we
are all good
black and white

BTW if you think I am some kind of fucking racist
I axe you why dont Asians have to go the distance?

Trump Daily Diary Day does it really matter?

The twitter war between Trump and everyone
is so cyperpunk
I am breaking news here
that William Gibson
is actually the author
if Trumps trumps

The deep state overplayed
its Sadam proven hand
will the last line of attack 
by the men in black
restore equilibirum
for how or whatever
feed on metrocracy

lets see what happens
but it the first rays of sunshine
since Nov 22, 1963

Monday, 16 January 2017

When the dreadnaughts Sail

When the dreadnaughts sail
they need maximum draft
and infinte resources
to complete the sail
and to do this endlessly
is to define an
as respobsiblity
in abject
agianst reality

If you spend more
money to keep the
troops at bay
than you do
to keep them
your sunk

When the dreadnaughts
sailed we all thought
about empire
and loyalty and
asmeyetic warefare
was as remote
as a IDE

These giant steel ships
sailing on water
present some kind
of dilima

lesson of social media

Big data and littel minds combine
to give us the future
of the shaved apes

Accepting the fact we
are all the gorillas
disinclines and evnn
mo keys predict our moves
we should be somewhat
less than self ascendant
in our interpersonal]
and mostly political
and face book has
ended any progress
in a soviet style
cause if you do
not portray
your a dead child


Monday, 9 January 2017

Snow Mexicant daily diary day 15

Well well well Horatio
I see we both love Florida.
You got a guy from New York
who loves Florida
is that not proof
of diversity?

Florida is like the Bermuda triangle 
of weird in the USA
its like they want to be the Bahamas
but cant fight the constitution
Black Sails
from flying over the

Okay what you have all
been waiting for
is for me to unload
my cranium 
zpg clip
on the DNC
captured in real
time by no one
and leading to a
Trump presidency

I am not the smartest of men
thats why I fell in love
with Lola
and for the American people
to even wonder
if they elected a President
selected by Boris Yelstin
that would be a mistake

Its Monty Python comedy
with assumptions and 
Nuclear War consequences
given the fact of democracy
and how it sinecurist
we should be firing NUKES
for the Putin
cause you do not have
to be hurt physically
to be hurt

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Falling in love in a dark earth

When the soil was so fertile
it was hard 
and now that we expect 
that life will not last
its sorta futile
but love
is more resilient
than climate
love knows 
no limitations
no society
it just happens
dispute the 
'and its probably
the only good
thing that will

time no constanant and not reassuring

Humans and squirrels face
death on the higway everday 
and while we get reports
of most human deaths
the squirrels go unfurreld
and is this right or wrong
should we have squirrel proof
highway  or not if we are
to say we are civilized
and besides public
that work\
what does it mean to b 
cvilixsed or more grown
up than that spellig

Instututional Boost

I got to admit my dreams
have been troubled lately
when it comes to sailor stuff
should I work my way around
the planet or just diesel plow
forward given the perks

Okay here is the deal
an exceptional Jacques Cousteau
power boat is on the market
and its priced low
owned by Russians
who let it rot
but aluminium corrodes
on human scale and
can be rehablited with
total trust
not like GRP
subject to 
osmosis rot
a hull type
semi diplasment
which for the sea
means Honda
gas milage in 
real conditions

I need two million dollars
to make this Italian Beauty
all Sphia Loren with me
at the helm
please contribute somehow
cause I will never take
a dollar over the internet
with the man
knowing my plan.

Fuck the Queen I hope she dies in Agony

Yep dont like the Royals
and if you do
go to the store
and buy a sheeple
lic plate cause
your pathetic

I dont know if somewhere
there is a Disney Royal family
but in England
or great Britian
the history
is not pleasant
and in the future
we should forget
about such sycophat
no matter how
many centuries
made them
politically correct
same as in China
where for 6000
years cutting your 
cock off was seen
as public service
cause men
are a wonderful
institutin if you 
take away
the little mind

2017 breaking and crumbling and I got ideas

when I think I am alone
I read something
that tells me I am part of 
the collective
maybe my thoughts and
dreams and stabilized pathitic efforts
are by no means
but there is a chance
universal dreams
will be realised
and not just
sex robots
because ask anyone
who is all fucked out
there is something
more to get to
no matter how
much you love
personally modulated
deep blue

Now today the world looks
very grim
climate change is
out of control
as if we could ever
work the HVAC
call in the crack
and pull out
the plunger
we are plugged
up and need to blow

The good thing
and if credit is due
it goes to the new
dynamic duo
Edward Snowden
and Julian Asssage
they knew the emperors Tailor
and gave away the measurements
for free
at great risk
and live every day
in a prison of their own choosing
but know that to open the door
would mean certain Crucifixion
if we are really democratic
and believe in free speech
and justice
this is a lie lie lie
across my big 
water board 
brass bed

Dolby Atmos is overhead
and screens so big they
could capture your fat
ass are all the rage
but what will they show
when you are prematurely dead
cause you drank sugar water
moved on to aspertaine
and then fentanaly
all because big
pharmacy loves anxiety
and fat and disease
and most can be cured
but the mental part is most lucrative
and baby we are all Pavlov's
ring the bell take
a pill
and live your life
with a new nuance
thats kinda numb 
expotientialy and fataly real
more dumb
than trailor park boys
but drunk high and gay
like MR LEhy
but you can still drive around
and be paranoid
even if they make
tin foil illegal

Can humans beat the robots
thats become the real game
and if forces all of us to be 
luddites if nothing change
distribute that robot cash
and we live in paradise
build a castle and live
like a false God
and you will
after having 
godlike fun
for a short time