Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Canada US Free Trade Deal turns 25

Free Trade sounds like a great theory. In practice it does not work for society because there is no fair trade. The corporations use free trade to whipsaw workers to the lowest common denominator.

As the Star reports:

Post-FTA/NAFTA, Canada has regressed to its traditional status as a resource exporter. Exports of unprocessed and barely processed resources now account for almost two-thirds of Canada’s goods exports, from 40 per cent just before the turn of the century. Value-added products have shrunk from almost 60 per cent of exports to roughly one-third in 2012.

Canada would have been much better off without the free trade agreement with the US. We should have made free trade with Europe and joined the EU instead.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Slow Arc

It has taken some time to divine what God is responsible for and what is humankind. The results have not been pretty despite the perpertrators defense that they were just doing Gods work and against that will there is no defence. So fucking little ladies at the age of fourteen was somehow more noble than taking little boys who were years from being teens. I say you are all fucked up and deserve to die, but why does my PM look at your troubles and it brings a tear to his eye.

Ruled by Crazy

Look  you all went to school with these guys. Tell us the truth if you are not comprised.

Do not abuse your serfs

That is the lesson of history. The Chinese built a six thousand year empire on that concept. And to give a tip to the dull edge of the sword, most of the admin was done by eunuchs. Its a war between human dignigy and the man. We are losing. Plan B is terrorism. Is that were the MAN wants us to be? Overpopulation, using two times the earths resources every cycle, these are all things the MAN understands naturally. He also understands better than anyone the law of unintended consequences. Its a power struggle between mass extinction and preserving the genome.

Headlines adding up to a Sum we do not want to see

I wish I was the NSA then I could do an emperical measure. Like a sniper making a mile long shot. But all I got is my degree in History. And I say something is seriously off. We are in a bad , bad place with no relief.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

They are all shameless lieing

All of our leaders think we can not absorb the truth. Pox on all their houses but we still need someone to lead us. I do not mean take us to the promised land. Just keep things working in an efficient way. Thais all I ask of goverment. Keep the ship on keel. We do not need to be something to the world, no better be something to citizens first.

We see your lies and ask for better. We know that creation comes with waste. However we have only seen for most of a decade waste creating waste.

Solid Gold Rolex Time

Take the car leave the canolli.

I was thinking aboot this years ago, and wrote this short story to capture that and other thoughts from early years of the twenty first century.

No matter how hard he stared at his wrist, he could not remember what had happened to the solid gold Rolex. So he started the memory process again, like a broken computer hoping to function from a simple restart. Hughie Kim recalled first struggling to find clarity early yesterday

Splashing his face with water, he reflected on his quick sleep. Soon he thought, I will escape this prison of opportunity and join the upside world. He dreamed of a time he could savior a cup from Timmy’s, without committing stimulant treason. In his world, entrepreneurial tales of lore were the source code for bedtime stories. His favorite benchmarks were the two legendary indicators of a consumption evolution. First: never pay for a cup of coffee. Second: never pay for a tank of gas.
 As the second son of a family built around a corner store, he was well squared away, making money that way. Drinking coffee was understood to be a profit center. In the Kim family business, most endeavors could be traced back to profit motive provenance. Given it was a resource of income, family coffee tasted like Juan Valdez personally brought the beans down from the clouds.  Selling most of a bag full of beans could subsidize the cost of capacity plus 100%. Capacity was the thing of dreams. Expensive blends brewed in the machine made cleaning more Zen than sanitation scouring of stainless steel. To a seller like Kim, his coffee tasted better with every cup sold. The Kim family drank delicious profit plucked from what for them was creamy transparency. Money was made by understanding ways to extract coins from grasping digits. Long had this study become his primary entertainment, looking for ways to profit from universal human behavior. Generous was this pastime pleasure:  for example creating a transcendental drinking experience with the hot steamy brine of coffee seeds. This approach to life was hardwired into his families’ genetic pipeline going back 6000 years. Every generation kicked down field, the advance of the linage had never been refused. Centimeters were centuries and sometimes history reflected dismal pay. Grandfather had always cautioned, “ You needed a smaller measure to reveal the real deed.”
Leaving thoughts of past profits behind he left work at 2 AM. Racing the Scott Sonoma as fast has he dared without perspiration.  Swiftly he retreated down the bike path that was a main artery of customers to his father’s door. Twenty years ago his father president Kim of the Kim Family Variety, had fulfilled the dream of all Koreans. To be earthly masters of their own destiny, and on this earth the only sure path to that position was to own your own company.

Hughie’s academics were credible but he was no math meister. Programming cheats came easy, and he was a three time code breaker. Closing the deal was his mind; it slightly preferred Donald Trump to Lee Quan Yew. Typically Asian, the failure to matriculate robed him in a sandwich board. One side said family shame; the other side was plastered with banana brain. People assumed, his family could not afford university or he did not get a scholarship. This false dream profiling left a taste in his mouth bitterer than a poorly filleted octopus. Quietly and respectfully backed up by web links he would argue to seemingly no effect with his father “Bill Gates never finished University, and I can program better than he ever could imagine, whip his ass at Starcraft as well.”

His irreverence made him tight with his posse. They called themselves the Youngdongs after the Yorkville area of Seoul. Youngdongs shared a common experience. They were all as the Japanese say “nails that were sticking out”. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Dealings with his tribe meant a hammering rejection would never enter Wa.  Even Hero Park had said, “ Man you should be part of this great wall”. In the Korean entrepreneurial culture, there is a floating loan system. A micro credit bank, often tapped as a spigot for billions of Won. Groups of families and friends pool their money together. When one member has a loan approved by the group, it can be serious kimchi.

Hero Park had pimped for Hughie, sometimes known as Young Chill a chance invest. He had a green card interview to win a first adopter syndicate stake in the Happy Golden Prosperity Niagara Escarpment Company of Canada. Environmentally controversial, yet bleeding green edge friendly, their business proposal had been solid codebook. Boring millions in upscale real estate out of the bounty of nature, gods roughed in condominiums. The project would turn an otherwise undeveloped slab of ancient rock into real fortune. Green goodness flowed from their brochures. In combination with fung shi this gated community was going to make a lot of people reputations.  Sure expected government largesse, exclusivity, and God given microclimate, made good business sense. It  was a project that Hughie had to make better with Kim.

 Hughie had to convince the syndicate he could put a positive hit on sales and technology. A dog and pony sell on the multitask would cost him points and cash. It was not enough to have his credentials printed on the passionate paper funding Karaoke theatre, or to earn cash gushing from the keyboard game field. This syndicate only knew Young Chill was Hughie Kim. They did not care that inevitably there would be a presidential title on the left side of his name. Hughie Kim may already picture his face microdot on their IRF pass card.  However, the cards Chinese script would have to be filled in by the syndicate.

Chinese money, Chinese characters, they both communicated the same message. Hughie spoke fluent hip-hop canto pop from watching Hong Kong cable. It was only one of the rewards internalized as he struggled through the boredom of another midnight at the cash register. Software talking confidence would make marks of the seasoned speculators and empty nesters. It was the existential hardware he failed to possess. Park just had to indulge him with the hardware, the perfect costume. He lacked the essential peripherals he needed to bulletproof his persona. Foolish Buddha, he did not even own a suit made with natural fabrics. Rayon printed with animate just did not cut the cheese in the corporate fartland. To succeed he would need another push from Hero.

Hero held stage at the Karaoke lounge and sushi bar. Hughie looked enviously at the performance modified civics and virgin Mercs as he locked his 10Kg bike to the half full rack. Entering into a room blasting perfect pitch, Hero spots him.

“An young Hughie, joe sumunika?” Subconsciously he translates this to mean, how’s it going Eh!

Sweet Hero!, sumnida, may quenti, “ meaning no problem man, is his understood shout.

After Hero finishes his set Hughie warmed up to him with a tumbler of hot sake.

“Hero, I got a problem, shay shay for the interview, but my setup is mayo.”

“Mayo Hughie? What’s not possible for you”

“Success Bling deficit tomadachi.” Hughie replied.

“Yeah Hughie I meant key you about that. No worms dude, were about the same size, I wont be home, but come on over tomorrow before the interview and upgrade yourself with the best of my crib pampers.  I tell Norm, Dad’s rent a security specialist to expect you. Just move your hands slowly. He twitchy brand central now, real drama, two home invasions, not 5 months. They want the Jag man. All these theft proof alarm systems do is put the focus on the key. Codeout threatened with jimmy instead of car. It is just bait for a bad rap.”

That morning on an hours sleep Young Chill spammed Dad, with the first sale of the day the Young Chill scored the Kim company mini van to pick up the threading. It was to far for the Scott, noble, nimble and burn off producing as she be. He trekked past Norm without any movement of the shotgun. Moments later Chill is in the bedroom of Hero Park. It is a massive thing. He has the Carlsberg Cavern closet. Following the colors he locates some serious gray pinstripe. Just as he gets the main body and the needed accessories wrinkle free packed on his back, a glitter attracts his attention. The halogen lights of the closet make a nearby table full of fabled watch collection accelerate Hugh’s heartbeat. Gleaming at him with a golden come see, is a Rolex. It was a solid gold stunning wrist ornament costing more than many a respectable hood badge. Trying it on, it fits so well he can see no way not to drink from the well of glam that would see such a rich watch on such a young man. Outfitted with gold trim, the syndicate could only think; he must have success in mind. We can all share in his good fortune.

Chill left the estate with the golden watch clasped tight upon his wrist. It was an understandable risk. There was tacit approval all over the place. Friends help friends.

Chill parked the van some distance from the entrance. He strode into the trailer like a pirate circling the x on a map. Quickly he spun his DVD. The assembled cabal watched in silence, key man did not snore but the old guy sure looked as if he was sleeping.

It reminded Chill of a round eye friend, with not such a big nose. David Stickland returned from a meeting in the orient thinking he did not know what day it was, what my ass feels like or when will my ears pop. His job was to sell apples in Japan. He checked every apple to ensure it was wrapped like a Faberge egg, and aside from the green, had skin supermodels would envy.  Apples in Japan were going to be falling for him.

 Many meetings later, Stick’s thought the people where half asleep; he did not get the contract.  Devastated despite his charm and a bomb LED array blinking like a fire alarm, he lost the sale to the Kayak harvesters from New Zealand. Now his wrong assumption was to think, those closed eyed people were not paying attention.  A supercomputer may hit a crescendo just before it thinks no more. Chill looked at the values generated by human thinking in a similar way.

Young Chill knew how to deep check his cranium. There was no instant of gratification. It can take days or weeks, serious stuff needs takes centuries.

So what the Sticks had made firewood. That was not his flameout. Sticks was still in play, He had the understanding and application of every tool within his grasp. A few years working security at Wal-Mart will give Sticks cords of time to ponder. Chill used this as positive reinforcement as he faced a room full of people displaying all the emotions of dry ice.

At the meeting, it did not matter that Jimmy Kim’s father was over 90. Chill knew he was still hitting a sweet spot. Facing eyes closed unnervingly or not, he spilled like a dragon with heartburn. Rolled up dry and put away wet he was halfway in. 50 large for admittance and 50 a year plus a double 50-signup bonus, and a 50 real point chance at a lesser deal. After that triumph the ritual entertaining close would pass easily.

At sunrise, he awoke stiff and foggy in lone green spot surrounded by a vacant parking lot. Quickly doing inventory he found keys, cell phone, blackberry, I-pod and sunglasses. All that was missing was the solid gold Rolex.

The GPS on his cell phone said he was 65 meters from the entrance of the Dong Gin. Unrolling his receipts, he came up with a number for the Wildaeast Club. As he dialed, he thought about what to say. Would the person on line really tell him why he awoke in a parking lot of an establishment he no recollection of visiting, or when the last time the watch was on his wrist? Hanging up he considered his options. Trust the Police or the street?  Streetwise connections had a better reputation in matters of not only discretion but freelance bling commerce as well. So, he decided upon a reckoning with the local Yakazia 

Connecting with the white patent leather group clad in plaid was not an association taken for granted. These days they had little business and needed to make exorbitant profits off every transaction just to stay illegitimate. They no longer took only the tip of your finger for failure to deliver upon the goods agreed.
Needing an introduction he speed dialed tomadachi Konichi Wannabe.

“Moshi Moshi Konichi sama. Ima wa muzikashii jikan imasu!”

Konchi replied. “Honto, how can I help man?”

“ You know I would never chase the dragon unless I had real pain. I need tattoo covered help. I’ll front 2 fingers and pay a handful, that’s 5 grand for recovery. “

Being of Japanese ancestry Konichi had to explain and dodge leaving cautions and exits all over the page, but in the end he said ‘’ keep your handy on vibrate, cause they don’t do ring tones.”

Plucking the buzzing phone out of his pocket, he answered with trepidation. Exchanging bank codes and GPS locators he laid out his tale of woe.

Within an acceptable number of hours, the same vibration struck him but without the same dread. Yakazia had an answer. “Take money back; there is no gold on the street, coming close to the watch that you seek.”  Everyone that knew anything about this type of crime said no sold gold blinging Rolex was selling at this time.

Chill has no choice but to buy the best knockoff he can afford. Even he is impressed by how uncannily it resembles the lost one. The question was, will it fool Hero, and if it does not, how to deal with the grim consequences?

Chill stone-faced, gives the fake watch to his genuine friend. Hero smiles as he accepts it,” when I saw it missing I did not think of you.”  Then with painful bow originating at the waist Chill feels compelled by honor to tell his friend the truth“ The watch I returned is fake.” Hero still smiling, but now with a smile shaped by a smidgen of shame or possibly anger says. “As if my old man would give me a big enough allowance to afford the real thing, please, lets just keep this between us.”

All rights reserved under creative commons lic below.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Dystoian wisdom

If you can not go north head south.

Predictions 2014

God Reveals. This is the year all the teasers of this cycle of civilization are revealed. Men now have the power of Gods at their fingertips. The wisdom gap remains huge.

Stephen Harper. He drops out. Well not quite he gets a seven figure job.

Jim Prentice is the new leader of the PC.

USA Congress goes back to democrats. Americans will no longer pay to eat a shit sandwich.

Afghanistan goes back to normal. A medivels society where pedophilia is not only part of the culture, it defines the problem. After defending pedophilia for a decade, the west says, so hard to turn around a pervert culture.

South Africa becomes the new Zimbabwe. The ripple effect is a disaster for aid to the continent. There is no hope so we chose not to be pictured in that scene.

We lose bannanas, a mono culture failure that stuns.

Japan collapses.  Fukushima more than a flesh wound.

Pointless Sacrifice

Thinking Aboot Edward Snowden. Will his sacrifice make any difference? Thinking Aboot the fate of the Chinese Tank Commander. And IO9 reminds me how Superman Man of Steel went off the rails. Movies cost millions to make, is there no one left who can say, thats just stupid, cut it out? BTW I do not Think Aboot the video as gospel. I was in Hong Kong that day, it was fantastic, and millions in the streets protested. It changed nothing.

Cadillac a metaphor for America

When I was growing up, a very common expression was it was the Cadillac of something. Thats the Cadillac of hockey sticks. Thats the Cadillac of steaks. etc etc. I think this idea ended the day they brought the Cinarom to market. Today Cadillac is fighting its way back to the top. Sadly it can no longer carry America in its trunk.

If you want to believe

More non truther evidence.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Letter 44 update

You can read issue one on line here. I just finished issue two. This is the first true graphic novel that I have read, or maybe its just me buying comic books for the first time in decades. My primary motivation was a little bit of speculative fun. A excellent copy of issue one Walking Dead goes for about $2000. Letter 44 is already selling for $15, and has already been optioned for TV. IMHO the premise is far more interesting than another dystopia. The President (read GWB) leaves a letter not written in crayon for his successor. He explains away all his bonehead moves with the threat from Aliens in the asteroid belt. I am Thinking Aboot buying at least the first ten issues, with enjoyment trumping profit as a motive.

Make new Boat People

Fukushima is getting worse. Every day hidden in the back pages are horror stories. The latest Japanese children in large numbers getting thyroid cancer.

I have said from day one, lets bring hundreds of thousands of Japanese to Canada. Like the Vietnamese boat people these are nation building immigrants. There are lots of factories in the death zone, lets make a deal these move to Canada as well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Chanukah, Gong Xi Fatt Chai

May you start every day on top of the grass and be a take fiber to heaven while the Devil is still searching for you on dial up.

Looking forward to a great 2014. Thanks for all your support.

Jones Spaceman AKA Steve

Shattered cover by Julie Andrews

They should remake the sound of music with Rock and Roll covers.

H/T Four Habs Fans

Monday, 23 December 2013

I09 picks Upstream Color as top film of 2013

My review is way better eh! However I09 is the leading Sci Fi site on the web and it gives me some satisfaction when their learned opinion agrees with mine. Upstream color was also my runner up for movie of the year. Certainly if I was choosing Sci Fi movie of the year it would be hands down,

This year its going to be hard to beat Gravity. Its not a great sci fi movie but its a very well made movie that knows how to tug on the old emotions.

Thats not a police car in your rear view mirror

Hard things to think Aboot

Canadian Voters take note.
If the wolf is not at the door, is it in your bedroom?

Death of a Gunsmith: Mikhail Kalashnikov 1919 - 2013

What a legacy he has. Kalashnikov often expressed regret at the killing power he had unleashed. However he put the blame squarely on failed leadership not good design. Because of the  perfection of the 1946 design who can say how many have been made, but well over 100 million for sure. Sixty eight years later it remains to be the gold standard in assault rifles.

"The deadliest weapon in the world is an American Marine and his rifle"

                                               -General Black Jack Pershing 1918

It was not until 1962 that US Marines were issued a modern assault rifle. The M16 that arguably remains inferior to AK 47.  The superiority of the AK 47 over the US M1, M14 and M16 gave the revolutionary proxy armies of the Soviets a huge advantage over the Capitalist funded and supplied governments of status quo. History may have been much different if US Military thinkers had been as impressed with the Nazi Sturmgeher 44 as Stalin was.

The Kalashnikov is perhaps the defining product of Communism. The Capitalists making 8 million M16 to date have become fabulously wealthy. Had Kalashnikov been a capitalist he would surely have been one of the richest men to ever live. This is a good illustration of the myth that only capitalist society can create world changing products. In fact on a per capita basis socialist Europe embarrasses the capitalist west. Want to buy the best car, watch, clothing, or refrigerator, they all come from a Socialist Country. That brings to mind another famous saying of a Chinese Chairman.

"It does not matter if the cat is black or white as long it catches mice"

Thinking aboot that, IMHO I would rather be a German cat than an Anglo Saxon one.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Attention the Future your TV has arrived.

Now thats a TV! LG 4K 105 inch Cinematic aspect display.

H/T Canada Hi Fi

The source of true friendship

H/T to Oldpharte  and Globallove Think Tank

Chariots of the Gods new revelations

Any question this depicts spacecraft? These are Mayan disks found 8o years ago. I am not totally sold on extra terrestrial.  Another plausible explanation is that earth has had one or more cycles where technology surpassed our own. Thus destroying that civilization so thoroughly we only have a few artifacts remaining.

H/T to American Kabuki and oldephartte(in training)

Steve's year in review

Person of the Year

Edward Snowden by a long shot. Will his heroic truth telling save humanity from big brother and the Man? To soon to tell but sadly it seems no. Just like every other bad thing we are forced to live with, climate change, war, banksters and invisible hands, the surveillance society is here to stay. Maybe knowing all about it will raise the collective angst to unbearable levels. Ironically the bad guys now are fully informed, so the only people caught in the net will be joe six pack citizens and  their advocates, especially the advocates.

Worst Person of the Year

Stephen Harper by a long shot. Dont get me started on all the things he has done. In broad strokes ruined Canada's moral authority in the world, and divided Canada with wedges. Wasted billions on advertising and tax breaks for his friends. His pettyness defines him.

Best Movie of the Year

Very tough choice but I have to go with Django Unchained. I just watched it again and loved it more the second time. Upstream Color is another movie that stuck in my head.

Best TV Show of the Year

The series Finale of Breaking Bad. Runners up the fall of the Prison episode of Walking Dead, and The Sopranos full six seasons which I re watched in a Marathon.

Best New Car of the Year

C7 Corvette is a super car without compromise that is obtainable by the masses. I also love its fuel economy. 2013 was a super year for cars and my less emotional choice would have been the Accord Hybrid, a car so subtle it does not have to change gears.

Best New (to me) Music of the Year

Mumford and Sons

I really liked the Lorde song Royals as well.

Best Book

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. The Man is missing a great opportunity to separate us from our money by not making the Mars Trilogy into an HBO experience.

Best Political Blog

Montreal Simon every day delightfully eviscerates the Conservatives.

Best Hockey Blog

FourHockeyFans Moeman never fails to entertain with a nice assist from time to time by 29. Its really fun to watch the game and read the comments.

Best Internet Law Blog

Allen Mendelsohn may be number 24 in Canada according to the MAN's standings but he is number one on Thinking Aboot. The internet is going to be a very big thing in everyone's  life. In prose free of pretension Allen breaks down how this wild west of the web affects you from a legal perspective.

Best Car Review Blog

Autos.ca is my favorite place to read about new cars and check the reliability of used cars. Before you buy your next car do some research here.

Best Conspiracy Blog

Zero Hedge is not about conspiracy theories, just conspiracy facts. Tyler Durden is the force behind it, and if you know that name give yourself ten points.
This is a fantastic year in review that captures the spirit of Zero Hedge nicely.

Video Game of the Year

Dead Island Riptide is the sequel to Dead Island. Normally I do not like FPS games with close combat, but the drop kick a Zombie keystrokes are so much fun.

Worst Fear for 2014

Fukushima fuel rods ignite ending human life on earth.

Best Hope for 2014

A breakthrough in laboratory manufactured food. If we can print a steak, it may save the world. If you can generate your own power, own a suitable printer, you can tell the MAN where to go.

Favorite Montreal Canadian of 2013

Lars Eller affectionately know as Lego because he is a great piece (from Denmark)of a larger assembly. He continues to grow as a hockey player. Even if he plateaued today he would be one of the best defensive forwards in the game. If he can learn how to capitalize on more of his opportunities he should be a genuine Star and a huge part of what looks like a glorious 2015 team.

Best Short Story of 2013

The Battle between Nihilism and the Corporation part One

Best Movie Review Blog

There are three I look at regularly and the winner is J & J Productions.
I love there are not only reviews but lots of fun stuff, like top ten lists for many categories.

Very close is http://www.1971-reviewae.com/ I love it because the opinions are from that of a filmaker, and also someone from the middle east perspective.

Rounding out is a personal pick  http://suspendeddisbeliefsteve.blogspot.ca/
Where I mostly review movies I would recommend. Thats why there are so many gaps in the posts.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Harper sees the enemy and wisely Blinks

Canada has cancelled the purchase of another white elephant. This one had an open ended two billion dollar to start price tag. I have to give him credit for finally acknowledging that we were full up with them. Hopefully its a harbinger for the F35  and other Airshow McKay fantasy flights.

Battle between Nihilism and Organization part One

Cognitive Dissonance Danger, you know the drill:avoid contact if you cant handle the truth.

Subject the battle between Nihilism and organization.
The Nihilist are winning, and wining by billions. But its the organalizist that are reaping all the rewards. The organized ones are manufacturing Nihilist. It is the perfect divide and conquer.

Tom thought about changing his interface and it happened, his level of augmentation was in now in God mode.  He was now able to switch all his senses to a quantum computed dream zone where the owner was the architect of his own game. Players using a simple sandbox could travel through others prescribed adventure or with a few menu choices create their own dream masterpiece  like  their metaphor for Falling Water or the Eiffel Tower.

The company on a payment plan of just $1000 per month upgrade the sensory interface and antenna. Its a very organic biological solution, the designer called it the God Organ. Regretfully he retracted that characterization late.  Most still called it that in particular Pastafarians like Tom.

Level one content only allows the user to play single player or locally networked games. Then it was extra to travel to the  Alternative Earth You web access. Exclusively allowing an infinite number of players to meet up for an infinite number of experiences. Live  God level was huge  upgrade over Angel.  Angels experienced as a viewer, Gods as a participant. Angels would watch athletes and Entertainers perform in the third person, Gods was purely fist person, though you could toggle if one wanted to watch oneself. Good friends often bonded over the shared experience of feeling a historical event as star of its  creation. Alternative Earth You  owned Billions of people intimately  sharing a common experience that is transformed into a replayable searchable benchmark in the zeitgeist.

This week it being the auspicious date, the hundred birthday of a star. Tom has purchased Angel level hit I am sitting on Keith Richards guitar and he is shaking it so I hard, Tom is riding a roller coaster. like piloting a fighter plane, while the crowed roars and screams, just as real as your best dream upon command.

Tom was way over budget  for Alternative Earth You this month. His wife Jerry would not be happy, but they would not be the first couple pulled way beyond their means to an addiction that no one ever suspected would become a real world affliction.  That's what Tom was thinking about as he thought authorized the payment to the Bitcoin  collecting nemesis.  Tom always argued Philip K Dick when people said no one could have imagined the consequences a company like  Alternative Earth You.  To strengthen his case Tom always prefaced the central argument with some historical evidence.

"knowing what we know now about 911 its not hard to imagine powerful people trying to create an alternative reality. My favorite is Condelezza Rice. The National Security Advisor was appointed to be the sharpest point on the spear, or was She.  In one of history greatest gaffes Secretary Rice  reassures the nation that "no one could have imagined passenger aircraft used as missiles" 

Next to the Kennedy assassination 911 was the top argument arena. Tom usually purchased a Churchill Avatar rigged with all the options. The Oxford Debate world had many great purchase opportunities and Churchill was the most popular. The Roppongi neighbor hood was the zone where Tom earned his lively hood. 

It was not known as Roppongi for geographic reason. The real Roppongi is famous for having uncountable thousands of tiny bars, dioramas with  barely room for a dozen customers. It is famously said in Roppongi a Yankee fan can find a bar dedicated to Mickey Mantle fans from Omaha. Net Roppongi is a similar collection of esoteric bits.

If a pre company citizen saw Tom at the local legion on stage hotly debating with  any one of the millions of anti-conspiracy theory paid trolls, they would head straight for the dartboard.

In contrast even the least educated nihilist would sample a little of Churchill debating GWB over  the official  911 narrative. This was Tom working  on God level. People like Tom parlayed up for their Churchill Avatar, then got paid by trolling with acid or flower persuasion. Even without the company getting their slice it was a hard way ahead for most.

If his presentation was liked enough he would be contracted by the second to  content one the talking heads in the ongoing live debate. Angels would now see his Avatar behind the podium at Oxford debating the subject of the day. Angel mode was the popular choice for informed debate. A point of view voluntarily chosen by the surprisingly  few that preferred to be informed instead of taking a side in the argument. Without the bonus Tom got from uplifted  moments, the job would not be worth doing.

Being a AEY troll was a mercenary life. Contracts by the issue, bonus based on likes, popular trolla could get a very nice taste of the action just showing up on a public affairs site. Other trolls were of a less subtle license.

 Even though the Roppongi Group was very strict about advertising allowed into a Sandbox, Troller hackers could evade and invade a site and insert a influential persuasion element into an experience. Once they become your friend its easy for them to push you in their direction. All the big brands that remained put serious money into Alternative Earth You Trolls.   

Most governments denied using trolls and in Europe it was illegal for Political Parties to troll.  Users went ballistic if they caught a government troll, but just like lying the practice continued because it was proven to effective at getting elected.

Tom and Jerry went God level  live to Waikiki Beach a few days ago. Immediately they were approached by a pair of Troller Hackers offering them the Hawaii humanity could never imagine. Toms looked like Rachel circa Incredible Journey and comming on to Jerry Mel the roadwarrior.  In less time than a pirate banner add on the cheapest site is corrected,  the fake  Raquel and Mel were removed. For a little more users had the option to choose their execution.  The most popular choice were a variety of sword and shotgun eliminations. Tom did not troll hack , he had done it before but it was the lowest and least rewarding form of trolling.  Even a government troll could claim a higher purpose.

Tom and Jerry had a very nice income. He doing better than expected for a trolling Churchill Avatar.  Jerry a upper middle class of reward due too a content creator.  Jerry's niche sandbox was full of 18th century adventures. Her highest rated experience was called Shipwrecked sailor of the Spanish Armada. Like the experience Jerry loved and lived often in both Irelands. In 18th Century Ireland Tom may have faced alcohol addiction. In twenty first Century Canada less than ten percent of citizens would be reality impaired. It was much totally more healthy and more pleasant to abuse the stimulant opportunities that could be purchased from Alternative Earth You.  Modern citizens faced the most diabolical of addictions, themselves.

In addition to being an unremarkable  troll Tom was a Montreal Canadians Addict, The live buys where like crack. All the players sensory nerves are captured. Tom usually watched as the Captain, Alex Galchenyuk. With the Canadians once again being a powerhouse it was the worst possible time to fight his form of Addiction.  They were spending over thirty grand a month on the internet.

Jerry with her classic low narcissistic  profile  preferred more time on the reality side. Of course they had many adventures together but forking out to the company for God class  at a hockey game. even a playoff game,  was not her idea of  money well spent.

Tom like most suspected a shadow government used price controls to keep  price of the best experience beyond the resources of the many. Tom like the few actually cared about it.  Jerry would roll her eyes and point out the government warning every time you switched on recommended no more than three hours out of your body in a single day. Everyone ignored the warring.  None of the cases before the court had  found Alternative Earth You  responsible for any of the consequences of their service.

Tom had tried quitting the Canadians before, watching from the cheap seats or even with those who could not pay for an implant. Even if he chose some games from the Chockula decade it was no use. Five seconds of the game action and he tweaking his way to the suspension pool, thinking his way to upgrade. In a nano second Rocket Richard had reviewed his credit and psyche profile before asking him with eyes fully blazing to authorize the upgrade, and there you go. So it goes So it goes.

Jerry came home at nightfall after a day of walking her Irish backgrounds, ready to metaphorically kill Tom if he was looking in  Alternative Earth You. She found Tom just as she expected lying there like a character from Alerted States completely submerged in the suspended animation chamber, breathing tube in and arms and legs flailing madly . She checked the settings, his heart rate was over 130 at least he had the game set on high.  Tom was living hockey history. The most expensive hockey experience is Paul Henderson Game 7 Canada Russia 1972.  Suddenly Tom was alone. devoid of sense and sensation.  The unit fails to clean and dry him so quickly he springs through the hatch.

"Jerry you can give a guy mental problems yanking him out of the game like that, I was just working out"

Jerry replies " What the hell is wrong with working out with yesterdays game for free?"

Tom wishes he was Churchill. He would need to be when Jerry found out he had commished a custom mode of the 76 Habs vs the 85 Oilers.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Happy Birthday Keith Richards

Another good one by the Kinks

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Will you print your next house.

You can do it today, thanks to Wikihouse.

Playing the Dream

I do not consider myself a gambler when it comes to structured games. I have lost a few hundred at the Casino and a few more over a lifetime of poker games. I am rational enough to realize that such purists odds on will end in tears. If the morons want to gamble to pay the stupid tax so they can get a better meal than soylent green then that is that. There was a time in this fine line we live where getting ahead meant hard work saving and storing for tough times ahead. More or less the clever gentleman have ripped economic safety from what was considered the golden rule. How did this happen and who can we question? Well at one time people worked hard and salted away those earnings in a pension fund administered by actuaries who calculated how much would be needed to fund the retires at a fixed income based upon years of service and contributions. Then some smart ass lets just for the sake of history call him Mitt Romney figured out that instead of earning a constant four our five percent, they could gamble these funds and make often fifty percent or more. So the spinning wheel got all the cash and the retires well we gather to celebrate the Nortel crash.

But its okay the goverment has given the people a dream to the slate driveway, its called the lotto and today I played insult to injury the stupid tax because even my imagination is swayed by the rights to a ticket that comes with a six hundred million amortized at today's present rate of interest, less taxes and fees deed/

Third World America

What the heck is wrong?

Monday, 16 December 2013

Johnny Rocket Roppongi

This is a burger joint that sits a little above the superhighway that bisects Roppongi from the sky. Its something about Japan that I can not take away. Even though its a burger joint that want more money from me and you.

It tried the burger it was not fine, it was even worse considering that from a twenty I would not be able to pay the smallest bar fine. But something about Johnny Rocket an American Invention was sitting high above Roppongi a area long remembered for other affections,  makes me want to sit there , coldly staring at
all the people who have no idea what it means to have some steeple. Japan is a plan and its not turning out so well. Not to say anything against the Japanese way, look we are cattle and at the top of herd is the one who can tell us the sacred word. When the slaughter comes  she will speak of the heroic deeds of those that died to keep her free of need.

So I think I saw the world, I never dripped myself in poverty because that not where you will sell something to make an improvement on an already perfect world. I searched for a long time for some meaning about what was going on.
If you read Watership Down. its more a eloquent dam you must burst to
be first and ready on your street.

We are living a polar negative life, we cling to our riches but ignore human strife.
Can we fix everyone, every citizen that was someones son? No way I say, thats a war that can not be won. Every little hopeless child with parents that could not sail accross a backyard pond pond would agree, its not fair, they gave us life and after that there is not much upon we could agree.

So as a rich man what is in my life that I could have a  better pedigree?
Hey Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and any other billionaire that at least has the decency the human comport to seek a  way to be absolved. If you love Donald Trump and another TV preacher who had become rick by manipulate, I fell sorry for you and I offer a solution, just use your own common sense, and knowledge when you meet a stranger. If he tells you that your all alone and he will not be responsible if you face danger, then tell him to move along because we feed our neighbors children. We are all family and anyone who is so scared to hide in their panic room is a case that needs some debate.  James Moore I am talking about you.
What a cold hard case you are, and I will not even give your history a chance to say you are not so far from being a human star.

We live in one world, we walk on one street, you can hide on private jets and gated communities but in the end you will die because that is not human.

Only one Rocket named Richard

The Rocket he ricochets in my brain like a oxy synapse gone wild, with a half life of a lifetime. Fire on Ice this is my life. Not an easy thing to do considering the dichotomy. (hey I spelled it write without spell check) I could not get a red glare in my eyes without compromise. I tried the pipe and I liked it. My eyes glows red and I was the Rocket brought up from the dead.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Business Insider

I like it, I read it often, I will not be eating something.

Facebook Really

Never been a part. This paints me as terrorist threat in some quarter, I do not seem energized to share. Thats not my reason, its just I left high school and although some of my fondest memories were there, I do not want to be part of that culture as an adult. High school was the entry into the Chrysalis of life not the exit. Now if you let Facebook mine you mercilessly I am sorry for you and me. The world is spinning way to fast and faces way to many challenges for so much energy to be consumed by who ate what and who is on a fast.

First time in 112 years

Well that's a comfort. Weird weather happens on a century scale. Whats missing from this story is some indication of why it happened so long ago. I forgive them if there are no records. The fact is that weird weather is the planet turning on the windshield wiper when you hit the power window button. Read Rendezvous with Rama. That Arthur C Clarke was not dumb.

No more Sci Fi in real war

Yup laser battles are on the battlefield. Just on trucks for now,  look for Predator type personal lasers coming to a war near you. Unfortunately there is no evidence the art of war is advancing.

Kill them all or find a new plan

After so many centuries of human history can no one in charge figure out you can not kill your way to victory. If the plan was to keep the war on terror going they are succeeding.

If I had been GWB and if I had not engineered 911.  I would have fuel air bombed Kandahar Sept 11 at ten AM. Thus saving billions of dollars and improving the life of millions.

An afterthought. If I am OBL and I just brought down the twin towers would I have not taken actions that would preclude the opportunity to be taken out at Tora Bora, just saying.

I also loved the Amber Chronicles

I am not a big purveyor of fantasy. LOTR and The Earthsea Chronicles along with Amber are maybe all I have ever read. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Why we like the Clash, and the Who

Is it possible that I will not be CEO
I got so much stimulation
could there be no chance
I will not lead the nation
if I can not be number one'
what can i DO
everyone else hates
me for stepping over them
so I could go to the press
with an interview
So I failed to lead
I did not hold up
when the best option
was to fold.
What we see today
is that the royals
can be brought down
but with their demise
is a great comprise
Not for me to be
the authority

Janie Jones by the Clash

Going Past Fifty Percent

This is not a good idea, no matter what cause you will stress out something and its bound to fail. Even in your personal lives where logic is not a big determiner like th2 mechanical I would say, do not push to hard over fifty percent will leave you at home alone and hard. If you ever build anything do a fifty percent o3v3r build.  Cause standard is like eating from a dumpster.

MOAR cops more better NOT


cant hurt to watch


Third World Justice

Come on, really. Do not mess with Texas because its hurtin freedom.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What if the scumbags were our allies?


Things keep on going forward until they stop


How Fucked are we

Yes Pretty well fucked. The best case is like the great depression the worst case in not even under human discussion.
How loud can I play music to convince myself'
I am still relevant
and not intellectually dead
I read the morning paper
and see all the same cracks
its like groundhog  day
without the wise cracks
two thosand and eight
was nineteen twenty nine
just we had smarter people
hiding behind the blind
and they are so creative
keeping us in the pool
when the frog
knows its heating
up and its going to
cook you and you/
I will be safe in
gold and silver
because ii DON CARE   

stY       E                      E
IT         MA                  kes
no sense;
give me a dollar and and a good
drive and I will bring y9ou \\
a turkey so delicious you can not describe
But if you want to cut the fat
then we are in a meltdown
that will make every chair
upon which you ever sat
seem like a bankvault
for your bowels
because one day
your going to read
a headline that cleaned you out

Death of real opinion

If you live by the word you die by it as well. I would say if you want to say the emporium has no clothes you better be protected by anonymity or your going to find yourself naked and broken in some way. I am not an expert on China, but I love Singapore and the one rule is you do not critize the Empourer. Well that may be all well and good and maybe society moves forward better when we do not have an opinion except positive on our leaders.

I have commented on teh Huffing ton Post for years, now they want me to have a Facebook account to continue. I say fuck you.

Memories of Paul

Paul was like a puppy that given time could cure cancer.
He was a force of nature. He never backed down.
Paul was my cousin and he came from the city
and he was toned and judo trained to not give in.
This was not important as we grew up
Paul was always exploring and I was
at his side
just telling him that
being with him
was a great way to abide
Yes I loved this guy
he was so full of life and curiosity
Now in my hick town in
the near north
Paul was as welcome
as a second divorce
but in this northern
town people hopped
beds with more frequency
than bunnies left on the road
considered dead
Paul could make a boat
out of something that
could never float.
I miss him every day
and its because of him
I think this way
Fuck you man
Fill my mind with bullshit
but I will still never understand.

Pope person of the Year

Pope Francis strikes me as a very good guy. He has seen the Pope on the wrong side of history for a lifetime. We all love Pope John Paul because he fought communism, but he did not step into the ring when the capitalist took hope away.
So it will be interesting to see how revolution Catholicism plays in the mainstream. Nevertheless I salute the Pope for being so Christian.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shaking the hand

Wow just imagine how all those people killed by drones must feel, how could Castro grib hands with such an indiscriminate killer Obama is one of those no matter how much he rolls out the terrorist prose. People are people and we do not lean to sociopaths. Yes we have had our fair share advance to power but I do not think they started that way. The pressure of power pushed them over the edge just as most want to believe if you go into politicise you will be polluted to the point of dissolution. Just walk away do not go to the supermarket and say the my government will kill anyone in a most indiscriminate way, just because technology has opened a window we have oft wished for and we can now deli ever on the wings of a dove. So much good to come from so much harm, line up citizens to give your right arm

Winning by losing

The USA is ruled by a great collection of great and bad, fantastic and fanatical.
So what is a President to do, if he wants to rule for me and you?

I listen to a lot of talk radio. The conservative voices are true believers, let the lizard brain rule. The left is muted, they have to pick their points.

Into this swamp wades Obama. Consider even now Dick Cheney is not a believer in Mandela. When Cheney Bush ruled the world there was no compromise, everything was extravagant American exceptionalism. I really wonder if it was all smokescreen for the greatest heist in human history, but that's another story for another day.

Barack Obama is not the first black president, just like Haley Berry was not the first Black actress to win a Oscar. Both are mulattoes who appear to be black. That also is another story for another day, but I just want to say that all the people I see on TV speaking for the Blacks. are whites with a darker shade of grey.

But no never mind, its long past due to skip those labels and tribal colors, people are people and race should not be an issue. I am not color blind or free of prejudice, I see humans as dogs, and some breeds are more likely to be
giving the walkies the diss. Yet we are all warm blooded and love our tribes, crime is not a characteristic of any natural cycle survival diatribes.

Crime is a creation of an environment that fosters it. So what is the solution to put people in jail because they can not live with the current solution? No its to open the mind and open the heart to living free and at ease. We are not all going to change the world or work to live, so just give people freedom and the world will turn so naturally and you can drive your Range Rover down any street and park
leave the keys in it, and the only danger it will face is restless teens exploring how far they can go on a lark.

Back to Obama the first hybrid President.  He got the USA out of Iraq, totally, without any blowback from the right. Cause he did not comprise on the status of forces which any self respecting nation would say not while I am alive. Japan and Korea have this deal and they hate it and it creates self loathing that is real.

He is going to do the same in Afghanistan. Taking a hard line sometimes is so politically correct and Obama recognizes this and it allows him to disconnect the USA from a roadshow without upsetting those warriors that see every part of th world as something to own.

In the area of intelligence he has struck a great blow to those who think that thinking was some kind of patenable golden goose show. The TPP is dead thank Obma for imposing conditions that left every other nation filled with dread. By going to far he leaves no flank to attack and that's why he is a star. Just a mention of note to his fabulosity, Mr Steve Harper and his duplicity.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Can do Should Do

In the end there is no difference. We all go bad when temptation is painted in a perfect way. So what do we need to keep the bad guys away. Could not be a law, they write these all the time, and when you look to the shier f you will see he has their logo on his milk jug full time. So like Robin Hood its time, to find a new Sherwood forest and a new swinging vine. 

These vinittes these hardly formed thoughts are all remisicant of a classical plot to keep me distracted 
while the forces that be
extincted all the life force
that otherwise
would be available\
if not protracted
when the head that knew
created the end of all

One Perfect Ass

The people will not be pawned
Oh yes they have given
so much blood
so much frustration'
and energy
its a nuclear reactor l
like a flood
of human mistakes
overrunning the rivers
of mankind
we got to take no
more prinsioner
of the corporate kind
Just dealing with a syndicate
brings the Sopranos to mind
and if you think Tony
was so cute
you are fucking blind
These people these fuckers
are taking a taste
out of humankind
cause the do not believe
that getting persecute in Sicily
will ever escape their minds
So when did the goverment
start to exist,and when did the goverment
give the path to people who
could make a fortune
only from being
political , only astute.

Life is all highschool
and what will you do
to receive that letter
even though your a fool
If you compete for ribbons
they will defeat your foil
but at the end of the day
its better to be a uniformed
than a jackboot drop out
with a gun and a car
who can at the whim of he whip
turn your life into a shame jar.
Now shame is a name
and it often goes to far
But right now if
you want to be big
its a way to find yourself
not dealing with the physics
of a fareway star/