Wednesday, 31 January 2018

If a song could be sung to change the world it would not exist but this is the second best thing

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Great Jews Singing

Neil Diamond
is the person in
my mind
and brother
salavation traveling
was his best

So your newspeaker
and reporter
and book maker
are Jewish
who fucking
unless its the banker
and Jews are historically
all over this
but quell surprise
people have long
transpanted this
so anyone who
thinks the Jews rule the
world should just look
at Jesus a Jew
on the cross
for no reason expect
maybe a double cross

The Games, the Games matter more than life

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I am convinced it the Romans
had the foresight
to make the gladioter
a team sport
they would still
and you
know considering
that would
not be a bad thing
no conflict
one Emperour
all the wank
taken out of every
and redrected
to making
the system
and the Romans
where balls out
at infrastructure


Tell someone please tell

Its always been about Oil

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Its always been about
Oil thats the takeaway
from our modern history
because in the old
days it brought
us light
and we fucked 
a lot of whales
to get hooker

Break it down
its energy
and we now
have a cure
for all the bad
bad things
we did to 
get a volt
enough amps
to power us
through the
life of consumption
we choose
with no

The wind the sea and the sun
this is the bounty of humankind
lets be good stewards

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Now we know the truth

Now that we know the truth
and it is on facebook everyday
what should the collective
cluck do as birds that
can not fly

Gum the bastards
to death as Chickens
without teath
of take our flock
and refuse to egg
its a dilema
facing every

is always an option
but its a bloody
process full of
decades of renewal
take no life
if you want
a life
that should be
our situation
never kill a human
in the journey
of expanding the
human experience

every human we kill
just makes the karma
dance more difficult

Monday, 29 January 2018

New Dreams T Shirt

 entertainment besides fucking, sucking eating and watching the dreams of others. 

Stuff posts giving us free energy

joy at the expense of others
if this was an energy source
the province of Ontario 
could propel the world
for intermediate orbits
I dont even have a cell
phone so do not ask
me for a correct prodiction
on anything that can be measured
the crazy stuff that is legend
I am a master at rolling
out the dole

Young girl fantasies
at the stiffest place
of integreity
I have never
had to climb
that pole
I am human
I might have
with a young
but not drunk
not in a room
so dead Island
I say send all
the sex perverts
to sex island
and just see
how long
the first
wants it\
up the 

Religion will fuck you up big time, choose humanity

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Do not be upset, ever true virgin bleeds to confirm something 

Hot of the presses book 7 of the game of thrones, and its all about Ontario.  Dudewe are blessed to have grown up and lived in Golden Times.  I know every generation always says good old days, but we both know the its a slam dunk to prove we where ten times better off growing up as tail end boomers than anyone who lives on this earth will see again.

I remember Steviee XXXXX giving me girl advice.  Ask them to fuck, your going to get a lot of slaps in the face but a lot of fucks a well. I think he was just fired as a Ontario Conservative Party Adviser.  Horndogs have no political affection but it is gender based. I think all men are horndogs, some just control it better.  The primary reason being they are not attractive to the opposite sex. If you look at nature every top dog has a hareem, and for the most part they are not complaining. So we have tried to fit our thinking over this hormonal balance. I think its a good thing, and the reason we progress. So  why are all the women harassed not out in the street saying make ISLAM synopsis with NAZI.

As I have said many times before I have many Muslim friends and more or less lived in some great Asian Muslim cities. However Islam has a dark heart of pedophilia. Christians and Jews have lots of things in the holy books best avoided
and those are the parts most dont practice.  Of the Billion or so Muslims worldwide, this is something they lack.

Dont bring me problems bring me solutions.
First bring the Quebec religion does not matter worldwide.
Second adopt Singapore style public housing worldwide
Third a universal guaranteed income world wide
(taken from the 1% who control 90% of wealth)
Then pass the dutchie to the right

Game of Thrones Ontario Canada Style

Ontario is the Anglo Heart of Canada
the place where the dilettantes
from England flocked
to make easy money
trading with the natives
and it remained that
way way up until
the end of the 20th
and then one
day we had
a Gay
which was
great but the rot
of before
was totally supported
just now a happy
inclusive Gay
face on the
pig of goverment

The old white boys
had been 15 years
in the dessert
collecting and wasting
hundreds of millions
on every election cycle
when they finally realized
people are Gay
women should control
their own lives
and no goverment
in the world
really gives
a fuck if
deficits matter
someone down
the road can deal
I will party today
and the holipoli
to dance

So to face an unpopular
dyke the Conservative
selected a guy I thought
was Gay
nevertheless he adopted
every part of the party
in power 
just saying I am a new
but he won the nomination
old style
and the lawsuits
and it turns
our it liked
young girls
so they dumped him
in the dead of night
and went back 
with an old rich white
guy from a small
northern town
at least he does
not smoke 
a pipe

Old white guys
who can rule
small communities
under their thumb
should never be
rulers of a diverse
urban province

Still he has made
his power play
and is sinking knives
in the back of 
colleagues lately
its so great
to see
now that
Game of Thrones
is in long hiatus
House of Cards
is beyond

The interim 
lets just call
him little finger

Thursday, 25 January 2018

We suck or why be a slave

Image result for images of the dirty dozen
are there worse things
than death
slavery proves
that generally
do not approve
of death

So living a lie
is the way forward
for generations
and no revolt
we as humans
are sometimes
disgusting in
our loyatly
to the tribe
of the living
not willing'
to join the

If there is one
slave in this world
we are all victims
that is the law
we need

Company towns
etc now to be replaced
by robots
and they
will make
the Pinkertons
look sympathice
as there will no
way be a resort
to democracy
its all about
scum and
the trajectory
of weapons
when the workers
have sticks with
iron on the egdegs
and the agents
of no change
have guns
with firepower
that makes
any kind
of opposition
and yet once
or twice the bamboo
put down
the lead
but there is
no corsi
no circumstance
where that
should be part
of any plan
unless sucicde
is the only option
and thats a place
I dont want to go
but I loved
the dirty dozen

The Shame train

Image result for images of shame train
On this train I am 
a caboose
but always wanted
to be an engine
all the things
we  have done
for good reasons
I cant justify

Patrick Brown I thought he was Gay

Image result for images of patrick brown
Patrick Brown likes
women thats a surprise
and I am sure his
caucus wishes
he was not

Maybe we will
see Jason Kenny
on Tinder
and does
he not remind
you of
George Cazenda

Neverthe less
never ask
a person
to make
a move
that is
not telegarphed
from both sides
and in the case of
in the world today
its excommunication
so you better make
sure your singnal
system is
for Russian
or just

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

I am only posting to find my mind when its lost now

Trump for sure a two termer.
The reason being no one
will challenge him
the bull
the horns

US goverment collapes
due to actual debt to equity
and the fact the most
of the money is being
spent on honey

Black diversity
kills movies and
just like music
so beat on the log
and see who
will pay

Smart people of
every shade
come together
to save the world
from tribes
of intoerane.

Friday, 19 January 2018

We got the weed they got the taxes

we got the weed they got the taxes
but still we dont break even
the cops need more
and happy meals
to deal with 
new stoners
who dont know
how to be high

Thursday, 18 January 2018

a hand

 I fear spooky monster
like everyone
but I have
they exist
and no
the future

no bullets lead


THE wind

Yeah I felt that on my
but never thought
that going agaist
a bow
in a ship
would mean
I digrees
from the machine
gpod da,,,ot
overtim e\
kesie dcjost

No Doubet

I have every imagination
and can not
bring the killer
of video
to the truth
of the\
spoken word
at least
and the ackonwege
that it was all global

Human kill or be Killed
or live
that is what propelled
a thousand human worlds
c an w not be
above this brush

not possible


Video killed the modern man

Does Trump read? When GWB was asked to donate all his books to the Presidential Library his wife said " I through out all the colouring books"
Image result for images of how reading changed the brain

Do you read? If you do not read, you do not think. Video is a regression to our ancestors that did not know better. Reading actually changed the human brain and brought us to the life we live today. Perhaps it was against the wishes of GIA. We reject immunizations and the wisdom of words simultaneously while our institution have orangutans running goverment.

Meanwhile the non political people are delving into what primatives
would consider god like territory. What else can you call a gene splice?

The best and worst of Sci Fiction is our headline every day
and what will become of the huddled masses
I expect mass extinction
and I could be right.

Thats the attraction of
Jurassic park
a exclusive controlled
with extinct beasts

Saturday, 13 January 2018

World full of shitholes blues

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The world is full of shitholes
Trump made a mistake
and spoke some truth
maybe he is the President

If you have watched
Star Trek
and been your
own Captain Kirk
here on earth
you know
there are green
people mixed in
with the whites
browns and blacks.

The green people
are mostly white
even if they are
from China
and they rule 
the planet with
a 3D printed
controlled by
who make
bit coin mining
look like

Speaking of change
we have seen some
huge steps forward
in the march towards
a perfect world
let us never forget
it was within the lifetime
of anyone living today
that blacks and whites
could not marry
and Gays could
not exist
Dating Mary Jane
could get you sent
to prision
and what was good
for GM
was good
for every PM
or dictator
and if you where
a master at building
you where automatically
a manual master of the

Soul problems
they will always
the richest people
in our universe
oft them self
just as fast
as denzines
of shitholes

Out of the darkness
and into the light
comes alien technology
to power the house
through the night
with photons
and electorons
and printed circuts
and artificial intelligence
that makes humankind
a God over a newlifeform
born without a soul
and often aborted
recycled and given
life again

The smartest monkey in 
the jungle moves the ball
down the field
but blocking every
deke and feint
is the old orange oragantans
and silver backs
who love
the concubine
and flashbulbs going

The cure for the shithole 
blues is distributed local
because power is the
thing that makes
animals dominant
and we should be
of far stronger
in the time of

When we live in a world
where being President
is a position where most
people would
not recognize you
like Switzerland
we will have no more
Shithole blues.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
is a weasel phrase
used by the alt
to justify
the dynamic
and profit

The game is fixed
some incredible talents
overcome this
but it takes
all three kinds
of IQ plus luck
to make it
thats why religion
is so big with
the successful
the preach the
and raid
the collection
not to mention
what happens
behind closed
alter boys

When the Russians
are bombing Allepo
to the ground
and the white
are filming
how many fathers
are responsible for the
child's death?

To put the problems
of a child
on the parents
is to treat
every progeny
like Harry Potter
if only I could
have brought
the wizard out
in him/her or
any other

So admit
humans are animals
and we are easily
the only thing
we have in our
is collective
and juripicendece

Thursday, 4 January 2018

I will never give up

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I will never give up
no matter what the
as I am one
of those
and I have
done it well
for most of
a lifetime
I would call
you muddles
if it were not

I am in the suck
right now
but I am saving
up for
some quicksand
and then
the future
will take
a shitkicking
from my

Faraday Field T

You are
your own
Faraday field