Sunday, 31 August 2014

The world is totally out of control

Or more accurately I should say
the dominant species
has lost its mind
there is a revolution comming
big time

China cracking down on Hong Kong
Ebola in Africa
Russia saying no no Mas
in Ukraine
and good old ISIS
still playing
Bob Dylan
as a refrain

The world could not
be any more crazy
and our leaders more
burdened down
with fixed position
and special interests
while Rome

Your in my space

If you look at all the sixties photos of leaders negotiating you can see the dominant one.
Its like they knew a secret.
Nowadays  comming in to my space uninvited
is ruin
A victory for the public teaching of pyscoligy

Little Putty Pout

This guy is no artificial creation
he is so James Bond real time
So to understand the man
we got to look at him as he walks the world
what he thinks when he bends down
to pick up a dime
but in order interpret that information
you must understand history
Once more I as a history major
come to the store
that needed to save humanity working half time
by employing me in a ruthless call center
to survive
in cutthroat competition'
with another star
that will no play
by the rules of 
the game.

Little Put Put would shred
you on x box or play station
because he knows 
these are wimp platforms
but would he do so well
on PC? 
Unfortunately thats a discussion 
for another time
cause Putin dont play with pixels
he plays with steel and titanium
and metals so exotic
on wikipedea you 
can search for them
but you will never get
conformation that they are real. 

In a world at war
you have to chose sides
Is Putin the enemy
or it the sphere of Income redistribution
johnny appleseed.

Four maybe five people 
I assume mostly guys
will control the income
from the cash flow side
but the people
under protection
just like the proven model
of the Mafaia
or the Catholic Church
will make sure
every family
has a full tummy
or if one of the begats
has some potential
a full scholarship at
some institution
some doubt if they
do serious research.

Little Puty Put
is the real deal
he did not get electected
some group of powerful 
people said
I like a martini not stured.

when I finally get my shit together
I am going to go to work
in that VIRGINA weather
where the paydays are sky
and you are all serious all the time
because if you make a bad
someone might die
but you can sleep at night
in a comfrort
because no way 
you are ever 
going to be that dead

Diane Finestone worries about the Flintsontes

You have to be kidding me Dianne. This was the most lame performance ever in your career defined by things other than excellence. Time to hang it up. You had to repeat cliches for the sake of filling air time without saying anything. Dianne Feinstien IMHO is the symbol of rot that cripples America. Build a new deck. She is eighty years old and a shipwreck. America would  be well served by term limits but for sure taking out mem bers of congress before their due date might have run decades over
having a voice that made sense to anyone.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Producers Death Murmur

There is not enough genuine news to keep the 24 seven cycle alive.

Just saw another self improvement headline

As if i believed
what I needs
to make me fit
was found
on info commercials
or someone
telling me

do not be yourself
you will be more happy
if I got an addition
its a describer 
that most would
wish for
man made
and easily taken
but for the deeper
like where is my
soul on Gods GPS
I say
keep your hands 
off my wavelength
I was born this way
and will die happy knowning'
no shaman
convinced me to live
any other way
we all got a path
some lead to trouble
others to greatness
but no one is going to prevent
those paths from crossing
and the only event
that you need
is to know
you are capable of most anything

ISIS is comming

they are going to attack us motherfucking
people who are against everything they blelive
like women are property
and marriage between a 13 year old
and some one sixty or more
was GODs will
Bring it on badass
we will fuck 
you up the ass 
so hard you
will think it was
your regular session with '
a Camel
but this time on Viagra.

Is Tokyo Fukushima uninhabitable

I wish someone would say
a half life
less than 
the time 
it takes 
to hear 
what they

Walking Around Alchool tolerance

This is the lie 
you will not see
on the TV
not Canadian or Blue
or talk to Madd

There needs to be more 
and heat
to this
mostly barely 

I love to here and see a plane fly over

Because despite all we have done
nothing inspires my sense of wonder
than the gravity denying ones.

I know a lawyer with Ninja limbs, kicking Legal ass may never be the same!

You surely ski some blackstuff with the build.
Am I the only one in the world that knows
we are living in a Star Trek society?
No its not that we are being observed
and graded on our deficiency. 

The world the world is a fucking great place
and its big as a one G planets go
and we live hear
among all the plant life
and animals
that we see to be determined
to eliminate if there
is some profit
and our timeline
is a soon as possible.

Lets just take flyer
about the UN
this was a master solution
to a problem
that humanity treated past and present
with some wet towels
to a dictators rage

Every five star hotel 
has a suite that nonspecializing 
can cool off
a one string guitar
that has voice
not musical
 but still can make
blind men put  money
into a blind trust 

Leaders you got to trust

And that is why we have institutional paralysis
and a whole lot of parasite
moving into the vacuum
with the idea
that you should build your own highway
or supertanker
maybe a prison or two
and while you at it make 
a hospital.

Some leader needs and will break through the slime
Lee Quan Yee style
Yep the man has a kick
but he has got a plan
and look what he accomplished
in resource nothing
mosquito infested swamp land
the really funny thing was that
the government of Malaysia gave 
away the thing barbecue they thought
it would be a drain on the mainland
Similarly it was Chaing Kia Shek
having moved the Chinese Army to 
Taiwan that refused the independence Mao
offered because his brain was running on pure
military cement.

The greatest leader of our generation or our time
is Deng Xiaoping. Did I hear a who or two?
Most famous not for his accomplishments and masterly
rule of a billion people, but for saying something simple and believe
me as an old China Hand endlessly debated if its true
"It does not matter if the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice"
This was a metaphor to move his country from the absolute insanity of Mao
to a capitalist thing. 

Some people complain about the Jews. In the scope of this world Jews are like the dust you see when the sun shines through your window. The Chinese and I hate to group them that way. Chinese are as diverse as blond haired blue eyed Vikings that came from Sweden or Norway. There is no Chinese central registry
they are no more monolithic than those of European descent. The Anglo Saxons and everyone else will always say, we were first so beware.

What is weirding a world wide angst
it the failure of our institutions
to recover from the GWB blasts
We should not pick on dear George
or in Canada Dear leader Steve 
or stranger still in climate change blast
Tony Aboot

Is this a plot to make us despair
for democracy>
If Rob Ford gets electable
I will throw eggs
and the fascists that march down

Leaders can command
some times a spit decision
will leave you splat
if you do not stick to the plan
but history is sticky and its
like sending in a SWAT
team to stop a glacier from advancing
or declining
the beautiful thing about history
is that it swings both ways.

History works so slowly 
that I have to give my 
upmost sympatjy
to the millions
of emouchs
that lost their
cock for libertiy
and after that
they were like
lab rats
doing the job
the man said
and maybe
bringing an extra edge
if a man with a penis
should want arbitrage.

History is no joke
its not MTV
its not entertiament tonite
we got lots of sociathse 
whjo should be for
sure prisn
an they control nuclear arns
that in about 637
seconds will send the world
back to a place that existed
thats was all about the hunt
do two headed deer
fill us with baqalquades
I do not know
In every historic event
thats the big nt know
to try and do better next time
when human are sausages
enthralled IN A Better next time

We got it here today 
pretty damm good
so why even walk 
into the park of destroying 
our history?

Walk the world
and you will see 
we are not 
the first humans
with an advanced society
I personally believe we are 
on the six cyle 
of a washing   machine
that heopes when 
people hear the beep
there still life at night


Friday, 29 August 2014

I am afraid of Carbon Fiber as a mission critical resouce

It blows up at failure and give you little warning
watch the NHL for evidence
no way I am riding a bike
made of carbon fiber.

Singapore Singapore Singapore

Austria Austria Austria, Denmark Denmark Denmark, Germany Germany Germany. Of all the treys only Germany is a significant country but man they can move like a little one and treat the citizens to a good life despite the troubled seas that surround them and the lack of natural resources that enrich the stupid ones.

But I say to you all, Singapore is the place that has been playing civilization since 1964 and winning every round. Take a look folks, no wires our mirrors just good, not good great goverment. Social housing is the foundation and good goverment over all is the salvation of this little point on the map that would fit into a few Manhattans.

Rob Ford

How I despise this man and the system that put such a reprobate in.

Masters out of control spells KAOS

I have no idea how  you became competent to comment. But believe me girl and I would say the same thing to you if you were a man. The end of civil discussion in near, Rob Ford over thirty and thats  when the mission blows and the other entertains increase the suck and blow and we get a mayor whose lungs can survive a blow out at 35.000 feet due to tequila.

The world is so crazy these days and I thought I would love it
watching the wooden animals rot so fast
But thats a pleasure I have put into the past
We need these rotten decks of humanity
to move us into a concrete future

Tabernac we need Rob Ford and his brother
and more importantly the one percent that
do his arbitrage

If a comet struck this earth there would
be the usual disaster 
somewhere in the billions of dollars
and maybe many thousands
killed with Gods blessing

But the model is now more like an asteroid
and it going to hit
will it be ten years or twenty or maybe fifty
the timeline does not matter
if you have children
or even a casual interest in the
stream of history 
that marked
our 6000 year rise

I do not think we are doomed
but I presume that the fat cats
will abandon wage slavery
because they should know
the servants always resent
and no master can keep 
them in control.

How to solve all our problems

The earth is a very big place and 
its hard to hurt
humans have done this
repeatedly since our birth
now it has come to a crises
one the humans should curse
because of the extinction event
animals we are 
well above the curve

First and foremost
cut back the CO2
Ban coal burning
that will give us a decade
or two

Then just modernize or lifestyles
Climate house our domiciles
and hydroginize our transport systems
man is the great architect of living
so lets listen to the best
build Manhattan projects that are forgiving
not death dealing atomic blasts.

Every technology we need to day
has been proven over time
the future advances that we
might see are worth roughing
but humanity has not got the time
to frig around with grand solutions
we need to deal with
the day to day pollution
on the ground

We can save the world
but its up the the 1%
do they believe they
can just move around
and ignore
the encroaching desert?

the venn diagram above is copyright of Thinkingaboot
you can copy it if you have a good heart.

Its anxiety rising true

Every one has cancer
and there will
never be a cure

Its a war like weeding your garden
keep the bad plants away
but your never going to eliminate
any biological function
without killing the patient.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I want to tosay

Anyone that wants to hijack my message of peace
should be live in Arazonieith an UZI up their (I tried and tried to get Arazonia  or whatever in pint., just saying)
as though  a simple steel implantation
could keep visitors from posting on Facebook
just how fine was that ass
Bullets are fine tuned things
they make music
play  in chords
that do not give
a goddamned thing


Yes its groomed and so many children have been taken from behind
some silly message and stern authority
First off I got to say
how demented are you
to interfere in childhood anyway
not alone to do the vile things
Jesus have mercy I would flame 
you with a oxy and acetylene bling

When the flame are spent
and we are looking
at your skeleton
we got to ask why?

I do not believe in evil
its just an excuse we give ourselves as animals
without any infrastructure to support why

Next time a person of interest makes a great case
on your  cellphone
do not reply
cause they are
surely recruiting  you
for wage slavery
or something way way worse,

The thing is you human
if you had enough facts
you could make your
masters eat body parts

Obama Pussyfooting with ISIS

It brings back to me the Bay of Pigs. JFK saw reality and would not move and now this is Obama's moment.  No need to take him out with a hard hit these days. Soft power media and the internet can persuade.

Like are they the worst people in the world or not?
If there are kill them all
Kill everyone 
Are we going to now be squeamish about collateral data
We wiped out Nagasaki motherfuckers
and no one apologized after the fact
that war Sandinista
that's taking lives
and making sure
they have no idea
how to strike back.

The pressure today on Obama
is extreme
but the difference between Obama
and JFK
is that you can not kill a sitting American President
without leaving all over the crime science
incriminating DNA

So Hawks will circle about 
and tell all the people about
the Ukrainians
but if the truth be told
they were just some other
warlords gold.

The Secret Message

Its work real hard and do not complain. We got tips to help you work better and lose fat. There are so many big things happening you might not be able to fully evaluate. The Web is full on nonsense, and most of it on what one would consider the go to sites. If you turned off your TV its a smart move. However on the web the specialists can slice you and dice
you and make you move with greater focus. If you like some thing, think again. If you love some thing you have never experienced except on the Web your paying rent.

This Rant about wage slavery is not Racist

Hongkong is an Ayn Rand dream and nightmare for the majority who live there. Land has been used by the oligarchy and politically connected to bled the masses. It is estimated in some studies that 80% of Hong Kong's  six million residents pay more than 50% of their income in rent. Worse still owning something not even in the clouds. These fuckers have taken over Vancouver and are moving in on Toronto. Steve Harper stop the milquetoast defense of the Arctic   and give us some Singapore in Toronto and Vancouver!

Russia moves into the Ukranie

I really hopes it never came to that.
Nevertheless we got no business in that business
Good guys are hard to find
and in this struggle
nothing has changed.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Holocaust Image like for kids

Some on likely without intent made holocaust jerseys for kids to wear.
If its fashion its going to happen. But watch the Grey Zone for the awful truth. Its worse than you drunk uncle Buckingham you but its similar. If your uncle was untouchable. The Holocaust was the prime example of
humanity abandoned for money or power. Never forget, but I fear we have and this garment is just another example of ignorance aiding power.

Peter Mckay goes full AK

The Federal Rob Ford. Please people on the east coast kill this legacy in 2015.
His dad may not have been half bad.  However little peeter has taken his cock
to the taxpayer, it seems like everyday.

I am so offended by the image of a CANADA merged with an AK 47.  Do not do such to our national symbols you feeble master of reality.

Garry Buttman tells us that thousands of years of breeding may be insane

Another NHL team in Toronto.  Do not fool me again. Toronto is the Leaf do not destroy this hockey thought for money.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Justin Burglar will not do time

How appropriate that the misguide UTE who 
wandered into Justin's kitchen
will not be cooking
in the big house

In fact he got a carte blanche
for being a UTE and 
under the influence

Which is the way everything used to be
a crime was something
that hurt somebody
not just wandering around
getting high
making a sensible mistake
in that state

There was nothing wrong with that world
making little events crimes
moves us one step closer
to the all seeing mind

Little Countries in big Need

We should all be Finland
long before NATO
and the Soviet Union
they lived with Russia
and it was not 
a place to be

Yet Finland has prospered
and how many youth
on both sides have not died
was any ideliogical statement
worth more than that/

touching the nutters forge ting the future

A camel wealth of stupidity 
has carried humanity
to this dessert
we now inhabit

Do we want dry or wet
or do with think we
can have any play
in the weather game
as it comes more and more
to stay

I just have to say 
formally one more time
Stephen Harper
is not on step out of time
he is a whole footrace
from dealing 
with the twenty first century
weather crime

If you fuel his race
sure I will want you
to wallow in his 
dry bed or flooded plain
of disgrace

But that would be a waste of time
and another wasted opportunity to fight
on the taxpayer dime

We need to pull together left and right
or there will be little planet earth as we know it
over which to fight.

Will the Jews defend our foreskins

When ISIS occupies Canada
I fear its the Jew that will
have betrayed us
they are circumcised
for them submission
is only mental

But for real Canadian men
raised in the sheeplands
we would be losing in
many cases
an imposing flap of skin
and that has to hurt like
hell and not a wound
you would want to tend

I am all for backing up the Jews
in Israeli
but when ISIS comes for
my foreskin
will I hear their voice
or just been there
done that
my erstwhile friend

Bad Headlines

Yes they are very prominent every day
I have no way to measure
if it was worse yesterday
but I know WW2 was way way worse
and the threat of Nuclear Holocaust
makes ISIS
look like a one hit wonder

So do not despair my patrons
we are going to get along
for a long while
despite the noise
and the rush
of bimbos
to the camera.

ISIS recuiting explained

If your best chance at sex is with a camel you might just want to go out an kill someone.
Like John Prine my
grandpa was real carpenter
he hammered nails in things
and my Dad
copied all of his
best lines

I learned a little bit by osmosis
but it was only
after I had screwed
the blue devils
after wrestling
with concrete
and no budget
for a hammer drill.

I would have bought one
if I thought like ISIS
or if I was not qualified
to drill six holes
with my old drill
yes it goes back and forwards
and yes you can feather it still
but the stinking thing
needs an extension cord
how can any modern person
work with such
encumbering things

Making this deck has been a battle
but I have learned one universal thing
never go off level
or you will have
to rip up
no matter
what you bring

That is unless
your in procession
of one of those
reality distortion things

John Tory finds the tracks to common sense

People got to move. Forever in Toronto our leaders have let perfection stand in the way of the possible. Tracks and corridors do not grow in the Urban world. Take what we got and do the best possible use. Look at the map and see the little Shepard Spur, remember that useless pink appendage when you vote next time, its not as bad as the 407 but lots of people got rich and never paid a dime. Its not a useless asset, it is a landing strip between Pickering and Pearson that should prompt the best practice John Tory to say, the Pickering Airport dies I will make this horror go away. We need no more white elephants when we have common sense to guide us. I want to raise the elevation on Toronto. Trust me not waste resources to pave over common sense.
Yet that little pink strip remains a thorn in his side.

I think it so funny that Rob Ford has with his money made saying surface transport is not an acceptable way to go. I hitchhiked across this land, never saw the sun once
I should be the transit Czar just for my good advice, at avoiding the sun
have you seen the damage it gives to the old paint job.

Science or superstition what plan will a politician come up with tomorrow. The problem for the pols is that every institution that we know seems to be full 
up with corruption and lies.

So its easy for Rob Ford who is so elite he needs oxygen to work the street 
to tell the people streetcars are like vaccines
they will give us transit autism
and only I 
can fix this illness
because I have a dream
a dream of cars
moving in synchronicity
piloted by people
just like me
driving drunk and stoned in
a big SUV

Rob Fords dream has met 
a science based dead line
You can not build enough
streets in this world
to move an Escalade
when everyone drives
a car as big a New York Apartment
you do not need Google maps
to figure out its 
all transparent
boots on the ground
if you have
so many square meters
of personal transport
you will always get
stopped dead

Now throw all those users
on to a magic underground
train and they will move smooth
and timely as well

Logically we all want to move that way
But the big question is who will pay
and beyond that
how many stops
should there be
to my doorstep?

None of this is rocket science
its well practiced in Japan
and too many European city's
that glide on laughing 
at our failure to understand

Bottom line Olivia Chow is a fool
for not stealing John Tory's
transit plan.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A trailer or not

If I was bugging out big time would I want a tailor or a single breast. Discuss amongst yourselves. Whimsy Me? Tabernac!

Take ISIS for relief

ISIS like foes are not among stist
those we have in the West
come up against
Al Queda was bad
and for Osama to hide
we must decide
if it was Allah
or the CIA 
that gave him such astounding
that allowed him to abide
like the worlds baddest dude
with a world class bad attitude
for more than a decade
is a safe mansion in Pakistan
located not a stones throw
from the garden city
that was one of the few
places in that troubled
shithouse poorly planned
nation built on sand
where gardens grew
and the streets were not full

If you our me
was to live Paki (Pakistan Pekoe not racist)
we would want to rent
Osama Bin Ladins House

So with no other serious enemy to fight
we fought Al Queda
with all our might
behavioral experts might disagree
but making people take off
their belts and shoes
might give them a PHD
in Sheeple agree.

Then Obama ended
two open ended wars
that had not traction
We had a brief history
in time where terrorism
from black hoodies and nijab
was not a distraction

Yep for a brief moment in time
the most important powerful people in the world
where not occupied by the Flintstones.

Believe it or not it started with Eisenhower
This was the American who saved the world
He really did
Herding Cats is a backwash
tending to your pool
This man had command
and he made fools into tools
as if you want to move
forward you must do
over and over
no matter how hard
it upsets your
basic rules

Well it seems Eisenhower was
not Einstein an
and despite what he believed
the forces that be
determined he was dangours
he believed in democracy
his experience at slaying fascism
was not a novel the money men
would read
or even in a drug induced
water boarded interrogation
There is so much money
I can survive pain
and potential death

Just as a aside that's how I see myself
not going to give up my friends
or my country no matter what
tool you pull of the shelf.

Now back to history. Eisenhower had
defeated the Nazi, and planned events
that could never be duplicated
he was the Beatles of warfare
Sun Tzu
would burn some paper for this mother fucker

So naturally and fallowing the  U Grant events
and many other great Presidents
he took control

But history has no record
of why he selected
a man a faint heartbeat
away like Richard Nixon
That would be an incredible
conversation with Eisenhower
who had take Hitler down
now had to wear
Nixon on his crown

Hey its all politics
and do not pay close
all pols are the same
and you should vote
for the one close to your heart
Skeptics in the recently rated
third best city in the world
take Rob Ford as a pill
that proves not so smart

So Eisenhower is sandbagged
with Nixon and he starts to golf
I think he was brokenhearted
and did not give a fuck

He could not speak the truth
case he took a spin on jeep
with a girl that was not
his wife

Now we have Eisenhower
a good guy in most ways
An American Icon
cause hate them
as you must
Americans have
moved the ball down
fumble after fumble
but that is why
in history we trust

I was not there
but I am sure it was true
the Military Industrial Complex
wanted to make sure
there was no rust

Ike was not one to take the mike
and he said bullshit will not make rules
reality distortion fields
I have smashed a thousand
and I will never bend ove4r
for punks like you.

Little Dick the concubine
the President shared in the heritage line
May not have been patients
maybe he did not want
to sit in line
maybe he would be the first Vice President
warmer than a bowl of piss

Frances Gary Powers got shot down
and Eisenhower was surrounded
and he knew he had to drop the dime
he had fought a world war
and when the truth
and power conflict
you got to take out
a tape measure and
examine your dick

How many inches or millimeters
do you want to give away
when the battle is already
fought and despite your no aquencient
you are rated Napoleon for you strong thought.
If I play Civilization being Eisenhower is far above
Dan Quale, Napoleon and any Kings or Queens
that are only legitimate because
they have support from above
or now when that fortress is breached
a tourist attraction that can sign off
on laws as well

So Ike being the man probably said
I have fought Nazi with weapon
all your Ayn Rand nonsense
leaves me wondering why
I am a conservative instead
of a liberal who do
their thinking with best practices
dreaming of a world
where you buy what you want
not what the paymaster said

History records that the the the the
great concord that Eisenhower
had almost cemented with Soviets was dead
When Frances Gary Power hit the ground
and in fact was not dead.
The Soviets could have just
killed this terrorist spy
but they kept him alive
and traded him
for a colder cold war
this was nonsense for the Soviet
who could barely keep a fridge
with a kitchen door

You look at Goebbles and operation paperclip
and wall street today
and how we are manipulated
and never see
even the simplest trick.
Tricks and cons and bullshit
our parents would have just shrugged
off as part of the permanent SNAFU
unfortunately today
a sizeable majority believe
and the rest of the pie
are afraid
if they complain
they will have
a police response
based upon the NSA
and guilty or innocent
it do not matter much when
your brain is filled with
a slug from a gun
that in Iraq was full
of ammunition but in the
end saved no one.

Eisenhower and Nixon must
have a had a conversation
that pushed them both over the brink
Maybe it was the Checkers speech
a pooch make Eisenhower
surrender to a puppy
of mice and men

History records that
Frances Gary Powers
was shot down
there is a lot of confusion about
that event
and more importantly how did it happen
with taking such a provocative action
in the middle of talks
that would have led to peace
and certain retirement
for the Industrial Military Complex

We only have a few facts
about this past time
one of the most significant
is that a highly trained
radar expert was in the USSR
at this time.
A pasty had defected
and we would not hear
of him again
until that day
which under all the clouds
of confusion
no one disputes
JFK had brain matter
ejected for the crime
of an argument
with flat and round

Little terrorist before
that term had been defined
Lee Harvey Oswald
traveled back and forth
between two nations
zeroed in on a nuclear war 
Even accidental tourists
with the best credentials would
be hard pressed to cross those lines

So Lee Harvey Oswald
shot JFK
its that simple
and no matter hard
you study history
the fact on the ground
have made it certain
that it was a good kill
examined to death
and only crazy
people would see it
any other way.

Just as an aside
I found it very interesting
that Stephen King
looked at all the facts
and decided that history was on the single
shooter side. What more proof do you need
an award winning excellent author
has written a book
with which the Warren Commission
would agree

JFK died in Dallas
and then in my book
Jaguline became the creepiest bride
Aristotle are you serious
this was prostitution
carried out on the grand culture side

The greatest man from Texas
was not power hungry
no he resigned never severed
two terms
I guess we all estimated
his power function
and how
they never surrender
he took the first opportunity to leave
maybe he thought his head intact
looked better on reflection
or maybe he just gave up on power
what a nice historical reflection

Nixion became president
it was like Sid Vicious
filling in for John Lennon

This little punk
was not going to be
you should go this way

He had so many enemies
the Rolex was doomed
only a computer could keep track
and facebook was born this way

I think tricky Dick knew
the way to play
more than a fur coat
or a puppy dog
he wanted some say
in the big universe
and as President he assumed
it would go that way

I image he was so disappointed
by the first visit of the men in black
they wanted him to do so many
things that conservatives would attack
Peace with China  fuck that.
Dick did not care how many consumer devices
they could make with a battery pack
Yet he flew to Beijing
and started the downward spiral of everything
He made a deal with the communists
who liked the label
but at the end of the day
are only the people
who do not wane
they are so tough
there is nothing
in the package
they want that
will make them sane.

Little Dick came from bumfuck
he did not see the deal
for his people playing this game

So the plumbers made Watergate
and the rest is history
assets leaked
and pressure grew
and at the end of the day
the Bushes outlived Reagan
and we are now close to the modern say.

Reagan wanted peace with Gorby
for all his simple minded dementia
this was one thing he knew
was true.

Well someone sabotaged that
and you can bet there was a shrub
behind that attack.

Bush takes command
a direct line behind
shot down at 19
and Finance
and Preston
and everything

Command proves to be a little tricky and
he fails in the flack publicly
but in the background
lots of ammo left
for attack

So his unfortunate son
like the lyric from
credence Clearwater revival
defeats green peace

Now thanks to him
we are locked in a cycle
of war that's hard to break
the only grace
is Adam Smith
and his invisible hand
you can not fight wars endlessly
on foreign lands
if there is no profit
in all those bleached bones.

So when you see on the new
Saddam is launching babies
out of incubators
or someone in a cave
is thirty seconds away
from digging your grave

Take ISIS for relief
You do not need to be a salesman
to know you are being sold