Monday, 31 March 2014

Hard Runway for Humantiy

There is a hard runway
but it is always elusive
and it let societies down
in a small crash
that keeps their
economy from being sound
and at the end of day
the crash investigators say
lets let in the IMF
to be sure that you do not 
let any wealth go
any other way
Because we are like the Pope
infallible economists
who plan like banks 
of last resort
we own you
we own your kids
and as a matter of
calculated fact
we got your grandchildren
signed up 
in a Goldman Sachs account.

Footnotes better living through chemisty

Archaic indications that what you say had some basis in fact.
Now through modern chemistry we have acrylic testimony. Plastic facts that can resist most natural elements.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Monday, 24 March 2014

Kid do not play the lottery

 Sad that the kids are so aloof they don not play the lottery. Snowpiercer makes a statement that maybe the masses can understand. Personally we all live life in a balance and thank God there is no rule book we can understand. When it come to the planet, we got Tony Robbins as chief of plan. This kind of thinking will all end horribly. Maybe thats the collective wisdom of the youth. How sad our future thinks we can not change society.

I do not believe that. Look kids  look over there at Sweden.
But the message is not received,
Its a race between science and reason.
I just got to think that science
so poorly marketed will
triumph over slick media translations 
of empty thoughts.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Very Good VFX

I wish the movies were listed because I have not seen them all.

Doing wrong and doing right

For the G8 what is the best line on Crimea. No body, I mean no body buys this Crimea is Ukraine and we will die for this land buzz. In fact Ukraine pissed into the wind and tugged on Supermans cape to get where they now are. Very similar move that Georgia made and how did that turn out?

I am not defending Putin though he seems more best practices oriented than George W Bush. The Crimea has never been a mess, like the middle east or other intractable border things. It pretty clear Ukraine egged on by the west neocons did a crazy video thing. Hey look at me I have no understanding of the way the world works and now I will demonstrate it and ask the world to pay billions to patch up my mistake.

We can not fix things. No the boots on the ground who are living there have to have a plan and then we can help. In Ukraine this plan is to poke the bear and harvest the shit neocons rain down.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

:Love is a beautiful thong

Never felt heartbreak
never faced that recall
I just think I was given
something special
I am a tool
that needs no more information
to work as it was meant so
no drama no conquest
I came to love
as a modest view
I saw this girl
and then i saw her twice
and so many times after that
She saw me as well
which made our first coupling
No more people could be so far
apart as me
and my sweetheart
and thats what makes
me weak at the knees
we can love and hate
we can have all these great debates\
but at the end of the day
when the sheet need to be washed clean
we all know one sound that rings
love is the overwhelming thing

Spending our Money like bees harvesting honey

(steve at Newton)
Alison Redford retired yesterday
she was a women
who fought battles
with men
and when the writ was dropped
she rose the top.
So revealing what came then
she thought she was Bill Gates
or Larry Ellison
because on her personal spending
she opened the floodgates/
We want good people in goverment
this is the system established very
well in Singapore
where their goverment and governance
leaves every other looking
like clown throwing coins
down a wishing well.

Everybody knows
Knowledge flows
and Singapore is
on the GPS
but we resit
Lee Quan Yew
because he puts his nation
and just after that repose
says hey I will cash in somewhat
but it should be considered in balance
I made this country
and I should have some legacy
except for fame.

Good Government is there if you want it.
Take a look at Singapore and even the
politically tainted Hong Kong
This is some kind of advanced culture
where goverment must satisfy the citizens
down to the last dime.
You want to take a pee
in the Far East plaza
have a dime, and if you want
to do number two it will
be twenty cents for that crime.

Someone said you can judge a civilization
buy the state of their public toilets
Singapore embraced that sentiment big time

So in summary
what do we want to live
in life infarry
talking about social justice endlessly
looking at how funds are allocated
or making living
less of a mystery
its all about the inputs
and outputs
and keeping the tribe
on the right trajectory.
Yes we will always have
useless citizens
that is pareto's law
and it will not be repealed
until every citizen sees
communism as a far way
to put their effort
into the great heave.

You can talk about
and you can do
and in Singapore
the truth is lying
in the streets
covered with smart do.
(Steve Harper makes Lee Quan Yew look like a communist, he is just that right stupid)

Five Minutes of Christopher Walken Dancing

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ban anti human Activity

We have a world court in the Hague that functions well. So lets just pass laws at that level against anti human activity. Sure we can not bring most to justice, but being on notice as a tendency to change behavior. The world has a success story in the war on Ozone defeating activities. Lets take down the humanity hurting scumbags for once and for all.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hemingwee. (the pee formed when journalistic integrity is crushed by rocks)

Just trying to coin a phrase or a word

Not focused on you hair not even thinkingaboot your feet

Hair comes and goes it is some kind of good camouflage
feet are a different matter
no man looks that low
so who are you buying
all those silly shoes for

Connecting the dots paints a picture of great decay

Humans are inherently bi polar, smart enough and armed with self actualization skills to accept there is a dichotomy between reason and faith. Faith is marketing reason is product. Every person with the least bit of critical thinking ability will ask themselves why I am a here. Those who ask themselves the question instead of  accepting being told they are here to serve some kind of sky god have to move on to harder and more personal questions. First one is why am I not rich and powerful. Thats when the critical thought becomes hacked by the sky god faith.  You were not worthy is not the reason.  Self doubt is the addiction the faith junkies use to hook you. Life is a competition. There is a science to that. Some people have more skills and tools than you do.

The real reason is you failed to capitalize on your strengths and play politics like risk rolling the dice with authority. If you examine the rich and powerful DNA it all goes back to some fish hut or farm where life and death decisions were made every day. Great Warriors became great leaders. So why did Hulk Hogan never become president of the United States?

Because the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. No man is an island, and there is no saviour. Those who overcame the lizard brain with compromise and a search for the truth soared for a time. Astonishment is an antidote for the lizard mind. Our nature is defy these truths. These are animal spirits that exist in our DNA and can not be expunged  by truth, Think about it as an operating system, yes thank the sky lord we now have the ability to think we could all be sims.

Flight or fight is at the core of our basic programming. Those species that figured out how to exist in this environment survived. No matter how many Tony Robbins tell you different, all they are offering is some way to hedge this programming to your own purposes. Having bettered  a better software system does make you more competitive. The problem is can your hardware handle the load?

So now we exist in a world were most of humanity is living on OS 5 with a OS 1 or less processor. Long before warriors realized ones and zeros would secure the future the best realized, physical combat is a fools game. They used science to secure their position and faith to defeat enemies and out of that hybrid that should of been aborted was born the modern state.

Code does not work if the ones and zeros do not have a critical mass of operability. Bugs and errors and denial of service are the bugaboos that we face.
Right now right here we live in a world that maybe and I believe in certainty
we have given the math a face wash.
People are paid millions not to understand math
and the schools get a bonus for
turning out people that
could not cross the street
without the goverment hash marks

The appeals to the tribe
and the divide and conquer
faith based fill
in the weld of humanity
has been powered up by lasers
and electromagnetic rail guns
that can blow stuff up real 
good with less energy
than our grandfathers ability to
focus with gunpowder plans.

I read every day about outbreaks of disease
for no reason
It seems those scientists doctor defying mothers
have decided
that keeping their babies free of autism 
means taking a vaccine
is just asking for Jobs paradise.

Then we come to guarsasol or the anthrax vaccine that
severed all those gulf war troops so well.

Best argument for communist
is science was science and
commerce would take a back page.
Not saying communism was swell
but you have to know its never been
practised very well.

The Japanese civilization broken down
is thousands of years of existence
and the Chinese evern more than that.

I wonder myself when the fourth or fifth cycle of
the walking apes domain went
down were the Asians 
so far out of the blast radius
we now say they are ancient
and lame.

 If you wake up every day with a coffee
you should be shocked
history is moving faster
than your daily commute
The future of the world 
rests on you decision upon
who should captain this ship
on a world we have destroyed
we are going to be at sea
for a time only a god  could decide.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lost in the supermarket

The clash identified the problem perfectly. But now that has become a kind of wage slavery. Yes we will pay whatever it cost to monopolies to those companies that own democracy.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Afganistian Over

No matter how noble the intentions and how much tribute we could get from the Americans which we can never mention, it was a bust. How half a world away could we make a difference when the local people hate us so.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Not quite Churchill

If I gave you some poisned tea would you drink it?

If I was your husband yes!

It may not be clear in our mental combat.  I admire what you have done with so little thought.

Swift we need you now!

In the great tradition of letters i write you to solicit your support for my great endeavor.
Gulliver's travels was a fairy tale that moved the world like an earthquake. When I read it I can not see the power. Yet at the time the sly suppositions and juxtapositions moved the intellectuals who at that time where conveniently for Mr Swift the ruling junta.

This was a era where beautiful thoughts and arguments dominated. We live in an era where cold hard digits ones and zeros make you one of the two.  Symbiotic relationships are possible like the little fish that clean the skin of the shark. In the end if you want to kill the great white your going to need a bigger boat. Thats the boat I want to float.  I am on that idea like a Jehovah Witness who will let his kid die because he believes a transfusion will offend his God in the Sky. There is something seriously wrong with the human condition, we got to much silver back wisdom conflicting with our mathematical precision.  No ape challenges the silver back armed with fruits and nuts. I should make an exception for Dick Cheney who conquered Iraq armed just such.

I feel like Charles Dickens and Robert Heinlein that my words will make people feel. Perhaps bring enough out of their slave drugged state to care enough about the future
to make that declaration on voting day. So every man small and great who has literally given there lives for democracy should be insulted and deflated by what is going on in one country that every democratic radical would speak about as a place where democracy has thrived. Talking about Canada where the fair elections act will pre empt the reason to abide. No reason to fret if the ruling government say we won the election two days before the event.

Some solution, no solution that the question of how far extends the might.
Everyone knows they are not in their hearts radical
the status quo is not perfect
but it means I know I am being punished
but the next torturer is worse
Frame the question and you get the calculated answer
would you like it up the ass
or in the face
our party platform is flexible
just wipe off
and never appear in
the public face

For all my bombast I am sure you know that this current regime is not making a social system based to last. The goal of these right and order people is to find offenders, then tell the public how they were heroes to de fang them. It will boost the sales of powered drinks exponentially when the criminals have no fangs upon which to assault the beef of this world.

I am a frog watching my community boil

I am a frog
sitting on the side 
of the fridge
because God gave
me sticky pads
and the ability to observe
Looking down at the stove
its burning gas
and despite the fact
this pollution is
expelled real fast
outside where God
can make sure
it does no harm that lasts
my eyes are burning
I guess I am the sensitive one
I see my fellow frogs
packed into the pan
the temperature is rising
and they vote 
to keep the heat off the man
They took away our Lilly
pad and gave us concrete
we all said yes 
because how could 
solid ground
not supersede
a search for unreliable
organic free floating  structures
that are every time unique.
I hopped away
but all my best friends stayed
the advertising said they 
would all have more energy to play
a concrete pad meant many more frogs
could have the best location
Frogs could finally have
equal sun salvation.
Well it turned out
the pads made us gather
in groups
So much easier
for the vote harvesters
to work us
and then with the ballet
our legs were served up in
restaurants that saw
their profits soar
because catching frogs
was not a challenge 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sci Fi Readers Challange

In the Last 66 years how many Hugo Award winning books have you read. The link site counts your cover clicks and I got 32. When Harry Potter which I have not read wins a Hugo is that not kinda Justin Beiber?

Scientists VS Economists

Conservative voters prefer Economists over Scientists. An Economist predicts the cost of things and has endless and purely political ideas about the value. A Scientist can irrefutably prove the value of things, and knows that in the big picture the cost of human progress is irrelevant. Angela Merkel is a scientist, Stephen Harper and Tim Hudak are Economists.

True Detective


Another masterpiece from HBO. Its completely different and totally traditional. The spectacular cast lays figuratively and literally fully naked for our indulgence. It takes about five episodes to jell and the first season is only eight episodes.  At episode five I was ready to put this season up with the best of The Sopranos, The Wire or Breaking Bad.  However by the end it dipped into the more mundane but still must see Parthenon of content. Another series that falls into this silver medal band is Vikings. Its a Canadian production.

I think it would be easy to make a Canadian tale like True Detective out of the Picton Murders. Some people think Picton may have only been doing clean up.


Monday, 10 March 2014

The acceptance of Netficks

Tease me once or twice or three times or some manipulated way into controlling my brain. TYhose wo know, and do not kid me we are looking at everybody.
Take a stand, watch TV or pay to go to a pay wall to defend the brand. Like Shaw TV running Vikings and expecting us to say, jezz they grew petunius in a climate that would otherwise say it can not.

I am a protest singer singing a protest song

There was a time when that was true
but the Illuminati who lag a generation behind
knowing what the public see as true
missed the sixties
by a country mile
and they mad up
for that double
time with disco
and today
they feed us
like we are a brian
dead population
only thinking about
sex and fashion
but I have to say
the general population
do not disappoint
no on realieze freedom
is the last app
that will ever go online.

I represent come on girlfriend
and all the trust that comes with it.
What is really wrong with this
world and the call to arms
for not leaving the house
without a nineteen round glock
in what in the world
enginneres of safety
would say
in our extenimve study
this was a safe neighourhood.
Some guy is going to grab you
some guy is going to rape
your wife
they are going to make
a gretst profit selling
your life pocession
under a anyomuse call
under E bay
renovate for life.

No matter what side of the duck
the rain penarates
what makes me crazy
is how wet I am
and being historlicaly
drym or wet, or cold
scientifc disussion of this dilemana is used as a weapon
to leave scinece as useful as the bible
when we want to leave
people at least bold
and not over funded
with seawater

KPK Separistits

This has to be the greatest betrayal in human history. Also I hope an example of hubris gone gold.

he book on Karl as I see it is he was born on third base. He is running for a pop up fly and falls on his face. This guy is so out of touch with reality it will be super to watch. He is Rob Ford without crack or peeing in the park. Believe me now and I tell you later his character is going to be explosive.

There is no way Quebcor or any of its arms should get one ore cent of Federalist Government Money for advertising, hockey teams, etc as long as it lines Karls pockets. In a real sense that is funding the separation of Canada.

Has anyone considered this is a billionaire tired of lashing out at hired help and just want to take it to the next level? He is logical thinking, because the electorate puts up with way more than a hired employee.

Bottom line Dear Leader, this is your Guy, fetted felt and not quite there for the Orgasam of a New Norquie in Quebec city.
So the conservatives are in bed with the separatist cause they have written off
Quebec. Thats a national unity platform only Preston Manning could love.
I cant speak French, I have had no relations with Quebec since I kicked the glass out of
the old fourm before an English concert of David Bowie,
What the spinmasters want you to see is how
your tribe is relevant with the Quebecosy
Even if you ask this question your stupid.
Diversity, some other view
some look at life
that is not anglo saxon
belief in good goverment
by individuals
Many flaw in Quebec
Many flaw in Canada
Bind these flaws to
create some kind of
European synergy
Are our kids to stupid
to speak bilingualy
In Europe every kid
speaks English
and likely a third launguea
I hope Quebec never leaves
but now I have to admit
with rednecks in the lead
its a possiblity.
And will they not be so proud
at taking what used to be one
of the greatest nations in the world

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Self Defence against the truth

I have a scan of a pink flyod CD cover on one of my blogs. Yes I have heard several small species grooving in a pic with a cave. So were they fifty years to early or just tragically late to connect with History.

On Free Will

Sugar drinks may kill you faster than heroin, but the good news in both cases it was a free choice. Free choice is a brilliant, until it meats reality.  We are all victims of goverment. But goverment is the only way to prevent us to be the victims of individuals. Now vote which is worse.

Most brilliant Framing

Framing is a new name for what used to be argument. Now there is no need to argue just a need to decide you can frame the issue with a force that makes the other side abide. Its true on some heart and sole issues from both side when the invective  right our wrong rings true like medieval kings they will surrender that issue and Armour up for the next conflict. There is no longer a sentiment that to some thing I must be true,

Kill the butterflies cause they are free

we fly like butterfly's
so innocent
with nothing behind our
wings except pollination
so may families
have dies
just keeping
our jungle alive
no one we know
no one we do not believe
has not been bought out
by the powers that believe
If you say freedom
all the sheeple will
accept the fact that
you deceive
because it means
you will  be the last
one to receive
the blade of reality
that just does not
kill you but collects
a lifetime of taxes
and waits without priduce
for your kin and kind
to contribute
above and beyond taxes
in this freely elected mandate
to forgive
when we deceive,

Quebec as a country

Amid all the shouting idots and regal progressions there is some willing desire of all people to fly the flag. Its so easy an appeal, these guys are making economic violence on your downtrodden lives. Its exactly the appeal that moved Germany into such a violent appeal for respect. How can respect a Quebecois, should I drop my pants and say there you go at length will not measure up to the manhood of the Quebec measure of dick length based upon the phase of stimulation.. Oh fuck I am a minority on a contient that has not got over slavery. Please tell me you are not shirly serious about this play. I am not a stupid man or one that has any evidence of being smart. Yet I think. Quebec separation is a prepper play in a world those guys never even thought about and realistically is unlikely to go that way. Yet they use prepper politics to move forward.  To Quebecs credit they are highlight the lack of culture in the rest of Canada's plans. So we have low taxes and our industry creates both jobs and enough emission to give a job to everyone on the Antarctic when our actions make it solid ground.

Really whats in it for me. Unfortunately most politics is not local its individual. What is worse modern tech has made you an open book. The powers that be can take you profile and move your vote to exactly where they want it to be. Free will was a twentieth century accessory.

We need some sanctuary from the treaties that make us 
workers for the Ologictary. Diversity is what made
us survive. A one world would be great if we could
can Lee Quan Yew and just adjust his ability to survive.

We all like life

When the tiger strikes 
how will you deflect
its g force blows
that even a kung fu
fighter would
say will take
me to kingdom come

and thats what I say
wake up do not be stupid
we have lives
a life that is slipping away
there is no cure
just adapat and we could
do this with no magical cure
It would mean
giving up all the commercial crap
Kim kardasion would
no longer be the targert 
of our youths sexucal and intetllecutal
We must draw a new horizen
and if you look to history
this land was tamed 
and maintained in 
a sustainbale way
sure some perverts 
slept with their daugters
but they felt 
they had good sperm
and it would keep the devil
You know when times are harsh
they are harsh
they are not Strarbuck
on BSG
no they kill you
and you do
not come back
no matter how noble
your security enhancing sorte

I have traveled far and wide
no person I have encountred
rich or poor
has demanded that I die
or become dismembered 
to be free.
So its some kind of human dissention'
some kind of factory
that could possibly produce
a human weapon
that could harm 
me or you.

Imagine the production process
this is a situation that runs
out of raw materials real quick
stop the terrorist,
but stop taking away our right
and putting democracy into the 
hands of kooks
real quick.

Ukraine, Quebec and the price of tea in China

If John Wayne was an interplanetary cowboy sitting so high in his saddle he could see the earth like a big TV, what would he see? Violent death is part of the cowboy creed, and where that is happening you will find many gunslingers and a few Marshall who believe. The Duke would surely want to do the most good for the pilgrims of this planet. If that were the case he would be taking the reigns in hand in central Africa where the carnage is like worse than Gettysburg every week out of hand. Our maybe he would see the hundreds of gunshots death every day in the USA and think that's my play. Blinded by emotion and propaganda most likely his focus in March 2014 would be in the Ukranie.

But comming in guns blazing killing on behalf of the Ukraines, unrepentant commies, Russians and Putin clowns would not move the needle an inch forward. No that needle is sunk deep in a stone of fossilized historical junk. 

The best line I have read about the Ukraine comes from the exiled cold war warrior Eric Margolis. Exiled like most former Cold War darlings idiots for starting to think.

"Soviet leader Josef Stalin used to shrug off critics by his favorite Central Asian saying: “The dogs bark; the caravan moves on."

Stalin had many flaws, but he was for reasons wrong or right playing the Game of Thrones on fast forward when his enemies had dragons and he had plywood tanks. We should thank him for being so honest in leaving for posterity the sentiment we all feel every time our so called leaders speak. And that sentiment is what propels events in the Ukraine, Quebec and the price of Tea in China.

The driving force of the late twentieth century and the new twenty first century has been to keep energy prices high, and liberty expensive.

Putin may have many flaws but in my eyes he is not a beast. I use Bruce Springsteen to defend my supposition. Sometimes I have an argument with myself with one angel arguing Bob Dylan expressed the human condition best and the other advocating for Bruce Springsteen. One angel heavy into metaphors the other into scars. For plain speaking on an important topic the Nobel prize goes to Bruce Springsteen.

"All men want to be rich, rich men want to be king, the King is never satisfied until he rules everything."

No mention of Woman. IMHO women who succeed in politics are twice as worse as men.  In most cases they had to be doubly devious to succeed. Not to mention those other genders and sexual orientation. Gays thrive in politics. No family no traditional morals, time to spare and a DNA assignment that makes them want to thrill. NTTAWWT.

This is really the world we live in.  I look for evidence of any human that defied that precept. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, IMHO if they face a world without constraints based upon some of their ugly back story could be counted on to be riding the Caravan with Stalin.(its a given Mother Tersea would not starve twenty million people to death, but she would let people die because they refused her ideology.)

Ukraine is a failed state. The IMF is salivating about the prospect of keeping Europe's bread basket in that way. Russia exports a huge amount of energy through the Ukraine, of course Exxon would be loathe to see a supply disruption move its stock sky high. This is the point were I segway into Quebec, Canada's Ukraine with Montreal being Crimea.

No one who is serious could deny that in Quebec Anglo Canada has been just if not more oppressive than Russia. Hey you do not need to be a history major to know a conquered population will never forget. Especially if you feed them dogfood and support Duplessis and the Catholic Church as your bona fides of liberty. The people and the province of Quebec have serious historical facts on their side. All of which for all those Tim Horton families across this broad land fail to appreciate.

I have never been a conquered people but I have lived as an immigrant and that's like conquered person lite. No matter how well I was welcomed, or how long I lived, how many credentials I garnered I was still going to be some extent a foreign pig. Now I want to say in humanity's defense there its a Pareto law situation. Twenty percent would never expect me even if I cured age. But the principle is there. Twenty percent can bring down a eighty percent goverment that is corrupt and stupid and corrupt and stupid. The rule they impose is always Machiavellian, after all they are not stupid. they only have 20% authority. We have to stop this medieval first past the post rule.

The solution my friends is not blowing in the wind. Its practiced in some lands that really hold their peoples hand. Israel, Australia, and most of Europe with the notable exception of the muggles that are the UK have proportional representation. No ruler, no gold, no need to kill your sons and daughters for a treasure that will not unfold.

Friday, 7 March 2014

More Cyber Punk Wear

Read all about the Tsar proof clothing. This joins the bullet proof suit, drone proof hoodie and the video disruptive cap in the modern wardrobe.

H/T Boing Boing

Stop Mass Warrant Free Surveillance for the second time!

Link to stop this fascism.

Remember that favorite of babysitters from coast to cost Mr Vic. He said "either your with us or your with the child molesters" last time they tried to pass this bill. Well this time Peter McKay is trying to stuff the same garbage into a On line bully bill. Last time Open Media got 120,000 Canadians to sign up, lets hope they are still aware.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ignore the sweaty parts

She had dozens of suitors
and one could extrpolate
in a well defined way
that meant millions of men
wanted her in an old school way
Men are dumb when it comes to picking
the right one.
Maybe we should say
its a two on one
against a difficult goalie
Love rules
there has to be that spark
that chemical reaction
when reality hits 
the sweaty parts

There is no choice to build
upon passionate foundations
for if we never trusted
we would never have invented
a central bank.

Male and Female
are like oil and alchool
one powers you up
the other papers over
being down.
women like the flames
and look at the world
as birthing farm.
Yes there are some
cold hard beauties
that inhabit every 
kind of news
but at the core
women are mothers
and they will
defend their cubs
no matter what the score
and if legistlation
would make all children
equal most women 
would vote for that
despite the fact
it might make 
goldman sachs
have an abortion.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

There will be no new Van Morrison

I listen to the sounds that trickle down
where once there was a flood
there is now a dried up creek,

Jesus Joseph and Montreal
is there no savior
that can make some rock and roll

I listen to this one nighy two thirty two bit
excuse for soul
and I love the sound
but hate the way it rolls
like a drum of drumbeats
on a person without
a sheld to protect themselves
from a big roll

Whats the matter Mary Jane
why did you puke
on Fiest door?

Ruled by the Sky God

Human beings are different. We know we share a ton of DNA with worms, flowers and monkeys. In fact everything including rocks can be found by science to be part of what makes us functional. This is science, this is test and test and publish where jealous scientists from every corner of the world will try and defeat your thesis for reasons both altruistic and criminal. Outcomes and accusations can be proven by experiment and study. For sure what was true yesterday in science may be ecplisped by secrets revealed by formal facts today. Some ideas die hard and others are the foundation of tomorrow.

Science has an inherit discipline. A standard of proof that must be met before making some decision based upon a theory. This standard like ever other human scale can be played. Pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy and GMO foods are the most obvious examples of science lacking humanity. All three are important understandings of how our world works. The problem is taking understanding and implementing it into society as as a well documented leap of faith.

Mathematics is the language of God and trying to speak it has a unappreciated learning curve. This spaceship we inhabit has had billions of years to form itself into our world. Humans have been on the surface for a nano second, yet we now feel qualified to transform this world to meet our childish specifications.

You do not need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. If your neighbor is pooping on your law, would you not be offended. We all drink the same water and breathe the same air, so its rich for a special interest to say we can not take that conversation there. We had slavery for hundreds of years, and the smart people said it gives us food to prepare. We had a thousand stupid things we used to believe and worship proven not true, Anglo Saxon witch doctors calling Bombay high on Gin and unfortunately forming the world we are in.

Those on the bad side of this hangover know, religion is just
one more way to keep the apprentice on the ground floor.
If I give you something for what you believe
is that not mental prostitution
waiting for a soul
to deceive.

Maybe I should introduce myself
I grew up in Canada
I was a child like every other
except the Hungarian Revolution
was my unborn brother
I have been smart and stupid
and I have experienced great loss
But most of all I have felt love
Love so hard you could print
it in 3D
and I imagine at some time
the goverment will take that
from me.

Well Well Well
I heard Horatio say
we live on a fragile plant
and some son of bitch
as got wealthy trashing it
Its murder on a mass
scale and I love to
prosecute the whale.

Not a chance
I am going to move
my ass in some
ritual sky dance
those that believe
in the Sky God
always want to 
reveal the truth 
through dance

No facts
no carbon dating
can erase
the facts their parents
wove into their
experience as part of the
human race

I was never there
my parents took me to Sunday
but when I got kicked out
for wondering why
Jesus did not invent
the snowmobile
they did not fold
they did not say
if Jesus was here
he would explain
your disbelief

They quit going to church
on the advice of
a five year old.
That hurt them big time
but they never backed down
and in the end found more fans
than the true believers could abuse.

So I say to the world grow up
There is no Santa clause
no tooth fairy
and no Jesus
its all code
in a well
understood program
to deceive.
Those who mock the witch doctor
should get off the phone
with their K street consultants
walk outside
look at their surroundings
and for once in their adult lives
I want to kill the juce
just because there is so much sugar content
In this world there are many others
who want to stamp them down for
being successful
We are so ethnocentric
most do not realize
what happens in Asia
makes the Jews
look like Protestants
lined up in oaken pews.

The Jews succeed because they were
better than the rest.
Could Hitler have stopped them
through legal leglestation
well history proves
this was not an option
close to his vest.

In our world
our snail snow globe
we are always shaken up
but how do those snowflacks fall
Humans are simple animals and
easily satisfied. A full belly and a beautiful bride.
We do not want to be at eternal war with our neighbor
Modern politics invented by Himmler work on your
Not from my tribe and he got the promotion?

Electric Car Success Story

There is no denying the Cadillac ELR produces automotive salvation.The ELR is a well dressed Volt. The fact is customers are paying a huge premium for a pretty face and nice body.  It cost nearly double a Volt and roughly the same as the acknowledged best car in the world the Tesla Model S.  Off the line its zero to sixty is on par with a Honda Fit. Despite its mediocre performance this car is a game-changer. Its a must have for the must havers.

If I had the money I would buy it as is. However I have to wonder why Cadillac has not learned from the Cimmaron. Fortunately the Volt is an impressive car, but the principle is still the same, putting lipstick on a pig. Honda has developed a plug in Hybrid that does not need a transmission and offers power train performance and sophistication. The Honda also uses lots of aluminum to lighten the load and compensate for the weight of batteries.

Its totally understandable to stick with the volt platform. But I have to wonder why not use the ATS platform, or even Corvette platform? Why not go all in and have an aluminum or carbon fiber body. If they can sell a Vette with carbon fiber and aluminum for $60,000 why cant they do the same for a Cadillac that sells for $80,000?

The biggest weakness of the ELR is the cast iron block economy car engine. At the very least they could run it on a Stirling cycle.

We need a universal DNA database

Lets start with Canada. The cost of violent crime in Canada is pegged at $8 Billion dollars a year. More than half that waste is sexual assault. If every Canadian and every visitor to Canada had their DNA on record imagine the impact on crime.

The logistics of tracking visitors could be problematic.  To start just take a swab and bag it. If evidence points to a visitor go back and do some matching. Likely just knowing DNA was on file would deter most from placing theirs in the wrong place.

The second huge benefit would be medical. Matches for bone marrow and other procedures would be instant. I also advocate that every legal resident of Canada who has a drivers licences must be a organ doner. Babies with genetic defects or probable development issues would be identified at birth. For Juvenile diabetes and celiac disease this would be a godsend. I am sure there are countless other remedies that would do great things for the healthcare system if every baby had a profile and a treatment plan.

How to protect the system from abuse. Keep the records under medical supervision. If the database is to be accessed for a crime a warrant must be issued. Only positive matches can be revealed, no fishing for relatives. Access to the database would be standalone, no internet access. A request must be sent to the repository and a limited number of staff would do the search. I would even change the Charter of Rights to address this privacy need and lay out huge penalties for abuse for any reason including national security.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Oppo Darbee Blu Ray Player

I have been reading about Oppo Blu Ray players for years. Now it seems they have a technology called Darebee that will show me the money. It is some kind of contrast filter that makes pixels pop. At $599 its a premium product, but in the Audio Visual world an easy to see advantage is hard to find.

Fooled on Fukushima ?

H/T to Allen L Roland and Oldphartte

The continued silence on Fukushima is an indictment of the fifth estate.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crying in Crimera

The Ukraine Russia tempest has been brewing for centuries. Crimea is to Ukraine as Hong Kong is to China. In modern history its not really been part of Ukraine. The forces whipping up ethnic tensions in Ukraine have been mostly Western. 

Ukraine needs good goverment. Harper sending a partisan crew to give that message is exactly the problem. There are bigger forces at play in Ukraine than the desire of the populous to have decent democracy and credible governance. Harper represents the worst of both.

It will take world class statesmen to save Ukraine from Itself, the Russians and the meddling meddlers. The good news is that on a much smaller scale the Baltic states escaped intact and well. Finland is another country that learned to live sleeping beside the bear.

I read Ian's blogs after I had written the above. To say the least he lays on a much needed layer of nuance. Be sure to read all three posts.

An OpEd in the NYT agrees.