Saturday, 16 February 2019

Working my fingers to the bone, and my reward bony fingers

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Quick hits for troubled times

Trump and the wall he hits faceplant, no belief in goverment
just power. Really worry if the USA can still chant USA .

SNC lavilan scandal is a scandal in that the press make it a scandal. No PM will assassinate SNC laval for bribing someone in Libya. Nothing Burger and the former Justice Minster has proven she is an amauter, not on the planet for politics.

Star Trek Discovery is good to great. The first version was so politically incorrect it got canceled after 3 seasons. This one is so politically correct it sometimes raises my eyebrow, but overall its real sci fi, not just wagon train on a star ship.

Google wants to own Toronto.  Maybe they should.  The most audious play in real estate history may crash and burn. Searching for reason.

The Airbus 380 gets the death sentence. This like the ripping up of the trolley tracks in LA stinks of something. Next in line for the not meeting consumer demands the NSA free Waiwee.

Monday, 11 February 2019

WTF should I blog about

The news just repeats itself
like a bullpup AI paid
and bought journalist

Changing the body Chemistry

I had a great 70,000 liter
experiment in my backyard
that I conducted for 15

What it taught me
was that chanigng the body
chemistry was a huge
compared to me
trying to keep my
pool from going

Any time anyone
says miracle
say Jesus

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary Laundry Day

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Like the Magna Carta Conservatives will never accept this document

We allegedly learned this week
that GHWB was the leaker
in the Iran Contra affair
which should have been
but was handled well

Now Dougie Ford
has found a document
which should send
a chill through
the healthy body
politic of every
Ontario Citizen
was leaked

First its not Iran Contra
its Iran Contra wannabe
and it has no legs
and no Iranians
and no arms
but who leaked
was it Christine Elliot?
A team of rivals

Canada and Nato
fall in line
with the coup idea
in Venezuela
and also with
the end of the INF
we dont need no stinking

Toxic Masculinity 
seems like something the CIA
would come with
to divide men and women
Its not real
People are

You Asked for Zombie Resistant Pants and I Pants You!

Volebak are about $400 CDN a pair, but you only need one pair of pants then, and they will last the rest of your life.