Saturday 21 October 2023

World stopped spinning in the western direction

 War is war and it is not chess or GO

but the principle is the same.

So Ireael can not attack

because they want to make 

you feel hostages

but the truth is

any assault on a fortifed postion

means many many death

and in the world we have

seejn in Ukraine

it means a lot of death

and questionaalble sacrifice

Sunday 10 September 2023

Life it keeps on keeping on, maybe its only plants, but one day advaced vegitrians.

 So the needle

hit my arm

and they tell you

it will not do you any harm

It will not make your heart stop

or the common cold kill


on these things we are neutral

its not a weapon

in the worst case

its a search for knowledge

that opened up a black hole

hit my arm

hit my arm

and now the people ar

chanting and the arms start swining

and the hips start swinging

and we get teawed pelvic thrust

This is a future filled with Viagians

Saturday 9 September 2023

First Post in a hundred years of history

 Evy thing going down is all Ukanie

all the time

and I dony dony know

what  what what

but I know \t\\\\\

tyh3 rwww3iwws 


Saturday 5 August 2023

Its Elemental


I am sorry for having a mind that was fromed in a world where you could leave the keys in your car on main st. Dead Stop. what does it take to make our world that one, okay maybe you got to roll up the windows, or worse case take the keys with you, and risk losing them.

I think I could make a billion dollars selling Mad MAX war trash to the Mexican cartels. It really dont matter who buys, there is always 10% courtesy.

Frying Trump in a nuclear strike of documents. If you want to take down the King, maybe you need more than paper/

I am still negative on the Ukraine. So many lives lost over, what? Its alleged all the land has been sold.

Thursday 3 August 2023

Dib not dubble me with an NFT

 there is no AI in the world that

would be calling for people who can
afford a BENZ to make a serious
contribution to public transist.

This is a fucking great idea
you may pass along/
However, all my great
ideas that I have sent you
over the years
have never become policy or
enven debated
So I will tell you
and everyone must
In Singapre
the most expensive place to 
suck oxy in the whole
word had 80 percent of the people in public housimng
that is exleent and cheap and cost ten times less than buying an new civic car. Hong Kong, you know, they had similare sheems but way more decks of tiger cages.

This is a total orginail maybe you might NFT it. I dont know,I just want you to know. Its all yours, I take no ownership of anything.

I did not know I never realized

 Hi what do I have to say

UKKK inanic not feasilble in the nest

budget, because the bees and the beer

rulue the hive.

There is no hive mind/

There is a queen

thats a lot of data for one

even though selected

for combat

in a war that 

both side dont want

but the Army, the lead of global freedom

and the Amerian way says, Ukrane is America without a passport or a statue of liberty, but we got your back if you want both.

No body cared about the deaths Africe and my they be measured in the millioins

this is total war with machete.

So, I dont want no people in Ukraine or Russia to die for something that does not exist

Saturday 22 July 2023

Hi its mid july and the moquios keep hitting down low

 Ukraine and Russia 

and all the brothers and the sisters

gotta wonder, if two people so

closly linked are willing to

go schored earth

Its so stupid 

its stupid