Sunday, 13 January 2019

Hwaiwe and the Great Game

Huawei is moving into the technologies of tomorrow, as well as being a major player in 5G. Photo: iStock
Well we still
draw pipelines 
on the maps
and quarrel over
the routes
and fees
the future
is all fiber optics
and the machines
that deceive
who will control
and decide
who reads
the public
like a book?

Sopranos 20 year Anniversary

Well they have aged
extremely well
20 years later
and no serious
challenge to the
best drama
of all time
if you include
some consider
the contemporary
Wire to be better
Thank YOU

Mr Jones Jones Calling Mr Jones at the Airport

Image result for image of A380

There is something going
on Mr Jones
and I think I know
what it is
the world is turning
the same speed as
before but humans
are speeding up 
the history of their
planet which has
no relation to 
reality at all

Airports, train stations
harbours and even intersections
have a huge impact on civilizations
and the USA seems to have abandoned
the idea of national infrastructure
but Turkey, Dubai and China are
not sleeping

Maybe the A380 will work after all
not made in America

H/T Terra Forming Terra

Hidzis AP60 Pro Music Player

I got one 
and even AmaZon
does not know
where to get the next one
and like the Oppo
its something special

If you think you have 
heard good music
your likely not

I have heard something
good once before
that was not live
and even live
you need a acoustic
angel to get something
approximating enjoyable

I had a NAD DVD player and man
it rocked DVD and CD but it
was like vinyl a pain to work
in the real world
so I went with MP3
to tell the truth mostly Apple lossless
from from mother board 
soundboard and it
was fine enough
although I knew
deep down as soon
as I had the disposable cash
I would buy a sound card
never did maybe never will
now that I have the Hidzis AP60 Pro
the Hong Kong mystery sound
machine that makes you work
to hear the sounds

It has the chips to give music
the edge you dont know your
missing. I combine it with my
Senhisser CX Sports to get
a concert in my head
that was sci fiction
in the 20th century

So if you want a camera
buy one
if you want to listen to music
dont do it on a cell phone.

PS Setup will not be alright
it will make you work through
the night
big tip
put your music files in a file
named music

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sultans of Swing Mental Cover

Dont spear this Norwegian he is worth more than a whale.

Why we cant have good things ad infinitem

“York Region buses that used to travel to the centre of the York University campus are now diverting to the Pioneer Village subway stop,” writes Jessica Bell.

York University in Toronto has nearly 2000 buses transit there daily. Now that there is a subway stop this should be held up as a sterling example of integration. Instead two agencies decided to sabotage public transit by no longer traveling to this hub. SHAME SHAME.

How Finland became a Hockey Superpower

Player Headshot

More or less by focusing on skills for young players. Whats remarkable about the latest Finish World Cup win is that their best 3 players could not play because they are already in the NHL.