Sunday, 28 November 2021

Montreal Cleans house and I welcome it.

 you can CHeer you can cry you can look at all the trade tricks that fooled you, but ten years later this is what we have Got. I am so tired of being GOT, how many decades how many bowling ball mangers must I endure until the cup returns to the forge.

The latest virus


I am close to calling Bulls'

but you can never underestimate mother

so we goo


like warfare

in areasol not continaed


Friday, 26 November 2021

The decline of civilization


America has been the city on the hill

for a long long time

even after Jack got Jacked

and GW got to be pres

and then Trump

but blood in the streets

you can not ignore

and the culture of creating

hero's who are criminals who

get dead does not help

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Bros take down Louie Vutton in two cities

 I saw  a Louie Vitton

taken down by pros

one thrust

total redemption

and gone

in 60 seconds

thats the future

of retail because

we have friends

who think its

moral to steal

Sure I would like

a big screen TV

I wonder if during

the smash and grab

I could bet a SONY

around 75 inches

with full back end

of LED 

in so many zones

you cant figure

it out when the image

comes on the screen

its just dark

and light

and colorful

in a way we have 

never expired

the image before

its like moving from the 

silent movies

to the talkies

then to color

and next soundtracks

and digital

and CGI

these things

are the products of an

incredilbe intellectual


and brain power applied

like a weapon against

the compition

instead of brute force

of prodution

no threats about input

out put

only the realization

your in an industry

without disguise

and incredible barriers

to entry

and its been that

way since the first

ignot of iron was

thrown into the kin

and mixed with magnisum

to make steel

and we have our ansestors

to thank a few thousand years

ago we do not exactyl

pay for the pantent to make steel

iF you want to make steel

you got to appeal to the grandur

of incredible infrastureue

and how to make it moan

without breaking

beause that would be 

a distaster

totall man made

and predicatble

but we thought

we had refused

to see no more



baby like


without Bruce lee 

to back you

up and

BoB Marley to 

make the soundtrack


 Yes its what made Karl Maxrk so pissed of he

invented a world without Rich and this

book was powerful enough to create

the Soviet Union

which hardscrabble battled

back against the USA


being about a measurable

nothing burger distacenc

of GDP

The ruskkies won the cold 

war just when the Bush Family thought

they owned Russia

Putin intervened and said

bad bad cabbage

you carry into

the garden of Russia

a great power

a leader in the race

to be better

Saturday, 20 November 2021

The broad street bullies met thier matCH

 Bless your hearts the true believers and the ones that want to go on the same path everyday when its full of punji sticks and Rambo berets of leverage.

We gotta go down into the basement and suffer the outrage of the blu blanc and rouge cresent in a eclipse to see a new moon.

Three years three drafts and every CHild we pick should be treated like a diamond. We give them everything to develop including Barbra Underhill. Ober all we should skake. The flying Frenchman terrorized the league, defeated the broad street bullies , never forget, we will always remember,.

Ice fishing

 There is no better kind of fishing

cause the fish come to you

and the cops can not arrest you

A frame plastic tarps

and some kind of heat source

we could go all day

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Habs tear down revelation

 Today is my Birthday and I am having a good time, whiCH mean no second period for me.

However I am excited to see all the UTES thrown into the swimming pool of the NHL, watCH out for the Turds boys.

I think Lucky CHarms is some kind of interstellar faster than light coaCH who has problems with his lead footed D men. His concept much like the flying triangle of the Mighty ducks is sound. Attack as a five man unit, leave no man behind and overcome any Defence with greater numbers. I played a lot of risk and a lot of civilization, the numbers you need to overcome defense can be exponential.

Its time to flatten the earth in Montreal. The Sun should orbit Montreal, thats how we win.

We need a minimum of 5 frenCH guys on the team. Lets face it on a 20 man roster it does not matter where they come from.

We need to dump TFS, DISH, TYDER, KUUULACK, CHARIOTS OF EGGS, and even though it breaks my heart the HOFF. We need to wait for the trade deadline where the needy are needy. Why did I not include the LIP in my trades, we need institutional memory, and no one is going to pick up that contract from the heart that made DGMB cry. Power horse is the real deal, you cant buy horse flesh like that in any market, google it you lazy kids, a power horse is available for sure, but one that can skate, unbitable. Avatar ref

So we need to tank 3 years, we need to be strong and grip the stick of our great memories in the hope amongst 31 teams with the system more tilted against us than it was during the clarence campell years

we will find clairty of purpose and effort and raise the cup for the 25th time before 2030.

That is the hope you should have in your heart, if you are not there, buy Tesla stock today

Saturday, 13 November 2021

HOW DO Rick an d JEFF resemble each other a case study

You draft Doug Wicenhsiser and the whole world



you feast on St Patrick

and then you gow

back to the darkside

the win not lose

fight not to hurt


about a first line


ahd wwhat it means on the chessboard

but many a chess master has

won without a quenn

so white queen]

black queen it

dont matter

if your smart enough

you will score

on both

and be a first


center in the NHL

where Chess

is violent

and faster

than you can

punch out a move

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Is it time for Mr Molsen to take a 12 step or even the NHLPA 30 day vaction?


Mr Molsen has been drinking bad koolaid for a generation

and thinking himself well.

As a Biz Whiz I know that after product, marketing and cash flow

you have to got a pipline.

The Club Du Montreal has had a blocked pipeline since Doug Wickenhiser

what kind of accounting firm kept rubber stamping this disaster?

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Music Motown House town and MP4 H$K



Hear that sound in the hood

thats a new weapon the man 

is bringing about in his

failure to make this ship

sail like like they gave

the ZPG alien whare tech to

us with trust

but that is exactly why we do not have


there is a penalty to pay

if you want to break away

from the principles of thermodynamics

but its all there

for everyone to know

nothing is ever lost

it just takes its own

path to eternity

for the jewels

and the diamonds

loving all the


love and just

down right

sparkling light

living as a big

diamond from

the stones

is an etenity of


with really no


can you imagine

a diamind having

an ejaculation

and what kind

of materials substance

that would come

from the winsome


The best thing about a natural

diamond there is no guessing

about age

what are you a Gen X

No I  I II  I

am like going on to 3 billion

years in this rock

and I never believed

it when they made

me pay to retire

in a cyrstal because

how can I explain Yellowstone

the Kevin Kostner Soap

that make us feel clean

because well

John Wayne

and the Green Beret

or we will infiltate deep behind

your lines and eventually 

put a harness on you with

a hot air ballon 

or maybe wasting helium

flotation device

and the plane

picks you up 

like a mother

traveling at 150 miles per hour and 500 feet above you

dont tell me about the lighting storm

the whole Colin Powell

confessin to History

he was not tellling

he was not telling


what everyone already knew

but the best part of his conflated

testimony was the prortable anthaceic or x gas

laboratory's spread around Iraq like FBI obseratatins

posts in the UK

How many days till Kennedy makes ballistic history

the poor guy.

Oswald is the ultimate Sienfield character

nothing shoots a gun like a heart attack

and the Marine Core gave him an 

average grade

and when he went to Russia

then he came back

and shot 

Lido Lido Lido

one more for the road

than the road endend

and the wreckage was 


and there was fire

and you

did not suffer

more than a flesh wound

a flesh wound

is all that people can'

fight for today

and most of the 

reasons are just

to sell bandaid

and stitches

and painkillers

and massages

and the whole

health industrial complex

that is taking over

with its power

to scare the people

the least mortal

with the most money

to invest it in dreams

and alibis when they

dont come true

how does it feel

to be old

and to be taken

down on the internet

while the rotory

dial was on


and that meant privacy

because the telegraph wires

spread a lot of salacious

and feel good strories first before

the news

can you imagine not really caring

what was going on in the Bearing Strait

the Black Sea and the Horn of Africa

because we Americans are the first hippies

just look at out hair

you know you did not deserve

the wisdom of our wicked

jurasprudence document

that so far is unmatched even

in the glare of the 21 st Century

where tease promo agitate sell

is the gamma gamma for

talking to the people

who are actually living

in a place where they

are not quite well

because nature

its so far outside

we cant see it

and the dog

cant feel it

takkes nno time

to smell  because

I got that track down

flat and its

no place I want to

find at the end

end of the trail

wherever my nose takes me

I am like a wolf free

because I can open a fridge

with my paws and eat like

a sith lord

and its just something

that leaves the fridge owner

not agry at all just

gobsmakes and 

wanting to adopt me

while they pet

me I take

their Rolex watches

and paste jewlery

on the surrounding fingers

here we aree

here we are

here we are

its 2023 

can you  believe it

we have disenting opions

not everyone can agreee

but lets move forward

with the narrative

its a long time we have seen

the future and as one born

latter than nienteen 55 no 58

the future has been denied

instead of tech to make every

human independent we

spend on weapons to kill

any chance that will happen

because if you look

back at war 

what was the fighting really for

and at the end of the day

the most patriotic paid

and the royalty stayed away

Col Kurt Apocolyspppsee now

what happens when the planet get tpys\\\

from a strong graviational force

maybe black hole channeled enerty

but if its kentic, now one is typing

on a keyboard forever for humans

maybe the QWerty was one of the top

input interfaces of all time.

Its so superior to speech becuase

if you speaking your thinking

and when you ttype its lke a english guater

that has all those querty keys

and everythkng I believe

is that the word will kill

the desease

like the annciets say

to know the name of a person

is to control them

and thats just the start

so dont be so serious

about the Qwerty


no Eunchs so far

and thats a good sign

mostly for woemen

because their will

be much higher competiton

for mates

and your more likely to

get a good one

Saturday, 6 November 2021

The Club dU Foot Hockey Montreal


My Habs papers are

more secure than

my imunization


and I do not

conflate a epidmec

into a pandemic


but today

I see the red white and blue

looking like

they were skating for the fist

time on artificial ice

as if every game was

played upon a pond

the outcome would

differ by a factor

of size goal

design and actual

state of the ice

which the blades

can glide

or they can score

some uggly dangerous

fissiours in the surface

above which we

skate with complete


What if Bob Marley wrote the soundtrack for DUNE


I think it would have helped to explain

to the hoi poli who do not read

anything except the latest twitt

from a person in history will

not be mentioned because

if you think aboot it

there have been some

pretty successful ograniztions

of goverment and didqtorship 

and relious approval

that thrived

If you have some time

where your brain wants to be

captured by something stu