Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cant say if a very small microwave to the brain causes cancer

Dont panic

Crackheads stealing bikes for money

Lets stop this flow of
advangent arbitrage

The Trruth is

No one thinks you can handle the turth
cause it comes so far from above
while the truth is
if you knew the truth
you would be an angel of change

are all of our leaders bleeders\\

If so are you not al leader yourself
cause you bleed

tat too girls and mystery worlds

tats I got not
if I was going
it would be a face
tat like
Mike Tyson\
but I struggle to admit
I do not know shit
aboot tating
and why
and what it means
and how it
is symtomtic
of no real flesh

On being a Pawn and all its prviliges

Image result for images of chess boards
We are all pawns on a great Chess
and I have never idendifed a single
bishop or rook
who are these guys?

Islam has become an enemy of the state

Wa habi's sitting pretty
without a single care
multiple pneumatic deveices
one for every day of the weeek
if one gets old
you do not even have to trade
just make a deal
for a new 12 year old

This goes on every day
in oil rich parts of the world
and worse happens
when they have no money
so lets stop calling bees
who only sting
something like honey

Every religion has silly hats
and tats
and supernatural tenants that
make it special
and all believe in love and peace
beneath their sword
beneath their vengane
beneath the expulsion
or death
for the blasempmahs
for the mind that can
not except thier God
is a virus worse than
needs to be termamnally wiped out
the one time that religion and science
its over imoluuigy

Religion is a powerful thing
its is the primary OS of
the lizard brain
all data must go throught
that firewall
to keep safe
the secrect
that religions only
purpose is to rule
us all

I grew up a Christian in a small town
where an Orange God
and a Catholic purple God
were in constant conflict
and at the local
it meant children of differant
Gods could not fall
in love
but for sure they did
and the fathers
dammed them to hell
for that
just being faithful

All the great religions
have very bloody pasts
but today its 2016
and we can all mostly do
and taking blood for religion
is just the last resort
for the ultimate

A fool who cant
see the world is
more than just God's
no its a human artifact
we control our future
stuipid and unworthy as
we are
humans are the ones
driving this aromourd car

Our driving is very erratic
if God was a cop
for sure he would pull us over
for driving drunk

I have no special hard on for Islam
I could live real nice in KL or even Jakarta
Ipoh or Penany
all places where if
you want to live
you got to pay
the Muslims
a dime

A reveloution is comming
its comming quick
when the body politic
says religion is trash
its waste on our brains
its a control system
now gone insane
because everyone realizes
it was all Kardashian
and not based upon

You can draw lots of blood from
the lizard mind
but due to evolution
thinkers will come
and drink that blood'
like cum in the face
and declare
its full of AIDS
for human kind
and I will die
to save my son
and my daughter
from you
of human nature
who believe
we will not find out

Case study's are the way
to look at any failure
and for humanity
this is a big file
but we should never
close the book
humans every day
are advancing close
to Gods
with gillglions of keystrokes
and AI brains
and we wil be Gods
within my lifetime
I just hope the beauracrts of hope
wANT  to persevere my Genome

Case study at the crime scence or
maybe it was an act of God
or maybe the surviers
thought they were blessed
and told the twisted tale
like Jonah who rode
around the world
powered by a Whale tale

Case study of Noah
who like most celebrites
has no last name
because he saved humanity
with just one boat
and who was aboard that thing
that would never float
a zero percent of biological
I suggest it was just

Something bad was going to happen
on the enviroment supporting life
and NOAH was commisined
to let the earth recover
from this impact
and so commisied by GOD
or some other beauracy
named Good Outcomes Division
gave him a massive task
at first he said I cant do it
I have not got the power capitan
but then spock did a mind meld and
here we are

Case study today
we uncover Gods secrects with
expotentaial discovery every day
its a race between reason
and discovery
a drag where
the future is not
welcome by
the Kings and  comprisise Queens
because for sure if they were
women they would refuse
to vote for
a Mysocige
socitey ruled
by elites
when the common ma

5tth 6th or 7th extincion event

Hey I dont have an app for that
but we are deep into
a last chance
when the extinction event

Monday, 30 May 2016

Emergency Ward

blast comming
no abulance needed
all lockal
and the tentecals
are mul clloured
tbut not wanteed here
in any
nothrren lights viewing
oh my god
there is no god
and I am not smart enougth

Golden Age Memories?

Life for the human animal on this earth
measured by the mean for millions if not billions
of years
has been
brutish nasty and short

Perhaps teh epitomy of hypocrats
Winston Chirchill said of the British Empire
its greatest achievements
via the navy which brought
it no setting sun
Rum Sodomy and the Lash

I was born in 1958
a love child of the
Hungarian uprising
God obviously did
not want me to be
a communist
cause he raised
me from birth in Canada

At the time of my revolutionary birth
the average lifespan for a white man
in America was 66 years.
Today I am 57 and like so many
of my peer could whip the ass
of most 30 year olds from 1957
in any competition you might image
fists fo fury
fire on ice
or just better ways
to make love
and give birth

Today the average lifespan for men in Canada
is moving towards 90 years
in Amerrica its a bit c complicated
as they are already in the opening
stages of civil war

Just to make life simple
I have 30 more years to 
fuck around now
then when I was born
and for a mortal
that is golden

My children both born
in 1992 will they also see
a leap to 120 
and play in the NHL until
Who fucking realy knowns
but the one thing we can all
see is that 50 is old no more
its a lifestyle choice

DNA science brings us franken fish
and mutated crops
looking like huge profits
and rule of the 
way to a mans heart
through his stomach
and I must disgress
that may be the most sexist
thing ever said
men care way more about the
cock and the brain
than the stomach
even the guys 
pushing 350

Why does a turtle live 
a thousand years?
We will know this soon
and be able to design
these jeans
and our asses
will be tight
and the Kardashians
will fail
cause everyone
who wants to look
that stupid
can do it on trial
and I am still not
Gay, so I do not understand
strainght people doing anal

Dolphin people and
crocidile psycpaths
will fill the tabliods
as crazy people
grow fantasy crops
from sciences toil
and in the same breath
they fly with DNA 
they will put scientest
to death
because they  protest
to much

this is the human condition
pyshopathic intellitent
silver back powered
with the femes
the pussy rules

This should have
gone with the science
and left back the ways
and means

I cant imagine how
the pre civs that existed
in Scandivavi, Mesoptiania
and what we call South America
self destructed
but as we can see
they did not leave
any big bomb pieces
which is to be expected
cause a million years
could have passed between
each epoch
and all we have left as
evidence in impossible stone engierrring
crystal skull
and hyroglipichs

Word of mouth dont work so
well when desrcibing
a billion nanometers

It works great when telling
stories about Gods
who walked and water
flew they skies
and could print food'
for the masses

One incandestent bulb bringing light on its
own a trillion leave mankind left befhind
so lets all go LED
and save this worthy civiliization
filled with mostly friends
and enimies
would never exist
if we could all just break bread
on any day
with out starvation
the other 7

lets sweep away with math
all the nonesene
there is not afro american solution
to two plus two
their is no Muslim Pie
there is no christion
let alone manifest destiney
that is clearly a lie

Stop the lies
save the civillization
trust the future to scientest and beaurocrats
because the politains
have filled their pockets
with gold and 
will be the first to sink
when the oceans
come to be the wons
to be told
cant be told

Excellent LOTR actual Photos of Kiwi

Coming Home
Be sure to look at some of the other photos, fantastic stuff.
H/T stuck in customs

3 phase four pole AC electric motors

Yes it matters.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Grey Class

I am proudly 57 years old
and I would not take a day away
and sure I made bad choices
in the margins
but nothing like 
investeing it Northern Telecom
which tured my life upside down
but no matter
being rich 
I dont give  afuck
or maybe half a one

It happened I died on the stock 
market I was a muppet lead 
willinginly to slaugher
so have no sympathy for me
as I sturggle to  fill my pool
with bath salts
and not drink the water
making me officialy
NCR insane

Not Crimanily Responible
is bullshit
what is worth saving
we are so nuts
shoot that fucker
like a damage dog]
there is no way in any
world he worthwile
but that is just an aside
its not a real problem
we can handle 
this with our excellent justice
which is what we all need/
instead of the man
beating a drum to keep the
tigers away

Supertanker of Improbality

The supertanker of improbability keeps sailing on
around the world every harbour is open
but not for long when they realize
whats being carried
and just how toxic it can
an so old
millions of years or more
I am told

Who wants old smelly sticky stuff
these days?
Ok its realisable and pr oven 
way to keep winter away
and let you travel in comfort
but while the upfront cost is minimal
the lifecyle costs
are unsustainable
so why buy
when long before it
you will die

I loved you big time
for your vehicles 
never knowing
a kilowatt
could do the same 
but better
its just we did not try
cause the powers with the 
foot on the gas
were all made rich
as oil guys

Remember the EV
the GM false flag
to electric
that was such a red herring in disguise
it actually worked so 
well they had to kill it
the Dealers did not 
like no maintenance
so they said so

I love you electric 
but I am an oil man
we are decades
away in any shared destiny
and yes your beautiful and clean
the kind of a youthful dream
that makes a great trophy wife
but man, its never going to last
cause she is going to find someone
her age or your going to die

I am the captian of the supertanker of improbability

I have sailed through earthquakes
you call them tsunamis
and big waves made by
who knows what
still I float
and to the world
I am all that they

Suck Suck Suck on the dogma 
of modern economics
a proof of a proof
that has not proof'
like immaculate conception'
just an overriding belief
and a lie told 
over and over

Free trade never exist
zero sum game
means someone has to lose
in a comparative advantage
now in game theory it all works out
in reality
we get Goldman Sachs

The invisible hand
its called greed
rape and pillage
and slavery

Child labour
and every other
horror under the sky

Star Trek economics
we call it communism today
but its a military mindset
with egalitarianism
and merit
to tell the truth
all militarism today
advertise they 
are communist at
the core

Thinkaboot it!!!!!!!!

Inevitable Trump Triumph

Trump one liners for Hillary

What is the greatest challange President Hillary will face?

Keeping Bill away from the Interns

What will be the most agravating thing President Hillary will have to endure?

Her Secrect Service code name will be Bengazi.

Why would President Hillary never get into a trade war with China?

Its her only source of pants suits

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Van Gough could have painted more with two ears

Every word I speak
or mor accualty type
should in my mind
be Van Goug
thats my vanity'
or maybe I looked
at the stars under

no matter what I
have every day
a beauiful
starry niht
that will last
and the painting would
with shame
for what we are doning
and I a, sure Van Goghh
would cut off his sconed
if he knew the fregquenc y
we know was anywhere near.
Cnan we discuss how a crazy

Belief system is broken and we live on uncharted faith islands

we are all witness to historical events
moving with speed
so fast we 
do not even know if what
is there 
is agreed

everyting we know has failed
priest fucking trust
banks behaving like cowboys
exisiting just for themselves
yes that is natural
but we know nw
we need more thant 
monsanto to kill 
big weeds

Face book Sex Robots battle with Google while Amazon watches and sell to both sides

not a lot of passion in the programming
This is the end of humanity
the Pope was right
to protect the diddling
Priests for the greater
at least it was still flesh
Now all the pillow talk has moved
to the robot stage
but what 
is to be told
off the grid with the girl of my dream
a nice little garden
and total communication 
what can you command me 
to believe?

Music today

Whats wearing; Mumford and Sons and Jimmy Buffet
Whats endearing: The Stones, Pouges and 75 year old Zimmerman

Need a ten billion person life boat, life on mars

Thats a scary specification
its timeliine is ticking off
and if the job is not complete
on time
no one will be left to pay 
the bill
the greatest fraud/robbery
of all time
and as GWB reveealed
the thinking
in history we are all 

Alledegedly the momey spent on Iraq could
have a million people living on Mars
a one way trip
but it would be a better life
than the one on earth
is that not alone a reason
to eqip
the freaks and fairys
to take off
into the sky never to return
and provide
an alternative
to the slow burn?

Phone wants me

lights are flashing
and I feel the buzz
my phone is trying
to get some love
and communication
did I not just shut it

Nevermind there is a new picture
of food on line
but I prefer buildings
why does no one ever
post there

but still I am transfixed by kittens
and dogs that can talk
and giant rodent
guinua pigs

meanwhile the world keeps spinning
with quartaly plans and results
reaching economies of scale
and the last deriviate squezzed
like lemon juice
in the land of diminishing returns
artifical juice
not with standing
we are looking at negative growth
except for human maggots who 
are not to blame for just being human
but we got to find a way
to make them usefull
like alumi um
cars or
self driving modules
of faith
where you can prey
on every corner
with no chance of arrest
for imparied
cause yuou have a non 
thinking defence
I was just planting seeds
cause the bible told me
I am a soldier in Gods army\
unhand me sir

Tweels in the Hood

Michelin has announced the opening of its newest North American plant, which it says is the ...
the wheel re invented not news?

No tweel no roll flat man.
A man needs to roll sometimes
maybe women feel that pull as well
but I doubt it 
being woeman 
worry about birth overall
its not a condemnation
its a fact
women are the mothers of this world
so why have we so tragically 
abandoned them

A lion has a pride and humans try to legislate against this
but everywhere you see that failure
still mostly love and intelligence 
uber allllllllllllllllllll
and move the planet forward
without the need
for animal degreees..

Like the tweel
the future is rolling 
right in front of your eyes
and its brilliant
no need to wear shades
no need to cover up
stupid ideas
lets destroy the past
that held us back
and embrace the future
that can fulfil the majority
with the strenght to take care
of those not capable of making
such a journey

What would Toby do?

Toby should be a superstar
cause he tells it all with 
words unspoken
or praise from the depths of hell

I am looking for a boat
someplace to keep my
sailors soul
totally a float
with every
whistle and bell
and thats why I would\
be guided by what would toby do?

Your Discovery, Moody and Hanse which is rabbit I believe are left behind and Oyster no longer the peral.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Upstream Color not enough pallete I am afaid

Image result for image of color spectrum

ndng ng Hi Alien overload

I have a friend who is a character from a Cavil novel. He introduced me to Mick Jaggers girlfriend and all I could do was the chicken dance.
His worst job was working on a Pineapple plantation in Hawaii. His best job doing something in the Pines. The place even 20 years ago was on lockdown 24 seven and its worse now. Some Muslim hoe trying to give him Aids for Allah is how he last described it.

He was there for two years and the visitor log registers 600 visitors to his gated community. To the best of my knowlege he is still single today. Maybe that experience ruined him for life. That's why he is investing heavily in the WESTWORLD SELF ACTIVATION DEVICE its an app on every cell phone. Alienn I have been married for 35 years to one of the most beautiful girls in the world. You talk about beauty and you know nothing John Snow. Beauty is a sunrise where we are both animals
and there is n o plastic, no face origami floating around like bad paper.
There is just you and her boggled eyed and to close for any comfort\
making goo goo eyes and y9r brain telling you its alright. Its alright to love this body, this face this mind, knowing in the back of your mind it happened way below what Pareto told us was the golden ratio.

Alien I am trying to say something. Its all fucking fake but its real
and in any situation we can move towards salvation
just understanding what is real.

Okay maybe Job has more experience
and God was talking to him
maybe I was not as fortunate
as Jonah to be spit out by a whale
but I have lived
a testament
and it tells a tale
glood or bad
wrong or write
sign lauguews
whow knows
we must figjht
fithtr fight for
knowing every other
useless mind in the pig pen
would never figure oujt
Upstream Color

We can not all go to buring man
but I believe Upstream color 
maybe that is my calling to be
an upstra[p g9 guide guide
my bar will not disappear
is the nickel on the dime.
wow I juist went upstream
thinkingaboot that fate

I am another smartest guy on the planet

Like Al Gore I did not do anything
you should believe in
but I could be right

We need to bend the curve
choose a future
change course
but we are led
by the investors
in Captiona Queeg
fine technocrat that he

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The compas of live

do you even know what degree
its good for you in the northern]\
laTITUES but we know where you l;ve
and hoestlyl we are comming for yoj
lazy bear hunting fur wearig love life

do not start talking about sustainablityh
to me you artic love life

th compass is all fucked
we are al;l  gioubg tio di
so calibrate well

Some News Some Maipulation, no pictures of the invisibel hand

Oil Oil everywhere and water oily.  Have humans no outlet to get mad anymore?

dandielion lawn

my dandelion lawn is going
to get me killed
hit men from
do not like my
flavour of green
its nothing
to whine about
just natural selection

I am a folky who needs to headbang

Why does the flight of doves
not make me cry
and why 
am I so sick of Mufard and Sons
no explanatins
human penatrations

I died for the greater good

Hey superhero no you did not
you died to wonder why
the next President will
be the lier 
total control freak
power Hungary 
with no electronics
to back her up Clinton
or Trump the 
bankrucpy theif

Thats what war brings
there is no glory
only death
for no reason
and I hope the world
will puke
next time there 
is a flyby.

I got solutions for eveything

First of all we have to curtail expolding populations who are culturaly
accomidated with a handout. Thats not like putting out ratfood instead give rat LS42. If humans know two children will survieve unless they are game of thrones gods they will survive. Taking the name forward is totally pointless, as history does not remeber most names at all.
The world has a footprint. We are the 6th civilization to realize that scientificaly.
Herr Malthous did it in his mind a long time ago and he was centruiris off
Which all you fucking ego misters should realize, in  time your forgotten.

Second we have to curtail the wealth gravity situation.  Money comes to money and you do not have to be Adam Smith to realize that. So lets spread some cash around and create a healty society were the wealthy can still be wealty. I am not talking about Venezalua, no Sweden.

Stop carbon dead, we do not need it at all, we are big boys now and could drive hydrogen cars,.

Friday, 20 May 2016

trying to prove a point

Does anyone have more difficlty than
me for proving
what is obvious
or is is just univeraal

Narrative Uber ALL

hey writers we know
no beautiful words
are going to placate us
we know its all bullshit
and we want to be given
a decent wage at the bullshit
or you will be living shit

Alien Abductin without anal probes

Like Pearl harbour she launched a first strike
or maybe considering the situation
it was more a probe
nevertheless a simple poke
broke down all of my defences

Super carrier Steve was sailing along
an ageing target
and wham bam no thank you man
you hit him with a broadside
of sex and drugs

Just to be clear the drugs
were real the sex
and just out of reach
unless time changed
and I was a traveller

Now baby looking back
I want to Analise
and I know all the facts
we should never have met
it was both to our
but the little crack in the
space time continuum
we explicated 
well it was diamond time
and forged
in such heat
I believe its real
and some other people
will be selected
next time

Arbos know best

If you believe in science
which is a loaded statement
right from the start
because more accuartly
it should be stated
do you believe in math
if it can be mathimatical proven
its likely reality'
but the proof keep changing
nevertheless we know they
are on the right course

Humans are now proven to
be mathamacticaly programable
and its a way to control the species
way cheaper and more effective than
but the model and the thought process
have the same geniss
and why would any human
want to enslave another
excpet they had no idea how
to love
a natrual pyso

I see a future where there is a test
and we put down this menance
until we meet an alien civilization
and relize in order to survieve
natural selection was best.

We live in a golden age my friends
and its about to turn to lead
due to human

Super Skinny Future

Profile of luxury condo's in NYC

Urban legend has it that in many parts of Hong Kong the vertical population densisty 
would make it impossilble for all the residents to fit into the horziontial streets if they shal all choose to go there at the same time. If your living in a luxury condo this is a good thing and a great life style.

Dong Energy


Beats EXXon for me.

Israel still Jewish?

Wile Netanyahoo Coyote
Israel lives in the toughest neighbourhood in the world. The deserve a very wide latitude. I just wonder what is too far.

One must wonder how wierd the world evaniligist, Hassdic Jews and Wahbists live in. Wierder still its the same world.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Its fucking over. There is no turing back. We are all in lifeboats now just like fear the walking dead. Its every a man and woeman for themselves. Go solar, learn how to preserve. Nothing wrong with an outhouse. Live people and hope that 400 years later you will have made the 6th extection the last.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

let it burn cause my forest fires are out of the norm

Sun-Herald editorial illustration from May 15.
Yeah I got nothing
no game
and I do not want to play
in  this fucked up world
thats the best way'
the best play
a love thats life
and you both
agree the same 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Knocked Socks off need laundry

I sweat
and thats why
are my best friemd
for foot health
and do not take your
bipoids for granted my friend
because many who survied a deathmarch
owe living to their feet

Got Zombies on my Mind

I am not the smartest of men 
or women who I universally adore
most of the world lives on world
but the problem is everyone of them
who has come to power has been 
a wicked hoe

Not a real women like my mother, my wife
or my daughter
its the system imprinting
upon us the truth
though it all be lies

I remain convinced
that the Zombie celibration
is a phsyk ops
or at the very least
a viral expression
of how humanity views
the future
and there is no need for it be this

You take the wealth of the world and divide
it by the population
and we would have one hell of
a sustainable party