Sunday, 26 July 2020

The battleground is shifting to your neighborhood

this is a real photo from a real world
In a topography with a likeness
to Vietnam or any other
territory where the foe
does not stand out
like the lamb
the man
loves it

Yes it makes for bloodly
long term conflict with
many bullets flying
and they all come
from someplace
some people
call it the factory
of freedom

the masters of the universe
do not care about the colour
of the cat
black or white
or Japanese painted
which is an incredible
ink for a cat

or if it is even a cat
at all
because its metaphor
played in chess
every day
and in
three D chess
maybe twice
a year
because the masters
will hurt you if
you go silly
at the wrong time

the cat that does
the job
is the one that lives
and that matters
in all kinds
of ethical discussions
that are worse than
Covid in a nation
not bordering
but we bought
the three Amigos
at wall mart
for one dollar and 99
its a classic with Steve martian
and Canadian Martin Short
If U dont cry move on
two stage two of
Covid Lizard Brain activation

Full on Manchurian candidate
living on the alphebet knocking
off neighborhood thugs to stay
in practice for the show
the show of warriors
its the forge of generals
and if you are in the military
you do no rise
without playing bloodsport
when you left the farm
See in the eye and aye of \
daily passage
you have to master it
and twist it like
a pretzel before
it hits the oven
and learns it
will not have the
softest moist
skin in the future
but the great
thing about the future
of a pretzel
is who great
they taste cooked

Here Know
stay in place
do not mention
things so dark
like a plane crash
of white men
who ate the dead
to survive
they made a movie
about it called

When the cows are dead
and the pigs cant be
and the bears have put
up a wall with a cold
cellar of warm humans

Keep calm all people
because you can make
better decisions when
your calm
When the fear injects
the extra dose of Adrenalin
and the lizard
brain just waiting for decades
to be activated takes
over and before
you know it
your Saran Wrap Saran Wrap
and you are shot dead
shooting Bobby Kennedy in
or some city where they can pull
off an assassination theoretically

Dallas Dallas Alice
if you give me
reds whites and wine
and show me a sign
I bee willing
to support your
first draft
of history
the thing that actually
happens explained

For centuries everyone
in power lied
then came Barack
and the press learned \
not to push back
at this effective
who rode above
the surf of running the
world like
the chief of sanitation
in a perfect world
where soylent green
is only human waste

Before it was all tribes
and gods and oil
and then came
the global warming
which begot
and e bikes
and the whole
thing about 80
ounces of suger
water with every
meal being marketed as
like to eat a Mcdonalds
is like to log into
a good chance you will
be filled in your stomach
the same you will be filled
in your mind GROK facebook.
I dont think you can GROK
properly on the Facebook
Just saying.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Mr Bojangles

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

He jumped so high
he jumped so high
he barely touched down
Mr Bojanles

Dlyan at his finest

Jerry Jeff Walker
"Mr. Bojangles" is a song written and originally recorded by American country music artist Jerry Jeff Walker for his 1968 album of the same title.



A hallucinatory tale that brilliantly opines on how the worm turns. Observations defying explanations rivet the viewer with a masterful examination of  faith, work, love and eternal legacy. Shane Carruth the genius behind Primer, once again proves he is the odds on favorite to be the 21st century's Orson Wells. Except Carruth operates with total independence and delivers even what the harshest critics would have to admit is a movie that if it were a painting would be a perfect collage of Picasso's best abstracts merged with Salvador Dali's illuminating but confusing narrative.

"In a recent interview with Elvis Mitchell on The Treatment radio show and podcast, Carruth said that he doesn't like to make films that can be easily reduced to synopsis. Films should go to the places that the written word, and other mediums, can't go. Otherwise, what's the point? Not coincidentally, it's a sentiment that can also be applied to science fiction as a genre."

  Although the movie was made on a shoestring budget it looks and feels as big as any blockbuster. Its unbelievable the mind-blowing cinematography was created with a $600  Panasonic DSLM. Carruth served as director, writer, producer, actor, cinematographer, editor, composer, casting director, production designer and sound designer, his romantic partners Oscar worthy performance is portrayed by Amy Seimetz. A cinematic force of nature in her own right. Saying this movie challenges the audience is akin to suggesting the origin of the universe is puzzling. What is art, what is culture, what is the meaning of life, I do not know how to define these things, but I know them when I experience them, Upstream Color is such an experience.
Triumphant total critical acclaim for this movie, do not miss the first movie of the 21st Century.

IO9 picks it as best Sci Fi of 2013, supporting my opinion.

I aint going to work Maggie the Boss of my Time no more

The Myth of Prometheus, myth of fire stolen by Prometheus
Maggie tells you her
last name is May
and she led
a very young
Rod Stewart
back in the UK

But here in the colonies
full of colonial thought
and bodies
that like antiques
and cant believe
how much colonial furniture is
and 400 years from now
will having certified genius
copies of Trump artifacts
and what will be his legacy
maybe a second class
coach for uncle sam
but maybe its to harsh
to blame Trump
for not playing chess
with the Chinese
when checkers always
worked, Chinese checkers as well
they already had a gaming advantage
for the utes, next was violins
and 3 dimension chess
and learing the times tables up
to 54 and repeating them backwards
while riding a unicyle with a string of New years
fireworks going of like tiny mortars that
cant harm you sending little shockwaves
through the air
that take you away
from the day to day
its some kind of smile
I am still alive

So as we enter the shadow of pandemic
though somewhat manageable compared to the
Spanish Flu
we dont know much about this maliday as
we think
its like the box of chockalte virus
full of surprises and looks
like it came off the back
lot of Prometheus
some kind of monstor
that was designed
to hurt humankind

I am leaning toward
the genetic gift of
insteller beings
for having made
men out of monkies
perhaps we were
stunted on the evolutionary
scale and could not
get the opposable thumb
or the desire to swing
through the trees
at top speed
beating the chest
and believing
you were the
real kings of the jungle

Embody Gaming Chair

Herman Miller invented the ergonomic office chair. I am a big fan of Humanscale but if money *$1900 plus Hst CDN* were no object this would be my seat. I wish they had paired with Razor instead of Logitec. Keyboard trays are to gaming what the prone position is to sniping.
Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Tray Top View

Saturday, 11 July 2020

HOw muich juist jhow how

I did it
I did it again
and then
I chained toghether
before I realized it was
better to sing

Friday, 10 July 2020


What is the meaning of The Scream? - BBC Culture
I just want to scream
and scream and scream
the whole world
is a scream now
I wish I was
more than a paper

I worry about everthing
my children
my old age
my country
nuclear war
and social discrimination\
polarized by race
I got to axe you specially
does black live matter movement
make you comfortable\
in the toilet/

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Your a work of art

Michelangelo's David Has Weak Ankles | Smart News | Smithsonian ...

do not keep yourself under wraps

Making Plans for Nigel

I was just about to shut
down the whole stream
of relity that was for
me actually real
in favour of something
else that was made
to take control of my
and leave me feeling
good about the experience
and wanting to do it
as may times as I can afford

Dog Day Afternoon
this is the movie
that taught me something
about emotion manufactured
its hard to do twice
In Shanghai they only sell stuff
to customers they are fully prepared
to never see again

So Dog Day Afternoon a heiest movie
with some kind of gay trans message
long before the holi poli
had seen the error of thier ways
but that is the holi poli
always trailing reality by decades if
not centruries because since the last
world war
there has been no wolf at the door
something you would fear walking
from the curb to the car
where trees overhung
everything and gave
a shade that you likes
but feard the irony
of given a shive in the shade
of a place l always treaseaurd
becase it was so significant
in my life
and now afterlife
what will I do
I hope I can become a ghost
or some kind of fallen angel
hey party more before
you die
I am the Angel of Bob
he settled his accounts
with total masterful
top level okay

So now to be with Bob
is okay if you want to pass
but if you want a redemption
listen to bob
listen to bob throughout
the night
get a big bob speaker
on your black pickup
and as many more watts
than wisdom that you can
bear to put through cable
or over bluetooth if you
like the dc freedom
and efficenty
no matter what you
choose the speaker does
not have to be black
or white
it just has to rock
or a least something close
enough to make
the holi poli forget
its not a natural scoucre
and they Imagine
more things
than Maslow
five needs

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Island of Yemeni like huge penius trees in black

93 Best That Won't Grow Here ( But I Wish It Would;) images ...
Imagine this was more phallic and black and bigger
Yeah I have been to the island of giant
black cocks and I have tasted the sap
so precious that it is never mentioned
anyhere any time. It the greatest example
of a product driven product we have.

I was on junk freighter
killing its own foot print
a hundred times a second
but I did not explode and
ask if the diesel was
meeting minum requirements
needed to save life
on the planet
we all occupy
some as owners
some as renters
some as peasants
and some
of long time
cure for anything
that will change

Nevertheless I sailed on
because I had been quested
by a person who
thought a lot like Mussolini
or Hitlers
and it a sad
fact if you want to push
above your weight
and move the world with
intelect and native cunning
these are two of the greatest past
and every politician living today
has stolen their blueprint copyright
and made themselves

Thats how I ended up under
a Nigerian cock tree
when it expoded
and all the capture architecture
failed to capture
the two drops that fell on the
which I instantly licked
up like it was 6 ty pussy

The people who rule
Nigeria are all members
of an elite club who
has had drops
of sap from the big
giant black cock trees

These people are so
smart so skilled
so three d chess
they only play now
in %G

You can not outthink
Nigeria with your mind
or you wallet
they are child Gods
watching and waiting
while Nigeria does
not change
but the world
moves in the direction
of Nigeria
he who rules Niagara
ruls the world
the best hope of humankind
because when we want to
fight they is something
to say about Kung FU
or the channel of energy
thats let people to fly
above the streets
with a sweep

It was Disney
that blew them up
with black panther
and know its the RUssiqan
Chinese and Americans
negotiating the surrender of the
big black cock Forrest
to another world.

I have been talking to Bob about what kind of dog you want to bring back a mallard you have been lucky enough to hit.

Some people do not understand the role breeding brings to the 21st century. If you are not smart in the future you are not useful. There will be a license to reproduce in our lifetime. It will be rare

when its allowed for breeds that grew up in close proximity and will be allowed to procreate. There may be a cull of comfort dogs if service dogs do not have enough food.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Right now we all wait on technolgy to set us free, free as a bird a Freebird as described Skinerard

There are no more freebirds
there is no freedom
left to fly too
so what you going to do
stuck in the 3rd class
because well you
are not super smart
or super beautiful
you are just a third class
person who was misclassifed
by the train of command
that takes absolute
certianty seriously
like its under their

From the future war
for Mars
and the commander thought
Debomse should crash into
the Martians krib
and down it came
killing the space elvevator
but according to the laws
of thermodynamics
a great harvest of diamonds will result
from a carbon fiber cable half a click think
and 50 K kilo kilometers long
is going to hit the atmsophere at speed
over 19999 thousands of kilometers of an hour
and thats when things speed up
in the direction of leaving diamonds
in the street that has a cut ac-cross the equator
two miles deep. If they ever fill that equatorial
roughed in canal system built by the folloy of humanity
with water, well things are going to move on Mars
and then for the earth they will
look at the lonely planet
and lament
how belief trumped stupidity.

Footnote to this future history
all the settlers that landed on Mars
where selected for maximizing genetic
diversity. There was a reason cousins
married after every war. Yeah like this concept
well its a re work of IMHO the best space soap opera
that has enought content to last a decade if filmed everyday
in HD shot with maxim green screen and people to
some stars and some CGA for everyone to
think about how the actor they put on the poster
who you paid for to put on your wall
became so absolute
and a coder make you love
a face that was never made

I saw Skinard open for the Doobie bros in Toronto circa 1978 or a few years on either side. The Skins blew the Doobies away like jeffersons dueling with washingtons washingtons, and not to mention Hamilton,

Lynard Skinard was so much better than the Doobie bros.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

White like Snow White

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
War of the Worlds
by HG Wells
HG was a bonified
person of extreme white privilege
its alleged he was boned
at a bording camp
where the lash and rum
had been suspened
due to misuse

Still it was not racist
because they where
in a class
where brutal treatment
was considered

yeah who wants to float
that IPO\
talk about evil
and there is much worse
even lone gun men
who go postal
and then pretend
to be a pasty
and get whacked
and some people
think its not normal
In the Kingdom of
man that has an American King
for a long time
and they really dont
love the idea of equal
long time

The story of Snow White is
a treasure
and it should not be
made politically correct
or on the other extreme
a hidden camera with
little extras
seriously how long
do you think sneezy
would go without a

Next what is going down
in our primitive universe
that really matters more
than crimes against humanity
real or imagined
some one loved nuremburt
and hated warren said
like Jane Said
If you had licked the wrong
toad or worse
looked at a fillet
and the fat
well it was
something you sometimes
but in the end always treasured
whatever kind of fat
was family

Everything is going to be
as Bob
talk to Bob
if you want to slow down
and thinkaboot things
and the way forward
in small ways
because if we want
to leap its
all punji sticks

Why did I daty
It was because of netflix
and what I watch
and how movies
interact with my mind
and always activate
a certian bigraphy
given the password

The AI of Netflix
understands me better
than I know myself
it knows I like Pizza with
movies and linking with AI
to give me the spot prices
so I dont invest in a pizza
at the wrong time.\
To be fair some restaurants
are going down and you dont
want to be the one that gets
to the door the second the man
shows up and ask for your legal standing
in this situation.

So if Black Lives mission
is fulfilled beyond the imagination
like faster than light travel
with guides high on spice
or what they call
the big heads
They select these people based
upon standardized testing
allegedly ever child that
is reported dead
may still be alive
if you know how
the trade in the devils
instrument goes

Black White, I think
I saw an actual green women once
and she was sitting in a bar
with James T KirK
even though I was six
years old
I have always thought
about green
if I can so bold
to say
green is the colour
of planet GIA
its all thronburg
and this covid crisis
has taught us we can
crash the economy into
the ditch and keep on keeping
on man
Keep on Keeping on
the secret sauce
of victory
the ten percent that Woody Allen
Woody Allen yes the man
has a reputation that is
However like an Austrian
would say about Hitler
when he was in Austria he
was only a painter.
Woody Allen was very funny
in his day. Watch Sleeper and
tell me that movie was not better
than Okay and it still flashes
brilliane nearly 50 years gone
left out there as a reason
for success
and the greatest thing
I have seen in my lifetime
of living capitalist is to see
tech go go go go
I matured before technology
touched in a way worse
than a cassette deck
or a fear of Forbin projects

When Wile E Coyotee
crashed to earth 20 meters
axis y from earth
and a factor bigger
to the x axis
the xy truth
they belong together
but no one can
explain the attraction
its like the masters of the universe
believed the theory of gravity
only applied to things with mass
we all know the people
that keep the trains moving
will survieve almost everthing
except the Spanish Inquistion
and the French revolution.

Craters are full of something
outerwordly and that value
is magnified when the strike
that killed the dinasour
has been stripped bear
little know fact
the stripped  bear
outlived the dinos
and yes
they found tons of perhistoric
that are groud up and rubbed
on people who have seriously considered