Monday, 29 February 2016

knock me out
drag me down
do all the usall
things before
the whip come down
but let me say
I sometime loved
the exposure

It really over and all we can do is cushion the fall

Thomas Mathus is the poster child of crying wolf
but what if he was merely 400 years ahead of his time
and when it comes to making predictions 
its surprising even on a 400 year time scale
how wrong people remain

There is no fucking magic
evidence is bloody in our face everywhere
Iraq, falija, Agansistain Kandahar
the USA and immunisations failure
its more than teh Zika virus
its a failure to understand
we got to live in harmony
and if you only want to play bass
somehow sooner or later
your neighbours will give their
lives to put you down

Inputs and outputs
and energy consumption
its all easily calculated by 
any math major
speaking the language
where lies are wide open
to be challenged as truth
Words lie, but numbers
can only confuse
and in the end
the truth is in a proof

The three laws of thermodynamics
are the only holy language we need
to save the planet from Satan
which I say 
is the invisible hand
the fairy in the sky
that told man
he could never die

the world is a five pound bag
and I did not use Kilo
cause I wanted mericans to understand
if you try and remove 10 lbs of existence from 
it every year
its possible 
in the short term
cause your clever 
at distorting reality 
and stealing the future
by manipulating the past
in the end 
you bag will collapse
and the vacuum will fill
the room
and it will not be a Dyson
thats sucks your life away
it will be starvation, plague
or maybe just a good old
giant wave that takes your land
away for what in human terms
should be considered forever

So Skygod what should we do
listen to gospel radio 
giving us some kind of
jedi mind chants that
make absoulitly no sense
at all
or face the facts
the lifeboats have already
been launched
and as the abandoned
crew the laws of the sea
should apply

On any ship worth
its displacement
every member of the crew
is to some extent critical
and so it goes with the human race
we do not know what person
from our multitude will find
a solution from our seemingly
hopeless place

Candi and Mandela and Martin Luther King
did not free their people alone
they set in motion the freedom
for everything

Lots of old white men and Chinese,
people of all nations joined in the fight
to free humanity of its basic disease
being animal.

Those culled the most are not surprisilngly the best
the Jews
want to learn how to fight
ask a fighter
want to know how not to be exterminated
ask a Jew

I am totally convinced this is the 6th human extinction
and  it seems they had tech that was way ahead of our brands
but maybe they never valued all humans
like we do
and I pray to humanity
we leaned something

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday, 26 February 2016

I did not choose the timeline

thats why i am so fucked up

broken flower pots

they crash and spill pedals all over the floor
and there is no way to sweep them up
because they are fully charge
with feelings
that are so down below

i never say never excpt when it comes to love

i got my love full barral a half century ag
and I am still full
and its forever
and I want nothing more
despite bad weather

Jedi Mind Tricks

If one is not a Jedi
one does not know
its called marketing or
advertising for selling
some kind of snake oil
or in a few real intances
something we need
but were unaware how it
would make us better
but those produts saer
verey fwf and disusa

I have dont the math so many times
and the conclusion is the same
every time
you love me

So great to be in love with math
and its conculsions
so bad human cant add

Respect the constitution

women cant vote
slavery is cool
and is that not enough
to realize
its really toliet paper

The messanger Trumps the message evey time, and thats why we ar dying

Crack head pols
needing a fix
deciding our future
with a greenback roadmap
no pol is immune

We all love the self funded Trump
but in Thialiand that brough on a revolution
because they dont care

Peo0-e People belicve all kinds of things
like compassion from a Billionare
hey tourist
he did not get rich
by  adopting
to the mencsh

unsustainslb e

we live on a planet where
scientest not investors say
we are close to death
but the money is deaf
and the hearing people
follow lies

Everything terrible on the books can be justified somehow by saying , its just business

That is the sixth extintion realization

I always knew how to feel and did not get any wiser just wierder because wisdom never came true

I believed
I really believed
I was totally sucked in
to the realtiy distorian field
and was dropped from the team
by my choice
but could not recover
without the secret handshake

I am still 16 or maybe 19 in my mind
and life give me no reason
to think about my great adulthood
the teir two people have continued youth
and the other 80% must work like slaves

Responsiblity is the shackle of the wage slave
why should anyone be responsible for living on
the earth if there was any real democracy.
If you want to be a fuck up thats a choice
but human nature
makes that rare

Sun is shining

The sun is shining
and we are in late winter
and that is so beautiful
I cant believe
I get hard for the weather
I must be old

Older wiser is mostly
a lie told to kids
to make them
like old people

Old people are
really just way more
infromed and therefore
totally confused
or banging the hammer
on some belief
that they chose
or it chose
to use

Sun is shining
and we always
like that as human
I wonder what
the dolphinoms
amd whales feel
about that

Sun is shining
and we got solar cells
free energy
now we just need a well
and the world will
go indie
and the masters of the universe
will be a bad cult
of  mass destruction

Spooky Spook Le Scalia the Opera

A judge dies in the arms of a secret socity
with a pillow on his head
I am pretty sure they would be
clever enough to remove the pillow

My Oscars

1) Best Picture - The Martian, makes Gravity look like a short.
2) Best Actor - Mat Damon or Leo its a sixer
3) Best Actress- Charlize in Road Warrior

The rest do not matter even if they are all white


Thursday, 25 February 2016

World knows beig a werdio is a selling ponit

Cause all the werdios
made the transitrion
from human
to masters of the unviverse
without charm

That was the old way
to rub noses and bums
untilt the gatekeeper
decicde how bronze
but due to the law of
unintended consequences
they never imagined
everything they ever
came true

Jerking the world off

I used to like chocolate strawberries
and special K
for sure I ate way to many
I looked in the mirror
and discovered
I was lacking fact
sugar breakfast and
dinner desert
made a desert
where there should have
been a oasis
with an oil patch
that would quench 
every thirst

Seeing all and knowing nothing
Jon Snow
that's the penalty we pay
for being human
and not admitting
we are animals at the core
and we need to scrub out
that native cunning
if we are to survive
as a species

The earth it will not die
it will spin for billions or maybe
trillions of years no matter what
it may look like Pluto
but the earth is
not big on fashion
I know for a fact
it has catalogued
that human life
will be harmed
by Kim Kardashian

I am so old now and I hate it
because the pipeline is so 
all the choices have famished
or are locked behind doors
that are not just in my head

Every now and then
I pick a lock and feel
so refreshed
but Monday morning
comes back again
and I am on the Sunday
Morning Sidewalk
puking my person
all over a paycheck
knowing Kafka
was so right
I am an insect now

Life's rich pageant 
is all we got
and we love our
cause they are fictional 
of what we are not

Someone has to break this chain
and get us back to the village again
reality tv is the biggest lie
like Kurt Von said about
Geralda Rivaia
at the demarcation point
he is only Jerry Rivers
and so it goes

World wide Gandhi, or Buddha
with a touch of Mandela
and Einsteins Intelligence
mixed with Bob Dylan's
ability to communicate
is a DNA project 
that we need to assimilate
or its Enders Game

The human misery index
has never been higher
even for those who
have the gold
are way less than historically

No justice no peace
is only a band aid
on a world that
knows no social justice
because we are all animals
and the lion does not
ask permission
to rip your throat out
if they target you as weak

Tell me know
Tell me you Know
Tell me something 
Tell me anything
Tell me you are an expert
Tell me about your invisible hand
Tell me its not jerking the world off
Cause Negative Interest Rates
are a total confession
the world is just a human expression

Sunday, 21 February 2016

We got Predictions

Trump will be the next US President.  

Hillary will squeak past Sanders solidifying her place as the staus quo. This victory will open up black and white divides withing the Democratic party.Trump will use the perceived overreach of Black lives to club her like a baby seal in the Election.  

The Republicans will control all three houses. It will be chaos and destruction. Old white men ruling over a nation filled with Hispanics and Blacks.

Turkey is on a suicide mission, Ergegon is a warlord. The Kurds are playing the final hand of a long game. There will be a civil war in Turkey and NATO will sit on its hands.

The government of the Ukraine will collapse. Another American puppet with strings strong enough to support the unsupportable.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

totallyh lane hook

One Universe

No matter how big
its all local
when your living in it
and we try to hide
the fact
there are just so
many black holes
and weak explanations
if anyone is still willing
to ask real questions

no longer cae about spelling or gammer thats impeialists IMH)

no way
no way
thats the general opinion

The real suck sucks

We are now witnessing the strange scences behind the saugage factory.
End times my fridns prepare

Thin blue line cartography of civilization

The thin blue line is real
The thin blue line defines us
The thin blue line is
a coat of many colours

In Canada our thin blue line
is the envy of the Americas
but the line in Euope
is much better

Why do they drive 10 year old Golfs
with no armour?

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

totsal wxxpotal

way out of muy callsssss gigenn
so sa d expotintil]\\
reaepp7 done
and still sad
mp ,a,,,,matter
it wondrekg
spo fantastic

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

I no nou ewaht to know

The world is such a big picture
and if its shattered
do not blame the
rolling stones

Everthing is so bizarre

Thats just your personal life
but you can scale it up to the world
and thats why you know
no one can figure out
the reason

Who will replace Saclia

Realy no body cause he was a spcail case of evil
It really does not matter cause its all a sideshow
the world is in crisis
and supreme court can not hear

The solution is the hospital

What if all the hospitals had been bombed: Maybe thats why both side do it.
Nihelist shit boming by the Man

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Searching Googlet fo the turh

Bob Dylan making tunes to think how much better we could be
if we all had harmony made him super special
and now me saying get ready for the zombie apoclyse
makes me think
maybe there is a chance
Santa Claus will\
come every
christmas with
cases of coke
and we wil
all drink and forget
the planet is callenged
putting six pounds of shise
into a 2 pound bag
and the breakage
makes the best planning
and Napoleon was totally precient
two meals a day
missed on a short interval
means the french revoltion

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fuck Hillary Clinton

The biggest phoney pol that ever walked the earth having done nothing on her own.

The people are losing, and losing fast

The TPP the elimination of cash are just pure slavery
it will lead to violent revolution for sure
and maybe on a planet with no available footprint
that is the master plan

But it did not have to be this way
we are all humankind

Those who hate everthing will never be satisfed

Hey man things are good for
your why not let control abside
no one can contol anthing
that entopy

So really be happy
and chill and let
love rule
and dont worry
about how your neighbours live
I suspect that life
will treat them right
if you can resist the
urge to interfere
and fuck the neighbours wife
because they are
not people you
your peers

No one is superior
some may have the advatage today
but thosands of years are
going to wash that away
so if to you history is dead
your a phyusopath
and if you act on crimes
of a thousanmd year
join the cast

Live and let live
lets hope

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Monday, 8 February 2016

I know nothing about refining oil

However correct me if I am wrong, it is simply heating up the oil and taking the condensate off. Much like making booze.  So why not just put the oil sands in the cracker and hit it with lasers powered by a nice little Candu reactor?  Heating the oil sands over and over to get the end stage thousands of kilometres from the source makes no sense.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Jakarta harbour

Left alone in Jakarta harbour
on a beautiful sunny day
I could not help but feel
like an  ant
in an anthill
where the rain forest
was being taken away
with a twinge
of orangatan
mnaking it sureal

I am tracking so much Eviel

I got amnesia
what I played to rock

I am going through a cognitive dissionce denial phase. Thus my posts make no sense, but its reality

Yeah I am all fucked  up about everything
trying to keep it down low
but my mind as expressed
by this bog]
is totaly blown
considreing all
the atacks
and possible solutions
we are just about

I got lots of reasons to keep on living
and I will till the bitter end
but I have to question
why the masters of the universe
do  not love thier family like
me and seek the profit
that will  mean the end

Could Communism Work

I really dont know
it depends upon how
easy it is to create wealth.

Right now we are in super facsim
and its going to explode
in a blody fashino
somethning akin  to the Frech Revolution
but there will be no plan
exept the Gillouine
when history repeats itesefl

Stop signs and speed bumps

They are all artificall and humans
do not hink that way
if your on speed
you need something to control you
but humans we know\
the driveway
so be human  my aas sss son

So many ridiculos conversations

Yeah they fill the airwaves and blog spots
destracing the humans from the best news
they ever heard
someone is in love

Reality do not matter
my friends cause
when your in love
eveything is rose
coloured and the little
things that piss you off
are all contained
in a porty potty

I have been in love
so real for such a long time
sometimes the edge
looses sharpness
but when she smiles
at me that special way
I am damasus steel
and I expecpt my life
will continue on this way

For those who have not
meamt the soulmate
contiue your lives
of easy pleasure
but your not going
anywhere in the world
where we must survive

This world is a very harsh
place and we white people have
been master of the universe
for as many centuries latelyu
where thinking was the best

Now others know that to think
is to succed they are wamtiong
to duplicate our lucky success
hey dude surrender
we fucked the planet
and no virgin or
even 72
will change that

We are all Mad Max now
and can we make one
coherrrent  thought
beyond driving our car
till it blows up

Road trip on Superbowl Moring

Will I find salvation
or just more beer
maybe the same
thing in the adversting
built ecomic foundation

Am I the only one freaked out
by the fact the only companies
going up
are all getting their profits
from dissemiteating lies
and they pay experts million to
establish this fact.
But if all the stock market darlings
are in love with manipulation
is this not some kind of itellectual
that we rot our brains?

You cant buy secrity

You have to share
you have to want
you cant be exclive
you cant be a neghboruhood

You got to be a funtiong village
no one can stand out
the Japanese have the expression
and it goes both ways
but in terms of human
interactin its true
the nail that stands out
gets hammared down

Take it both ways
for full effect
cause I love my nails
but I realize what they were
talking about
you can not bring waves
to WA
and escape with respect
and we gotta get along
with people
cause they are not some
program you can just update
no they are your father and mother
and they trust you
to make this planet great

Commuism was a call center with no employees

The question is was it free will or fear of death that prevented the arrival

Communism has never been tried

Like Harry Potter
the cirumstanc es  have always bee
way in advance
of the power

Communisim is what you do
with your wife  or lover or husband
or best friend

Its human bliss expressed
as an ecomoic system
I think in many ways
its an aborginal system

No one got rich in native
culture or had PSTD
or commited suicide
I admit the whole thing
was a bit fucked up
and centralized
but communism as
written by Lein and Marx
was a prescriuption
to live on the other side
of native lore
with outcome
pre descriebed

Lazy useless people
will alway fill the pipeline of people
the colour is irrelevant
the mindset is all the same
but no one from any culture
wants to wear that name
so like a good coach
provide a way for
me to play and I
will do my best
and in the big schemme of the univers
I just want to live like a human
see my kids have a chance to not only
survieve but to be stars
and I say this fully recognize
this is like beijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
from Biejing during the cultrual revolion
where children put there parents 
to death because
the program was
so abstact

little minds doing little things to keep golden rings

Yes that is the people who are paid to not know what they 
know and they are the key to controlling everything
If somehow we could break that cycle we could
move forward instead of being perpetually backward

The solution is so simple
its pure socialism
but its always under attack
by the Kings
who are agasst at parlimaint

We can do this
we can move to a Star Trek Universe
some would call it commusit
and it would be true
Communism never failed
it was never tried
The best examples 
came from Isreal
and political pressure
means the demise
but if you want
to Kibitzit
go there
for the Jews
one more time
have the best solution
for mankind

Sometimes something has to be less to be more

But I am all kinds of serious this Superbowl Sunday. The game against Carolina is a Roach test of sensibilities if not intelligence. You have black vs white, hip hop rap alot against country, and I am not talking about the supposed rift between PFK and Patches in the room. I am not talking about the first non dog fighting "black quarterback" Cam Newton. I have always wondered what would have happened if we had drafted OJ. Obviously the shaved ape would be long dismembered and a bloody hockey glove found somewhere. But it would be small and when they did the Cinderella test, it would only fit DDD.

What I am talking about is the lizard brain ability to live in a constant state of disbelief. This is what makes the fans rise when a team with no hope goes on a march. Its like we all expect the Black Knight in Monty python to recover from his flesh wounds in time for the big joust, and win the rose and live happily ever after with the 19 year old princess though he be well over fifty.

I am talking about the trouble with Kansas here. For which our tank is a real life metaphor. We know tanking is our only hope, yet we want to win so bad we will commit slow suicide in lou of instant gratification beating down the downtrodden who share our foxhole. Bob Dylan expressed the sentiment this way " those who want to pull you down into the hole they are already in"

Everybody knows where the foot came from. The Anglos with all their asshattery decided it was a system of measurement. The French with their love of a good idea went all metric. How can EMty be French, his last good idea was to stop saying his players where the worst at something in the world, but yet we know he still thinks that way. If only he could skate shoot and score he would be able to explain the incomprenible mess that is his brain on ice.

Back to foot prints which are used to identify babies, I do not know who choose thats not a finger paint on the document but sigh, I cant explain everything and most people do not care why. The big footprint is the one you leave on the planet. Giants of there times have stomped the land, crushing or impressing there peers in titanic accomplishments. Yet in his most poetic moment they are as George W Bush said in history all dead. If a person is a drop in the ocean making a small wave, how many will be a platform to surf? Hardly anyone. How many will create a Tsunami, only the most rare.

Looking back how many hockey players will transcend time. Gretzky for sure even though I hate him cause he thinks Harper had a good stick. The Rocket and that's about it.

Look back a thousand years who stands out. Shakespeare which for me is beyond reason. Another player who struts on the stage full of sound and fury but to me is only puking incomphrensive rap on my lap. Beethoven for sure, and Mozart, are you catching a theme here people, the real hero's are artist. Not generals, not hacks, not manipulators of fact. Sill talking foot prints. How many footprints do you need to smother a planet? Its not an infinite number its a fact of nature.

Global warming deniers and anti tank providers share the same mentality. Sometimes something has to be less to be more.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

I love Rove Concepts products

There is something Scandanvian, Japanese and Grateful dead going on there

Oil is dead

The stone age did not end because we ran out of stones. Oil has been more eviel than Whale Oil and thats a high bar.

Quality pays off in the long run

I have known this forever. You both have something nice and it lasts long enough to make sense. Allway buy better than you can afford. Well before negative interest rates anyway.

No place to live

Thats what make Canada both the lifeboat and the speedboat to the future.

Conrad Black declares in the end we are all dead

He is selling the family estate. No one worthy to pass it along too I guess.

Will Jeb Bush sell Kenipubuk next?

The cool part of selling private

Utilities are doomed. Centralisation is like a faboruchi faux pas. The age of the little man with a perfect configuration is very close.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I have a 15th member

Its like my cock grew 12 inches

I want to be sedated

I want to be sedatated because overall
I see our collective wisdom just
jumbing like lemmings over
that thousd foot wall

If common sense was a relgion
we would have a choice
but when everyone
has a eagle on their
shield its not going
to be productive conflict

Its abosoluty true
by any accont the death of this
world was when the accounts
take their fees
and the court overturns
that decison
the resposiblity of WHite men

Now people of many colours
do not be so holy
you were just fuck up
that never had the opportinity
cause if you had the chance
the global record proves
you would have done exaclty the
same dance
and we do this over and over
again like groudhog day
until the sun burns out

No one can say
stop we are all fucked up
the lifeboats are full
and no shore in sight
we need a plan

Like their are way to many human
parisites on the planet
we got to go like China
one child black brown green or white
until we are stablized again

We got to stop thinking we
have knowleged that makes us
yes we have the abilty but
the knowleged is sadly lacking

All the tech we have today
could save this planet if
properly applied
but all the tech in the world
will not change human nature

If I had an Oyster I would sail her

I would go blue water
and check into every port
and enjoy all the Oyster parties
because I would be the last
one they wanted to sort

If you look on line there are lots
of Oysters for sale
I saw one that looked pretty fine
only 19 years old
but the price tag
seemed astronomical
compared to a
new Barvaria 47
with all the bells and whisles
and push button navigation

Then I looked at displacement
and realized that weight on the ocean
is not a bad thing
it can save your life
cause you do not get thrown
off the top of a wave 50 ft
to your death
as anyone knows
is the worst kind
of sailing experince

You can deploy sea anchors
and other stuff to push the numbers
but in the end
if you go to sea
its a risk
and if your risk adverseve
spend 5 times as much
to achieve

The rich they do not live
like me and you
if they are smart
they do all kinds
of dangerous things
with a huge saftey\
and sailing an OYstery
is a case in point/

Monday, 1 February 2016

Name me a great Jew not mentioned in the Bible

I can do at least ten without counting fingers
now name great Muslims, Baptists or Mehodists or even the
most succsffull Chritiosnans of them all past Mitt Rommney
that belive in anything at all

I was so sad about the worlds end but why not turnn it inot the ulltimate party, educational NHILSEM

You know dude
that food is not
releibale and condoms
beyond the pales
if anyone one statved
to the bone
wants sex anyway

Wake up condom manfu
start by telling eveyone
they will not need rubbers
if teh food factory'
fails to have protedcdti9on

I am so derivite
so full of commnon sense
so full of no emplymetn
tthat I want rats
to eat our foudd
b ut no no thats not me
I forgive you idots
I want to live
in humanityhh
'with a big screen tv
and the internet
and thats life about
as perfect as we can do\
if we can findin the collective
w9isdom to stop the rats

Pretty Much Fucked an Sore, but not defeated

Yeah I feel bad
I feel miserable
and I can not see
the sunrise
cause of my
situation where
I was like Icusas
and then I got burned
not by the Gods
just by men
so far I have not recovered
and that was 15 years ago
and now is not Zen

I like to lash out with no effect
at imaginary enimies
when I know they
are all my neighbours
existing on a wing and a prayer
not realizing
they are periolus

The whole outhose is on fire
but no one can smell the smoke
cause it smells like shit
and most people have spent
their whole lives
with the nose
in that spoke

MY bigest Failure

Yes I am to smart to play the game
but down in t stables cleaing up the
shit is not so satififyig
and who should I explaon
that Jesus never died\
upon the cross
in fact he probably never
he is just the best false flag
you will ever run

All human histroy you can judge
with just one blink Malcom Gadwell
master swordsman

No one tell the truth about anything
thats a face
thats the problem with everything
primates do not lie
they just kill for the t

So lets googl;e this
and become so
whji;e  the Zombies
'band upon the door

Yeah we got a microwave
set upon overdrive
and we are not  willin g to
admit the Germans
'where not all dillbrit

Can I say that online
without being banned
I love the Jewish people
they are the best of the best
at any human dog show
but they pissed upon too
many IRon crosses with
their natutal Siigfeled Irony

Yes I blame Jerry Signgfil;d for the holocust
rotten sense of humar that ,made tjhe Nazi
go on attack. d

So people get ready
for the intersection of survial
and beig a NAZI

The lifeboat is close to full
and sharing our house with a
refugee not going to happen
we are all fucked univeral;y\
cause we could not find human
solutins to a human problem
with0ut resorting human authority
the world is wounded but not
dead embrace that and stop

I honesty blelived

Yes in the socal compact
and whey all the dead Canaians
on Vimey ridge really meant
but they acutally did not
so lets stop celebrating'
and embrace\
the words od
in the end we are all dead

and live your life like its the only one
and fuck those who ask you
for sacrifice
when they sit a home

Little and big Hitlers

Humans are here to be free and not be mean
we got so much good things to doo
we can not be distracted by those
who think they came to the human condition first
and now eveything they say
is commoplace

We are all happy
we are all content
that is the life
big event