Saturday, 23 March 2019

Yeah Potpuuri

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Okay we SNL
bitches leaking
like a bleeding tent
what is wrong with 
these women
are they just
living in a 
fantasy event
where women
rule and the law
settles all scores?

Like that will ever
happen as we see
on the Golan
where Isreali'
is about to claim
a wonderful prize
I just wonder about
the tax the rest of the
world will pay
when annexation
rules the day

In Ontario
the clown show
makes Ringling
bros mad
that Rob
was not
here to 
make more\

Positive vibration
coming from
a nation
near Australia
New Zealand
banning killer
and wrapping
Muslims with love
I hope its enough
to prevent

Carey Price the Franchise Saviour Why Me?

sittin' up here
watchin' all the red lights blink while Tim Peel blows
the rink is turning
warp speed
why does it go so slow
thinkin' bout the Defence I am left behind
Bergy can you hear me
do I have to play every game
out of my mind
why me?
why me?
I was waiting on St pad
all systems were go
the man up in the nose bleeds
was enjoying the show
then I got this feeling
that I never had before
hey I might get  me out of here
with a cup to show
why me?
why me?
there must be a thousand other draft picks
must be some others can track the puck with my eyes
why am I up here, what do they see in me
must be a thousand other players who could have been the franchise savior
 why me
the last man back
the third defenceman
the sharp end of the spear
since 93  never won again
maybe it won't be back this way
till 2021...
but right now
 now I'm riding on a fountain of fire and ice
with my back to the earth
I go higher and higher
kick faster and faster
absorb the puck

better and better
why me?
why me?

Friday, 15 March 2019

On TECH and PLane Control

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Every bit of
tech I have
crashes at least once
a week
a simple restart works
I have to google
a solution
a pilot does
not have
time for

God DAM the White Man that Kills Those not His Kind

nothing worse
than making a bad
example for the civilization
you want to claim
is superior

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

I know nothing about the 737 Max or Boeing

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It is my feeling, that some of the alleged comments about the 737 Max ring true to me. I thought the 787 was a bargain basement airplane with sub assembly sold like the F35 to generate sales. I still think it will not last like an aluminum plane. Now the new 777 has a aluminum fuselage, think what you will. Boeing says its a cost cutting measure, my words not theirs.

I think based upon the uniformed opinion raging on the internet is that the 737 maximized can not fly safely without a software fix. Its the Turning test for airplanes baby.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Al my Tech seems to have its own mind

Men and Women
dont think the same
but tech treats
them both the wane
of bandwith done
with no excuses
we are slaves to the
digital master
and he just
keeps poking
us with folly

Childhood ends at 70, so far

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believe I will live forever
because I believe in science
and the first testament
who spoke of Methuselah
from a former civilization'

who lived almost a thousand
and we are on track to duplicate
that fact
but if we dont 
I must admit when
I hit 70 its time to grow
or maybe not
maybe its time to turn
up the rust factor
and go out in flames
instead of a rust away

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Maybe we should send them Vac Kits instead of Sniper Rifles

A very disturbing list. Yemen is understandable, same for Venezuela, two countries under siege. But Brazil, France and most of all the anomaly of Ukraine. Guns or butter?

Anti Vaxers, global warming deniers and flat earthers are dangerous. I can see the global warming motivation, as for the other two, useful idiots.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

First Time Oscar has given me a CHill in a Long Time


The Truth is Still Out There

I believe Math is the language of God. I am not good at math so thats why I need great SCI FI to translate for me.

One Billion Oysters in the toxic Stew

Oysters are like HEPA filters for water. So are zebra mussels, the so called invasive species that clogged up a million pipes. Mother Nature Terraforming earth on a daily basis forever, no charge.

Thats why I advocate filling the waters between the Toronto Islands and mainland with house boats and piers, new homes for filtration.

The Umbrella Academy

I have several candidates to binge, Strike Back two latest seasons, I have never watched Ozarks, and The Umbrella Academy.