Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Power Toys

I grew up on a Ski Doo, and I exhausted myself of a Sea Doo.  I no longer have any desire to ride let alone own either. But I would love to try a Sea Breacher.  Expensive, yes same as a Porsche Boxter. Able to do about 5o MPH on the water and 25MPH underwater. You can only dive to five feet because there is a snorkel providing air to the engine. Not if I owned one, I would hook up some tanks and freak out.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Things that might save your life

Carefully consider flying the Dreamliner. Its my uneducated opinion that the logistics behind the construction and development of this plane open up the possibility of problems you do not want to be part of. On the other hand I have no reason to doubt when the FAA says its as safe as any plane they are not correct. In the end put your trust in the experts not the bloggers.

If you are in the vicinity of a IED explosion practise the basic rule out of the infantry handbook. Hit the deck, check your zero, that's what you are on top of, check your 5, everything within a five foot radius, then check your 25 radius. Then stay put. Many IED attacks are designed to capture those running from the first explosion. Carry a basic Emergency Defense Kit with you in public.

If you believe the fruit flys eat organic food.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Lady Thatcher Passes

I would say like a Kidney Stone in History. All that's left is the memory of the pain and the long and difficult rehabilitation.  Reagan and Thatcher, destroyed the Anglo Saxon middle class. To give them credit for the fall of communism would be as absurd as crediting Dwight Eisenhower and Harold Macmillan for ensuring its rise.

Imagine how much better the world would be today it Jimmy had his second term.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Sound Seekers Delight

I only have a motherboard integrated soundcard that up-converts my Itunes library. The sound is noticeably better. Use of a digital audio cable also gives noticeably better sound.

Companies like audioquest make the Dragonfly , a very cool product that upgrades a laptop or low quality soundcard. I have seen it used by top shelf speaker manufactures to demo their products. My first thought was why is there not something like this for my Iphone? Well now there is. V-Moda best known for above average sounding headphones has created the Vamp Verza. My take is that like the Dragonfly it does not up-convert, but does a better job at all the other digital to analog work than your Iphone, and provides a audiophile amp with lots of low noise gear. Maybe they will read this blog and ship me one to try out? Maybe they will take my advice and also build in sound upconverting on the next model.

Steve on Toast

Everyone sees something when they look at clouds, somepeople like Ida Skiveness imagine toast is a canvas.