Friday, 31 October 2014

I am not stupid nor a scientest!

This talking point blew me away. Vote accordingly you stupid Americans.

Van Gough cut his ear off to save me!

Van gough cut his ear off for me
some say it was he was crazy
I say he just did not know
another way to keep 
the crazy voices of humanity
at bay.

I got no traction
I say things so diamond
and they are viewed as glass
like I am some kind
of wordy smartass

No I should not be a respected one
I have lived on vapors 
for my entire life
but if you are bound in concrete
the flow will still get to you
we vapors and solids
need to co exist to meet
the great challenge
comming as mist

The challenge defined by climate change
we smart monkees have put our ignorant paws
on the great thermal exchange
we have distributed the flows
in the way a billion years ecology
can not explain
so pay no regard to those who
say human models never
predicted it would come down 
this way

Strap on and suit
its going to be a bumpy ride
and at the end of the fair
you will likely die

I almost cut my hair

Wow was that a freaky way to deal with the problems of today.
Just like tatoos expresse a thing long hair can no longer do
a people who say fuck you. fuck you we can not swim
fast enough to reach your bar
If we reproduce it will be in prision
and that aside from abortion
is the best case senario.

I know every living human
as a soul brother
because I have shared
their pain
in a empathetic way
having traveled
on their hardship train.

Human hardship is such a disgrace
to the name human
we can do everything
we just lack for want
and time
and lets do it 
the right way
lets go scientific
on this big swing
to the big time

Fix this planet
should be the ideal
but the Royaly
would say
poo poo
we will only 
reinforce our
castles in the sand

The solutions are obvious
the reactionary force
so oblivious
can we not 
just move on
make a movie?

John Prine

In a world full of first world problems never solved this mans tale is one for the books. I saw him twice and for that reason he has a bigger place in my heart than Bob Dylan. If your smart enough to realize Dylan is a genius that comes by once in a millennial, go for Prine he is like a century or two.

Do you really want to hurt me!

Thats the question we should all ask ourselves in the inverse as we proceed towards our destiny hopeful in the sky.

Hurting people or animals or in some cases insects is counterproductive
and the waves of pain can become tsunamis of violence and regret
that shift time.

Hurt is a a animal instinct that we all have. IMHO in our schools
we should train young minds
to appreciate the three Rs
without technology
and in other aspects of life
the yutes should know 
the truth
that defies mathematics, language and intelligent interpertation
we are all just human
humans are like monkeys
with better PR
and to shine some
light on this world
might save us
from a great extintion
because following
a monkey brain
and three word
slogans will lead us
not to Nirvania
but dystopia.
This should be so 
clear to the thinking mind
so I got to wonder if goverment
funded education
has a  master plan
to make some one somewhere
the ultimate ruler
of a Zombie timeframe.

Keep your secrets to yourself
do not share the stones of power
this are the rules we live
by and while it makes the rich richer
it makes living a cesspile.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Harper tax cuts over 6 years would pay for a Maglev train between Montreal and Toronto

Do you think all those individual people will put their cash to a better use?
Sure east west north south Canada makes no sense. Is there anything in the world that makes more sense than Canada? Well lets magleve this lever!

Jian Gomish

Maybe I spelled the name wrong on purpose, is that not a punch to the face.
Maybe I dont know who I am talking about
and just cant get over the fact
that somebody might have scored
except he was fighting the Taliban internally.

I know nothing about sex
and nothing about picking up chicks
I know that chocking them and punching them
repeatedly in the face is not a great way to get
to second base.

Now I could be wrong and culture
has escaped me
like Kim Kardashian
considered a great face.

I was never one who could play
the ladies
I was always shut out
for a guy who
could score at will
he certainly gave himself
a self imposed
long time out.

The Pope Smokes Dope!

I have/had a friend who had/has this album. Both my friend and the album where so far ahead of their time they never thought it would be a reality. Today it is. This Pope is a crazy motherfucker. Crazy following in the footsteps of the Archbishop of Canterbury. I dont know much about the Torah. As I understand it Constantine copied it to the best of his manipulative  ability to make the first testament. Then it was translated over centuries and shaped and formed to give us the King James Version which we accept as Gods word if we are intellectually suspect. There is a caveat to this supposition Smart people who know the words are historical nonsense raise them to the heavens to fit their predisposition.

Aside from 400 plus actual beyond despite errors in the Bible I just got to wonder what got into the Pope. Did he have a private session with Snoop Lion
that for the public was Sanitized? This is a Father we all want to call Dad!

This is a brother from reality. Gays are real deal. Abortion is murder but such a special case we can not really enforce the law in these days. I give the Pope this much, if acknowledges the world is billions of years old and the big bang theory makes sense, then I will call abortion murder. Cause as I see it thats the truth.
Killing your baby is natural response to the environment. Many mammals do it.
Humans are mammals so if you take away a fetus your not a special case. Abortion should be everywhere and rare. Lets work on that before we open up prison camps for doctors and girls who just bought the wrong rhythm method app.

The big question this Pope will have to answer is the same nightmare his Anglican apostate flubbed. If the Bible is wrong about creation, what parts are right?

Put a fork in Japan its done!

If you were culturally aware during the 90's it was reasonable to wonder if Japan would buy America.

I absolutely love Japan. I remain faithful to Sony and Honda. Tokyo in particular is the most remarkable city in the world. So what went wrong?

I do not know which came first, the people (women in particular) going on strike or Japanese manufactures loosing their manufacturing monopoly. These two paradigm shifts account for the economic tsunami that now threatens to wash over Japan in a way the world has never experienced.

For comparison the basket case that is Greece has 136% of GDP debt. However the GDP of Greece is only 0.39 percent of the world economy. Japan represents almost 10% of the world economy.

If that were not enough Fukushima continues to spew uncontrollably. My opinion is that large parts of Tokyo are now technically uninhabitable. And that would be a best case scenario. Pre-Fukushima 48% of electricity in Japan was generated by Nuclear. For three years that source has been shut down. How can a country handle that? The answer 難しい Muzukashī,  which means difficult.

To top it off Japan has to worry about conflict with China. The Chinese have not forgotten WW2. Likely the Chinese would not only like to see Japan go over the cliff, they would give it a push.

Japan is going to break very soon. The impact on the global economy? Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Asia Calls

Her name was Asia
and I was North America
and we were at war together with Europe

I have an Inca everywhere
and  pyramid upon which
to stand
when I slay straw-men
to find the truth
below the agriculture
of which we feed
the youth

A consumer and producer of brilliance, shield policy!

Just when you think your safe
in your world
a random click
brings you to 
my living word

Do not despair
you can survive
without me
but if you really
want to live
ride my rollarcoaster
of freedom
from the Man
and predestined productivity]
like you are 
a gears
in a plan.

The greatest advance

The little people no longer believe every lie. They know that God did not put you in power. They know they have the power to decide. Albion exercised with caution.

Cumming down on Jian Gomish

A sexual partner is rare. A sexual partner that likes to be punched hard is not part of the normal universe. If hurting a partner is considered mainstream I am going to say its obvious there is some kind of sick manipulation,

On Mortal combat and deployment

In the movie the battle of the bulge one scene sticks in my mind as if I was some kind of Napoleon. The awful Nazi realizes the Americans are eating cake.
American warriors overfed on cake have lost three wars. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the fact the wealth of a great power was poured without question into these salads and desserts.

So now we know tech weapons and firepower are useless against an enemy who does not buy into the Broadway show. Yes our lethal gaze keeps real enemies away. But for the people living on a few dollars a day, we exhaust ourselves with a bullet that costs more than a days pay. So what good are billion dollar weapons systems against a Churchill enemy? The data to date proves mostly useless.

In frustration I expect the Military Industrial Complex will take the next step, as Churchill did against the Kurds, extermination from this planet for those that disagree with domination.

As a white man of privilege I live
in a fantasy world 
where my attention to Kardashians
defines my liege.

It reminds me that some things
never change
for before Rome fell
they were just as sophisticated
and likely more literate
than today's
holi poli.

People promised a white picket fence
resisting because they think its a lie
and hanging effigies of hartio alger
because they can see through statistics
that way limits peoples sky.

Collective wisdom has come 
to the great powers
they know whats 
really going on
and for this they 
have a really bad
master plan

Great minds and computer simulation
combined with faster than light computer
trades have created a bubble world
in which the 1% breathe clean air
and travel without fear
under six levels of security

The reality distortion field was created
by the military industrial complex on the day
Oswald fled to Russia
to shoot down 
Francis Gary Powers
then that patriot 
was killed by his own masters
to keep the evidence from
the Kennedy assassinate

I do not know who to credit for effective protest
when a advocate for change realized
their are more of us than them.
But Gandhi did it best
and he taught us lessons
that should never rest.

Violence breeds violence 
and hard men
with P STD
Logic is the 
key to the sheeple
if presented 
with force
and a guarantee
that a word is a word.

Everybody is a prisoner
of their environment
this can be a great place
or a call to arms.

The human condition
has freed us smart monkeys
to break everything we see
to make a paradise
where every monkey
will be free.

Pope confirms Bible is full of bullshit

Evolution is the evidence that  Caesar Constantine wrote a best seller. If only Islam had such a current leader, we could move forward smartly.
Its pretty clear that Christianity is moving forward and Islam is moving backwards. Blame the Saudis for their Wahhabi. Historically Islam was in the lead.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Oil controls us

If we lose oil we will not be free. Another capitalistic institution will take controll. One thing of which we can be sure of, is that the oil interests will move without stealth to a new paradigm.

Wake up Zombies!

Not 24 hours ago I voted

It was a completely non event
so lets establish a universal standard
to vote as painlessly as possible
if we had the voice of the population
we would have very different nations
The will of the real majority
should not be underestimated
What if political campaigns 
were about leading the sheeple
instead of making them
fear the wolf

Is there any serious scientist
that would deny
people are sheeple
and to the big ram
will scrape and bow

Democracy and liberty
thats the goal

Is there any place in the world
where this KUMBAY place

Kumbaya is a rocket propelled grenade
at the heart of democracy.
Its stupid communism.
When I thinkaboot the future
its all communism.

If communism could merge with democracy they 
would give it a name

I played hockey

I was a star at my own level. When I hear so much talk about the mind determining success at the pro level I am pretty skeptical. It seems now pro sports or Olympic success is all a mind game. What a bunch of bullshit. I will accpect we have created a bunch of bubble creatures that need to be programmed. But do not tell me to compete you need a mental thinkaboot it. I do not believe that at the rarefied atmosphere of pro sports that mental has anything to do with success. It all bullshit propaganda for the citizens who want food.

the dichotomy of everything that constantly makes us choose between competence and comfort.

I just wanted to make sure it was on the top line. Oh if I could tweet. I do not tweet because I fear I my no filter would make me a villain pretty damn fast.

RIP Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk's Emprire's greatest strength and greatest weakness was Steve Buscemi. It was brilliant casting because he represents the dichotomy of everything that constantly makes us choose between competence and comfort.

I want to be careful not to insult any great actors, but its clear to me had Boardwalk Empire gone with a more traditional face it would have been a bigger hit. 

The greatest wear time well. The Sopranos and The Wire are the gold standard for popular serialization entertainment. Game of Thrones and the Walking dead are pure silver and knocking at the door. Boardwalk Empire has been consistently bronze with brass aspirations.

As far as final episodes go Boardwalk Empire is the clear winner. The message of the Sopranos is pretty muddled and the end reflected this. The Wire was a documentary disguised as a TV series and the ending was a footnote. Boardwalk Empire which was a thinly disguised attack on the war on drugs and political corruption sealed the deal.  Nucky moves from dealing drugs to great success by manipulating the stock market. Even though he is now clean and altruistic he still dies because his past catches up with him.

Culture can transcend centuries. We know which painting have staying power. We know which music can last. There are a plethora of plays and fiction that remain as relevant today as when they where written sometimes thousands of years ago.

I predict that Boardwalk Empire will be the first digital Beethoven.

Fear the Ford Factor (Toronto Votes)

Toronto is one of the worlds most important cities of the future. Doug Ford got 34% of the vote to replace his brother as Mayor. Thats a mere 6% less than the winner the debonair neo-dilettante John Tory. IMHO that's  330,000 morons expressing their electoral wishes. If you watch the video below it captures the essence of Ford. Which is the essence of tea party populism. Bully, cajole and say anything because to your voter facts are stupid things. Fordian force is a version of the reality distortion field that allows the forces of regression to not only have their own opinions but their own facts.

The biggest issue facing Toronto is that it is a first world city with a horrid transit system. The Fords promised a Subway at every doorstep, and 35% of the people bought a policy that in reality meant do nothing. The forces of evil have a number of evil tactics that go straight to the lizard brain. The seeming bumblefuck Fords are masters at playing those tunes. Or does the Song Remain the Same? The test for the soul of Canada is coming in 2015. It will be Frodo against Saurian.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Friday, 24 October 2014

Name name naming copywrit

I thought no one would ever thinkaboot callint a little bundle o joy Antarctica.
I now am the gateway to giving your progeny
the moniker
Antarctica. I got a lawyer who specializes in this. What the court has ruled
makes me never no mind. This guy is a shark who can ride against the wind;
as if he could go against BOb Seger. His huge voice and library would make you mute. I am counting on you to bring some ICE to the epaton. For example jury number one. You come from Burlington if my intelligence makes me number one.

Have you ever thought you existed before the flood?
When the flood came did you want Pink ( fLOYD)
hEY WE  ALL  get wet.

Thinking aboot this\
I say watch your
and pay great
res[ect ) to infrastructure
this is the idea
the romans
had to keep us from
drowning in
human poop

Time to disarm the dirty dozen

Suicide missions are the glory of movie lore. I think Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic move incredibly steeped in self sacrifice for the greater good. But if we are to defeat fanaticism we must admit dying is defeat.

But today is not WW2 or one, and now why we fight is confusing. Allies today can not be trusted because we all well know
they will be the foe tomorrow.

The fight is in us
but the goal
can not be won
with blood
Clear thinking 
will stop any bullet
a collition
of outsiders
can aim.

People need to know
the goverment
is at least on paper
for them
the screwing
starts in the second stage

This world is a smorgasbord
of goverment
A few good
mostly bad
even the best
have warts
against we must 

However best practices
is the proven route
to take people
with no resources
and move them past
the roof.

Canada's greatest strength in a fucked up world

Image of WW1 military in France
Beyond the boilerplate of its our people
it really is our diversity
and the way people
from the four corners
of the Globe
have mostly embraced
our get along get ahead

Maybe it was the dichotomy
of Quebec that made us so
but one thing for the future
that ever Canadian knows
is citizens of the world
and Canada fit
like a hand in a glove

Today terrorist troubles
not really
both our recent 
so called Jihad's
where pure wool
not to be taken seriously
if you want to make the case
the war on terror 
is a real war.

The war on terror
the war on drugs
the war on climate change
the war on poverty
if successful would
change all the equations 
It would not cost so much
to let every human 
live with dignity
and contribute so much
but instead we look
to wedge ourselves 
against each other
to gain political
electrical consent

Lear Jets and vacant apartments
rule the day
to be part of the 1%
means you never pay.

Dump and Chase

I am a experienced hockey fan. Dump and chase has always been an insult to hockey. Its like a golfer shooting into the woods on purpose hoping he will get a good bounce and can recover. Its a hail Mary without the pass aspect.

Coaches dump and chase because its safe. If the puck is not in our end we are safe. In Ruby they might boot the ball to get field position. So if you dump and chance and get an offensive face off that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase to wear out a defense that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase expecting to score that's lunacy. Old time players would never give up the puck. The Russkies took Team Canada to the brink with puck possession. Detroit has remained a threat by preaching procession. Now the wiz kids come in and tell us they have found something new. No they have found something stupid done for years because it was easy. I say stupid from a fan perspective. The most important analytic is the win colostrum. The dump and the trap are great equalizers but they are not hockey.

Hockey today is elite at every position. The skill level is off the charts all round.
So to carry the puck across the blue line is mostly certain to get a hit on the dreaded turnover. Yet to dump and chase is the same gamble but with way less chance of scoring on a hockey play reward. Hockey is a chess game today. But the dump and chase is not the strategy of grand masters.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Its not about us against them, its about I am pissed off against you!


The Uselessnes of great thought, great authours

Gulliver's travels was a earthquake
1984 and brave new world
where comforting

and now we have
a division between
the literate elite
and the ones
who know
their literary sense
is humankind.

So know
who knows
thats the precious thing
like all these third class
are reinventing history
like we will have at
the end of the day
a Kardashian king.

Dumbing down is a double edged
but republican can prey 
on both edges
No matter what the cut
or who bleeds
the world is not spinning
into paradise scenes,

Fuck the universe 
seems to be 
the way the short term
exploiters pave the way.

Is there anyone on this planet
that does not think the climate
may leave me 
I hope if you are one
you get on a jet-way
aimed at the sun


Have your read it? Do you know you could be the bug?
Kafka never illuminated us on the cause.
Maybe goverment? What should disurp every citizen
is that the words of the writers from the 1930's are now becoming laws.

How Canada should fight ISIS

1) Recognize the futility of war in a asymmetrical conflict. While there have been success stories they are few and far between and restricted to little victors over a few millions of people. I refer to Malaysia and to some extent central America. Case in point the US spent $7.6 Billion warring against drugs in Afghanistan alone since 2001.  2014 will be the best year in history for Heroin in Afghanistan. The US spent more than a decade and Trillions of dollars trying to shape Iraq and failed miserably. Why should air strikes make a difference today?
Why would sending in ground troops have a different result. We must show these people it makes more sense to co operate than conflagration. We need to be patient. The reason there are so many willing jihadists is they have no other hope. Lets give them hope, its far cheaper than giving them lead and depleted uranium. The reason fanatical groups like Nazi;s, Hamas, Hezbolla,  Taliban the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS have followers is that they provide better goverment than the existing regimes. True democracy is the antidote to their power. Let they people rule, governing is hard, rebelling is easy. Over time the people will vote for best practices. Now that time could be centuries. Therefore it is not to soon to start. If we can out wait North Korea, we can out wait ISIS.

2)Recognize that ISIS is not evil. They are not some supernatural force we must be good enough to conquer. There are hundreds of horrible barbaric Medieval regimes in this world and many of them are our so called allies in the fight against ISIS. The USA gave up on trying to herd cats in the Middle East. When the US pulled out the vacuum was filled with ethnic and ideological hatred. Ask yourself why Turkey part of NATO who borders ISIS territory is not willing or at least a reluctant ally in the fight? ISIS is a pawn in a huge proxy war. The main players are the USA, Israel (Netanyahoo edition) and Saudi Arabia facing off against Syria, Iran and Russia, IMHO Saudi Arabian Wahhabism combined with huge wealth has created a monster. If we really want to defeat ISIS we must slay that dragon. The easiest way to do this is a hydrogen economy.  In 2002 Rifkin estimated it would cost $200 Billion to switch the USA from greenhouse gas to water vapor. Even if the cost was two trillion would than not be a bargain? Oil has become the elemental evil that dragging civilization down. Ironically its a double front, subservience to the Medieval wishes of the Middle East and the way more deadly climate chaos.

3)Qualify the threat. The soldier run down in the parking lot was a risk people in uniform will have to accept. However the attack on the Parliament Buildings was a failure of the security apparatus.  The threat level was elevated but it was a paper tiger. Yes we need more security. However even in Canada your more likely to be shot by a cop than a terrorist. So far terrorism as dangerous as lighting strikes.

4) Deal with the marginalized people in Canada. Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau was arrested for Pot at an early age making him a criminal. Was that not the pulling of the trigger that killed the soldier yesterday. Lets stop making people criminals for no reason. Lets make sure people who fall through the cracks have help. Lets make sure we have a safe place for those who are really disturbed. In Europe they accept that 20% of the population is going to be a problem. Managing that problem with best practices means the 80% can live without fear.

5) Never forget most people would never be part of a terrorist attack. That is our best weapon in this war. Never forget that most people knowing something is wrong, even with their own son or daughter are going to the authorities. This is our love. Trust ourselves.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Very Dark Day for Canada

The soldier did not deserve this cowardly attack. Our country did not deserve to be wounded by these nutjobs. I hope our PM acts with restraint. Maybe reconsider his loosing of firearm regulations. Obviously security has to be stepped up at our institutions.

Government Advertising is soft corruption.

There was a time when goverment advertising made sense. The anti smoking ads for example. However today I consider all goverment advertising as soft corruption even if it is non partisan. My reasoning is the ad agencies, newspapers, tv stations are getting paid. Its a subsidy that no longer belongs. In the case of the Harper goverment spending hundreds of millions to date, its thinly disguised partisan propaganda It should be banned.

I especially take umbrage with the glossy catalogs I get from the LCBO. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Shoot me now!

The new president of Afghanistan channels JFK.

Democracy the hospice for failed ideas

We churn and whorl but at the end of the day some poop
comes out of the chute.

Thats the magic of democracy or as the yutes call
it crowd deciding.

You can game the plan one or two times but in the end
all the money spent will reveal a master piece.

There is no slowing down mankind
with all our wants and needs
and desire overall to succeed
not just for the one
but for all the people
because no mater how alone
we are sometimes
the planet of humanity
really cares

Not to be cynical but 
we humans have already
lost God in our struggle to understand
and we will replace him her with our
own manipulation of space and time
and no one will say Jesus

Pastafarian nightmare

A shortage of speggiti sauce. Every movement has a weak point.

The Penis and Vagina and the Taliban

Whats wrong with our anatomy? All humans have one or the other, its crazy for some kind of suppression from big brother. So I say if you are anti penis or anti vagina your the Taliban.

If you put the world into an 8 by 10 
its obvious how far we have strayed
because if one viewed 
a vagina that way
there is no ugly

No one is singing
she had a beautiful face
and a sexy body
but her vagina made
me think twice about
the total package.

Janie Jones

I love her. Not that I want to clash.

Its dangerous to be anti Harper

But like the millions who will kick his can into the ash bin of history
I have little to lose. Fuck You Harper, two seats is your future if you successful.
The people with something to lose are going to vote overwhelmingly.

I recoil in horror

Not when a goat herder is killed though i recognize this is an important skill
When you kill a doctor or and engineer you are revealing to the world
what a primitive you will look in the mirror and see.

Nihilist takeover of the planet is the trajectory we are on
in the godhead of liberty the USA
they are spellbound
by Creation Museums
and arguments
about if science
can move the lips
of Gods mouth.

For some reason not disclosed
or even rational
humans lept from being 
just another creature
to being
a creature maker
now and for centuries 
as far as the other lifeforms 
on this planet we have
become Gods.

The power of Gods
in human hands
that's a toxic environment
that no one can control

First thing we got to do
is to limit the power 
of those who would chose

Even smart people have brain farts
and that's not a smelly path
I would choose.

I want to buy your vote

No your say my vote is sacrosanct
then you are telling me
you never bought anything
from Madison avenue

The first step to recovery 
is to admit the truth
I am a human
and advertising
fucks with my head
in ways I can  not understand
but at the end of the day
my thought process
busy what is sold
 because they played
me perfectly desipete my IQ
I did not have fascist insurance.

Triumph of reality over faith brings society justice.

Hey I know if some punk punked me I would want the death penalty. While that may serve me well its not going to be good for my society. Thats a leap of faith proven everyday in Europe. Crime is a symptom of a problem. Eliminate the cause and you save billions of dollars on remuneration.

Sports is the best tool of facism!

Sports as a metaphor locally applied today.

I am a real hockey playing watching worshiping Canadien. Naturally my church is the Bell place in Montreal. Humans mostly males crave conflict in one forum or another.
I like to argue about anything. Most people take that personally but they should not, I was just trying to make a point for no reason. Our civilization has codified conflict into competition.  We have people killing other people over beauty pageants and great pumpkins when the veneer of good sports is scrapped away to reveal all humans have a secret desire to be a silverback.

Society and great leaders have taken all this aggression and channeled it into creating our western civilization.  Western civilization may be only a few centuries old compared to the Chinese 6000 one. But we never have cut off a Childs penis to make it work, our children are the fortunate ones.

Western civilization eclipsed the 6000 year rule because of innovation and unencumbered thinking. If a fact is true that's not something you can cut penis off away to freeze time.
Sure the western thought did not rise without conflict and superstition ruling.
Look at the news today, and see the Tea Party and as a pastifarian
I prey that ignorance becomes a deficit
not a power to decide
what is displayed
on the cross.

When push came to shove in the West
the elite decided they were the best
the  winners became royalty
and in a popular culture driven society
they thrive
because everyone loves a princess

And princess love warriors
who come with roses
and bruises
and a little blood shed
to prove
handsome is not knaff

Follow me now?
Down the rabbit hole
where great thought
disappears but
over time leaks out
to create a civilization
of superstars not part of the team
just people
for who the dream
is the thing.

Back to sports or tribal warfare
practiced with rules and
people we admire
and see in a great light
despite the fact
they are just lucky
lucky with genes
or lucky with time
to practice their
combat in peaceful times

The CHL is the premium conveyor belt
of young athletes
which feed the NHL
I could say the same of the much more sophisticated
machine that produces
product for the NFL.

Today the CHL is under attack
from the cannon fodder
that did not make
the big smack.

Cannon fodder if you look
at it from above
is the biggest way
our civilized leaders
lead from the death of doves
because they know
the death of winged patriot people
will preserve or promulgate
the thing our tribe
knows from above
Sacrifice is crucial to feed
the secular God.  In the church
of collateral damage martyrs.

Did the Egyptians invent the pyramid?
Or did space aliens give them this concept?
The question is no never mind because
we all know life and everything is a pyramid.
Who has the oxygen to climb to the top.
Once you have built that building
its so easy to stay on top
Watch the little people
grind so hard to keep
us on top of the stones
and we can hire the best
to keep the mortar safe
and even if someone should
succeed outside of our mixture
we can capture and comprise them
easily because we make reality
sound life like with waterfalls
of distortion and spin
that keep the lizard mind
from connecting the dots
in the din.

So let me be clear. The big sports could not play
unless they had some cannon fodder to display.
Its like wrestling in a real way. I am not saying its all fake
just not a real organic like glass
its a world filled and defined
by plastic.

For the willing participants in sports and life
we deserve some kind of reciprocal kick back
to the MANS  God like life.

Monday, 20 October 2014

monkey swinging bandits

Yes this much is clear humanity
is full of monkey

Yellow people problems

This is a view of castration upon which the Chinese built a six thousand year empire by taking smart people and cutting their balls off.

White people problems is a racist view of the world that does not recognize the secondary place of white people to yellow people. I have no idea how Asians in general and Chinese in particular became identified as yellow. I have spent decades in this region and never seen a yellow person. In fact many Chinese are whiter than porcelain, I would be the yellow one in a portrait. One would have to be less than observant to see that the Native peoples of North America but with even more focus those of the north have distinct Asian origins. White people call them lots of things but one term that has stuck is Redmen. I know why they are called that. I have seen it often in China.  There are people who react to alcohol in different ways, that's everybody. Han or something close to that ancestor have a face that can turn red, like flames, like a passion encompassing their skin with alcohol. White people also have this trait but its mostly ignored because there is no political gain from making a scene about red faced white people.

As far as I am concerned Redmen and Eskimo should join Nigger on the vocabulary of labels used for malfeasance. I do not know about the yellow man, because as I previously said I have no idea about its Museem quality definition.

Dragons at sleep should not be disturbed. That is the history of China until the white man looked at the potential and decided there was great profit in building white suburbs. The developers were driven by greed and the easy mark. I have to say as a History major if they had asked me. I would have said stick to the carney its more profitable in the long term, and when you come to town you will still be the biggest freaks in the mart,

But no no no the biggest Dick
ever to be President
thought Republicans
could run a profit
with their thousand year
Merging with a six thousand year
that floated on an administration
of Eunuchs

Ask some people in white power today
what an Eunch is
and the most intelligent amongst them
will say a character in Game of Thrones
some kind of fantasy
and still a pansy.

Yellow People Problems are us
we libtards who think
we people who 
see the future as
an energy sink
you take and you give
and at the end of the day
one thing you can count
on in your life
is that at the end of the day
the lights will come on.

The prejudice of a soldier
is that he is killing
to make life better
and if you take 
away all the political correctness
they in their hearts
while they are blowing
away major body
parts make life pure
Its a cleansing ritual 
we have brought to 
you people.

A soldier knows
deep down inside
if they live or die
some supernatural power
was on their side
and should they 
fall, well it
was not a bad 
choice just a shortcut
to the well

White man power
is in the wane
the yellow man
is about to become
the banker in the 
monopoly game

If you have ever rolled
the dice
and picked your piece
you know its all 
a crapshooter
for every player
except the banker.