Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lonely life of a truth warrior

No one want to hear the truth. Everyone clings to the hope. Not saying that optimism is a bad thing. In fact it is the best thing about the human race. We are not discouraged, we bow down to nothing and nobody and we keep seeking advancement despite all odds of discovery.

Today in October 2014 there are two tracks going forward into infinity.
Nihilism or best practices. Thats the hard divide every thinking unit must come to choose. There is no perfection  in humanity. We are way more wrong than right. We collectively have all these monkey genes that make us humanity in a barrel.

How to link all us monkey in a productive way?
If you had a monkey as a pet how would you treat it?
If you had two and they bred. would you be a den mother
or flush the little monkey in a crumbling infrastructure.

I am a white monkey who can not dance
what the fuck is with that
why do white people lack
the dancing gene

White people
dark people
its all bullshit
we are all animals
exhibiting every kind
of sniffing the arse
of the other constrict/

Remember men and woemen
you are just visting.

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