Thursday, 9 October 2014

Give Thanks, Make Thanks

As we in Canada who are obviously ahead and mostly totally above our American cousins I ThinkAboot the Judo Christian tradition and partnership.

Shorthand the Divici code was code for the truth. At least a much more plausible explanation of what happened.

We are a Judo Christian alliance because Constantine was lazy and said, hey lets take the Torah because its well written. In 300 BC Rome the Torah won the Pulitzer, Nobel and Giller prize.

Everyone knows the Catholic Church was invented by Constantine just like the Mormons used  populist opinions and manipulation
to create belief touchstones.
Go forth and prosper 
was not a wish
but a control

Google it you lousy kids but the Christmas tree is a pagan thing. Sunday also a pagan thing.

Right now every right man or some supple woman will tell you about the Judo Christian tradition. This is total bullshit. The Judeo Christian tradition was to ban Jews as recently as the 60's from any institution of value in the Christian Community. There were signs on the door of any posh place saying no Jew or Blacks. Truth. That is why the Martin Luther King revolution was carried by the Jews. I am not racist to say the Blacks could have not done it on their own.

Stop the clock at the victory of civil rights for all citizens, black, white, brown and believe me green.

The blacks and Jews are as divided as the river Moses spread.
Why is that?
Really I can not explain.

I am not a religious person
I think what the leaders tell me
is all a fantasy.
The sky god told me 
is not an argument 
to me
if you can not 
effectively and unequivocally demonstrate

The Evangelist
have read the bible backwards
they believe the destruction of the world
brings salvation
and that road is paved with Jews.

This is the real great divide in the Judeo Christian tradition
once explained,

There are other ways to explain it
Christians work so hard to give thanks
Jews work so hard to make thanks.

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