Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Pope Smokes Dope!

I have/had a friend who had/has this album. Both my friend and the album where so far ahead of their time they never thought it would be a reality. Today it is. This Pope is a crazy motherfucker. Crazy following in the footsteps of the Archbishop of Canterbury. I dont know much about the Torah. As I understand it Constantine copied it to the best of his manipulative  ability to make the first testament. Then it was translated over centuries and shaped and formed to give us the King James Version which we accept as Gods word if we are intellectually suspect. There is a caveat to this supposition Smart people who know the words are historical nonsense raise them to the heavens to fit their predisposition.

Aside from 400 plus actual beyond despite errors in the Bible I just got to wonder what got into the Pope. Did he have a private session with Snoop Lion
that for the public was Sanitized? This is a Father we all want to call Dad!

This is a brother from reality. Gays are real deal. Abortion is murder but such a special case we can not really enforce the law in these days. I give the Pope this much, if acknowledges the world is billions of years old and the big bang theory makes sense, then I will call abortion murder. Cause as I see it thats the truth.
Killing your baby is natural response to the environment. Many mammals do it.
Humans are mammals so if you take away a fetus your not a special case. Abortion should be everywhere and rare. Lets work on that before we open up prison camps for doctors and girls who just bought the wrong rhythm method app.

The big question this Pope will have to answer is the same nightmare his Anglican apostate flubbed. If the Bible is wrong about creation, what parts are right?

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