Sunday, 5 October 2014

How we live

I have lived beautiful, wonderful and cow country. As humans what makes us tick at our best is social interaction. We need to experience things quickly within a one hour radius of transportation to meet that expression. Cities are great things for humans. New York City designed by the Dutch proves that despite everything the design works.

I have traveled to every continent. I have lived in great cities and to me Hong Kong was the best. The sole reason was that you could take transit anywhere important. Tokyo and Singapore are both excellent but they do not measure up to the degree Hong Kong does.

There are some humans that like nothing more than walking through grass and hunting and fishing.  Maybe riding snowmobiles and cutting lawn with two stroke engines. To me this is an empty existence, sure its filled with grand parties but what do they mean?  Hong Kong is the model for joyful existence to bad its run by the authoritarian Chinese.

Singapore is another island of humanity that makes living easy. I do not include Europe or North America in this audit, because living for us is just a breeze.

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