Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Not 24 hours ago I voted

It was a completely non event
so lets establish a universal standard
to vote as painlessly as possible
if we had the voice of the population
we would have very different nations
The will of the real majority
should not be underestimated
What if political campaigns 
were about leading the sheeple
instead of making them
fear the wolf

Is there any serious scientist
that would deny
people are sheeple
and to the big ram
will scrape and bow

Democracy and liberty
thats the goal

Is there any place in the world
where this KUMBAY place

Kumbaya is a rocket propelled grenade
at the heart of democracy.
Its stupid communism.
When I thinkaboot the future
its all communism.

If communism could merge with democracy they 
would give it a name

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