Friday, 24 October 2014

Name name naming copywrit

I thought no one would ever thinkaboot callint a little bundle o joy Antarctica.
I now am the gateway to giving your progeny
the moniker
Antarctica. I got a lawyer who specializes in this. What the court has ruled
makes me never no mind. This guy is a shark who can ride against the wind;
as if he could go against BOb Seger. His huge voice and library would make you mute. I am counting on you to bring some ICE to the epaton. For example jury number one. You come from Burlington if my intelligence makes me number one.

Have you ever thought you existed before the flood?
When the flood came did you want Pink ( fLOYD)
hEY WE  ALL  get wet.

Thinking aboot this\
I say watch your
and pay great
res[ect ) to infrastructure
this is the idea
the romans
had to keep us from
drowning in
human poop

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