Friday, 3 October 2014

100.000 page views

I am in awe of my power. 100,000 individual people or web crawling robots have viewed something I wrote. I average about 100 page views a day. So if I lived in a town of one thousand I would have a 10% share. 

I love my blog it is better than a dog.  Its my best friend and it never gets sick, hit by a car or dies. Yeah I love dogs to much. Doubt I will ever get another one. Its like a programmed groudhog day, dear sir your pet is dead. How many times in a lifetime can you deal with such sadness, I stopped at three. And the third was the worst.

I am proud of my blog because for the most part I have been totally honest about what I think. I really can not say believe because that is a tuneable app on my wiki. The themes I write about are important. First the government, any goverment is lying to you! Second the goverment is using psychology to control you! Third the fascist who are goverment can not stand people being happy are making you unhappy because they are not!

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