Friday, 24 October 2014

Canada's greatest strength in a fucked up world

Image of WW1 military in France
Beyond the boilerplate of its our people
it really is our diversity
and the way people
from the four corners
of the Globe
have mostly embraced
our get along get ahead

Maybe it was the dichotomy
of Quebec that made us so
but one thing for the future
that ever Canadian knows
is citizens of the world
and Canada fit
like a hand in a glove

Today terrorist troubles
not really
both our recent 
so called Jihad's
where pure wool
not to be taken seriously
if you want to make the case
the war on terror 
is a real war.

The war on terror
the war on drugs
the war on climate change
the war on poverty
if successful would
change all the equations 
It would not cost so much
to let every human 
live with dignity
and contribute so much
but instead we look
to wedge ourselves 
against each other
to gain political
electrical consent

Lear Jets and vacant apartments
rule the day
to be part of the 1%
means you never pay.

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