Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I recoil in horror

Not when a goat herder is killed though i recognize this is an important skill
When you kill a doctor or and engineer you are revealing to the world
what a primitive you will look in the mirror and see.

Nihilist takeover of the planet is the trajectory we are on
in the godhead of liberty the USA
they are spellbound
by Creation Museums
and arguments
about if science
can move the lips
of Gods mouth.

For some reason not disclosed
or even rational
humans lept from being 
just another creature
to being
a creature maker
now and for centuries 
as far as the other lifeforms 
on this planet we have
become Gods.

The power of Gods
in human hands
that's a toxic environment
that no one can control

First thing we got to do
is to limit the power 
of those who would chose

Even smart people have brain farts
and that's not a smelly path
I would choose.

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