Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fear the Ford Factor (Toronto Votes)

Toronto is one of the worlds most important cities of the future. Doug Ford got 34% of the vote to replace his brother as Mayor. Thats a mere 6% less than the winner the debonair neo-dilettante John Tory. IMHO that's  330,000 morons expressing their electoral wishes. If you watch the video below it captures the essence of Ford. Which is the essence of tea party populism. Bully, cajole and say anything because to your voter facts are stupid things. Fordian force is a version of the reality distortion field that allows the forces of regression to not only have their own opinions but their own facts.

The biggest issue facing Toronto is that it is a first world city with a horrid transit system. The Fords promised a Subway at every doorstep, and 35% of the people bought a policy that in reality meant do nothing. The forces of evil have a number of evil tactics that go straight to the lizard brain. The seeming bumblefuck Fords are masters at playing those tunes. Or does the Song Remain the Same? The test for the soul of Canada is coming in 2015. It will be Frodo against Saurian.

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