Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Canada does not kill people without reason

Harper et all is evil, not that I believe in Evil.

Do I have to spell it out for you
is this Canada's trail of tears in the sand
Its a complex situation
and bomb is not the answer
let them govern
let them rule
it may be painful 
to watch
but as observers
we have a well worn
track record of failure
that should govern
any instinct to intervene
in a family situation
where we might save
a family member from death
on Monday
and Tuesday they slit our throat.

As I see it democracy has hit a peak.
The world conditions are far to complex
for self seeking agrarians 
to make significant impact.

We need scientist to determine
if we will live past the 
looming on the horizon
extinction event.
If they say we cant survive
which I expect them to say
will the body politic 
give sway
to making a last stand
a sort of modern Alamo
where the soldiers die
but the DNA of a great future

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