Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Uselessnes of great thought, great authours

Gulliver's travels was a earthquake
1984 and brave new world
where comforting

and now we have
a division between
the literate elite
and the ones
who know
their literary sense
is humankind.

So know
who knows
thats the precious thing
like all these third class
are reinventing history
like we will have at
the end of the day
a Kardashian king.

Dumbing down is a double edged
but republican can prey 
on both edges
No matter what the cut
or who bleeds
the world is not spinning
into paradise scenes,

Fuck the universe 
seems to be 
the way the short term
exploiters pave the way.

Is there anyone on this planet
that does not think the climate
may leave me 
I hope if you are one
you get on a jet-way
aimed at the sun

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