Friday, 3 October 2014

I axe the English was it all worth it?

Before the British Empire
did a devolving world
really exist

In China and Japan
they had cool tech
for making swords
and fireworks
pottery and such
but the change
was mostly finished
like life was so perfect
any advancement
would not be on side

The English broke
pottery everywhere
and as a result
always faced a new challenge
and the need for a better way
for a bunch of fascists to control
the world from far away.

Concentration camps
gas warfare
and torture
beyond the pale
were all tools
used in full view

Now England has collapsed
but the best of their empire
has progressed

There is a good argument to be made
the Germans could have beat England
at this game
but two world wars made that question moot

I am a naturalized Anglo Saxon
but my blood is Nordic Slavic.
I view the world today
as a massive failure
by England
to do things
the proper way

Not only in the past
there exist a whole set
of crazy now on display
The City, what is the City
and why does it get
to forever prey?

England is going down
but first will be Japan
and what countries follow
will depend upon good citizens

My Advice is to move to Canada, Russia and Australia.
Northern European states will not take you.

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