Thursday, 9 October 2014

Le Habs Sont Bleu

What is wrong with me that
I care about my team like they
are something real
like granite tits
sprouting from 
silicone valley

My problem
sont lots
is that I care
about legends
and I worship
that past that
made me
one of Gods
privileged babies

For a community to exist
it must have a unifying theme
and in Canada
when I grew up that was hockey
all the assholes that ruled
us could go to hell
when the puck hit the ice
this was an outcome they 
could not control
and just like us 
no matter what team 
they where on
they flinched
when the puck hit
the post.

In 2014 that sentiment
is like 1914
the war is almost over
and the victors
are joyous
will be the first floating
down the Sceine
I may not have spelled it correctly
but its an important 
river in France

I do not speak of hockey
for me that is sancrosanct
even tanking which is disgusting
is an admirable tactic 
if you really want to 
get ahead

So it now time for some
political party to tank
and just say 
I want the first draft
that lets me live 
in a German way.

I am alright
a bit bruised
and still looking 
for a fight

But for my kids
I am worried
they will be 
milked like goats
and I wonder
in this great land
what the fuck
what the fuck
what Government
could take a Stanley Cup winner
like pepperoni on a pizza
and make it less
than a contender
when the world bites
we should never become
intellectual vampire
no matter how dumb and 
ignorant you are
look we can not all 
be rock stars
but there is a fellowship
that exists between
citizens that we all get 
a fair shake.
For almost a decade 
the Harper goverment 
has been doing Ninga Banzi
concrete reshape on that
We should respond as a nation
to his Katana thrusts
with a human expression
that can defeat ten bends
of steel

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