Sunday, 30 January 2022

Champions must live in mud and worst to be reborn


I am telling you live we are not going to the playoffs, I am calling it.
We are not going to the playoffs next year either
so who do we keep in the deep freeze of losing?
Is it fair to ask a palyer to give up two years
of heroics
to have a CHance in three years to win
it sounds a lot like Poypie
and Wimpy and the hamburger
But we have all eaten the hamburger today
and last year is was a world beater
today it tastes like the lower
threshould of Mcdonalds

Lets do Zen buy Peletons
with the Habs program where
ex habs yell at you to go into
the corner and in front of the net

Like I solved a puzzle but maybe did it with no facts

 Black people do not do well in Northern CLimes

even if they get war the twilight makes

them less than optimum

Find a solution

Crushed by the Elephant


Bombardier was a threat to Boeing and got crushed by the empire.  Now the plane know then as the C series is being made in America under Airbus. It is a huge huge success. Thank the Canadian Taxpayer. ( I cant believe I am using this as a resource)

Is the Elephant trumpling Ukraine with one tusk aimed at Germany?

Saturday, 29 January 2022

War War War and the Rumpus of WaR

 America loves war

they have been at war for 20 years

and its like the weather

Now they want war with Russia

a Nucluar power with

a James Bond type leader

what is going on?

As the Fergni would say

no profit in blowing up

the planet.

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Analytics to solve daily problems

 Like traffic jams

and high rent

and killing 

Crime is everywhere on the rainbow, but it seems the only color not on the rainbow is the pot of gold.

Hydrogen Infrastuture too easy lets go Liquid

 So many liquid hydrogen solutions like five year vaporware

are trying to kill the hydrogen revolution which is inevitable.


 No one knows what the fight was for.  The archduke was killed and all hell broke lose, the world must have loved him for such a war to occur.

Today in Ukraine we have even more nonsense.

I hope WW3 does not break out because someone wanted to sell gas and someone else wanted to sell weapons.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Kent Clark Superman Hughes

 very few Habs should have a villian nomenclature.

Since Sam Pollack left we have had a assortment of players, some villain's some hero's none victorious in any significant way.

Jeff Molson is a corporate person from a very very very rich family. I give him total credit for recognizing the problem. Old boy, not the Korean movie which was remade, no its not terminal incest that has kept us fans in prison. Its something less Insidious that has trapped us in a bad horror movie. We have been kissing our cousins.

Lets compare the French word provenance with the timeline of this organization from the last cup win. God Dam the cousins needed a lot of lip balm to get the team through constant tough spots.

DBMB has certain skills like Bryan Mills. He will hunt you down and kill you. He has guns no other GM in the NHL has even considered. He exercised everything in his powers and brought off a brilliant cup run. This is not something to be discounted. The man has skills. The NHL old boy network has skills.

The problem is the Julian Brisson's etc in this league are lapping the biceps with white brain matter pumped up by years of education, reflection and sometimes yoga.

For the first time since the Sam Pollack era we are tackling brawn with brains.

So, come on ye childhood heroes!
Won't you rise up from the pages
Of your comic-books, your super crooks
And show us all the way
Well! Make your will and testament
Won't you join your local government?
We'll have Superman for president
Let Robin save the day
- Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Have you ever been an agent, an operator, not a tourist


In the listening stations

acroos the world

the booze is flowing

for perperation

of the dead

if all the stupicity

comes to a head

and if you want a lesson

in whats to come

without serious consequenes looking

back a hundred years

you have the Great War. England against Germany basically

because France fell like a flower from the tree of democracy

and so did many nations because it was like picking an all star

team, who do you want o go into battle with. The british said

we got an infinte number of young man

home and lots of away

and when they

run out

watch out for our cousins

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Cooling your CPU and GPU


EKWB  is the leader. I would add a solid state cooler and have the liquid running around 10 degrees C. You sawred it here first.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

There is a beaker on the speaker

 There is a lab that

is absoulity Fab and its

in Africa and no one

can say where exept the 

climate is warm

and the food 


they never burned

much coal

they created


but where to

high to write

it down

and the beaker

on the speaker

could have



instead they 

got high

Its dancing dragons and traffic jams for the future

 Dancing Queen

rules with so many

likes there is no opposition

to her opioon

and I donit 

even know for

sure about the

gender which I would

want to classify


to be sure

that it was politically correct\

and that is a high standard

we should all meet

if the guy running for election

did x would you vote for thej

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

HG Wells War of the Worlds

 Except the germ is killing us

or is it, who knows

the corrupt Miltary Industrial complex

came up with the perfect enemy to take

all your spare nickels

and has big Pharma

come up with one better?

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Why I dont post with pictures anymore

 It takes time and

I am worried about copyright

silences the tiger roar

Oyaaa Fuck YOU tantor


This is a once in a lifetime event

where the life of planet

earth ends

and I say

no matter what I lost

the masters of the universe

lost the whole universe

so maybe they should

be more careful

what they torch.

Cig Butts kill the world peace out we never saw depleted Nic on the Horizon

 I know with the passing of Betty White you are worried about you mother, God Bless Her.

That is the science of dont look up. If your 99 years old
your living on sweet sweet time.

Global warming is a thing to big for humanity to wrap its head around.
I say its to late for those low lying paradise
come to may cottage in February and I will
make you pay
Thats all we have to do,
is make people pay for destroying the world
tampons and cigarette butts
they are all in play

ice fishing in a digital world

  Thats the two solitudes dude, it not communicating in French or English, its about communication in human.

I prefer face to face
dont give me a fish face with makeup
I want to know the person I am making
some kind of human conicctions with
for important reasons
is human
that is all I ask
and if your human
I will smell out your small trout
and give you back to the lake
before we communicate/

the best of 2021 was nothing

 there is no go to 

no want to be there

no clever movie 

excpet dont look up

which was hated

more then the

invovable truth

I just jot  to say

2022 will be more sci fi

than reality

and thats the

dystopian kind