Saturday, 30 October 2021

I have to question your understanding of the 1917 Russian Revolution


A man wrote a book

about a perfect world

based  upon the

witch dockery

or econmics

and he assumed

a lot

and came to the perfect

conculsion for an advanced


they would be absoulty

ruled by equals

and we call

it communism 

where the state is perfect

and citizens are flawed

but the state

will correct that

with enough time


and corecian

In the USA they took

a  diferrant path

but is seem more

and more similar 

every day

and and the end of the

day the

place of humans on this

planet has rotated but

not really changed

in 6.--- years 

and do not ask

the Chinese if

they believe in Jesus

The whole scientific community and social media more important

 I will tell you exactly what I do not know.

DGMB is going to LA to dumpster dive where you might find warm bodies
This season has already been written off by the accountants and the workers will see it at tax time.
I can not complain becase I have been confident for my whole life in 5 year plans, just because they always took 25 years does not mean that someone can line up all the ducks in five years with some talent and some leadership and a lot of men in the room who have not been raped.

They want to know you

exactly what is on your

mind and what evidence

would you need

to make 

you be a jerk

Right now

Right now

this is exactly what I am thinking aboot

Lou Reed is playing Sweet Jane

and that mean like is 

like a good Coach 

who never assed raped

you or even came

on to you 

in private

with respect

So far I am chanCHing the the audio CHaNNEL and right now it Bob Marley at random
but when I want to go to Bablalyon and there is only a BUS I take that ride.

How everything is false

Yep its true
you dont need a cellphone
to know
the bill will always
be extortionary for
the holi poli
to participate
in the communications
but what I wonder
was the cost
worth the change
from telling stories
getting drunk
and passing out?

When you walk up 
in the morning like
I can not describe
but Johnny Cash
captures it 
peerfecct with
Sunday Moring Sidewalk
but we have moved
so far from that time
we should be a century
ahead in normal time
compared to where
we are

Were we are is the last patrons
at the bar
when everything else is 
closed and there
is no beer 
far and near
and we ask for
one more
round because
we believe 
we will live forever
just the same

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

The horror of the idea the life of the organization is more important than human life

I am reminded not for the first time of the Nurembrug trialswhere to summarize I was just following ordersdid not spare the death sentenceIn the case of those trials the death sentence was to easy a way outtoday we have a situation in hockey with the Chigago Black HawksIts alleged that a young hockey player was raped by oneof the staff of that organizationwhen this rape was reported it was alleged that nothing was done and thishappened in 2010Today the GM of the Blackhawks and several other notableshave resigned.The coach of the Florida Panthers and the GM of the Winnipeg Jets fate seems to ride on the judgment of the Commish.Their IMHO can only be one ruling on the fate of these good soldiers for the organization. Lets see what the Commish thought about Nuemberg.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

To take in the big screen where ideas cost millions to put into a ancient version of powerpint


Before we begin to thinkaboot

the movie based upon the book

you have to hunderstand that

the Dune world was a real to Frank Herbert

as a covid world is to us

This book I did not own, all my Frank Hebert are paperbacks and I think I have

at least nine differant titiles.

The movie forever\

has been the harbinger of the future

and the processer of the past

which is so much the goal

of civilization its culture

a culture of entrainment

and security and amazement

in the streets every Saturday night'

Today we got Zombies

and I loved the Devils movies

by Rob Zombie and his hot wife

Clown around, yes a clown

should be under suspicion at

all times for revealiing to much

of human nature armed

with a red ping pong ball

cut statically

lets say clowns

where bit coin

how much would they be

worth as a collective

lets say all the clown fromed a SPARC

and said we have a new place

you can watch the clownshow

Are we smarter 

or have all the people been so weak

no let me reconsider

the most people are responsible

and its the doubts about

the future that keep us

from making sure that is possible

for every Canadian

but what about the world

like the frog

many centuries in the frying pan

because it was warm

and the frog

treasured warm

over everything

except the sex

drive on it


So you are thinking

when is someone going

to write something about

the new movie trying

to capture the vision of

a visionary

a man not like anyone


along with Phip K Dick, Robert Heilein and the other Giants

of Sci Fi lititure that paved the imagination of a world with possibilities

beyond the pedestrian existence

Tell you twice 

its very nice

the original David Lych Dune with Sting

Will the new one out effect

the soul of the cinima

with special effects

yes I was impressed by

the first spaceship

I saw Will Robinson

was a passanger

and we are all riding on 

the same ticket

on a planet earth

planet earth its prettty remarkable

planet earth its pretty remarkable

but humans

and making all the wrong marks

and destroying the biology

humans need to thrive

maybe we can live

like tropical inuit

with spears made from flint

killing spiders made

of stone

because of mutation

caused by radiation

They used to call it mustard gas

a chlorine arenol that killed

many and left many more

lungs verdantly scared behind

but you want to know the funny thing

my grandfather lost a lung in a gas 

attack and they put him right

back at work with his

faulty Ross Rife

that was something

Sir Sam Hughes

did not really care


because his life

was never at risk

and thats the beautiful

war to be a war

hawk and nationalist

Hunger Games

Squid Games

The Walking Dead

what are the prophets 

trying to tell us

maybe that there could

be supply shortages

as a precursor to 

to be a collapse

to those that do

not have the app

thats called survival

and thats all 

they every wanted

in life

and now

its come true

and its bad

for you

Time takes a David cigerre66te


So I saw

and I swear

and I do not


but if truth were

my handle

i would feel

a lot more


about trust

because that is the linchpin\

of society

top and bottom

and when that does

not balance revolution

happens and if it happen

to be made into Planet of the APEs

you have leared a certian lesson

you dammed dirty apes

where those kilizakoffs

what kind of firepower

were the gorillas projecting


But that was a long way in the future

and a couple of nuck wars to go

that set us back to the stone age

and we begin again

with legends and stories

but really no practical information

about crop yeilds

printing sicone with instructions

or even a President Like Trump

So here we are in the planet

that spins around America

and Joy Biden has

been remned Brydon

and that not a good look

in fact at the depth

of the pr nuclear war

waged against Jimmy Carter 

there is no comparison

Joe should Go

Sunday, 17 October 2021


 Wot2c thats you.. sign up at my Space Lizard place

The US has already given up on AI cause those pesky PRC people are running rings around the USA daily .

So the Chinese who never had fight to the death justice are going to be frying our bacon, that is if they have any to spare.

We are going to throw waves of lawyers at them, like seawead
stopping a battleship

I think I know what will happen but I can always hope for Northern LIghts

The half second frezze

 Yeah its all around

and there is a space

there to be exploited

and thats all the JFK

for today

Time to move on from Carey Price and Mountians

 Take the lottery pick. This Team as been like Silome Bay on the balance beam forever. between the future and the past. TFS and BBQ are the past and the future well it not well known but based upon the last thre games it a couple of years out until we can start planning parade's.

T shirt has a memory


Not like the clhoses at Dallas

the stuff you wear today

is friedly for frnasticss

and gymastiics

and just about

any extreme\

a human could

go to believing

his clothes were

up to the task

Trying to say in anothere

way Kit is real

Kit is real

Kit is real

You know how I feel about

Kit and its real

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Show me your papers sign in and lets see if your face accepts face recognition.


I wanna wannna a

vacine passport

I donnna donnna

care which brand

I have

as long as it gets

me cross the borders

that have left

nobodoy feeling


Good Time BABy

good tIME bABY













The 6-- billion election that did not build a bridge to nowhere


You have to  believe

in the value of the land

to provide sustaniance

and how rare that land


like if a magical place in the

middle east had this land

it trillions

and since we have all these


why not

make it billions

Sunday, 10 October 2021

How hard it is to succeed and why if its easy its not good for society


Game of Thrones, Squid Game, Harry Potter and Colonel Sanders

all failed before the succeeded

and the ave time was more than a decade between concept and cash

and most of the time in-between was a harrowing dash for food

and shelter.

So the athletes and beautiful people and singers that are rich before they have finished growing's I say nay nay nay.

There should be a tax on everyone under 21 who

makes more than $50000 a year, all of there salary over that

put it in a fund for the ones that follow that path but

do not make it.

The Joy of good Kit


I like my kit I always

have and I remember the adidas ROm

and the shorts'

and a pair of levies that were better

than Lee.

So I seek it out

I buy what I can afford

and I tell you Mountian Wharehouse

has been a godsend to a budget person

with a huge apatite for good kit

the prices have doubled in the past couple of

years but its still a place to check out

fortunate I stocked up on essentials over the previous five years

Today we are not here to discuss this brand

we are going into a review of one the the highest

market value on name alone brands

its called Oakley

famous for sunglasses

and I bought one of their rucksacks a few months back

and like all the good things we can not have

this back has been discontinued

The swiss gear I bought at Costco a decade ago was starting to 


I saw this 30 liter offer from Oakley and I took a chance.

It turned out to be a wonderful thing.

I would like to see more ballistic nylon on the wear points

I would like to see more native carbiner attachment points

as for waterproof, its is never neccessary because

you just have in one of the 4 poches and green garbage bag

served me well in many a swell

and I never got wet myself

because of the mountain warehouse

kit head to toe

Thanksgiving 2021


We are living in a dystopian lockdown

and the price of energy seem likely

to exceed the price of life saving drugs

and to clothe ourselves according to social media

we will all need a disposable income

10 times the above

and that's why I am thankful

for my stability

I am a stable genius


Saturday, 9 October 2021

For what it is worth a long time ago maybe Buffalo


So we got the people

who know

and those

that are suspisious

and those with

overwhelming experience

in being vacinnated

are saying

what are you

Thinkining abooot

well you

should be spelling

that Dufuous

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Dead You Ever Buy Beautify leathers bound books


I got them all, yeah more than the average

Monasarty in the 10th century.

So I wonder about this wisdom

the knowledge of the Roman Empire

the Fatal Mistakes that Hitler made

the exit from Vietnamm?

Its like no one who ever achieved great

power had ever read a boolk

Squid Game

If I am the first one to tell you about the NETFLICK series Squid Game, you should assess your priorities so you do not miss the next big thing:) 
Squid Game on Netflix, I have watched 5:51 seconds and I am as sticky as two day old dimsome that fell on the sidewalk and you stepped on it.
Lifetime achievement of being on the soll of South Korea.
I got years. The first place I went to in Asia was South Korea
and the whole time I felt very Terinto.
This is a Korean culture offering, its a culture I like visiting.
Any way if anyone asks you to comment o If I am the first one to tell you about the NETFLICK series Squid Game, you should assess your priorities so you do not miss the next big thing:) 
Squid Game on Netflix, I have watched 5:51 seconds and I am as sticky as two day old dimsome that fell on the sidewalk and you stepped on it.
Lifetime achievement of being on the soll of South Korea.
I got years. The first place I went to in Asi r protect the Squid Games you should have an answer 


 Yes Floating

that is something

for a mammal

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Taking History Serious


I was in some kind of control

so strange

if you want me to explain

its easy

because there are more papers

written  sent and received than 

the British Empire.

The British Empire could

ban plastic bags worldwide

in a heartbeat

and you would never

see a plastic

bag in the time

of the Empire


 I believbs its October and the Supermodels

are trading elevated forums of spandex
for some Italian like avalanche crew
with patches
who figured out
who lives who
dies when the avalanche
is in your 12 spot
and you can not 
Anyway its all steady as it goes for me